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u/tune-happy · 3 pointsr/Liverpool

Following the link that you gave me in your other post, it looks like this is a kindle book only unfortunately. You could try and contact the author to ask if there is a print option.

Another option might be to extract the pages as images from the kindle book and print it yourself via Google Photo books. I've done this with real digital photos in the past but you can basically print anything that you want from images uploaded to Google Photos. The paper quality of these Google Photo books is pretty decent too.


The price here is shown in USD but this service is also supported in the UK payable with GBP.

u/itsanrnotau · 1 pointr/Liverpool

Thanks mate. I ended up going to Ellis Brigham and Cotswolds but ended up getting a "champ" from amazon for what seems cheap compared to the ones in store


u/Bogwoppit · 2 pointsr/Liverpool

As a foot note to this excellent reply. If you want to know more about Noel Chavasse, My neighbour wrote a book about him. Cx

u/thismightbemymain · 7 pointsr/Liverpool

Here you go mate, dunno if I'd call them trainers, meself, personally but probably close enough init?

u/dananananaykroyd · 3 pointsr/Liverpool

Have a scout on YouTube for a specific video but you’ll see that it’s a piece of piss. Here’s an example

Buy one of these

Plug it into your computer and recover files. In the scenario that the hard drive is just fine then you can even just get a new enclosure for it. Just get the right size - 2.5” or 3.5”

For the sake of £6 quid it’s worth having a go yourself.

u/sparkchaser · 2 pointsr/Liverpool

> Any good ideas for a farther daughter cos play?

Since you mentioned Star Wars:

  1. Aniken and Leia
    *2. Kylo Ren and Rey (there are some Rey costumes on Amazon that aren't too bad and won't break the bank)
  2. You could both be Stormtroopers: kid size adult size these are both very basic costumes

    I act as a spotter for Sentinel Squad (a group of Star Wars cosplayers based in the Leeds-Hull area) and have lots of pics from conventions we have attended and I'll post up some images later to get you some ideas.
u/EmpyrealSorrow · 3 pointsr/Liverpool

I went for this one. It's two grades, so you spend some time on the rougher side, then move on to the finer side for a bit. I also picked up this - not necessary by any means but, because I'm a noob, I think it helped me a lot keep my knife at the right angle when sharpening.

You don't need anything more than this. You could go for even finer stones but that's really only for the pros. You can get everything you need from this... To put it into perspective, my knife was dull enough that I had to put a fair bit of pressure into cutting anything. Now it "catches" as soon as it touches anything, and goes right through onions like water. Does that to me, too =(

u/mrfilmlover · 2 pointsr/Liverpool

On that level I'd try stink bombs, honestly sounds stupid but say go out round 4.50 if they arrive round 5, smash a few on the floor and let it stink, they ain't going to hang round where it stinks, trust me I set these things off as kid and they are not nice. Remember to close your windows, if you do it enough they'll probably think its the drains and stop hanging round there

u/mrzombie · 1 pointr/Liverpool

Whack that up outside your gaff and forget about them. A few quid and 10 minutes work. Don't spray them with that shit or they'll up the ante. Discourage them and don't give them the attention they want