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JJ Electronics Amplifier Tube (T-12AX7-S-JJ)
12AX7 vacuum tube,U.S. Product Code: 12AX7European product Code: ECC83For guitar and Hi-Fi amplifiers,Can be used in any preamp or microphone application
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5 Reddit comments about JJ Electronics Amplifier Tube (T-12AX7-S-JJ):

u/buefordwilson · 4 pointsr/ToobAmps

First things first, if it were me I would just buy it right off the bat. That said...

  1. Reverb tank should be simple pimple. Unless it's some odd setup(which I doubt it is), it would usually be a RCA jack type plug and play. Accutronics has always been my favorite replacement reverb tanks.

  2. Tubes wouldn't be expensive to mess with if you wanted to try others out. I would see what ones they had in there and then just order a couple different brands to see what sounds best to you. A couple [JJ preamp tubes] ( and [a matched set of EL84 JJ power tubes] ( are really cheap and tend to be built well from the years I've been buying them for. I'm thinking only the first two preamp tubes would have anything to do with the tone section as the third one (furthest small tube to the left when looking at the back) could just be the phase inverter and also driving the reverb. I'd have to loom through a schematic first to actually know for sure, though.

  3. Price would be good to me as it's half off new and I'm a cheap bastard that can attempt to fix things if I need to. If it sounds good to you in just replacing a reverb tank and trying out different tubes, tear it up.

    I had no idea of these cheap guys being around and may end up getting the little 5w version for fun around home. How cool.
u/veni_vidi_vale · 3 pointsr/headphones
u/elihu · 1 pointr/Guitar

I don't know about the other amps in the page you linked, but the Behringer AC108 is a lot of fun. It does a good solid state clean sound and a good tube-preamp distortion sound. I swapped out the stock 12ax7 tube with one of these: If you like how the stock tube distortion sounds, though, there's no need to upgrade.

u/chewbawacca · 1 pointr/Bass

Hey guys, literally got a call the other day to get the band back together! I'm super excited, but I haven't touched my gear in about 7 years. I flipped on my ADA MB-1 and I'm not getting any sound out of the tube stage on the preamps. I believe these use 12AX7A tubes, but can I use a set of 12AX7 tubes like this. I know nothing (or have just forgotten at this point what I need to replace these with. Thanks, I'm going to be back here alot if we start playing on the regular!

u/ThomasdeChevigny · 1 pointr/GuitarAmps

Very complete answer, thanks man!
I'll order a T-12AX7. Is this one okay or are there subtleties about ''Medium gain'' that I should look into?