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u/OkayWhatSize · 6 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

I got extremely curious about what these were used for and immediately got distracted by an ad for shower caps for cats, and now I'm just looking at those.

u/Aunty_Fascist · 1 pointr/chinchilla

5x11 platform

3 pack mini platforms

Peek a Boo tunnel (she has a shop on Etsy as well)

Hanging bridge

Niteangel wooden house (unfortunately out of stock)

Etsy has a lot of chinchilla ledges, bridges and other cage accessories, definitely check them out. Shipping can be really slow though but the quality is worth it.

We also have a penny candy jar we're trying to train him to get into for transport since he hates being picked up but he mostly just likes perching on top of it at the moment.

u/mere_iguana · 1 pointr/CrestedGecko

I heart geckos, they make some for a few different sizes

or here is an amazon link - this one is a little pricey, they can be found for like $25-30 usually but I just did a quick search.

or if you just google "vertical conversion 10 gallon" (or 20 gallon) there are a few other types out there too.

the one I made wasn't super complicated - it was just the metal screen top from petsmart, I cut a big hole out, made a frame for the door out of an old window screen, and used some short sheet metal screws to attach everything. the handle/latch is some junk stuff I had laying around, it just turns to latch/unlatch is a good resource for bugs and supplies has all the fancy gecko foods and flavors, good prices, free shipping, and genuine nice folks.