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Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training
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24 Reddit comments about Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training:

u/DMitri221 · 75 pointsr/keto

>basic excercise will help

Screw basic exercise. You'll find thousands of people who wish they could go back into their teens and start lifting.

You're going to be a hormone factory for the next 6 to 8 years. Watch some Rippetoe videos and begin "Starting Strength".

Sign up for a "Strength Training" course in your high-school and let your building muscles do the fat-loss work for you. Skip cardio when it's not forced on you.

Good luck. See you in a few years when you're showing off.

u/GATechAE07 · 6 pointsr/Fitness

The Starting Strength DVD was extremely helpful to me; otherwise, read what you can and try it. With repetition, you'll figure it out.

u/NumbZebra · 4 pointsr/Fitness

It's already out.

u/cariusQ · 4 pointsr/malelifestyle

Why 5x5 when there are superior alternatives?
5x5 is basically bastardized version of Starting Strength. Medhi has turned that site into marketing spamfest.

Get Starting Strength Dvd instead.

u/RussianTurnip · 4 pointsr/Fitness

There's a Starting Strength DVD, it's Rippetoe training a bunch of beginners on all the main lifts, I'd pick that up if you've got some spare cash, it really helped me out - Amazon link

u/poscaps · 4 pointsr/Fitness
u/Tree-eeeze · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Adrian Peterson answered this question in his AMA thread as far as drills to do.

I wouldn't focus too much on losing weight, 157 is kinda small for a 5'10 RB. That being said you're quite young so I wouldn't get hung up on weight. Just try to get stronger and faster, don't focus too much on the scale.

It would be ideal if you had a knowledgeable coach walking you through the main lifts. That is very hit or miss at the high school level though. You can learn a lot from the SS book, try to pick up the instructional DVDs as well (here), and keep yourself honest with form check videos.

u/igrowimpatient · 3 pointsr/Fitness

I have marks DVD starting strength, one of the guys he was training was going "ass to grass", mark told him it wasn't necessary to go that low, and corrected him.

after the guy finishes that rep rippetoe says
"Not quite so deep Jim, dont relax to get your depth.
We dont get depth at the expense of lumbar relaxation."
"if it gets excessive, its not necessary to go that deep because you're below parallel"
"everything needs to stay tight, we want you to get as deep as you can get, with a tight lumbar"

he says a bunch of other stuff... but you can just buy it and hear it for yourself.
its a real cheap dvd and its hella useful.

u/red-dit · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Is this what you are looking for?

(you might need to read the page in more detail to realize that it is a DVD and not the book itself)

u/otherbill · 2 pointsr/Stronglifts5x5

If you can spare $20, is essential reading. There's also a companion DVD at but YouTube videos work nearly as well.

u/Baeocystin · 2 pointsr/ketogains

First off, welcome! :)

There is already a ton of good info in the links, and other's posts, but I want to emphasize, as you've mentioned:

Starting Strength, the book, and Starting Strength, the DVD.

The book does a better job than any other program I've seen in explaining exactly what to do, and how to do it. The DVD shows you what good form looks like.

Sure, you can get both from links and YouTube, but as far as I'm concerned, this is some of the best possible money spent, in terms of return on investment. You'll get a good beginner's program, and you'll see exactly what the motions are you need to do.

A good trainer is a big plus, no doubt. The problem is finding a good trainer, and not one that will just try and push hard for you to do a 30-minute circuit and call it a day. And this really is a problem. It took me months upon months to finally find the guys I wanted to train with. The amount of bull pushed in the fitness world is astounding.

My advice for supplements (beyond a basic multi, fish oil, & D) is simple: For your first year of training, ignore them.

First comes form, technique, and newbie gains. That will fill out an entire year. There's enough to learn that you won't get bored. Honest. :)

Eat however you enjoy most that gets you the daily calories/macros you need. Timing details are when you're searching for the last half a percent of gain. Right now is not the time for that. Right now is time to bask in your newbgains and nail down the basics, because the rapid progress a beginner makes is an awesome feeling!

u/RageLettuceTurbo · 2 pointsr/Fitness


1] You look really loose at the start of each rep. The one thing I can think of that might help your back position is at the start of each rep to really squeeze through your chest. Rippetoe gives a fairly good explanation of this:


    If you enjoy that video and haven't already, grab a copy of Rippetoe's DVD which this is stolen from. It's fantastic and has a couple really hot girls in it. Which is a metric for the quality of every product from a man's point of view:



    1] On those reps (especially the third) it looked like you were leaning too far forward, which was causing you to not balance correctly. Also, your knees buckled in a bit as a result (or maybe that caused it). I'm not sure what the proper solution is but if I were in your shoes I'd try getting my butt out more, really focusing on maintaining a natural arch in my back and spreading my knees out as I squat.

    That being said, the camera angle might skew the accuracy of my assessment.

    2] Definitely not deep enough. I have a mate who squats exactly like you. He complains that deep squats hurt his knees yet every time he focuses on spreading his knees out rather than moving them forward and back he gets to parallel without hassles. Plus I don't call him names.

    3] On your final 2 reps, you'll notice your butt starts to rise before your chest/shoulders. This is bad as it causes some pretty unworkable angles in your back that can really fuck you out of a heavy set. I can't really give any sound advice on fixing this but being aware of it will hopefully help you fix it.
u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

and 4.5 thousand calories a day. There is not a being on this planet that can't gain weight (muscle) doing that

u/lapropriu · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

Lou Schuler has a youtube channel with some form videos, but not a lot of useful cues, so I didn't find those particularly illuminating. Starting Strength, the book, has a lot of awesome discussion of body mechanics and proper form for the main exercises, which I would be most worried about for getting proper form; if you're more of a visual learner, there's a dvd that goes with it. And here's a youtube playlist for some of the most common exercises. Most of these people are well respected fitness professionals, with blogs and youtube channels that are worth following.

For form, I also wouldn't worry too much about some of the smaller, isolation exercises. Do your best to follow the directions in the book. Make sure you do a good job on the compound movements though, especially as you up your weight.

u/killyouintheface · 2 pointsr/buccos

Awesome. I pay $30/month. Which is kinda lame, but they're 24 hour so it suits my fucked up schedule a little better than any of the other options.

If you ever get into lifting, send me your address. I'll send you a copy of this DVD.

u/Heavy_Load · 1 pointr/Fitness

Buy the Starting Strength book here

Visit the Starting Strength wiki page here

Visit the StrongLifts site here

u/TheEternalCowboy · 1 pointr/Fitness

Good form is insanely important so that you can improve and not hurt yourself. I've been deloading every once and a while on certain lifts when I feel my form hasn't been spot on to improve my technique.

Have you checked out the Starting Strength DVD?

u/ryeguy · 1 pointr/Fitness

Actually, those aren't it. Those are just random clips from seminars he does.

He actually has a DVD, which you can buy here.

u/MrBigDicksAdventure · 1 pointr/Fitness

That sucks about your testosterone levels. If you're having hormonal issues, that is probably the root of all your problems. Though, you didn't much about what you tried to do in terms of diet and exercise, and being that you're only 17 years old, I presume you aren't all that knowledgeable about fitness yet (at least I sure as hell didn't when I was your age).

First thing to do is calculate how many calories you need to eat to gain weight. Go to and plug in your body stats into the iifym calculator and you'll get the numbers and macros for what you want.

Then get a calorie tracker, like myfitnesspal, and make sure you hit your calories and the macros. This is important obviously because it will help you reach your fitness goals, but also because a simple thing like eating enough calories and fat/carb/protein is pretty damn rewarding when you're in such a low place; every small thing you accomplish will seem like a big victory.

The next big step you need to do is get on a strength program like Starting Strength (SS wikia) or any program that incorporates compound lifts, I say SS because I personally know they teach you how to do the moves. I recommend just buying the DVD from amazon for $22.46 (maybe try the Amazon Prime 30 day trial and get it in 2 days). The DVD has videos of how to do the moves properly with instruction from Sensei Rip himself.

The point here is that it's all planned out for you, all you have to do is go to the gym (get access to a squat rack if you don't already) and learn how to do the moves, and do it on the day they tell you to. Personally, I trained this with a buddy who had this program years back, and after adopting the deadlift into my later workouts, I gained 5lbs (150lbs->155lbs) in about 2 months doing it 3 times a week and I wasn't even dieting properly, I was just a bro here pls sho mercy. Those compound movements are no joke, they recruit a shitload of muscles and when you increase the weight you only get bigger, which is why so many people speak so highly of them.

If no one has a solid solution, give it a try, if you already did, then props to you for knowing how to diet and lift at 17 years old (srs, all I did when I was your age was bicep curls lulz). These are, of course, external physical/mental solutions; when it comes to hormones that's an internal chemical and physiological issue which can be more complicated than we think.