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u/sam4246 · 8 pointsr/DMAcademy

For initiative tracking, Improved Initiative and Kobold Fight Club are great resources. They do initative, round number, HP, AC, everything at a quick glance. They work on mobile, though I would suggest using either a tablet or laptop.

Another thing I did was simply have all the characters and monsters written on small pieces of paper and I would hand those on my DM screen. The page on the left is whose turn it is, after they go I just move it to the right.

It's really good to have something physical and simple. For something really nice and useful, you could pick up the Paizo Combat Pad is fantastic, or you can be cheap like me and get a magnetic whiteboard and some permanent markers to make the lines.

For your questions, it all comes down to how the other guy put it. How detailed do you want to be. In Q2 you mentioned not being able to carry a loaded crossbow, but loading isn't part of the action, its part of the attack, meaning that it doesn't really matter in gameplay terms, just in terms of how descriptive you want to be.

As for loot. LMoP is where I started as well, and it's great. I do suggest to try and not use it like "This is how the adventure is" and rather as a guide for how you could run the adventure. Add your own flare to it. The book might not be saying that the goblins have loot on them, but if you want them to have a couple coppers, or maybe they kept some gold when they ambushed Gundren and Sildar, there's nothing wrong with that. At the same time, if you don't think these guys would have anything on them, then they don't.

I am also a relatively new DM who's gone through many of the things I'm sure you will, and quite recently. If you have any questions about LMoP, basic rules, or just looking for suggestions, feel free to send me a DM. Good luck!

u/MissSashi · 5 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG
u/darhoth · 5 pointsr/Gloomhaven

Well this got a lot more attention than I expected. Quick list of everything in use - 1) TV1 = GH Track Android App for monster health and conditions, 2) TV2 = Gloomy Companion for monster ability cards, both are cast via chrome cast, 3) [Duchess Gaming Table] (, 4) painted minis from /u/PintsizedProdigies, 5) Uberstax for the card holders, 6) 3-ring binder with fully sleeved items and ability cards, 7) Boye Knit Tally Counters for health and exp tracking, 8)Pathfinder Combat Pad for tracking initiative and 9) expanding accordion folder for organizing and storing map tiles. Think that's it. And I bought this house somewhat for this room, sunroom with 7 sliding glass doors.

u/CasualDM · 3 pointsr/rpg

It's for pathfinder but in reality you can use it for literally any game you choose.

I feel your pain. I joined this subreddit recently because I had been lurking and because I had been reading threads and picked up Star Wars: Edge of Empires, Numenera, Eclipse Phase, and Delta Green.

u/AuthorX · 2 pointsr/rpg

You may want something to track initiative. This Pathfinder Combat Pad looks similar to the one my group uses, I'm not sure if it's the exact one.

You could use paper, but from watching my GMs it's much easier to be able to set the magnetic labels in order every time initiative is rolled, and you can write enemy status in the notes section, and save yourself a lot of scratch paper.

Alternatively, some people just fold index cards in half to make tents and put the tents on top of the GM screen, with the names on both sides. That way they can be rearranged as needed and everybody sees the order. So, you know, you can just add index cards to the order.

u/Dourasin · 2 pointsr/Pathfinder

Phew This'll be a long a post, but certainly reward to read by the end of it. Playing D&D/Pathfinder really is the Nerdiest, Nerd thing I've ever done, and it is a lot of fun! Watch +DawnforgedCast's Session 0 video and download his checklist here: It's meant for a GameMaster/Dungeon Master, but that checklist will help you out greatly in understanding what you want when starting out in a new group, with or without veteran players. If you aren't able to find a group locally (I don't recommend online groups for your first introduction) then taking up the mantle of leadership as the GameMaster/Dungeon Master, can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. However, if you're one with a vivid imagination, or are good with thinking on the fly (believe me, it gets better with time) then you'll already have a headstart on the majority of GMs out there. A great beginning module that has a little bit of everything, adventure hook (i.e., reason why your players should be doing this), NPC interaction, wilderness adventuring, dungeon crawling, is the Hollow's Last Hope module for 1st Level Players as it works for both D&D and Pathfinder. You don't really need the print version, since you can download it for FREE at Paizo's website

I greatly recommend you get the Pathfinder RPG: Beginner Box ($25-$35) it is a different game, but the rule set is uber-simplified and honestly, superior to the D&D Starter Set ($15), and is worth the extra money. The Beginner Box literally has the all of the beginning needs for play. Pre-generated characters, blank character sheets for the four classes (Wizard, Rogue, Cleric, and Fighter) with either of the three races (Elf, Dwarf, and Human) that are easy to introduce new players to, a flip out map that you can use dry-erase- or wet-erase markers, and permanent markers on (all of which can be erased off, I use these wet-erase makers that are $9 because I'll draw camp fires with brown, yellow, orange, and red colors, green helps with trees and shrubbery, blue for water, and black for everything else), a Hero's handbook, and really, really, good GM guide, plus thick, cardboard punch-out marker pawns of various Monsters, NPCs, Player characters, and other creatures, that amount to a wealth of miniatures that would take a lot of money and time to paint them all up, plus they're easier to store in the box. Unfortunately, it only comes with one set of dice, so it wouldn't hurt to get these on these 7 sets ($12) on the cheap and pass them out to your players, or if they have their own, then you'll have plenty of extra multiples of dice, which will come in handy during combat with spellcasters and sneak attacks by Rogues. I handed them out to my players after they told me what their favorite colors were. =P

That'd would be all you'd really need to start, $30ish Beginner Box, plus $10 for markers, and $10 more if you or your players need dice. Now, what follows is what I used for my first GMing of a game, based on many different people's recommendations. In order to make combat work in a logical way that I could understand, I bought the Pathfinder Combat Pad $20, along with those wet-erase markers from earlier. It's usefulness has been far better, and worth it's price in gold, to use than a cheap $1 store notebook, when I would have to erase or rewrite when players would defeat monsters or would hold their actions, or would tell them the wrong initiative bonus to start (lol!). Again, rather use a dollar store binder, I bought the Pathfinder GM Screen $16ish, because it was short enough for me to look over rather than 3-ring binders or a paper folder at the actual game table. Speaking the table, I bought the Chessex Battlemats this is a link to the smaller one ($20), since I bought the Megamat ($35), only because I had a large table, and players could use it as a coaster for drinks too (even though I did have coasters, to prevent spillage). As an added bonus, I recently discovered the Condition cards $10, to use with Pathfinder, and they are great to hand out to players (as you would already know these conditions since it's written behind the GM Screen) so they know what condition they are in at a glance. Keep in mind though, you only get 4 or each, so if you are lucky enough to have more players, it wouldn't hurt to buy an extra set (however, it would be strange if all of your players had the same condition).

Now, let's say you enjoy Pathfinder, and you bought the Core Rulebook $20 (if it's a hardcover, always look inside for the Sixth edition printing, the paperback will already be that edition) but are getting tired of looking up Monster stats online, then grab the Paperback version of the first Bestiary $16 which has the great majority of all of the "regular" monsters in either D&D or Pathfinder. If you're not much of an artist, then there's the recently released Pathfinder Traps and Treasures Pawns Collection $25 but be warned that you only want to place on the board AFTER the players find out what it is or after they trip it since it does have text explaining what it is as a trap, and if you're use the treasure ones, make sure you add whatever is actually printed on the tile is IN the list of treasure you give the players, because they can and will ask about, "can't I grab that cup or sword, it's on the tile?" ;)

Lastly, if you enjoy being the GameMaster/Dungeon Master, the storyteller, the world builder, then I'd recommend getting the Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide $15, which again, can be applied to both RPG games. And if you what better weather effects to throw at your party than what is presented in the CRB and GMG, then Pathfinder Ultimate Wilderness $30 has all that you need, and then some, plus some cool spells and tons of new animal companions and familiars for spellcasters alike, and a new shapeshifting melee-fighting class called the Shifter, which is pretty neat to use (albeit, you may want to check out Paizo's website for any official errata or clarifications, just in case). If you want to actually create a campaign and are having a hard time coming up with ideas, locations, groups/factions, kingdoms, races, then one more purchase, which is what +DawnforgedCast used for his Pathfinder games seen here is the Inner Sea World Guide $45 It is pricey, but again, very much worth it, to create your own world or to use the pre-made world, as well. Remember, the Beginner Box, Markers, and Dice is really all you need, the rest of this is to expand out. I hope this helps you and anyone else out as well. =P

u/cbiscut · 2 pointsr/DMAcademy

Group your participants. If you've got 5 goblins of the same type then they all go on one initiative. Or you could just roll the lowest initiative modifier for all your monsters and they all go on that roll. (I typically go lowest if I'm doing this because it'll be way more monsters than players and dogpiling can be un fun.)

Pathfinder made a magnetic combat pad and it's the single best thing i've ever purchased as a DM.

u/BeginningSilver · 2 pointsr/rpg

I have the Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen, and it's awesome. If I have enough prep time, I can print any charts -- like random encounter tables -- I'll need for that session out. It's so much more useful than the standard GM screen, which is typically loaded with the charts you use most often and thus are most likely to have memorized. Plus it's landscape orientation, so it both spans further across the table, while being easier to see and reach over.

But my favorite feature is that I can put artwork reflective of my campaign on the player's side, instead of the sort of generic artwork most screens feature.

Some other really useful toys I've picked up over the years include:

  • Alea Tools magnetic status tokens. These are basically just 1" plastic disks, maybe 1/8" tall, with a rare earth magnet inside so they stick together and can be stacked. You can glue magnetic film to the bottom of miniatures and then they'll stick to the tokens to, or you can just balance them on top of the tokens, or put the tokens next to the mini. They're very useful when you need to track who is on fire, invisible, or suffering a long-term status effect. They're also very useful as elevation markers -- I use the dark blue and light blue token to represent 25' and 5' respectively, so I can keep track of exactly how high flying characters are flying.
  • The Pathfinder Combat Pad is super useful for keeping track of initiative and ongoing effects, regardless of the game you play.
  • The GameMastery spell templates are very useful if you play a game system that uses a grid map. They're no longer available however.
  • Litko makes Horse Character Mounts that are SUPER useful for dealing with the issue of mounted characters on a map. Litko actually makes an insane number of extremely useful products, and I've used their custom tokens service to produce token sets for a lot of my favorite games.
u/kalafax · 1 pointr/dndnext

I use the pathfinder initiative tracker, you can look it up in Amazon and it's cheap, it has magnetic pieces that are dry erase safe, so you just write the characters name on them and as people give you their initiative you put the pieces in decending order. It also let's you write anything you need on here like HP, A.C., any of that sort.

u/Ironforged · 1 pointr/DnD

I use the tracker on Roll20 but one of my friends has used the gamemastery combat pad before and he likes it.

Amazon Store Link

YouTube Review of it

u/nightsisters · 1 pointr/DMToolkit
u/michrech · 1 pointr/Pathfinder_RPG

I use this.

u/ComplexedOne · 1 pointr/DnDBehindTheScreen

Thanks for posting this. I will definitely be trying this in my next game. Currently I use one of these to track the combat in my games. It works okay, but I love the player view that you have here.

A few thoughts that I have after playing with it:

  1. Could you add some kind of spell tracking for spells that last multiple rounds? I have several spellcasters in my party right now and I find that nearly every combat I am tracking the duration of some spell.

  2. Maybe make a place to take quick notes so the DM can have a few reminders about the encounter on the same screen.

  3. Maybe hard to do with the account-less setup you have here (which is nice as it lowers the friction of getting your players on it) but I would like the ability to send messages to a single player through the app. Not a huge thing, but it would be nice to send them a message on a screen they are already looking at.

    Anyways, I love the idea of this and I can't wait to give it a try at the table soon. Thanks for making this and sharing it with us!
u/techz7 · 1 pointr/twilightimperium

I have a (3/4 ft wide by 2.5ft long) metal lightweight metal thing that I got from Ikea a while back that I have attached to the wall and I usually just write on it with erasable marker and when players pass we erase their name. A friend of mine uses a magnetic pathfinder initiative tracker that has a little arrow that we move to the current players turn and when a player passes in that one, we just move their name to the other column on the board

u/yetanothernerd · 1 pointr/rpg

I use one of these:

$19. That gets you both the board and a bunch of dry-erase magnets.

u/wallysmith127 · 0 pointsr/boardgames


And if 5-player becomes a thing, there are accessories out there that we swear by:

Pathfinder magnetic board: Incredible for tracking initiative and monster health/status effects

Service that lets you print 5th and 6th player attack modifier decks