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Visual Guide to Lock Picking
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u/moosenlad · 3 pointsr/Purdue

In all seriousness, people may be selling them off cheaply as this semester comes to an end if you want to wait that long. Many out of state or international students won't be able to bring them back home.

u/elsagacious · 3 pointsr/business

I highly recommend this book. This is also a very useful one, because it goes through a lot of other ways to bypass locks besides picking or bumping. As far as tools, you need a few picks and a few rakes (snake rake is a must) and 3 or 4 tension wrenches. I think it's better to have a few different tension wrenches then a large number of picks and only one tension wrench. Keep this in mind when selecting a kit.

There are tons of helpful videos on youtube also.

u/bobpaul · 3 pointsr/

It's not as hard as one might think. Certainly it's a delicate skill that requires patience and practice, but I think it's well within grips of most people.

If you're interested, I'd recommend the Visual Guide to Lockpicing. If you want to go legit, stop by the ALOA and find out about additional training and certification. You can even get certified online, now.

Part of how I paid for college was by helping people when they lock their keys in their cars.

u/ActionScripter9109 · 1 pointr/guns

Another amateur locksmith here. I got the HPC PIP-13 pick set from Rift Recon, and I started with the excellent Visual Guide to Lock Picking by Mark McCloud.

The pick set has all the basic types of picks, and the book is well written and provides plenty of imagery. Learning was a blast.

u/jackwhaines · 1 pointr/lockpicking

I struggle on and off as well... don't get discouraged!

BosnianBill recommended this the other day and I bought it on Amazon and love it so far! Maybe it's time to "go back to school"!

u/NKforce91 · 1 pointr/lockpicking

Thanks! It’s “Visual Guide to Lockpicking” (link ).

u/eviltrollwizard · 1 pointr/lockpicking

This one is a good bathroom read. It's very basic and easy to understand. Not super thorough but great for understanding concepts.