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Piccadilly Sketchbook, 500 Drawing Prompts Notebook
✨500 Prompts Refine your drawing abilities with 500 unique drawing ideas Let our sketchbook be your guide to a healthy free-spirited imagination✨FURTHER YOUR SKILLS Let each prompt take you out of your comfort zone to further your technique and improve your skills Use our expertly crafted drawing notebook to practice your sketches and unleash the artist in you✨SEE YOUR GROWTH Use these 500 Drawing Prompt sketchbooks to capture your current artistic skills so your future self can see how much you’ve grown Date it and add it to the collection!✨PREMIUM QUALITY SKETCHBOOK The preferred flat-lay design allows pages to lay open flat making them easier to draw in 240 pages of wood free and acid-free archive paper✨LAYOUT Each page is dedicated to one or two different prompts Draw them separately or use your imagination to combine them into one beautiful masterpiece!✨MORE FROM PICCADILLY Click the blue “Piccadilly” button under the title for all our guided journals sketchbooks notebooks and more!9781620091357
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2 Reddit comments about Piccadilly Sketchbook, 500 Drawing Prompts Notebook:

u/SuinnArt · 7 pointsr/ArtFundamentals

There are a couple different ways for people who struggle with thinking of drawing prompts. I am one of those people as well so don't worry! I am in the same boat!


Anyways, the first would be simply to get a drawing prompt book such as:

Piccadilly Sketchbook, 500 Drawing Prompts Notebook


Another one would be to simply use a random word generator! You can find them pretty much everywhere if you just look it up and they give tons of great prompts such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Simply if the word is not an object, base it around what it is. Like if it is "Sad", well, draw a very sad scene. Maybe get a verb and a noun and make something out of that. There are literally endless possibilities!


Hope this helps you out as I struggle with coming up with ideas as well! Good Luck!


*Edit* A word.

u/hackofalltrades · 2 pointsr/drawing