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Guy Fieri Life Size Cutout
At Celebrity-Cutouts we have an unbelievable range of Celebrities to suit every occasion. Our cutouts really enhance an event - to bring humour, as a practical joke or for photo-opportunities. And they make fantastic gifts for celebrity fans too.Our cutouts are lifesize up to a maximum height of 6' 3" (190.5cm) which is as large as we can produce. Taller Celebrities are reduced to this height. Mini's stand approximately 2' (60.5cm) high x 8.25" (21cm) maximum width. Both are printed in amazing high definition.Exclusive Designs - made from original photos by top photo agencies and adapted by our in-house designers. You won't find our cutouts anywhere else!Top quality Cardboard Cutouts, printed using nothing but the best materials and printing methods. Looks so REAL.Please, BEWARE OF IMITATIONS! All our cutouts have a Celebrity Cutouts proof of Authenticity Hologram on the reverse. If there is no Hologram then it is not a Celebrity Cutouts product.
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u/the-realSheldorCoope · 8 pointsr/Vinesauce

Make sure you get a Guy Fieri Life Size Cutout to go with it

u/EthicMeta · 2 pointsr/Twitch