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u/jynnsomething · 1 pointr/CrestedGecko

I've never heard of this comparison between chameleons and cresteds, but I guess I'm not that familiar with chameleon temps/humidities. For a crested gecko, their ideal temperature is right around 75, and as far as humidity goes, you want to mist them in the evening to about 90% humidity and then it let it drop to the 50s. 18x18x24 is a perfect size for an adult crested gecko. This is the one I recommend, but you can probably shop around a little bit to find a slightly better price: . Live plants I'm not familiar with, so I hope someone else here can you help with that. I highly recommend getting cork bark, I keep a flat and a round in each of my terrariums ( this is how all of my terrariums are set up right now, Luci, the very grumpy gecko toward the bottom right, is sitting on the round), but I find the round is their favorite, they like using it to get all of their shed off, the big flat they more or less just use for climbing higher when they don't want to just walk on the glass. Food wise, you want to use pangea food. Some people prefer repashy, that's fine too, but I personally found when I switched my geckos from repashy to pangea, they ate 1000x better and looked 1000x healthier (they weren't unhealthy, they just seemed to take better to the pangea). This is my geckos' favorite one, but they also eat the watermelon/mango, and my youngest one also loves the insect one, but I couldn't get it to take with the geckos who just won't eat insects anymore. When they're babies, that's the best time to make sure you're supplementing with insects, that protein will help them grow.
What you put in the bottom of the terrarium is probably going to be dependent on live plants, so I'll leave that to the live plant experts on this thread.

u/dove_wing · 1 pointr/CrestedGecko

Yes, we use mesh on top of the bioballs to prevent the soil mix from draining into the drainage layer itself!
We haven't had to drain the drainage layer yet; Between the plant roots, substrate and bioballs all the waters been absorbed. Maybe it's something we'll have to do in the future though.

I've heard that native cleanup crew can take up residence themselves if you leave it as is. We established colonies of dwarf white isopods and springtails to prevent colonizers as I can be paranoid about what goes in with my scaled children and wanted to know what they were housed with! Haha!

As for the bioballs, I crept your profile and seen that you do a lot with various flora, so you probably already know what they are! :)
People just call them different things!

I added some Amazon links for a visual aid for you:

Just be sure to wash them off first if you do go the clay ball route!

Good luck! Hope to see an update in the future! :)

u/FreshlyBrewedT · 3 pointsr/CrestedGecko

I've never actually seen mine eat but I noticed my gecko eats a lot better after getting a magnetic ledge to hold the food up higher. When there small like that you usually don't even notice they eat anything (you can usually tell by little lick marks on the food) . However you don't want her to get used to hand feeding otherwise she won't eat by herself and then you have to hand feed her. Maybe get different types of pangea or repashy mixes and see if that helps her eat because she might just not like the food that much. Either way I think you should get her a ledge.

I got mine this from Amazon

u/the_super_tech · 2 pointsr/CrestedGecko

If you have a screen top tank your best bet for warming ambient temps will be a Lamp dome and a ceramic heat lamp. Make sure you buy a Thermostat!!!.

A standard heat bulb can work but you will have to buy a standard for the day and a blue light heat lamp for night. another issue with that will you will need to buy 2 thermostats and 2 timers one for each bulb and turn them off at a set time. The Ceramic you will only need one with a thermostat and leave it on all the time(during the winter).

You can also just buy a nice space heater and heat the whole room. But you will prob notice the cost in your elec. bill depending on the size of the room. with just the ceramic heater you are only heating the tank.

Under tank heaters will only heat the soil and radiant heat panels are way to large for a crestie cage/tank.

some Ref. material (its for snakes but same goes for any reptile cage)

Edit: Forgot to add the CHL will dry out the air in the tank but if you mist often or monitor the humidity another way you should be fine.

Youtube vid:

u/canis-latrans · 2 pointsr/CrestedGecko

They do best in 70-80° temperatures, so take care not to let it get too hot. Ceramic heat emitters are nice if you don't want light. Alternatively, a heat mat or flexwatt heat tape attached to the side of the enclosure are options. You could also consider getting a small space heater to raise the ambient temperature just in the room your crestie is in.

Whatever heat implement you go with, make sure you also get a thermostat, not just a thermometer. This will sit between your heater and the outlet and serve as a safety shut off in case something malfunctions and prevent it from overheating. The [Hydrofarm] ( brand is pretty well recommended and a decent inexpensive option. There are some quality reptile specific brands like Herpstat, but they are also pretty pricey and probably not worth it if you only have one tank to control the heat for.

u/totennkopf · 2 pointsr/CrestedGecko

Yes, it is normal for them not to poop frequently or not notice that they poop at that size. Be mindful of hand feeding as they may develop a dependency on it. At that size, it is very hard to tell if they eat since it doesn't take much for them to get full.
My advice is, put a couple dishes down with pencil eraser size amount of food as it makes it easier to tell if they are eating. As far as crickets go, you can start feeding crickets/dubias whenever if you are able to obtain the appropriate size food, no longer than the distance between their eyes. I would keep them in a small kritter keeper until they are closer to 10-15 grams and then move them to the exo terras. Be sure to keep an eye on them as it is not uncommon for cage mates to be ambitious eaters (tail nips).

*edit - Also, if you are offering water in a small dish, you can probably cut back the spraying to once a day or every other day. You need to be sure that the cage completely dries out in between spraying to prevent mold/fungus growth. At that age and with winter coming, it can become a challenge to insure they get enough humidity to avoid shedding problems in which case I would recommend a hygrometer to monitor humidity

u/WhatIsRL · 2 pointsr/CrestedGecko

This plant is one of my crested's favorite places to sleep besides her coconut, she's usually sleeping inside it.

This vine is awesome, assembly is a little annoying and I had to trim the wire inside both of them a little but that was a non issue for me. It helps give my cresteds a way to easily move from side to side in their tanks without having to climb over the background or on the floor.

u/ravensedge · 1 pointr/CrestedGecko

It's just this vine that I bought off of Amazon.

Emours Small Animal Bend-A-Branch...

He loves it!

u/OracleOfLinksAges · 0 pointsr/CrestedGecko

Penn Plax Coconut Cabana Small Animals Hide-Out you can also buy some twine on Amazon as an add on item if you don't have any at home for $3 and it works perfectly for hanging the hide, all I did was tie a knot through the coconut and hang it through the terrariums lid.

u/fightthesounds · 1 pointr/CrestedGecko

I bought mine from amazon here: but I’ve seen these at lots of other stores like walmart/target etc!

u/PitterPatterthegecko · 2 pointsr/CrestedGecko

My crestie loves this hide. And I can see where she is, so I love this hide.

MagNaturals 37131 Hideaway Earth

u/RevvyTheWolf · 1 pointr/CrestedGecko

I have one of these coconut hides and Saturn loves it, he's constantly climbing on it or in it.

u/hWatchMod · 2 pointsr/CrestedGecko

I recently ordered and put this vine in the tank and my crested loves it.

u/Space_Narwhal659 · 2 pointsr/CrestedGecko

I’ll have to check out those ones on Etsy, that’d be really nice. Here are the ones that I bought.

u/Fern-june · 2 pointsr/CrestedGecko

Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Nano/Tall - 8 x 8 x 12 Inches

Is this what you’re talking about

u/BungaX · 4 pointsr/CrestedGecko

to make this I just used paracord from amazon and a dog chew toy, I'll include the links, I just tied it around the toy and then made a very strong/thick knot around the empty hole of her feeding ledge.



u/IncompetentFork · 1 pointr/CrestedGecko



Wires go in tank, display goes out.

With the gun you point & shoot.