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The Solo Wargaming Guide
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2 Reddit comments about The Solo Wargaming Guide:

u/TheRollingOnes · 2 pointsr/WarhammerFantasy

This book has helped me a lot. It's a nice little tool box of rules and ideas for playing solo. However, you may want to restrict yourself to around 1000 points. Anything above that gets kinda messy.

u/Chgowiz · 2 pointsr/wargaming

I've been using the following two books for my (mostly solo) wargaming campaign:

  • The Solo Wargaming Guide by William Silvester

  • Setting Up a Wargames Campaign by Tony Bath (out of print)

    For me, map turns and battle turns are separate. I measure by a week's time at the map level. I assume that a battle or series of battles takes place within that week.

    If multiple forces are converging on a single point at the map/strategic level, then I'll take that into account for the scenario at the battle/tactical level.

    If you do find/use a simple logistics approach, I'd love to hear it! Most seem to be complex.