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Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color 3oz. Black
Spray paint for fabric. Aerosol Fabric Spray available in a 3-oz. spray can. Works great on natural and synthetic fabrics. Perfect for all over color or using with stencilsDries quickly and soft to the touch. Colors can be blended on fabricEven coverage - won't drip or splatterPermanent and machine washable - a great spray paint for clothes! Works best on light-colored fabricsFind inspiration and techniques at For questions or concerns, call Customer Loyalty at 1-800-438-6226
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3 Reddit comments about Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color 3oz. Black:

u/polkadotblazer · 4 pointsr/dyeing

So idk about dying unless you’re open to a tie dye look but I think if you tape it off in sections you can probably use fabric spray paint for a cleaner look.
This posting on amazon has a lighter blue and a pink but idk if they are exactly the flag colors. But good luck with the project! Don’t listen to that other comment a flag shows you’re proud of who you are! 🥰

u/guchsk8er · 1 pointr/supremeclothing

used this to get rid of the fading on my black vietnam hat. Worked like a charm, its like spray paint, but fabric dye.

u/im_already_gone · 1 pointr/bleachshirts

one of the roller's advantages over the brush is even paint application (meaning, no streaks). on top of having a wider area (usually) so applications are faster.

depending on what type of material you used for the stencil, the methods differ.

if you used a freezer paper stencil, just make sure to iron it well. you can always test the adhesion by pulling/tugging at a corner (no where near the actual stencil of course). my general rule of ironing is that i should be able to go end to end with the iron and not have the iron snag on a corner of the stencil.

i've been using overhead transparencies (for reusable stencils) and i'm using elmers (i think, might be 3m) spray adhesive. i always make sure to apply a good portion of body weight on it by placing a large flat object (tray/book) and pressing on it.

if your stencil shifted, while applying paint, it's probably because there was no adhesive material to actually have the stencil stick to the shirt. just pinning the stencil to a backing isn't enough, especially if you're brushing. the shirt/stencil will (probably) wiggle.

also, if you're using acrylic paint on the fabric, it will fade/chip pretty fast. i'd suggest making the move/adjustment to fabric paint. personally, i'm a big supporter of fabric spray paint.

edit: i'm also a big supporter of several thin layers of paint vs applying it all in one go. it's entirely possible with the stencil you had, if you had let it dry a bit and painted some more white, it could've looked more even.