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16 Reddit comments about Metamorphosis:

u/Better_MixMaster · 145 pointsr/Animemes

I feel that I need to mention this. You can buy Emergence in Paperback on Amazon. The perfect gift for people you hate. Or to piss off your weeb friends. Also looks really good on a bookshelf.

u/darth_infamous · 27 pointsr/Animemes
u/Prestigeboy · 7 pointsr/hentaimemes

So Emergence exits in print, gotta find a copy. Any links?

E: found it on Amazon.

u/Wau_Wau · 3 pointsr/indonesia
u/_asstronaut_ · 3 pointsr/hentaimemes

I have one currently sitting in my bookshelf! Here's the link:

u/flyingtacodog · 2 pointsr/177013

Twenty USD so you can buy it and never reread it

u/Hugokarenque · 1 pointr/Animemes

Look at this strong boy actually buying the physical book. 20 bucks for a true literary classic.

u/InsecureTurdPilot · 1 pointr/Animemes
u/furydestroyer · 1 pointr/Animemes

Can also get it on amazon

u/alex1001458 · -2 pointsr/177013