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Tuleyome's Trails Guide: Colusa and Glenn County
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u/sfbatrails ยท 5 pointsr/norcalhiking

Yolo County is at the extreme limits of my day hiking range, so I haven't hiked that many trails up there, and certainly can't claim to know all the trails. But I have a couple of good resources, so let me start with listing them:

First, check out the Tuleyome and Yolo Hiker web sites. Both sites have excellent trails descriptions and maps.

Next, consider hunting down copies of the Tuleyome's Trail Guide series: Yolo and Solano, Napa and Lake, and Colusa and Glenn. I bought all three, and can definitely say they are worth it. They are currently out of print, but you can sometimes find them on places like eBay.

Next, check out the Davis Wiki. They have a bunch of trail descriptions and trip reports, many with photos.

/u/s0rce mentioned AllTrails. It really is an excellent resource, and probably has more Yolo area hikes than any other resource. But, you have give it the right search terms. That's easy for something big like Lake Berryessa, but sometimes it's hard to discover smaller, more isolated stuff when you don't already know what the names are.

The official Yolo County web site does a surprisingly good job of describing trails in Yolo County. It's well worth the read.

Something that a lot of people don't realize is that you can search Yelp for things like hiking. Try The Best 10 Hiking in Yolo County.

That should get you started.

EDIT: I hope you don't mind me peeking at your posting history, but I noticed that you might have a dog. In which case check out the All Trails page for Yolo County on DogTrekker.