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Leak Frog LF001 Water Alarm
Protect your home from potential leaks, mold, and damageNo installation required, simply place by the water sourceLoud alarm sound for no-fail alert when potential water damage is presentDesigned with built-in test buttonIncludes 3 AAA batteries
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10 Reddit comments about Leak Frog LF001 Water Alarm:

u/elangomatt · 7 pointsr/sysadmin

Or at the very least get a few leakfrogs! (I have no idea why that's selling for $50, maybe they're not making them anymore. I got one from woot in a bag of crap years ago!)

u/fpreston · 5 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I got a bunch of these off of before Amazon bought them. Love them. Put them under every sink in the house and near the furnace/ac

u/pottersquash · 4 pointsr/NewOrleans

Aight, put the froggy at 1.5 ft. The height of the warning frog is your choice.

u/dougmc · 4 pointsr/LifeProTips

That logic isn't wrong, but there's also the inconvenience of mucking with the water cutoff twice daily and the cutoffs aren't normally designed to be used that often -- eventually they will wear out and may start leaking on their own.

(That said, something leaking out in your yard is rarely a major concern, but it does waste water and may cost you money (depending on which side of the meter it's on.)

Even if you don't take this advice about shutting off the main when you're out of town, it's not a bad idea to know where the cutoff is and be sure that you know how to turn it off -- if a pipe bursts while you are home, you'll want to already know how to turn off the water rather than be trying to figure it out.

Also, water detection alarms like the Leakfrog (often on sale at woot for a lot less!) in key places can be quite useful, and you can also tie water detectors into alarm systems to call for help even if you're not home.

u/SPG2469 · 3 pointsr/fargo

Normal to run this often make sure the hose is well away from the house or you will just be pumping the same water over and over. I have one of the leak frog alarms.

u/Flabbergasted122 · 1 pointr/kansascity

We got these babies for cheap thanks to woot.

u/Nerdenstein · 1 pointr/Guitar

Good news is you have an excuse to buy a new/better guitar and amp.

Also, buy one of these:

u/ERWallace15 · 1 pointr/AskReddit

It might be a monitor for water leaks. A couple companies sell basement flood warning devices, but Ive never seen one like this. Most of them look like little frogs...

u/kinarism · 1 pointr/DIY

If you know where the water would leak to and that area is normally dry, you could use a product like leakfrog

This amazon link is for reference only. They SHOULD be much cheaper (or a similar product anyway). used to sell them in a 2pk for $5 during wootoffs years ago. perhaps their popularity has resulted in demand >>> supply.

curious a rainwater collection system on that scale common where you live? do you have a writeup somewhere about your setup? Would love to read it.

u/dboak · 1 pointr/sysadmin

I already use a weathergoose in my server room, so this would plug right in:

At home I have some leakfrogs set up under sinks and by my furnace. They aren't network enabled, but they do make a lot of noise when they get wet.