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Professional Knife Sharpening Guide
This clever tool takes all the guesswork out of knife sharpening, so its really easy to return knives to their best and drastically improve cutting performanceThis guide works by keeping your knife's blade at the ideal angle for sharpeningIt is designed for use with whetstones or diamonds and can be used by beginners and seasoned sharpeners alikeIts suitable for use with all western-style knives from santoku knives to chef's knives: With its ceramic protective strip, it's highly durable too5 years guarantee
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u/EmpyrealSorrow ยท 3 pointsr/Liverpool

I went for this one. It's two grades, so you spend some time on the rougher side, then move on to the finer side for a bit. I also picked up this - not necessary by any means but, because I'm a noob, I think it helped me a lot keep my knife at the right angle when sharpening.

You don't need anything more than this. You could go for even finer stones but that's really only for the pros. You can get everything you need from this... To put it into perspective, my knife was dull enough that I had to put a fair bit of pressure into cutting anything. Now it "catches" as soon as it touches anything, and goes right through onions like water. Does that to me, too =(