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10 Reddit comments about Welcome to the NHK (Novel):

u/EZE420 · 21 pointsr/IAmA

They're actually a really great series of short novels as well. I started with the manga and then read the books, I never really got into the anime. I think the "Welcome to the NHK" series would be something great for an agoraphobic to read. I'd gladly buy/send you a copy.

u/lalange · 10 pointsr/anime

If you liked the anime, you should definitely read the book.
A lot was censored and altered in the anime, it's still amazing, but the book dives so much further into human misery
and the depressing lifes of Satou and Misaki.

Even though I normally don't like reading, this book has grabbed me and I still think about some of the
scenes in it after months.

u/world_without_logos · 4 pointsr/anime

Alternatively, you can read the light novel. Fun fact: The cover is drawn by Yoshitoshi ABe, who also did the character design from Serial Experiments Lain.

u/Telescopy · 3 pointsr/anime

It's 29 bucks at Amazon.

u/Wiles_ · 3 pointsr/Animesuggest

I strongly recommend reading the novel.

u/LegendForHire · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Welcome to the NHK (Novel)

My favorite book! Thanks for the contest!

u/jimbimanim · 1 pointr/anime
u/airencracken · 1 pointr/manga

It's about a hikikomori, male this time, however, I think the manga is the worst of the three representations of it. The light novel being my favorite.

u/Vellon221 · 1 pointr/Animesuggest

Yes it does. Did you even look?

It's out of print now, but used copies aren't insanely expensive.