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Spice and Wolf Anniversary Collector's Edition
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u/misuta_kitsune · 8 pointsr/SpiceandWolf

If money is no object I'd say: Go for it, of course. ;)

You will have a hard time finding the Anniversary Collector's Edition at a reasonable price I'm afraid.
It was a limited edition, sold out at all official retailers by now, all you will find are copies sold by resellers at insane prices.

Amazon - New

Amazon - Used

You could try your luck on Ebay but chances aren't high.

Personally,..... if at any time, after collecting all books for Spice & Wolf, Wolf & Parchment and the manga I will probably direct my attention to figures.

u/iamtelephone · 5 pointsr/SpiceandWolf

I'd keep them all intact. Hopefully by the end of the month we'll have more information.

According to Amazon the second print isn't shipping till November, so you'll have time to request a refund or cancel if you're stuck with the second edition.

If you're extremely lucky and hit the jackpot with 2-3 first editions, then consider selling at cost to those who missed out. I'm sure it will be easy to offload any additional copies.

u/Knusperkeks · 3 pointsr/SpiceandWolf

I just received confirmation that the copy I ordered on September 1st is guaranteed to be a numbered edition. If you have questions about yours, you should also include references to the numbered (first print) and unnumbered (second print) on, it will make the process much easier.

u/vhite · 3 pointsr/SpiceandWolf

Do you mean hardback copies? As far as I know, the individual novels only come in paperback. There is the Collector's Edition, which combined first 17 volumes in one hardback monster of a book, but it isn't really recommended for casual reading. If you just mean physical copies, those should be pretty widely available.

And good luck avoiding the spoilers, since they are pretty much on all the promotional material and even on cover of some of the later volumes (vol. 17 especially). I wouldn't worry too much about them though, as the story doesn't rely on spoilers too much.

u/BPShuriLoL · 2 pointsr/anime

I have all the LN + the special summary.

Just wanted the summary, cause it's a nice collectable.

This one:

And got it for free, cause Amazon was incompetent with shipping the thing from UK to GER

u/Skill3rwhale · 2 pointsr/anime

When I made the plunge from anime to mangas and LNs. It snowballed hardcore after I got one touch of the stuff. I started out buying the Spice and Wolf Anniversary Collector's Edition of the light novels and it quickly devolved from there.

Since that purchase about 3 weeks ago I have bought many intro manga volumes and LNs.

u/shewy92 · 2 pointsr/LightNovels

That thing weigh like 5 pounds and the text is both tiny and has 2 normal pages as one page, separated by a blank column and is like $400

But seriously. All 20 books plus Wolf and Parchment are on Amazon so with Prime shipping it doesnt really matter if you buy them all separately or not.

u/Neqsis · 2 pointsr/nier

I'm seriously considering it to get the translation done (I'd be willing to pay for the book since I'd ultimately keep it). I'll have to do some more looking into what that would cost and the logistics of it.

Edit: Unfortunately the more I look into what a translation would take, the less I think it's something I'll be able to get done. Since getting it translated would be my ultimate goal, I'm a lot less inclined to try to purchase the book myself.

Regarding organizing a fan translation: Logistically, getting a fan translation of a book is incredibly difficult to do; it takes a very, very long amount of time and oversight to get done right (having been a close follower of many fan translations or attempted ones from Japanese novels). There also has to be a significant following of the books to have the human resources to get it done which, unfortunately I don't think the portion of our sub interested in it can offer compared to other fan-translated books of say, Japanese Light Novels. I considered reaching out to some anime fansub groups that I've followed for a while about interest (or independent Japanese LN translators I've spoke with in the past), but they're so strapped with what they already do on top of their IRL jobs that it would just be insensitive to ask and would take an indeterminable amount of time for one person to do even if they wanted to (we're talking not within a year for an estimated ~200 pages). Even if I tried to organize such a thing the timing is really bad for me now (which is why I wanted to look at hiring out a translation) since I'm in the middle of finishing law school finals, then prepping full-time for my Bar exam, then transitioning into a full-time career.

Doing it any other way, such as paying someone to translate it, just isn't practical and is much more costly than I would have ever anticipated. Standard rates appear to be ~$0.10 minimum per word to do which, assuming the book is somewhere around 200 pages would bring the cost to over $5k USD. That seems to be more than I'd be able to raise if I tried, and frankly it's more money than I'd want to manage via crowdfunding even if I could.

If i can grab one of these on auction for around $150 USD on auction I'll probably go for it and see if I can get some kind of translation organized in my free time, but we'll just have to see. I'm not too keen on spending more for a book I may never be able to read than I did for a hard-bound, professionally translated anthology of books a couple weeks ago. Sorry all. Also, apologies for the wall of text, I didn't want people thinking I was just talking out my ass when I mentioned trying to make a translation happen - I really did look into it and it's just not practical as someone who can speak/read only enough Japanese to get around as a tourist.

u/Alberta-Bound · 2 pointsr/SpiceandWolf

Update: New listing is up for the second run, but it's still saying not available, and is furthermore not being sold on the international sites at all (page 404s). Very odd developments…

u/Crossadder · 2 pointsr/Fantasy

The Spice and Wolf Anniversary Collector's Edition that I got weigh 6.7 pounds/4 Kg.

u/citatel · 1 pointr/SpiceandWolf

so side colors and spring log is in the main series? (the one with 1-17 books), also took a look at Amazon but they dont seem to have Parchment and Wolf, (i asusme its the one with daughters) nor can i find info where to buy via online unless its actually called Spice and Wolf: New Theory, either way they are both missing on amazon it seems.also i found this does this give me all 17 books?