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OGrow OG6834-S Greenhouse, Green
Constructed with heavy duty powder-coated steel shelvingIdeal for displaying greenery in full sunStrong durable clear cover manufactured from heavy duty material.Great feature! This portable greenhouse now includes an anchoring system, which will securely anchor the greenhouse to the ground using strong ropes with deep rooting anchors that will guarantee sturdiness even in the worst of weathers!!Easy Hook and Loop connection vs. ties for easy assembly and stronger, longer lasting life span.
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3 Reddit comments about OGrow OG6834-S Greenhouse, Green:

u/ogn3rd · 3 pointsr/gardening

A greenhouse indoors is going to be warmer with more humidity than your house due to the lights and water. Depending on where you live and what you're going to grow this is probably a good thing. There are all sizes of inexpensive greenhouse on Amazon that would do a nice job of keeping cats out and provide a good microclimate for the plants.

u/benkenobi_hellothere · 2 pointsr/carnivorousplants

I'm looking to grow these in one of those plastic walk In greenhouses with a marshydro 600w growlight + a mister. Will this be effective. Here's a link to the greenhouse;OGrow Deluxe Walk-In 3-Tier 6-Shelf Portable Greenhouse

u/call_me_cthulhu_ · 1 pointr/Wishlist

you could get a portable greenhouse just for a lemon tree :D