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u/TheDewyDecimal · 7 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

> ...a politician lied about something (minor)...

I would assume starting a war due to a blatant disregard for the truth is not minor, and this type of comment is the exact reason why I felt it was originally necessarily to include the word "minor".

However, I assume you mean to take a cheap shot at Bush. I would not say, based on the actual evidence and situation, that Bush and his administration lied about the WMDs in Iraq out of blatant disregard for the truth. It seems most reasonable that he, his administration, the Department of Defense, and the CIA misinterpreted the data on the matter. That, along with the entire nation bursting with zeal and patriotism from the 9-11 attacks, may have clouded their vision in making the final decision to invade. Do I agree with the Iraq War? No. My brother was among the first few thousand Marines to cross the border of Kuwait into Iraq in 2003 and I still disagree with the war, but I am also wise enough to understand that hindsight is 20-20 and that every decision is an easy decision after you have see the outcome of the other.

Bush's book, Decision Points, does a really good job putting his whole presidency into perspective. It's quite enlightening. People are so easy to jump on his mistakes in hindsight, but fail to consider the extreme challenges he was faced with -- specific challenges and situations on a scale that no other president had to deal with. He was thrown a presidency and put under extreme circumstances after he had been president for hardly half a year - and he handled it better than I think most would have.

u/jcm267 · 2 pointsr/inthenews

The Hitler stuff is in books I've read. Here is an article that came up on a Google search.

I see in the box you created where I'd have to scroll several pages to the right that you start off by looking at Timothy McVeigh... whose act of terror was not done in the name of Christ. He was influenced by the Turner Diaries, not the Gospel.

The fact that the US invasion of Iraq was both legal and justified is irrefutable. It was passed by Congress, making it a legal war. The US tried to get the UN to go and do something about Iraq, but the UN refused to enforce its own resolutions. It turned out the UN was corrupt up to its ears in the Oil for Food Program. No wonder they opposed doing anything! They were lining the pockets under the status quo! The Iraq War was justified because Saddam Hussein had used WMDs in the past, promised to use them again, personally funded terrorists, and the overwhelming majority of those with access to the intelligence thought he had an active WMD program. In a post-911 world it would have been reckless to not do something. Iraq did not have to be involved in 9/11, and no serious person thought they had anything to do with 9/11 by the time of the invasion.

You need to educate yourself. May I suggest some reading material to get started with?

u/vpatel24 · 2 pointsr/Presidents

Not sure if this is the "best" autobiography since I haven't read too many of them, but I found George W. Bush's "Decision Points" to be a fascinating read. Gives some good insights from W.'s point of view about his political career and has neat tidbits like his "Reading Races" with Karl Rove.

u/helpful_hank · 1 pointr/AskReddit

And the title of his book?

u/jzhoodie · 1 pointr/AskTrumpSupporters

So is this considered illegal?
It is intellectual property of the US Government yet President Bush has published "classified information" as well.

u/Hexofin · 1 pointr/hillaryclinton

His autobiography has quite good reviews. It's all about his decisions of course.