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u/zeshtorm · 9 pointsr/hockeyplayers
u/cyanight7 · 4 pointsr/ASU

Those sound like freeline skates, I think they’re pretty hard to ride

Edit: Or maybe they're something like this?

There's these too but they're not cheap


I know you’re probably a ground side Marine, but if I may share a game for our air wingers forward deployed....

Flightline batsuit racing.

Step 1: Find a stash of the old 2 man Army tents.

Step 2: Take said stash to Flight Equipment. Bribery may be necessary for step 3.

Step 3: Fold the tent portion like a poncho, cut hole for head, cut and size tent poles to poncho “wings”. Bribe Flight Equipment to sew tent poles in to poncho.

Step 4: Buy these

Step 5: Bribe forward deployed PMO (Best bucket of protein powder exchange ever)

Step 6: Await Sandstorm

Step 7: Don cranial, batsuit, and roller skates AND contact PMO and tell them to bring a radar gun.

Step 8: Set up at end of Flightline, open batsuit, goggles down, let 60-90 MPH wind catch batsuit and proceed to make you and your team hit 41 MPH (radar confirmed) down the flightline on skates.

Step 9: Make sure Gunny doesn’t try to kill you after your morale boosting flight of glory.

Not that I would know.....

Also if you’re in the field in like 29 Palms, catch a wind scorpion and a regular scorpion, throw them in to an empty cooler, shake it up, open lid, place bets.

Edit to add: Nothing wrong with a good ole fashioned field fuck too.

u/puckOmancer · 3 pointsr/hockeyplayers

Yeah, this is an issue I've had to deal with on and off. I've got a handful of things I do, but it all depends on what the cause is and where it's happening. One question, do you pass the pencil test for proper depth?


I've used various lacing methods. One method is I use two laces on each skate, one for the bottom of the skate and one for the top. This way I have more control over how tight things are and where. Another method is to make it so the laces skip over the area that's being irritated. Here's a video showing the method.


You can also relieve pressure by not using the top eyelet, or you can use a runner's loop shown in this video. you can position the loop over the tender area, and it will help with the pressure.


The next level up from this is to start changing the lacing system on the skates. You can try eyelet extenders found here.


Those extenders are a little pricey for what you get, so you can rig something similar yourself. I took the lace locks off an old pair of skates and installed them onto my current skates. They effectively lift the laces higher off the affected area. Here's a picture of what the lace locks look like if you don't know$_1.JPG They also make ones that are more like regular eyelets. Shops don't really carry these any longer, but you can find them on ebay.


And finally, you can do away with the laces all together and use Option B skate straps.


Or you can replace the laces with rollerblade ratchet buckles.


Hope this helps.

u/nojiownsyoi · 2 pointsr/rollerblading

Rollerblade Zetrablade Men's Adult Fitness Inline Skate, Black/Silver, US Men's 8

u/idsay · 2 pointsr/rollerblading

If you have a torch lighter to heat the screw end area a bit (try not to melt the wheel/heat the bearing), that can help release the axle enough. May ruin or bubble the silkscreening if it isn't just anodized aluminum surface.

If the paint does get fubar'd, acetone and a rag will strip and remove all the branding/logos to bare metal.

I'd recommend getting some axles with deeper tool channels. They're usually hollow, measure your axles (in mm, typically 35 or 38 mm) and replace.

u/douglas_in_philly · 2 pointsr/rollerblading

I wish I'd taken a "Before" picture of my skates. They were filthy with dirt from lots of rolls over wet and muddy ground here in Philadelphia over the past few weeks. You can see how filthy (and worn down!) the old wheels were. I put about 575 miles on them.

I replaced the wheels with Hydrogen 80/85A wheels, the bearings with Rollerblade Twincam ILQ-9 Pro Bearings (though I got them from Inline Warehouse, not Amazon), and a new Rollerblade brand brake from Amazon. I also bought a Sonic Skate Tool, which really worked well!!! I got it from Inline Warehouse, too.

Took them out for their inaugural roll this morning, and although I couldn't skate at top speeds for long periods, due to wet, leafy patches, the spots where I could, they were AWESOME!

Like new skates again!

u/StrumWealh · 2 pointsr/rollerblading

>I just recently got back into skating so this is all kinda new.. so I have a pair of twister edge x 2019 I got a few months back and a few of the wheels seem to be getting a bit worn down, now I'm now sure if I should rotate them first (if so lmk). But then I started looking cause eventually I'll need replacement wheels, couldn't find any?.. So where do I find replacement wheels for these skates?

The Twister Edge X comes with 80mm/85A Rollerblade Hydrogen wheels, which can be purchased through several skate shops (Inline Warehouse, ProSkaters Place, InlineSkates(dot)Com, Thuro Skate Shop, Shop Task, and several others) or through Amazon.

Though, any wheel of the standard dimensions (24mm thickness, hubs designed for 608 series bearings) and up to 80mm diameter will work, regardless of brand.

Wheel rotation is important, for ensuring you get the most life and value out of a given set of wheels. See here and here for more information about wheel rotation.

u/Stubrochill17 · 2 pointsr/Damnthatsinteresting
u/AcidAlchamy · 2 pointsr/rollerblading

Okay so,

Figuring out the sizing has been interesting lol. Being a size 11 foot sure as hell doesnt help.

    - Has some cool reviews about it. Price is great. Color looks beautiful. Sizing ima have to go 1.5 bigger unless I find it else where. Looks very durable and comfortable, the vented boots is nice considering I live in the Nevada heat; any cooling helps! Comes with 85A Wheels, rail is removable and interchangeable with other styles/setups. $230. Available via Prime; so could return if the big size is a problem


    - Believe this is a newer model then the F6, for $30 more with a similar style as the F6; and also has a raving
    review; I would be wiling to test them out. beautiful design. Has my sizes. $250. Not prime eligible. So sizing
    would have to hopefully be right.


    - Seems to be built by a company that really put time and effort into the blades. Seems very well made. has a
    great design. some cool color options to choose from. its the most expensive of all the setups at $279. (lol,
    just realized the logo looked familiar, same company that made my boots. the dude they use on amazon
    listing was same dude on my box for blades lol. was wondering what felt familiar about this item.). 85A
    wheels. interchangeable setup. they have my "size" but they claim to run a bit small. and they dont have a
    size bigger then what I would "need". This does look like a great setup. Not prime eligible.



    So these are the three options.


    What do we think fellas?
u/baharezo · 2 pointsr/Brompton

just checked, Bromptons post-2017 have 6mm bore, and Bromptons pre-2016 have 5mm bore for the rack version, not sure about the non-rack version.

You may need 5mm spacers instead, better measure before purchasing

most Inline-Skate(let's be more precise cuz roller-blade is not the only brand out there) wheels have standard 608 size bearings with 8mm bores.

So you will need to buy spacers(converter, sleeve, adapter... doesn't really have a specific name i guess)to fit the wheels. If your bolts are too short, you will need longer bolts as well.

The stock bolts are 25mm for the ones on the frame and 40mm for the ones on the rack. stock 40mm bolts will be good enough to fit the wheels, but if you are using a rack, you will need two more extra 55mm bolts as the skate wheels are usually 22~24mm thick. (this is just a random link I googled to show you what those are, again, you need to get ones with the right size)

Order any inline-skate wheel of your favor, larger wheels are a lot more easier to roll and have less chance for your Brompton to tilt and scratch the ground, but depending on your riding style, oversized wheels may actually interfere your pedaling, so don't get something ridiculously big. if you wish the wheel to last longer, look for harder ones.

u/PS4_noobmaster69 · 1 pointr/Rollerskating

Uber stylish!

By the way, I read that those toe guards gradually slide to the side. Maybe switch to toe guards that tightly cover the toes? Moxi even makes that style in that color!

u/Mackin-N-Cheese · 1 pointr/whatisthisthing

Those are wheel bearings for inline skates, roller skates or skateboards. Similar to these, but different brand.

u/Vadim_M · 1 pointr/rollerblading

They work as intended. Their job is not to let you to sqeeze two bearings of one wheel together when you tighten the axel.
You install one bearing, then spacer, than second bearing.
Even such spacers will work.

Regarding bearing types. There are two types of rollerblade spacers, designed to work with 6mm and 8mm diameter axels. You bought spacers for 8mm axels (more common), hope your skates have 8 mm.
There are also 6mm axels and spacers for them (like this they are less common and used mostly on some cheaper fitness skates.

u/_QUAKE_ · 1 pointr/rollerblading

Meanwhile... In China...

u/Zekeizme · 1 pointr/rollerblading

Currently have the Kizer Advance Frames With 80mm wheels. I plan to move to the R100 frames as soon as they are available! I would love a pair of Wizards but I am too scared to spend that kind of money and not like 100mm wheels!

u/jatjqtjat · 1 pointr/Advice

Yuck... On the street, like door to door? Or on a street corner in a city?

If you give the profits to charity, a local grocery store might let you setup shop in their entryway.

If you can find a market to tap into, then you can start thinking about how to serve that market. You could sell reusable bags to people entering a grocery store. At a whole foods you might be able to sell wholefood's own bags, and have them give you a "commission" which goes to charity.

If your on a street corner, you are selling to people trying to walk somewhere. You could sell bikes, skateboards, or (these monstrosities)[].

"Why are you walking like a sucker when you could be rolling!"

u/slamel · 1 pointr/TooAfraidToAsk

Yeah don't think they sell specifically what you want but they have these

Bassically attachable rollerskates you could figure out how to smuggle in.

u/colecf · 1 pointr/freeline

I bought these on amazon a couple months ago which look like the exact same skates. I think people will tell you they lack the S axle but I learned to skate on them. I haven't really learned any tricks yet, still trying to learn standard footing in addition to my goofy foot, and I'm not a skateboarder so I can't really say anything about the quality or if they'll break.

u/cptcaveman44 · 1 pointr/wherecanibuythis

JINCAO Black Portable Roller Road Drift Plate Skates Anti-Slip Board Aluminum Truck with PU Wheels with ABEC-7 608 Bearings

Or you can look into these. Just gotta get used to them.

u/cpctc2 · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue

Were they these kinds of things that slipped on over your sneakers?