Reddit Reddit reviews Spalding NBA Street Outdoor Basketball, Size 7 - Official Size (29.5"), Orange

We found 7 Reddit comments about Spalding NBA Street Outdoor Basketball, Size 7 - Official Size (29.5"), Orange. Here are the top ones, ranked by their Reddit score.

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Spalding NBA Street Outdoor Basketball, Size 7 - Official Size (29.5
PERFORMANCE: Durable outdoor rubber coverSUPERIOR CONTROL: Deep channel design for easy handlesOFFICIAL SIZE: Size 7, 29.5”INFLATION: Shipped inflated and we recommend 8 PSI
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7 Reddit comments about Spalding NBA Street Outdoor Basketball, Size 7 - Official Size (29.5"), Orange:

u/Ravenstown6 · 7 pointsr/hiphopheads

neverflat last a long ass time but can feel weird and rubbery after a while. My favorite is the street ball. Cheap and holds grip for a long time. You can also get the wave which has lines dug into it and long lasting grip.

u/soxandpatriots1 · 7 pointsr/Basketball

If you're prioritizing price and durability, the Spalding NBA Street ball is a decent choice:

It's only like $15. It's rubber, so it's definitely gonna feel "cheaper" than a nice indoor-only ball, but it's made to be played outside and shouldn't get messed up from snow and ice. Should also be fairly easy to grip even if it gets somewhat wet.

Another option is an indoor/outdoor basketball like this:

About $30, and will feel more similar to an indoor game ball, if that's important to you. I suspect that ball gets a little more slippery when wet.

u/thehami · 3 pointsr/BasketballTips

always start close by the hoop to work on your form once you enter the park, shooting at the hashmarks around the FT line helped me gain more consistency and I instantly felt more confident shooting long range, i continue to do this once I get to the park. once you do that, shoot a lot of mid-range jumpers then start at the corner or straightaway for threes. just remember to always start real close to the hoop once you enter the park or gym. I also needed an adjustment period when I went from inside to outside, it could be a mental thing. I also always end my sessions with 3-5 straight free throw makes and that always helped me.

for a ball, i've always liked this one but i know some people don't. It's generally good and has lasted me about a year and a half so far, I might get another one because the one I have now is starting to lose grip.

u/catpjs · 2 pointsr/nba

I bought this off amazon and it’s worked well for me. Good grip and bounce. Haven’t used it daily or continuously for very long periods of time so can’t say much on durability 🤷‍♂️

u/rjcarr · 1 pointr/Basketball
u/s2xtreme4u · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

heres my dog album

I have two pitbulls, had a third till she got sick and had to be put down :( and an australian shephard who is strong enough to pull both my pits around when they play tug of war. i know exactly what toys last the longest.

This ball is by far their favorite and lasts until we lose them. your dog will rip off the feet, the horns and the squeeker but the ball part will last forever!

Other pit owners claim this will last forever it took my dogs less than a minute to rip it open and rip out the stuffing. however, the outside has lasted a very long time! so if you dont mind it being split open it should last.

if i see a garage sale or go to a thrift store ill pick up a basket ball the dogs pop it immediately and it gets ripped apart but the majority of it has lasted a long time

if you go grocery shopping they have beef bones im pretty sure that what their called. but they not only feed your dog but the bones last a long time too.

if i win, the tick twister would be great since i live in the woods and its tick season.