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Victorinox RH Forschner BladeSafe for 8-Inch to 10-InchKnife Blades
Compact and sturdyPackage Length: 1.52"Package Width: 6.1"Package Height: 25.91"Keeps blades sharp, protected, and in good working orderMade from durable polypropylene; dishwasher safeDesigned for 8- and 10-inch bladesA great way to transport cutlery safely; a lock on the holder secures knives for worry-free travelGreat for traveling chefs; manufactured by renowned cutlery maker, Victorinox
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12 Reddit comments about Victorinox RH Forschner BladeSafe for 8-Inch to 10-InchKnife Blades:

u/fauxnetikz · 35 pointsr/Cooking

Yet another +1 for this knife, and definitely listen to /u/Butthole__Pleasures - these knives are ludicrously sharp. You will cut yourself straight to the bone if you aren't careful. I suggest getting a blade protector so you can keep it sharp.

Key things:

  • don't use a glass cutting board
  • don't scrape the blade sideways across the cutting board to move whatever you were cutting
  • don't let it scrape around against things - other silverware in the drawer (hence the blade protector), laying around in the sink, etc.
  • don't try sawing through bones with it
  • when you're done, wash/dry it right away and put it in the protector - don't put it in the dishwasher.

    I've had this knife for about 4 years and it's still ridiculously sharp, the only thing I've used is the little ceramic rabbit ear things.
u/[deleted] · 12 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Alright, how about a kitchen knife with a case. It makes for a portable cooking knife that you can take camping or wherever. I love to cook and this has definitely increased my enjoyment of cooking. Add a solid oak cutting board (just have your local lumber supply cut and sand a chunk of oak for you) and you're golden.

u/zapatodefuego · 5 pointsr/chefknives

I assume your link was meant to go here:

Even if you got a knife roll, you probably still want to have something covering your knife and that sheath is going to fit well. It's also only like $7.

u/peniscurve · 5 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I think that would be a great set. Just, I would trade out that sharpening steel with this.

Also, your bread knife, doesn't matter what brand really, it is just a bread knife. I would go with something that will fit the look of what you are already getting, but that is just my own opinion.

Also, add a few plastic blade sleeves. If you do not plan on having your blades out in the open, it will allow you to store it in a drawer without damaging the blade. It will also make it easier if you ever move, since you can just put the knife in the plastic sleeve, and not worry about it getting damaged, or flying loose. This is the one that I have, and it works really well.

I would also add a slicer knife, if you think you will use it, like this. It is amazing for slicing steak, chicken, brisket, ribs, and so on. I use my chef's knife to do it, but if you have a chance to get a knife that you can use JUST for that, go for it. Slicing cooked protein will dull a knife faster than cutting raw protein(in most cases.)

u/slickmamba · 4 pointsr/chefknives

Sounds like a vnox fibrox is for you. You could get both the 8" and 10" and knife cases around your budget. That leaves you room to get a whetstone if you don't already have it.


u/bearishparrot · 2 pointsr/FastWorkers

You don't need anything super expensive, just something made with decent steel that will hold an edge. Maybe 30 bucks tops. Get a knife case like this to protect the edge. If you are using a whetstone you can sharpen your knife down to a narrow angle that will require less in between sharpening (Japanese style). A wider angled edge can just be kept with a honing steel between uses.

u/ExFiler · 2 pointsr/Cooking

When I gifted a chefs knife to my wifes mother, we didn't know where they would keep it, so we also gave her this

u/Chevron · 2 pointsr/Cooking

That's where I'm leaning so far. Unless my parents have extra knives sitting in the basement that they want to get rid of, I'll probably end up getting this, this, this, this, this, and a couple of these.

u/CosmicRave · 1 pointr/chefknives

I also have a Henckles Classic and it fits this guard perfectly. No scuffing at all.

u/lettuceses · 1 pointr/chefknives

> i know that i could possibly just take any ol chef knife from home and pack it safely, but im thinking of like some sort of all purpose pocket knife or something along those lines.

Could you speak a bit more about a couple things? 1) What sounds appealing about a pocket knife version? 2) What sounds unappealing about carrying around a chef knife from home?

Does a chef knife from home seem too big? Do not want to pack your more expensive knives? Are you afraid of your packing failing and cutting things up in your bag? Does a folding knife just appeal to you? Or a smaller packable knife?

And in general, suggesting a knife is still wrought with personal preferences. Do you know how to sharpen? Do you like harder steels? What handle shapes do you like?

When I was stuck in a hotel for a couple months, I really appreciated bringing my 8 in chef knife. I packed it in a knife guard that clip around it. I've travelled tons and those cases have served me well.

For me, I wouldn't like using a folding knife for any extended period of time bc they would necessarily be back heavy and they tend to use meh steels (or super expensive otherwise).

So, tell me more about what you want/need.

u/PotatoAcid · 1 pointr/chefknives

I would say get a petty knife, then get either a smaller paring knife or a larger utility knife depending on your needs. This is a good European value option, or you could get a Tojiro DP 5" petty if you want to try a more expensive Japanese knife. You can also get a 5" Victorinox if you want matching knives.

Depending on how bad your hand-me-downs are, you may want a good quality serrated bread knife.

As for storage, wall-mounted magnetic strips are great. Really, really great. Other options are a universal knife block (make sure that the rods holding the knives can be removed for washing), using blade guards or putting a knife organizer in one of your drawers.