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u/blither · 1 pointr/wargaming

Looks like this one.

Edit: After comparing the "non-scale sample" presented in the KS video, it appears to be the folding table from World Outdoor. Here is their website page. The picture assets from the World Outdoor site are used as the KS video thumbnail. The only difference between the two appear to be the size dimensions, but the KS company states that their current sample is non-scale. It looks pretty scammy to me. The campaign has no pictures outside of the cropped images on the video with the exception of a couple of cropped shots in the update videos.

Why do the update videos not show the whole table? It looks complete? Why not show the true width? At this time, I could go to World Outdoor and buy their table for $89 shipped. If I wanted a wider table, I'd just buy two.

For me, I bought a folding fiberglass table that I use for gaming at friend's houses, and I paid $35 for it. My table appears to be heavier built, and can certainly carry more weight. However, it only folds in half, not quarters.

u/mevelynstar · 2 pointsr/wargaming

I think a Chinese company makes these. I found this on Amazon, though the cost went up since the last time I purchased it (there might be a cheaper place to buy it)

u/TopRamen713 · 1 pointr/wargaming

Do you know if there's a big difference between the TFA core set and the regular core set?

u/Chgowiz · 2 pointsr/wargaming

I've been using the following two books for my (mostly solo) wargaming campaign:

  • The Solo Wargaming Guide by William Silvester

  • Setting Up a Wargames Campaign by Tony Bath (out of print)

    For me, map turns and battle turns are separate. I measure by a week's time at the map level. I assume that a battle or series of battles takes place within that week.

    If multiple forces are converging on a single point at the map/strategic level, then I'll take that into account for the scenario at the battle/tactical level.

    If you do find/use a simple logistics approach, I'd love to hear it! Most seem to be complex.
u/infinite_array · 2 pointsr/wargaming

How about One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas?

These are pretty simple rules with each side only needing six units to make an army and covers Ancients up to WW2 with various rules for each era. There's also 30 different scenarios, each played on a 3'x3' table.

You can then use the Wargame: XXX series by Peter Dennis which are books bursting with full color paper standees. They've got Romans, Dark Ages, English Civil War, American War of Independence, Napoleonics, American Civil War, and more!

For OHW and a single Wargame: XXX book might be $40 total from Amazon, plus any more costs from copying the paper prints from the books, but that's far less than even a DBA army.