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Superbad: The Drawings
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7 Reddit comments about Superbad: The Drawings:

u/matdwyer · 26 pointsr/AskReddit

My girlfriend actually has a book called "superbad: the drawings" which is literally just pictures of dicks in every situation you can imagine.

u/youenjoymyself · 17 pointsr/MovieDetails

You can buy a whole book of dick figures.

Superbad: The Drawings

u/Mr_Smartypants · 3 pointsr/sex

Buy him Superbad: the Drawings.

He'll either take the hint or become even more insufferable.

u/23Finch · 3 pointsr/movies

You're playing yourself if you don't buy this book & put it on your coffee table immediately. Best money I ever spent.

u/hotsavoryaujus · 1 pointr/pics

Is your friend Jonah Hill. drawings by David Goldberg.