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u/cloudsofdawn · 1406 pointsr/UnethicalLifeProTips

Liquid Ass Fart Spray from Amazon . Read the reviews. A few sprays under the door once in a while may help, or even cause them to move or be evicted from the smell.

u/AsleepExplanation · 522 pointsr/KidsAreFuckingStupid

Both. Giving an exact product reference is an inventive way to get the exact right present from a vendor which sells it, neatly ruling out the possibility of asking for something Santa might be unable to find (or which might not even exist), or getting the wrong version of, and that's a bit genius. Including all the gumpf beyond the product code is a bit stupid, though. At best, it's totally unnecessary, and at worst, it'll put Santa off from typing any of it altogether, putting things right back to square one.

If anyone's curious, btw:

u/digitalOctopus · 503 pointsr/funny

Remote controlled killer whale. I (28 M) am scrapping my Christmas list and using this kid's.

u/misterpyrrhuloxia · 413 pointsr/me_irl

Here it is. The kid could have gotten rid of most of that url by getting rid of the reference part onward.

u/rkfg_me · 255 pointsr/me_irl

It could be even shorter, just this is enough:

u/Midniteoyl · 239 pointsr/facepalm
u/yes_its_him · 191 pointsr/Showerthoughts

You already can tell Amazon not to use specific prior purchases to make recommendations, whether because it was a gift, or you don't really need another horse head mask.

u/cleazenby · 182 pointsr/AskReddit

Remote control heli. All metal construction, 3 channel with gyroscope. Literally 10000x better than any air hogs crap.

u/ovoKOS7 · 106 pointsr/LearnUselessTalents
u/EineEnte · 84 pointsr/gameofthrones

We build a 12-players GoT boardgame based on "A Game of Thrones: The board game (Second Edition)". The base game is for 6 players only and we thought “That can’t be all!”. Luckily for us we weren’t the first who thought that. We used the template of those guys and added a few things by our own. (Yeah I know it’s German :/ ) We spend around ~200€ for the materials but it was totally worth it!

Playable Houses are:

  • Arryn

  • Lannister

  • Tyrell

  • Tully

  • Daenerys Targaryen

  • Stark

  • Bolton

  • [Book Spoiler](#b "Aegon Targaryen")

  • Robert Baratheon

  • Stannis Baratheon

  • Greyjoy

  • Martell

    Any questions? Feel free to ask!

    (Edit: Formatting)

    (Edit 2: Just wanted to point out that this is a custom made expansion if it wasn't obvious already, linked the original")
u/DominicTheExplorer · 81 pointsr/KidsAreFuckingStupid

Actually only the w matters

u/engimen · 76 pointsr/KidsAreFuckingStupid

Actually, only the first 6 digits matter.

u/Viocade · 73 pointsr/DnD

For the DM: If you don't have the money or space for enemy minis for every encounter, consider getting your DM a set of Pathfinder Pawns. It's technically for another system but comes with over 300 cardstock pawns (full color, same image front and back) along with a pile of bases for a wide variety of creatures and sizes. There are several collections (I have the Bestiary Box and the NPC Codex) but you can get away with subbing in something that resembles your enemy instead of buying them all.



u/smithincanton · 72 pointsr/pics

Come visit /r/Multicopter I would suggest that he not start with a DJI Phantom. It creates some bad habits that would be hard to brake later if he wanted to move to a different platform. You can get a RTF (Ready To Fly) quad for less than $50 that i'm sure he would have a blast with.

u/odd_affilliate_link · 69 pointsr/WTF

Looks like they have them on Amazon and... Mother of god... I need one of these.

u/cyco · 61 pointsr/gameofthrones

The Risk board is really nice aesthetically, but try the Game of Thrones strategy game for actual gameplay. It's a lot of fun if you have a few friends and 7-8 hours to kill!

u/hamburgerstake · 56 pointsr/KidsAreFuckingStupid

You don't even need the item name, you can just use

u/GrandMoffFinke · 56 pointsr/DnD

A battle mat, used to play out any combat during sessions:

u/testmule · 55 pointsr/motorcycles

This would be sprayed in his gloves to the point they are soaked and a nice dusting in his lid & pray we're in a helmet law state.

Liquid Ass

u/tgibbo · 54 pointsr/funny

Or even just use Amazon's short URL

u/hydroxy · 52 pointsr/AskReddit

Ideas I've had or seen in the thread thus far:

u/Finnegansadog · 48 pointsr/funny

In case it helps anyone, you can remove any search terms in an amazon URL and replace with "product" (as the child did here) and you can also remove the "ref" section completely, so this one would end at after /B0032HF60M/

u/MalleableNinjer · 47 pointsr/KidsAreFuckingStupid

Just in case Santa didn’t know the whole hyperlink was not needed to find the product, because that just seems like a pain in the ass to type out.

u/sachagoat · 45 pointsr/GameDeals

It is bizarre that this is a "deal" when you can get this.

In the top 3 political/strategy board games and miles ahead of Risk in board game design.

u/JaggerA · 45 pointsr/GameDeals

Betrayal at the House on the Hill is included, super great game

u/Zacharuni · 43 pointsr/IWantToLearn

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Fantasy Roleplaying Game Starter Set (D&D Boxed Game)

$12 for this starter pack is a crazy price. This box has a really good storyline, prebuilt characters, and a basic set of rules that are extremely easy to get into. Best way to start!

Edit: Snag these too. That way you don't all have to share one set of dice!

100+ Pack of Random Polyhedral Dice in Multiple Colors Plus Free Pouch Set by Wiz Dice

u/MaXiMiUS · 41 pointsr/funny

Strangest looking cordless drill battery I've ever seen.

u/cheshster · 41 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Or this.

u/warderin · 40 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Cards Against Humanity - $25. If you haven't played it, you've probably heard of it. A great party game, and a good gift for the offensive people in your life.

P.S. You can get the game plus 2 expansions for <$50 right now

u/link_4_the_lazy · 36 pointsr/AskReddit
u/Xonim · 36 pointsr/boardgames

You can get some collectible coin holder pages and just put the tiles in those. It's much easier to just pass the pages than look at individual "stacks" of tiles. These worked great.

u/AbusedStepchild · 36 pointsr/funny

Or to shorten it even more

u/vintagefancollector · 35 pointsr/AskMen

Spray some Liquid Ass on his stinky pile of clothes and under his bed.

I bet it will be enough to get him to clean his crap up.

u/Jozan999 · 33 pointsr/funny
u/kamkazemoose · 33 pointsr/boardgames

You'd probably get a better response from this over at /r/rpg Your product is useful for that type of gaming, with miniatures and stuff like that, while this subreddit is generally for modern boardgames, and games that are a complete product, which generally won't need this.

That said, for some useful crituqes, I think your updated design would be hard to use. With all the various different lines, it would be hard to keep track of exactly where the hexes are. You don't really need multiple sizes, because most miniatures are all around the same size, with different sizes for different creatures, but those generally take up multiple squares. I don't know exactly the size, but I think they are around 1" diameter at their base for a standard size. Personally I'd like to see something that just has a square grid on one side and a hex grid on the other side. I have a mat like this one, and I think you'll find that is what most people are using. So if you want to get RPG business, you're competing against them. They are clear and large, but personally I can say that the map is really big, and its a real pain to transport and store. So you're product is nice that it folds up and you can store it where ever. If it was as usable as the mat I linked too, I would definitely consider buying one.

u/bokharni · 32 pointsr/pics

It's the Syma S107. Here's a Link

there's several colors, all under $30, and they're awesome! I got one for Christmas too.

u/Nicnl · 31 pointsr/KidsAreFuckingStupid

You can actually get away with just the part after /product :

The rest of the URL is optional, it contains things such as the vendor, session IDs, language, the displayed picture, etc...

u/Micksar · 31 pointsr/asoiaf

If you are referring to this one then yes.

If you really love board games and you have enough friends that would embark on the journey that is the GoT board game, def buy it. My friends and I play it a few times a month. It's a very complex(yet at the same time simple) board game. It takes about 4 hours to complete, however. If you don't think you'll have enough people to spend the time and brainpower on the 4 hour game I suggest buying the expansion packs which are for four players. If you try to play the original version with 5 or 4, it won't end fairly due to the open lands being too easy for southern house to snatch up.

Overall... yes. It rules.

u/red_rock · 31 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

As others have pointed out, the essential book is for 4th edition and is not compatible with what you are doing.

Here is a list of books

  • The starter-set will be fine to get started. That´s all you need.
  • This is the free version of the rules. This is what you can send to your players if they want to read up so all of you don´t have to share starter-set pamphlet.

    After you have run the starter set:

  • Later on I recommend that your group own at least one players handbook. But usually each player has one (when they are invested). I gave one to each player as a Christmas gift ;). A player usually have the players handbook and dice. This will give you more options as well. Look at this to give you an idea.
  • As a DM you might also want to invest in the Dungeon Masters guide as well.
  • You will now have two option. You can buy and run adventures or create your own. If your planning on creating your own I recommend that you buy The Monster manual.
  • You also want to buy a gaming mat. Something like this.

    That will keep you busy for years. Don´t worry about investing in 3D terrain, or getting all of the books, unless you really want to.

    Some tips:

  • Above all else, this is a game, and the goal is to have fun. Say this before you start the game to everyone. Goal is to have fun. This means that the players can´t be dicks because they think it´s fun (like stealing from other players). AKA the don´t be a dick rule. It also means that if a player comes up with a crazy cool idea, you as a DM should try to make that happen. Be the yes man "within reason".
    Player: "Ok so I want to like do like a somersault above the monster and while I am in the air try to hit him with my swords!"
    DM: "As it happens there is a chandelier right after the table and before the monster, you can run up on the table, grab the chandler to get enough height and momentum, do a dex check".
  • The DM makes the rules, the rules in the books are just a suggestion. At sessions, especially at the beginning it´s going to be a lot of discussions about how things work. This is good as all of you are learning. BUT there will moments when some one starts to act like a lawyer, DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Instead make a quick ruling and say that after the session you can have that discussion, you will look up more exactly how it´s done afterwards and make a permanent ruling. Keep the game flowing.
  • Delegate. The DM does not have to do everything. These are thing I delegate. One players keep tracks of conditions on monsters and add appropriate token on the player mat. One player get´s to schedule the next session. One player get´s to decide when to break.
u/PhillyGreg · 30 pointsr/SubredditDrama

I'm not sure I want to live in a which I can't post great deals on horse head masks...without affiliate links

u/puterTDI · 30 pointsr/geek

I have a full size quad that I built. I also have a hubsan.

I highly recommend getting the hubsan to practice with. it's cheap, easy to repair, and does a good job training flight skills.

one with camera ($30):

Without camera ($30):

FPV ($110):

On a side note, I am floored at how cheap the fpv and camera models are.

u/Pyrotrout · 29 pointsr/DnD

This is what I bought! Wet erase markers only

Chessex Role Playing Play Mat:...

u/TomTrustworthy · 28 pointsr/gaming

If they like that you should get this game..

Its wonderful.

u/the-hungry-1 · 27 pointsr/AskReddit

a shakeweight, nothing like a good ol' shakewight

or possibly this:

u/Daver2442 · 26 pointsr/gameofthrones Risk-type strategy game completely centered around Game of Thrones. I have it and it's amazing.

u/berlin-calling · 26 pointsr/bestof

As a player and Dungeon Master, it makes me so happy to see /r/DnD making it to bestof more than once. :)

For those interested, the newest edition being released book by book right now is 5e (previously D&D Next when it was still in the playtesting phase). Player's Handbook (PHB) and Monster Manual (MM) are the only rule books out right now. The main storyline book out right now is Hoard of the Dragon Queen (HotDQ) and soon The Rise of Tiamat (RoT).

What you need to play D&D IRL:

  • D&D Basic Rules for Players and DMs
  • 3-4 players (PCs or player characters) is ideal
  • 1 Dungeon Master (DM), who runs the game
  • Dice (Wiz Dice is a good starting point if nobody has dice. Just buy the big bag.)
  • Paper and pencils
  • Optional: A battle mat (like this one from Chessex)
  • Optional: Miniatures (minis) to represent your PCs, NPCs, and monsters. I use dice to represent monsters in my games, because minis are expensive.

    If you want to play a D&D online tabletop:

  • Use /r/lfg, /r/roll20lfg, or their dedicated LFG function/forums to find other people
  • Roll20 itself has all you need to play the game - character sheets, dice rollers, built in webcam/mic, special view for DMs versus players, music, handouts, macros, etc.

    Shameless plug: My group streams D&D 3.5e (older edition) on Twitch almost every Monday night at 8pm EST. I also play and DM 5e, so I'm happy to answer questions about either edition!
u/Divergent99 · 26 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I vote for Settlers of Catan because I hear it is an awesome game!

u/GallonOfLube · 26 pointsr/AskReddit

I own all of these (plus quite a few more), and enjoy playing them regularly. Prices are approximately accurate at places like Target, walmart, Amazon, etc. Most games below can be played by up to 4-6 players (some more), but all support a minimum of two. (An important distinction, as many games require 3 or more players.)


  • Scrabble/Monopoly are fun if you're both into the classics. For some reason, these are both almost $20 on Amazon, but I've seen them for under/around $10 each at Target/Walmart.
  • Scrabble Slam (card game) - sets Scrabble on it's ear and adds some adrenaline.
  • A copy of Hoyle's Rules of Games and a deck of cards.
  • Uno - One of my favorites - An absolute staple, and works with as many people as you want, though you might want to add a second deck for more than 4-5.
  • Phase 10 - kind of like a cross between Uno and Rummy.


    Here, we start getting into some really interesting ones...

  • Munchkin - One of my favorites - Like pen & paper RPGs? This makes fun of them ALL in a way only a true gamer would get. Plenty of expansions if you get bored.
  • Guillotine - You're each executioners during the French Revolution, trying to collect the most prestigious heads.
  • Gloom - You're each one of up to four tragedy-ridden families. Play misery-inducing cards on your family to make them as unhappy as possible before you shove them off into the hereafter, and play happy puppies and fluffy bunnies on your opponent to do the opposite.
  • Fluxx - The rules are the cards you play. Start with 3 cards, then draw 1 and play 1 each turn. Oh, but now it's draw 3 and play 1, so you'll need to draw 2 more to catch up. Now it's draw 3 and play 5, so play 4 to catch up, except that someone played inflation, so it's draw 4 and play 6... etc.
  • Citadels Out of the hundreds of games I've played over the years, this is the only one I've seen that claims to have "intrigue"... and really does. Play the role of various nobles, each with different abilities, to gain gold, build cities, and steal from/assassinate your opponents to prevent them from doing the same. The catch? You each play different roles each turn, and the roles are chosen part randomly, and part secretly, so that no one knows who is who until it's too late.


  • Carcassone - One of my favorites - Lay down tiles to build cities, roads and farmland, and place your followers to claim them for points. Just because you lay something down doesn't mean someone else won't claim it instead, and claiming it doesn't ensure that you keep it. Lots of strategy involved, and plenty of expansions if you want to change gameplay. Good for up to 5 players, or more with expansions. Has some similarities with Settlers of Catan, to be mentioned shortly.
  • Chez Geek, House Party Edition - You're all college kids in a dorm, trying to get the most slack points with fun/cool things to do, while reducing slack points in your opponents with annoying cards like car alarms (no sleep), the drunk friend (drinks all your slack-gaining booze), etc. The basic game is under $20, but it's worth it to buy the House Party Edition for $25, as it includes some expansions and extras.
  • Illuminati - I haven't played this yet, but from what I've read, it's a blast. By Steve Jackson Games, the makers of Munchkin.
  • Kill Dr. Lucky - Here's a quote from the rules: "You have hated Dr. Lucky for as long as you can remember, and you've been secretly awaiting this perfect chance to do the old man in. Maybe he destroyed your dry cleaning business; maybe you think he's the leader of the vampires. Perhaps he's the only person standing between you and the family fortune. Or maybe his cat just keeps peeing in your shrubs. Whatever your reason, its good enough to push you over the edge, and now you absolutely can't wait to take the lying old bastard down!"

    A bit pricier here, but some very interesting gameplay is to be found.

  • Settlers of Catan - One of my favorites - no game shelf is complete without it - Build roads and settlements using the tradable resources provided by the areas around your settlements, and the roll of the dice. Note: This is not a two player game. I made an exception here because it rocks, but unfortunately you'll need a third wheel to play.
  • Dominion - One of my favorites - I grew up with Magic: The Gathering, but disliked always having to buy new cards to be competitive. Gameplay is somewhat similar to Magic, though instead of plinking away at your opponent's health, you are gaining victory points. Also, Dominion includes all of the cards you will need for up to 4 players, and you "build" your deck (similar to Magic), by buying new cards every turn.
  • Ticket to Ride - Build your train routes across the US (or Europe, if you get that edition) without revealing your destination, because your opponents might cut you off!
  • Small World - Kind of like a cross between Risk and... something else. Control territory to gain gold, using various races with special abilities. Send your races into decline (continuing to own the territory until it is taken), while expanding out with your new race. Knowing when to send a race into decline makes all the difference.
  • Red November - You're a bunch of drunken gnomes on a doomed submarine. Put out the fire by shunting the flooded compartment to the burning one, but now there are two flooded compartments and you have to pump them out while the engine has a problem and oh my god it's the kraken. INSANE gameplay, but can be stressful. This has skyrocketed in price (from $30 to $50), probably because they're about to release a revised edition, so the old one is out of print. You might want to wait a month for the new version to come out before you buy this.
u/PMmeUrKittyCat · 25 pointsr/funny
u/statikuz · 25 pointsr/funny

Those RC helicopters are the best!

u/Cats_n_Porn · 24 pointsr/DnD

This is the pack I purchased. Was expecting each die to be random, not 15 random full sets. I only wish I hadn't gotten 2 translucent green. A different type of red instead would have been ideal. Not bad for $20 though.

u/Sparkpulse · 23 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

Invest in the Vulcan. Also I, personally, dual-wield a set of Barricades that have yet to let me down. When they run out of bullets, I just switch to a Marauder, but I don't think you want to do that...

... now that I'm thinking about it, if I start a chapter of the Order, my weapon is going to be Liquid Ass plus Airzooka Air Cannon because I am the family's Chaos Child and this is how I roll.

u/syriquez · 23 pointsr/funny

Uhhhh. Pandemic is a good game if you want to lose horribly. I'd recommend Forbidden Desert instead. Many similar mechanics. A lot faster. Fewer "Welp, we lose in 5 turns and there is nothing we can do to stop it" issues. And it doesn't suffer as badly from the "Table Captain" problems. It still HAS them but not as badly.

My personal recommendation for a fun competitive game that's relatively easy to learn and doesn't suffer "You fucked me over!" annoyances? 7 Wonders. Another good choice in this theme would be Ticket to Ride. This also has the benefit of actually being available at Target or Walmart, so you don't have to try and find a hobbyist store or order it online. King of Tokyo and Tsuro are both fun, easy-to-learn games as well. I've seen all of these at Barnes and Noble, so depending on what you have locally, they can be easily found.

u/overthemountain · 22 pointsr/KingdomDeath

A cheaper option would be to buy a pack of coin protectors. They are like $9 for a pack of 20 4x5 sheets. You can take 4 of them and cut them down to 3x3 or use the excess area to hold gear you're not currently using. If you don't like the floppiness, mount it to something stiffer.

As an added bonus you can also now easily organize all your gear cards as they easily hold multiples of the same card in each slot. Throw them in a binder, add some tabs for each crafting location. This makes it much easier to look at your gear cards when trying to figure out what to get. It also eliminates the need to sleeve gear cards as you just remove them from one sleeve and put them in the next.

I have the core game, Lion God, Sun Stalker, Gorm, and Slenderman gear cards in these. With 4 sheets reserved for survivors I still have 6 sheets left.

u/DarkSideofOZ · 22 pointsr/WTF

Cheaper here, please don't spook me.

u/JustAnotherGraySuit · 22 pointsr/DnD

Yup. That's why the WizDice bag of dice is a much better buy. They're a dollar cheaper, and another poster recently noted they almost always come in complete or near-complete matched sets.

u/Walkertg · 21 pointsr/DnD

Ordered by increasing gratitude:

Gave you a bandaid when you cut yourself:

Covered for you while you went to the clinic (don't ask):

Bought and delivered new pants to you, on the toilet (again, don't ask):

Saved your damn fool life:

u/supferrets · 21 pointsr/AskReddit

I like to put this on at particularly long stop lights. Best purchase I've ever made!

u/Avendrel · 21 pointsr/magicTCG

I'm surprised no one's mentioned Betrayal at House on the Hill. One of the best games I've ever played. The game is different every time you play it. With 50 different scenarios, and a house that is basically built as you go, it's almost impossible to get bored. It's also published by Wizards of the Coast.

u/o_0Zero · 20 pointsr/funny

I like this, but I think we can make an integrated, all-in-one solution by using dye with some Liquid Ass mixed in. We could call it "Purple Stank".

u/slaptac · 19 pointsr/boardgames

The Reaper: Learn to Paint kit is prolly the best place to start. Comes with a couple minis to practice on as well.

I personally started w/ P3 (Still favor them over others) But I got a Vallejo master kit in trade, so I'll be using those for some time. They're ok, a bit runny at times, but they just need to be shaken more.

u/Slavakion · 19 pointsr/rpg

If you guys can pool ~$30 you can get a Chessex Battlemat and some wet erase markers. It'll be just a little bigger than (what I'm guessing is) 8.5x11 and just as functional/reuseable as your option.

u/Zwolf11 · 19 pointsr/funny

You can also remove the gp/product and replace it with dp

u/DJNimbus2000 · 19 pointsr/gameofthrones

They already have one, and its an amazing game. Admittedly it isn't Risk per se. I actually think that it plays better than Risk, but yours looks pretty sweet though.

u/Will_Im_Not · 19 pointsr/gameofthrones

Just a reminder that there is a really good Game of Thrones Board Game and that we have an active community on /r/AGOTBoardGame

u/Taco_Strong · 18 pointsr/DnD

I bought this before the first time I DMed. I got 15 complete sets, a partial set missing the d20 and d12, and immediately gave away probably three of them. Then a few more. I think I'm down to about eight sets now.

No one wanted the pink dice, so I use them as the dice of shame. If someone does something stupid, I take away their dice and make them play with the pink set.

u/lilmunchkin22 · 18 pointsr/funny

Look up the reviews for “Liquid ass” on Amazon if you want to make your day better. Edit:

u/FurryPornConnoisseur · 18 pointsr/de

Vielleicht regelmäßig ein paar Spritzer hiervon im Flur sprühen.

u/UrbanDEV · 17 pointsr/funny

Or better yet buy the game on amazon and support the awesome result of a kickstarter project

u/KingBooRadley · 17 pointsr/gadgets

Hubsan x4 mini quadcopter. Super fun, amazing stability and as much range as you could want for something this size. It also takes a licking and bounces back. When it doesn't, it's pretty easy to fix. A great gateway model for the whole "drone" hobby. There's also a version with a camera to take movies, and an FPV model. For under $40 it's a great deal if you're are at all interested in the hobby.

u/KevinBongart · 16 pointsr/AskReddit

Two RC helicopters.

I wish they were this cheap when I was 6.

u/FishInTheTrees · 16 pointsr/AskReddit

Where do you live? Amazon has them for under $30 in the US.

u/DrunkenArmadillo · 16 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

If you don't already have one, everybody needs a high quality horse head mask.

u/meatlifter · 16 pointsr/DnD

Also, I recommend a proper battlemat. They're pricey at first, but they last a long time, can improve overall table stuffs, and you can use erasable markers on them without too much trouble (note: red seems to stain a little if left on too long, while the other colors do not).

Look for ones like this (I think by Chessex): good mat

Do not buy the one that looks like this: bad mat

u/ManWithQuestions9 · 16 pointsr/pkmntcgcollections

Thanks! The binder is just a standard red Avery binder - I got it all on Amazon!

- Red Binder

- Black Pin Pages

- Coin Holders

- Coin Pages


u/plus · 16 pointsr/me_irl
u/ImaffoI · 15 pointsr/DnD

I highly recommend NOT going for a chessex pound of dice as a new roleplayer. They do not come with neat sets and the spread over the different kind of dice (so your standard d6 then, d8,d10,12,d20 etc.) is very uneven.

I highly recommend a wizdice pack if you want a solid amount of dice. They are cheap, and come with mostly full sets of dice (i had 16 in one pack). So even for more experienced roleplayers this might be a better choice, or a great gift to new players as you get them.

Here are some comparison pictures from /u/Airos_the_Tiger :

Chessex pound of dice:

Wizdice dice pack:

u/YNinja58 · 15 pointsr/IAmA

I think you'd be a big fan of Cards Against Humanity. The only skill you need to play is a sense of humor :-)

u/Ryuuzaki_L · 15 pointsr/mtgcube

Cube list can be found here:

Went all out with the conspiracy sideboard and even got tokens sleeved. Next step I think I'll get some cheaper full art lands and then think of how to upgrade it with WotS after it gets played a few times.

Definitely cost a bit more than the original target of $100. I think I spent around $200 in total for the cards, lands, and tokens. 95% of which I was able to get in under two weeks from CardSphere. I was almost instantly able to get everything I needed from there for 80% of the index prices. Tokens we're like 30%. Im sure I could have gone even lower if I wanted to wait a little longer. Definitely recommend checking them out.

This is my first real paper collection so I decided a cheap budgetish cube would be a good start to play with friends. I was going to try the Card Kingdom starter cube, but this one just seemed like it was well worth the extra money.

Edit: Case is a Quiver. Fits the 360 card cube, 15 card Conspiracy card sideboard, 80+ tokens, and 35 of each land with dividers almost perfectly. Really wanted to go with the Dex Protection Supreme Game Chest but I couldn't find any colors I liked. Im happy I didn't though. While it definitely looks a lot better, I absolutely love this case. Super easy to transport and the cards don't budge. I really don't have any complaints and it was a fraction of the cost.

Quiver Black Playing Card Case -...

Now I'm just waiting on my cubeamajigs to get here.

u/scratchnsniffy · 15 pointsr/berkeley

Spray Liquid Ass on the bench.

u/LonesomeObserver · 14 pointsr/AskMen

Was sitting in my room, just finished a protein shake in a futile attempt in gaining weight about 30 minutes or so earlier. I was hot, trying to relax and cool down. Let one RIP. Dear God, the stench was so heinous it gave me a debilitating and severely nauseating headache and made me throw up, thankfully not before getting to the bathroom.

The other fart I remember best while not actually being mine was my mothers. It was my mother, stepfather, half sister, and I driving to my grandparents house. I dont know wtf she ate or what buf she let it RIP and before long the van is filled with the heinous stench of a rotting skunk and the infamous prank odor, liquid ass. We were all gagging and retching and had to open every window to clear the stench.

u/RileyNat · 14 pointsr/me_irl

It could be even shorter

u/_Despereaux · 14 pointsr/Gloomhaven

I've plugged it before and I'll plug it again - Reaper's Learn to Paint kit is probably the most budget-friendly way to dive into mini painting. It comes with a set of paints, some brushes, three minis to practice on, and a handbook that introduces you to painting techniques that get progressively more complex on each mini. Plus, it's easy to add paints to the kit's storage case if you end up enjoying the hobby.

If you go that route, I also recommend adding a bottle of red paint and a few better brushes, because the kit doesn't come with any shades of red and the two included brushes are just average. Otherwise, it's got everything you need to get started and the practice minis are a godsend (I didn't want to touch my Gloomhaven minis until I had a couple less important ones under my belt).

Edit: Just saw that the kit is a little pricier on Amazon CA. If you can find the kit on another site or at a local game store for under $45 USD or so I would still recommend it, otherwise it's worth hitting up the minipainting sub and seeing what other options they recommend for beginners.

u/arseneIII · 14 pointsr/DnD

I recently bought the WizDice random pack on Amazon and would highly
recommend it. Came with several full sets and several partial sets for only $20 or so. I also bought my players dice bags as a small Christmas gift, and was able to give each of then three dice sets and save several more for myself. The whole thing cost me maybe $40 for four people, although the dice itself was only half of that.

u/TheRubyRedPirate · 13 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/Lotronex · 13 pointsr/DnD

Because its so cheap, ~$20 for 100+ dice. Of the "random set" a lot of people get matched sets. That being said, not everyone gets them.

I ordered these too last time it was posted here. From the 123 dice I received, I got just 1 color-matched (opaque red) set besides the guaranteed set (radioactive orange), and was only able to make 2 other sets. The full pack only contained 4 d10s, but had 29 d00's. I was able to make a total of 7 sets out of all the dies, because that's how many d20's it contained (I used a sharpie to change some d00's to d10's). While the above is disappointing considering all the reviews I'd read, its still within the product description. The biggest disappointment was the quality of the dice. While a fair amount were pretty good, at least a quarter had visible defects, either ink outside the lines, or a few with barely visible numbers.
So, it's really kind of a gamble. If you don't like what you have, you can always head over to /r/diceswap and see trades you can make.

u/VROF · 13 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

I highly recommend this. Years ago I was seriously pissed off at my teenagers for being too entitled and lazy to make a Christmas list. Christmas had been boring for years because people ask for what they want, and they get it.

One year I gave each kid money and told them to buy their own gifts, wrap them up and at least on Christmas I would be surprised. We loved it. Now everyone in our family does this. We buy our own gifts, wrap them up and then open them on Christmas and gush to the person who "gave" it to us. My kids always end up buying stuff I don't really approve of and would never buy them and everyone thinks it is hilarious. For example, one year when my son was 15 he bought something called Liquid Ass and made a huge deal about how happy he was I got it for him. He told EVERYONE that "my mom got me this for Christmas." My husband always buys himself stuff I would never get either. Last year he thanked me for the box of stinky cigars "I" got him for Christmas.

It really is fun. Or it was fun while it lasted. Now my kids are in college and are afraid the consumerism is destroying the world so they don't want to exchange gifts. So it will be stockings only.

u/IamSparticles · 13 pointsr/rpg

Chessex makes a much better product, which is designed for use with wet-erase markers. It's a thick expanded vinyl product.

u/domesticated-dragon · 13 pointsr/rpg

Chessex Battle Mat
1" squares on one side, hexes on the opposite.

u/FOOF7783-44-0 · 13 pointsr/dndnext

A Chessex Gridded Role Playing Mat really helped me out ( Obviously things like dice are helpful too - I'd recommend this because who doesn't want a pound of dice lol.

Miniatures on the other hand are a really fast way of blowing through whatever budget you have and should imo be the last thing you get

u/kylania · 13 pointsr/DnD

Pathfinder Pawns might be a good start.

Monster Codex Pawns

Beastiary Box Pawns

If you're playing 5E they won't match up exactly, but $30 for 300 "minis" ain't bad. Otherwise start dropping $120 a brick for the official minis or check ebay for the occasional lot of prepainted plastics. They seem to be around $1-2 each at the moment.

u/hm_joker · 12 pointsr/gameofthrones

A lot of people seem confused. OP didn't make a board game, they custom made an expansion to increase the possible players for an existing game

If you like game of thrones and risk type games, it's an absolute blast. However, I highly recommend spending a loooot of time reading the rules to fully understand it or bring a friend to "lead" the game if you know someone who knows how to play, as it can be confusing for six beginners.

And nice work, OP! I imagine it's just total chaos and very game of thrones-y with the fake alliances and such you could do with that many people playing.

u/kodamun · 12 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

Do yourself a favor and get yourself one of these, plus some Wet Erase Markers.

I have way too many Pathfinder battle maps and even the Pathfinder map tiles. They come in handy every once in a while, but unless your players keep coming back to the same location, they aren't generic enough that you can use them all the time.

My drawing skills are terrible, but once you GM enough, you discover your players don't expect art. They just need a rough idea of the terrain, pointing out walls and things that can be used in combat (cover, partial cover, rocks for high ground, lava, etc) and even simple lines and circles can cover most of that.

u/Notalec · 12 pointsr/magicTCG

All the dice you could need. Generally comes with at least a few complete sets, fairly basic colors.

u/shanely · 12 pointsr/ottawa

Talk to your landlord about it, but if that doesn't go anywhere and you don't want to leave - use lots of this.

u/llamanoir · 12 pointsr/childfree

Security cameras and Liquid Ass spray.

ETA: Motion-activated sprinkler.

u/flyfart3 · 12 pointsr/dndnext

I think it's this Chessex map, but there different types, prices and sizes, this one is like a tablecloth. Note you cannot use regular whiteboard eraser on it, you need "dry erasers", and then just a damp rag or something to wipe it off at the end of the session (it it's there for longer the color can stick a bit).

u/bb999 · 12 pointsr/me_irl
u/wrectos · 12 pointsr/pics

$28 on Amazon.

Had a friend wear it to work for some reason...

u/asc33 · 11 pointsr/CampingandHiking

Cards Against Humanity

If you guys are carrying booze, this is the perfect complement. Also, not heavy (just cards) and endlessly amusing. ProTip: pack it in using ziplocks to keep it safe in case the pack goes for a swim.

u/Skittlebrau46 · 11 pointsr/rpg

100+ Pack of Random Polyhedral Dice in Multiple Colors Plus Free Pouch Set by Wiz Dice

$19.99 on Amazon.

Not scientific means and standards knife edge quality, but far from junk, and you are promised to get full sets. They will even fix things for you if you get a bad batch.

Highly recommend.

Edit: Here's the link I should have added in the first place, but I was in a hurry and forgot to add.

u/coldermoss · 11 pointsr/dndnext

If you're just starting out, I recommend the 100-dice package from Wiz Dice. Even as a player, you'll find having multiple sets really handy, and the quality's a little bit better than Chessex's equivalent.

u/Swab · 11 pointsr/Multicopter
u/majes2 · 11 pointsr/Games

MSRP of Catan and Dominion are both $45; nice try though. I'll give you Betrayal; I didn't realize it was so cheap, especially considering how good it is. Still, Ticket to Ride: $40, Power Grid: $45 MSRP, Pandemic Legacy: $70 MSRP, (the original game is $40), and I could keep going. The notion that most board games are under $30 is flat out wrong.

u/Big_Breakfast · 11 pointsr/Games

Settlers of Catan is great fun, I also highly recommend adding the expansions like Cities and Knights.

Dominion is another great card/board game you should check out. It's simple to learn but offers a fair amount of depth, pretty elegant design.

If you want to go all out I recommend checking out the The Game of Thrones Board Game it's pretty hardcore but amazing.

u/fredemu · 11 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

Here's something I typed out for someone else who asked the same question a while back.

Basically a quick guide to what you should get to get started:


Here's what I'd buy, in order (5e):

    1. Starter Set. This contains an excellent adventure for new players - I highly suggest running it if you're a 1st time DM - you can easily transition into a homebrew campaign or other adventures after it's over, using it as a "jumping off point". Also contains core rules and classes (which you can also download online so everyone in your group can have their own copy). The character options are limited, but you can always add more later.

    1. Player's Handbook. Ideally, everyone has their own copy of this, but at least 1 copy vastly expands your party's customization options, and gives you the option to level up past 5. If you continue on past the first adventure, you will need this eventually.

    1. The Monster Manual. You have enough monsters to work with from the starter set, but this gives you a lot more. Good to have in the long-term... not necessary while you're playing the starter set adventure, since all the monsters used there are included.

    1. Dungeon Master's Guide. Honestly, I have little use for this, and I only open it rarely. However, if you run a more "random" or "sandbox" campaign where the players are more free to explore wherever they want in your world, this can be very handy for you. The one thing I do use it for is the magic items, which it has a huge collection of. This one can wait.

      As for non-book stuff, I'd highly suggest the following:

  • EXTRA DICE. I suggest having 1 d20 for each player since it's by far the most common roll. On top of that, have, for the table, a set of at least: 2d12, 2d10, 6d8, 6d6, and 2d4. Having that set greatly speeds up the game as you level up, so you don't want to have to roll your one d6 8 times to get the damage of your attack.

  • An erasable grid. (Something like this one) and some dry erase markers. Some people say "Theater of the Mind" play works fine for them - personally, I think having a grid speeds things up, takes a lot of pressure off the DM, and makes the combat side of the game more "fair". You don't have to be a fantastic artist, just sketch in some borders for the room, and you're good to go.

  • To go with the above, find something to use as tokens. You can buy a big bag of army men, use the player pieces and houses/hotels from the monopoly game you have buried in your closet, or just get some pennies and tape scraps of paper on top of them. Anything you can use to mark where someone is.

  • A DM screen. It may seem like "cheating", but it's actually a good thing to be able to fudge results sometimes (e.g., if you find out you balanced an encounter too hard), or to roll things in secret from players (e.g., a monster's perception roll to see if they know the party is coming). If you don't want to buy one, you can cut one out of a cardboard box, or just prop up a large book in front of you that you can roll dice behind.

  • Food and drinks. The mark of a good D&D game is good friends, good RP, and smooth progression. The mark of a great one is all that plus pizza and beer.

    Good luck!
u/chickeninferno · 11 pointsr/KingdomDeath

Since most of the others have given you the right answers to your questions, I thought I would elaborate more on how you could store your game as well as bling it out. I have around 6 completed campaigns at this point (so maybe 500ish hours in…holy crap that’s a lot more than I expected)

Here’s what my setup looks like:

Card Storage and Organization: I found the broken token card organizer ( in a hobby lobby art supply case ( works awesome to store the cards. Hobby lobby routinely has coupons for 50% off of one item. I think I spent $20 for my case. One case will hold all of the non-gear cards for the base game (sleeved) and all of the current expansions. I bought a second one of these cases to store all of the terran, settlement events, settlement locations, gear grids, rulebooks, etc. I no longer use the original box at all.
For the gear cards, I use a coin sleeve sheet ( in a three ring binder.

For sleeves, I primarily used FFG Grey sleeves but I did back the Mage Sleeves kickstarter so I used those for the gear cards, settlement events, and settlement locations (there are likely other places to get them)

For tokens, I used these ( 28mm coin holders.
For holding them on the table, I used (

Highly recommend having these survival action tokens for each player as well, because it makes it very clear if you have already used the survival actions or not – There are not tokens for this in the game, these are purely helpful addons. (
Colored rings around the bases is also really helpful for remembering which character is which. The ones I purchased are no longer for sale but something like this (

To hold the gear grids together, these are awesome but pricey (

I would also use these remaster card sheets printed on thick paper ( - Your first campaign will be people of the lantern - I would recommend starting off with around 12 of the character sheets.

u/FullSlack · 11 pointsr/KidsAreFuckingStupid

You could have stopped the link with

u/PeePeeChucklepants · 11 pointsr/DnD

Similar to the MtG cutout idea, Pathfinder uses some nice looking printed stock pawns. Amazon link for example

u/Moar-Dabz · 11 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

Pathfinder Pawns!! I just got some for my campaign!


A few Monsters-

Monster Codex-

The NPC one is perfect for Player Characters and Villagers n stuff. And the Monster Codex would hook you up with monsters. And the Bestairy Box is just more monsters and devils and stuff.

They are pretty freaking dope my players love em

u/Slurmsmackenzie8 · 11 pointsr/mtgcube

I use the KMC Card Barrier Box 1000 for my cubes. It fits 430 single sleeved cards perfectly on the top row and leaves plenty of space for tokens, lands, dice, and miscellaneous.

u/lamordnt · 11 pointsr/Portland

There is this stuff on amazon called liquid ass. A squirt or two near the camper is enough to make even the filthiest of criddlers run for the hills. Liquid Ass

u/Bielzabutt · 10 pointsr/ProRevenge

"liquid ass" I'm pretty sure you can get it at any prank store.

u/shagui · 10 pointsr/asoiaf

You don't want to see the Brazilian version... cringe galore. Half the house's and character's names are comically translated and the other half in the original English versions.
I had to order the A Game of Thrones: The Board Game from amazon to Brazil because the Portuguese version takes the names from the translated books and is both laughable and confusing

u/krizo96 · 10 pointsr/DnD

I believe it was the Paizo Flip-Mat. Basically a foldable cardboard mat.

u/chazbamfvonbagg · 10 pointsr/DMAcademy

If you’re looking for low cost I would recommend reaper bones or wizkids deep cuts/nolzurs marvelus miniatures. Depending on the size /set it’ll run you $4-$100. $4 being an individual Meduim sized mini $100 being a boxed set of a lot of them or a single large set piece like a huge dragon. Both of these options are unpainted and you should be able to find whatever you’re looking for. If you just want best bang for your buck I would recommend pathfinder pawns they’re card stock minis and usually get a couple hundred for around $15-$40 depending on the set you get. Another option is to find board games that use minis like zombiecide or some of the d&d board games

u/Solleret · 10 pointsr/rpg

Your best bet for this is going to be your local gaming shop. They usually have drawers of sorted dice and let you mix and match whatever you need for like ten cents a die.

If you can't go to a local store wiz dice has good, cheap bags of dice.

u/Headlesssmurf · 10 pointsr/MoviePassClub

So I stumbled upon this on Amazon searching for a way to store my gameboy games. Figured this would get some use here.

u/A_Kenmomen4096 · 10 pointsr/BakaNewsJP

ああそうそう思い出した も も同じだけど、

ref= 以降は参照元やらアフィリエイトとかで使われる情報なので

.com/ 以降3つ目の / の前まであれば良い

この例で言うと まで


u/southern_boy · 10 pointsr/DnD

99.9% of the time the only way to be good at a thing for a while is to suck out loud at a thing for a bit. :)

u/Chris_Parker · 10 pointsr/minipainting

Hey OP, this is where I started: the Reaper Bones Core Skills set.

It has 3 figures, 2 brushes, about a dozen paints, and a booklet that gives you instructions and tips on how to get acquainted with the hobby. It's only $30, doesn't take a ton of space, and has pretty decent paints (brushes are like bare minimum to work, but that works because you're just getting started).

There's another kit called Layer Up! that comes with new brushes, paints, and figures, and teaches some more advanced techniques as well, so the "next step" is there waiting for you whenever you want to branch out.

I'd also grab maybe a wine cork, thread/yarn spool, or something that fits nice in your hand, plus some cheapo poster tack to help you hold a figure. The Reaper figures are supposed to be made in such a way that they don't require primer, but I still wash the minis with dish soap and a toothbrush and prime them anyway (I like Vallejo primers).

The best advice I can probably give is be patient not just with the work you do, but with yourself as well. The idea of the hobby is to have fun, create stuff, and enjoy the process/output. It doesn't have to look perfect your first go, nor should it. Give yourself the opportunity to improve and keep it relaxed.

If you've got any other questions on starting out or anything, feel free to hit me up.

u/ElMax- · 10 pointsr/4chan

I think this is the spray he used

u/slayeraa223 · 10 pointsr/DnD

This is the cutest game of dnd i have ever seen.

But to answer your question you might want to check this out

You can use wet erase markers on it and create levels on the fly.

For miniatures you can use these coins that you make instead, you can learn how to make it at this site

(great tool for creating tokens

With all this you can save you a lot of money but still give you a official feel.

u/Team_Braniel · 10 pointsr/DnD

Chessex makes two sided vinyl mats that are awesome.

Make sure you get the proper markers for them, normal dry erase markers will ruin them.

The idea is you draw out the dungeon or area as it is explored. It works pretty well for pre-made dungeons.

Personally I had 3 of the 23x26" ones. That way I can map out a larger area of a dungeon without needed to erase, makes letting the party backtrack much more easy.

On the back side they are hexes which work real well for outdoor wilderness exploration. (scaled down)

u/Exzilp · 9 pointsr/gameofthrones

This isn't an MMO, but if you didn't know there is a GoT board game that is a lot of fun. My housemates and I play it ever once in a while (it can last 5-7 hours) and love it.

u/MattHoppe1 · 9 pointsr/roosterteeth

For a friday game night I would love for them to play the game of thrones board game, or ticket to ride, or the many amazing board games out there

u/trippysmurf · 9 pointsr/gameofthrones

I actually recommend the second edition. It's like Risk, but everyone goes at the same time. 3-6 players (recommend 6). Alliances are absolutely required or else you end up locked in eternal war. There is politics, favoritism, and requires a solid strategy.

For added fun, use the Tides of Battle Cards as well, which will change the outcome of every battle, and just makes things chaotic and you really have to weigh your combat options.

u/zeCrazyEye · 9 pointsr/gameofthrones

That's the 1st edition. Definitely want the 2nd edition over the first.

u/MickeyMauSe · 9 pointsr/malefashionadvice
u/Windows_98 · 9 pointsr/pics
u/Chathtiu · 9 pointsr/ArtPorn

Honestly, this reminds me of Betrayal at the House on the Hill. A sole survivor, fleeing that cursed mansion, as it slowly consumes itself and everything left inside.

I will also take this moment to shamelessly plug this fabulous game. link for easy impulses shopping.

u/omniczech · 9 pointsr/mtgcube

The KMC 1000 is a great buy. Solid and HUGE. Fits a 540 double sleeved + lands pretty well! You can find it here for cheap.

u/MettaWorldWarTwo · 9 pointsr/magicTCG

I get the boxes on Amazon for $15 each and they are my preferred storage container for commons and uncommons. I looked at the dimensions and wanted to see how Planechase would fit in the box. Turns out it fits very nicely. I haven't sleeved the tokens yet. I am also going to get a dual flip box to store the planar cards for when I don't want to treat it as a board game.

Chaos Reigns upside down was a mistake but I'm going to embrace it. Also the cardboard boxes were pretty beaten up and the planar cards have lots of scuffs on the edges. All in all I'm not impressed with the overall quality but I'll have fun with the new wrench in the gears of Magic games.

u/harveymushman · 9 pointsr/modelmakers

Tamiya make a good Willys Jeep - the more recent version is item # 35219. Amazon link. Get him some Tamiya extra thin cement, an x-acto knife, and consider a starter set of model paints. For brush painting I suggest Vallejo Model Color paints - basic colors for the jeep would be something like black, white, olive drab green and a brown.

u/bcksfan07 · 9 pointsr/boardgames

It's a little bit of an extra expense up front, but just this past week I bought this kit from Amazon:

It came with 9-10 bottles of paint, 2 brushes, 3 miniatures, and a great guide/tutorial for getting started. It gives very good step by step instructions with details on all the various painting techniques for the first miniature, then recommended paints and techniques for the other two in the box. Worked really well for me for an introduction!

Now the next step is to work up the courage to apply those techniques to Mice and Mystics and Sentinel Tactics...

u/Qunfang · 9 pointsr/DMAcademy

You could ask everyone in your party to chip in for a WizDice set of 100. Comes out to $3.33 ($4 if you're good on dice) and everyone can get at least one set.

u/mentalorigami · 9 pointsr/Multicopter

Cut your teeth on something like this before you start throwing money at big/expensive stuff.

u/jacoooooo · 9 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

First of all,
>are those the only items?

These are the only pre-made items, obviously. But are they the be all and end all of the magical items available to you? Not at all. As DM and the master of your world you are free to create magical items to your hearts' content, making them as weak or as powerful as you feel like.
The short of it is yes, yes you can make any kind of items you'd like for your friends to find or enchant.
>are there 'rules' to creation?

No, not really. If you want your player(s) to have a +5 Sword of Awesomeness, you go ahead and give it to them (read: let them get it).
>how would my players go out getting a +5 Sword of Awesomeness?

Once again, as the DM, this is really up to you. If you want there to be an NPC that sells magical items in the city/village/wherever your players are, then you do that. Or you can work it into an adventure. Perhaps your players overhear an NPC talking about the nearby tomb of Melvin Awesomesword. They decide to go investigate, and once they overcome the challenges you present them with, lo and behold, there lies Melvin in his tomb. And with him? Why, it's a +5 Sword of Awesomeness! That's just an example, obviously. You've got to make it your own. There really are no rules as to how you give items to your players. If you want it to fall out of the sky in a meteorite, fine. Do it! My advice would be to not make it too easy for them however. It should be a challenge. You (in my opinion) don't want to offer them stuff on a silver platter. There's no better feeling than completing a challenge or winning a fight and being rewarded accordingly!

>tools for making a decent playing mat?

Not really my area of things, but I use this and it works great. You can draw whatever you like on it, and simply erase it afterwards.

Sorry this was a bit wordy! Hope it's helpful...

u/FalcoCreed · 9 pointsr/DnD

I use a Chessex Play Mat for the bulk of my encounters. It works well for quickly drawing out a smaller dungeon or combat encounter. It's about 20x25 squares.

If I need additional space or need to be creative with my level design, I use Gaming Paper. The grid dimensions are 1 inch squares, so it works perfectly with the play mat. Also the gaming paper is durable enough to use repeatedly if you have a few encounters in the same kind of area, like homes/taverns. You could also glue the gaming paper to something like foam board, and create your own dungeon tiles for cheap.

You can get the mat, a roll of gaming paper, and a set of wet erase markers for around $30 USD.

Hopefully that helps!

u/itwaspluto · 9 pointsr/SketchDaily

[One of those ridiculous horse masks.] (

The reference pic I used.

u/justinosulli17 · 8 pointsr/DnD
u/jake10684 · 8 pointsr/kidfree
u/Ragingman2 · 8 pointsr/KidsAreFuckingStupid

Can also be shortened to

u/sentient_mcrib · 8 pointsr/WTF

Don't forget this.

Nothing looks more ridiculous than a human wearing horse-made accessories.

Source: I watched Style channel one time and Sarah Jessica Parker came on.

u/Arturos · 8 pointsr/asoiaf

About 20 bucks plus shipping, according to amazon.

u/tearadon · 8 pointsr/HorseMask

Accoutrements Horse Head Mask
Ordered this last week and got it Tuesday.
Over 1000 5 star reviews too.
Hope that helped!

u/Solodolo2015 · 8 pointsr/videos
u/siegewolf · 8 pointsr/Games
u/yourethemannowdog · 8 pointsr/berkeley

If you're the type, playing board games/card games with friends is relaxing and sociable, and can also exercise your mind. A deck of cards is super cheap, and while board games have larger up front costs, you can play the same one tons of times. I'm not talking older/classic games (like Monopoly) but rather new, designer board games like The Settlers of Catan, Carcassone, or Ticket to Ride. Card games I like are Hearts and Euchre.

u/gojirra · 8 pointsr/DnD

This battle mat is absolutely amazing. You can draw on it with overhead projector pens and erase with water when you are done.

u/DrunkMosquitos · 8 pointsr/DnD

Prefer of paper with a character's picture? I've also seen people download pictures and make sandwich boards with character art on them.

Would that work for you?

u/KEM10 · 8 pointsr/DnD

I prefer Wiz Dice because they have less random ones in the set. I don't need a LRC and Backgammon betting die, just more d12's I'll also never use.

u/LBriar · 8 pointsr/rpg

$20/lb, or $25 for Chessex.

I've seen dice seconds sold in bulk at Cons, but rarely online. I'm sure they're out there somewhere but you'd have to do some hunting. I think nowadays they mostly get remelted and recast.

u/OverTheir · 8 pointsr/pics

I suspect that it is a SYMA!

Can anybody verify?

E: I'm like, 97.2% sure it is.

u/cl249099 · 8 pointsr/gadgets

A toy heliocoptor. I got this one for Christmas, its alot of fun.

u/theLoaf71 · 8 pointsr/trees

They are surprisingly durable and easy to fly. I've slammed that thing into the walls and ceiling dozens of times so far and it still flies great.

u/EvilGenius007 · 8 pointsr/magicTCG

As regards #3, try the KMC 1000 Card Box for an affordable interim option. Here's the TCC review.

u/fts55 · 8 pointsr/AskReddit

Fill a ballon with partailly shaving cream and the rest water. Gets them smelling weird after hit. Also works with chicken bullion cubes.

Half a condom full of vinegar and half of baking soda tie it off fast and throw it into a room.

Always a Favorite.

If most people have water jugs or a brita filter thing you can always put salt into it.

Fake spiders. Fake spiders everywhere.

Air horn to a door stop.

If people like it ill give more.

u/woodycanuck · 8 pointsr/Calgary

I'm not saying you should buy this and spray it on the bike seat. That would be wrong. This stuff smells absolutely atrocious and lasts a long time, and sticks to anything that touches it. So don't do that.

u/majikmonkie · 8 pointsr/Winnipeg

I'm just gonna leave this here. You should look into it.

u/Fried_Cthulhumari · 8 pointsr/criticalrole

If you are starting completely from scratch, I would recommend something like the Reaper Bones starter kit because the value is excellent, it comes with a tutorial booklet, and you have a container for keeping together your supplies (which is a problem, especially as you progress in the hobby).

11 paints alone will cost you 30 bucks, and you also get two brushes, three minis, and the case. There are (slightly) cheaper ways to start but I don't think any that are as easy. Plus many of the cheaper ways to get paint or brushes means using even worse quality components which for a new painter is difficult. I have painted very nice minis in dollar store craft paint, but I also have an art degree and know exactly what to add to the paint to make crappy paint behave the way I want it to.

So that's my suggestion. Get a starter kit from reaper (or another company if you find something you like) and paint the included minis. If that floats your boat, build from there.

Your friendly local game store may have the kits even cheaper. Does hurt to call and ask.

u/djlawrence3557 · 8 pointsr/mtgcube

I've been using one of these for my vintage/powered cube. I keep the lands separate in a fatpack box

u/rps13drifter · 7 pointsr/Multicopter

Get [this] ( one! And several sets of propellers. And get your company to buy it for you as training.

Trust me, you WILL crash many times. If they can afford the big copter, they can afford this too. Give yourself a month to learn on the little one and you will save many hundreds of dollars in repair.

Edit: Just read you're at a water park, so DEFINITELY get the smaller model before flying the big one. Unless a $1400 loss is acceptable.

u/J_nugget · 7 pointsr/fpv

I am a beginner in fpv flying who just got a maiden flight of my x220 today and here are my thoughts.

tldr; x220 is too dangerous to recommend to a first time flyer so get a Hubsan X4 or similar quad to practice with since it's way cheaper.

This was the first ever drone I bought and is what I started with (Jun 2015). It was way harder than I thought it'd be but I eventually got a feel for it and got a Hubsan X4 (Nov 2015) after researching for a first "real quad". It was a huge step in difficulty but after a year I am very comfortable in the Expert flying mode. I can full throttle it into the corner of my wall and quickly pull back, operate it with the front facing any direction, orbits, yaw spins, etc.

The x220 was a completely different level. During my short flight I had to focus on just hovering and could only move it in the direction I was facing and this was only in angle mode which is basically auto leveling afaik. Regular mode I could just hover. Remember too that this is all LoS and not FPV. I got a pair of FatSharks setup but am not near comfortable enough to use them in flight.

This thing is a beast and super dangerous so I would not recommend it to someone who has never flown a quad before. I'm not sure how good sims are for learning but I would look into a Hubsan X4 to learn with since its relatively cheap and has that expert mode to work up to. You can also fly it indoors during the winter and outdoors when its nice out.

u/Four_s0uls · 7 pointsr/FourSouls

Can easily hold another 100-200 cards so we are covered for at least another expansion pack if not 2. Very durable, feels super high quality and even a bit fancy. Waterproof material and zipper covers. Very confident in the protection this case provides. 5 Spacers are velcro and can be placed as you please to organize however you would like and also to keep you sections of cards as snug as you would like. Also has 2 seperate corners pads/spacers so you don't have to worry about the slightly rounded edges of the case damaging your cards. Also has another 4 seperate hard plastic dividers incase you find a use for them. Right not I am using them to take up more space and make things even more snug. To complete it all it has a nice strap to carry it over your shoulder. Fantastic! Overall, 10/10 If anyone would like more pics of something just ask! Link below

Quiver Black Playing Card Case - Carrying Deck Case with PU Leather Exterior with Double Zipper, Dividers, Hand & Shoulder Strap - Fits up to 1300 Cards - Deck Box Compatible + 100 Card Sleeves

u/scd · 7 pointsr/Netrunner

Two suggestions:

Since you just started playing, the UltraPro Tower is great to just store two decks and some tokens. Comes in a ton of colors, is very durable, and holds what you need. The best for the price (around $10):

If you're wanting to bring multiple decks to casual play nights or similar events, you might want to consider investing in something that will let you bring multiple Corp and Runner decks. I like the Ultimate Guard Twin Flip n' Tray:

Comes in multiple colors, the magnetic latches are strong, and is a great way to carry four decks (or five, since I take out the token tray and slip in another deck).


The Quiver. I've filled my Quiver up with upwards of 8 constructed decks and a bunch of extras. It holds my cube at the moment, but is a great case if you find yourself wanting to bring lots of cards anywhere:

u/Connguy · 7 pointsr/makemychoice

Edit: for the record, I posted this before the lasybugs thing took off

You're not going to make any great progress on a PC build for that price. Besides, PC tech is changing so quickly, you shouldn't buy any one piece of it until you can buy all of it.

If you're looking for X1 games, I'm a huge fan of Destiny, but it's not for everyone. If you're looking for more of a sure hit, check out Shadows of Mordor or Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If you want to change things up a little, here are some of my favorite purchases (I'm a minor Amazon addict):

u/Blarghedy · 7 pointsr/DnD
  1. This encounter builder that someone on here built is all sorts of lovely. I'm doing something somewhat similar to you; my group is 6 players and we're playing a campaign built for 4. On top of that, we're playing a 3.5e campaign in 5e. Converting encounters manually is a bit of a pain, but with this app I can just see that the encounter calls for (this is a specific example that I did yesterday) 2 bugbears, check how that compares, see what happens by adding another bugbear, and call that a day. Super quick, super simple, super easy.

  2. Mood can be set by the players, and mood can be set by the DM. Generally mood is set by both. Talk with your players individually and out of character. Ask them what they want. Once you get a general idea of what they want, talk to them as a group or individually and say what you've found. Something along the lines of "Some of us want a more serious game, and a couple want a lot of humor. We can have both, but when it's time to be serious, please be serious for the rest of us." People will generally at least try to be accommodating.

  3. First, you are the DM. Your players are not. You are the final say on rules. Your players are not. If you have an idea of how something should work, make a quick decision about it. Look it up when you have more time. Don't let your players bog you down with minutia or rules lawyering. You are the rules. That said, if a player can actually manage to pay attention and look up rules at the same time, feel free to allow them to do that when it is not their turn, and when it is their turn they can bring up what they found. Deal with it as you like; retroactively or not, whatever. Also, you have 8 players. 8 players is a LOT. You and your players don't have time for people to look up their spells every time it's their turn. Have your spellcasters and ability users write up skill sheets for themselves... spell cards and the like. It's a bit of work but it saves a ton of time in game, when it matters.

  4. You don't necessarily have to have everyone. My general philosophy is if 1 person is gone, they're off doing something else and we continue playing with the rest of the party. If two people are gone, I just cancel the session. I'm not sure where I'd draw that line with 8 players, though. Alternately, just schedule for when everyone is available if possible.

  5. Personally, I adore my this thing. It makes drawing encounters for people so easy. I also love tactical gameplay and play with other people who, like me, grew up as video gamers, so there's that. For miniatures, I use chess pieces. I have a game of chess 4 which has 4 complete sets of pieces. Players pick their pieces and enemies are generally pawns. Once I have a bit more spare cash and am no longer spending all of my spare cash on D&D books and related paraphernalia, I'll start investing in actual miniatures. Paizo is just one source of those, mind; there are many more, including randoms on eBay. For a cheaper alternative, there are character tokens. That picture came from here. I don't know where to buy just tokens, but it's a thing people sell.

  6. I don't use fog of war, really; once a character has seen something, all the players can always see it... but then you get into distinguishing character knowledge from player knowledge and vice versa. Encourage your players to act as though their characters only know what their characters could know. Frodo's finger just got bitten off by Gollum? Aragorn doesn't know that, because Aragorn isn't in bloody Mordor.

  7. Eh, no opinion here; I don't bother with a screen. I like when people see how screwed or not that they are.
u/Negative1 · 7 pointsr/funny

You can also use the format where "ASIN" is the Amazon Standard Item Number, found in the original URL or by searching the product page for "ASIN". In this case the URL would be

Not funny, I know; just thought it would be helpful since friggin Amazon uses mile-long URLs by default and we often want to share them, especially this time of year.

u/cespi · 7 pointsr/AskReddit

took 8 seconds to find... is it really so hard?

u/Extrasupervery · 7 pointsr/amazon
u/kwhiggs8 · 7 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I 4M Gr4t37ul f0r my 93t 411ig4torrr. H15 n4m3 i5 5pike 4nd 1 l0v3 h1m b3c4u53 h3 34ts b4n4n45 f0r 6runch


EDIT: I seriously do want what is in the above link. I am not trolling at all about that..

u/throwawaysifl · 7 pointsr/raisedbynarcissists

For all your future pictures. Every time you send one, make like it's the funniest thing ever. If it's "not funny", she's "getting too old" or "needs to lighten up" or whatever you think will be the least likely to cause her to get agitated.

Start having fun with it, because narcs hate fun.

u/lithicbee · 7 pointsr/boardgames

Amazon sells a kind of pricey replacement piece but it does include a bunch of extra stuff you may or may not need. Still less than the original MSRP.

u/nebulatr0n · 7 pointsr/EDH

This box is amazing. I hold all my sleeved EDH decks, dice, tokens, sideboard, trades all in one lightweight waterproof see through container.

u/windupmonkeys · 7 pointsr/modelmakers

Airfix and Revell Germany both make starter sets.



  3. (two in one box)

    This set of larger planes might also be a good choice if the idea is to go for a "bigger" present.


    These packages include paint, glue, and a paintbrush. Honestly, the paint isn't great. But as a first time lark, (1) he's likely going to build an imperfect model, (2) he'll probably still have fun doing it.

    For further information as to basic toolkits and commonly asked questions, see the FAQ and stickied posts.

    Short version: craft knife like an X-acto knife, glue, paintbrush, maybe a sanding stick or two (manicure boards of various grits would work for this), tweezers.

    Also, I would recommend this as glue:

    It's designed to flow into the joints of plastic parts and essentially weld them together. It works much better than the tube glues that will be included in those sets.

    As for the kinds of results one might be able to expect if one takes time and is careful:

    Speak with u/pukit about it as well, that's his model using nothing more than what's included in the box of one of the starter kits I linked.

    It's a good first dip.

    Hope that helps.
u/Xyes · 7 pointsr/AnimeFigures

You could also buy some Tamiya glue. That way if any other plastic items of yours breaks, you can fix it.

u/takabrash · 7 pointsr/boardgames

I would buy her Ticket to Ride and hope that she forgets Monopoly exists :)

u/Dr_Scientist_ · 7 pointsr/truegaming

This is extraordinarily thorough. So thorough in fact, that you should also consider board gaming. Reading this, it just makes a lot of sense for you. I think board gaming would fit you like a glove.

1. Video games have moved away from couch co-op. You've made a great list here with a lot of solid points, but I doubt you would have ever reached your conclusion, had you considered board games. Keep Talking is certainly a good entertaining game, nothing against it. It's just, that game feels plucked like a needle out of a haystack. Like you've biopsied out a very small node from inside a large mass.

You don't really have this problem with board games. Literally every single board game in existence is designed to be played with people immediately around you. I hesitate to use the phrase "played co-operatively" simply because most board games are NOT co-operative - though there are notable exceptions like Pandemic or Ghost Stories. Both great games.

Board games use human beings as the engine the game runs on. That's not to say board games pit intellects against each other in some sort of valid competition of "who's the most smartest", but to say: humans are social machines and will surprise you with their grasp of system thinking. If I have five or six people in the room with me, I'd prefer the game that we're playing to exist in the head-space between us rather than on some electronic device.

People have come over to my house in the real world. Why not play a game with them that also exists in the real world? I can play videogames over online multiplayer until I'm blue in the face. Just last night I reinstalled Bad Company 2 and played with a few old college roommates. If I had those old friends over to my house, we'd play a board game. It seems crazy to me that someone has taken the time to drive over to your place and you set them down in front of a computer.

2. Because boardgames have always been designed around a social experience taking place in the real world, they're just better at it. This is definitely subjective. You can feel free to disagree with me all you want, but there are mechanics that I just don't see in videogames. Sure, I could load up Gremlin's Inc and replicate what is probably the best roll n' move game I've ever played, but roll n' move is a Monopoly era game genre. Board games can move past this.

You can't play Two Room's and a Boom on a machine. You can't play Bid n' Bluff games like Liar's Dice, Sheriff of Nottingham, or social deduction games like Coup or Love Letter. You can't play physical dexterity games like Jenga (still great fun btw), Flick em' Up, or Catacombs.

There are just games that play better with groups of people because they exist in the real world and make use of humans as the operating system.

3. Board games are much more open to much more people. I don't know about you, but in my experience board games are just more accessible to a wider range of people. I'm maybe going to get a round of Mario Kart out of the adults in my life that love me, but I've sat down with people over 50 and had a great time with Ticket to Ride. At family reunions I've enjoyed Dominion with young children and grandparents alike. Settlers of Catan, Blockus, and Carcassonne are all genuinely fun games I played to death with my family.

How crazy is that? I would really look forward to playing one of those games with my whole family. I can't think of even one videogame that fits that criteria.

4. Perhaps most simply, there are incredible games that just don't exist in videogame form - even though they could. Is the total conversion mod for Crusader Kings II not giving you that full heady Game of Thrones experience? Why not just play Game of Thrones. This is probably my favorite game and it's just not on computers. I can imagine a version of Cosmic Encounter played over online multiplayer, but why? It already exists in perfect form. If I want to play El Grande, or Arctic Scavengers, or Lords of Vegas - well . . . those games just don't exist as videogames.

5. Just honorable mentions. Seven Wonders. Splendor. Blueprints.

TL;DR. There are a ton of great board games out there and if you actually are struggling to think of something that you and your friends can enjoy together in the same room - maybe give it a shot rather than lament the lack of couch co-op in videogames.

u/powerbug80 · 7 pointsr/DnD

Chessex battlemaps and Pathfinder flip map are two of the common maps.

As for miniatures, Pathfinder paws are the biggest bang for your buck. They are thick card stock and fairly durable and would be the easiest buy. If you want miniatures, sites like miniature market has around 160 for $2 or less for each miniature, the cost can add up quickly, but are pre-painted.

u/ypsm · 7 pointsr/rpg
  • This should last you a while.

  • This is about 1/4th the price of the above, and it should last you even longer.
u/bfevans19 · 7 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

I can't speak for the Chessex Pound-O-Dice but I just bought this dice set a few weeks ago. I personally got 17 complete matched sets of dice, in 15 unique colors. The only defects that are obvious are painting problems that make some of the faces hard to read.

u/Jowobo · 7 pointsr/tumblr

Depends on how much goes into that pitcher, but I think you can get far better deals.

The Chessex Pound-O-Dice currently goes for $31.95 on their website, but if you check Amazon you can get it for $20.76. So that's a full pound of random dice, bit over 100 in my experience, plus one matching set of seven.

Wiz Dice does a similar thing with their Bag of Holding, which clocks in at $19.99 for over 100 random dice (though in my experience less random than Chessex') plus a complete set. They also offer their Bag of Devouring at $22.29 for 140 non-random dice, consisting of 20 sets and a bag.

And that's not even counting the amount of cheap sets from less known (possibly lower quality) companies that are floating around.

u/kcon1528 · 7 pointsr/DnD

Started Set

Bulk Dice

The starter set is a great way to introduce players to the game. I have never played it, but it comes highly recommended as far as I can tell. Wiz Dice is awesome. I got a bulk set for Christmas and it contained at least 10 complete sets. Well worth it. Good luck!

u/lwwz · 7 pointsr/rpg

Stop providing ALL the necessities for every other player. I give one set of 7 dice to every new player.

I buy a pound at a time here:

I let them borrow my PHB for initial character build and 1 session, then they buy their own.

u/Skiffee · 7 pointsr/DnD

I do not recommend the Chessex bag.
Get this one by Wiz Dice instead.

The Chessex one often has messed up dice and rarely gives you full sets in my experience. The Wiz Dice one gave me 15 full sets and was two dice away from completing the 16th set. They're all good dice (no factor mishaps or anything like the Chessex ones include), and it came out to be cheaper than the Chessex bag when I did it.

u/fayehanna · 6 pointsr/weddingplanning

I was just thinking Cards Against Humanity is a super fun ice breaker! (just dirty and stuff). I was playing at a party we were hosting and my aunt and uncle stopped by, I thought my aunt would be a total prude about it but she ended up winning the game!

u/zoken · 6 pointsr/rpg

My D&D group hovers around five to six players, and we often end up with someone using "spares" or lacking a matching set. We decided to pitch in for more dice, and settled with Wiz Dice's 1 pound bags of dice. Total cost came out to $43, for 32 different sets. Overall, we've been really pleased with these, and would recommend them to anyone who needs more dice.

u/Gargathor · 6 pointsr/DnD

Wiz Dice has a 100+ dice bag as well, that has multiple complete sets with maybe a few extras.

u/Gamegeneral · 6 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

I play 5th edition and all advice is for that edition. 5E is pretty wallet friendly if you don't get it all at once. Here's a bunch of stuff you can look at to help your decision, though not all of it is mandatory.

  • Number one, the cheapest, is to simply review the (somewhat limited, I'll admit) materials available on Wizards of the coast and start from there.

  • Second is available in the form of the 5th edition starter set. I own one of these and it comes with everything you need for a game with a group of friends. A criticism I have of it though, is that experienced players will probably destroy the module included with it. I'd just forego this option entirely if you plan to buy any other materials, but it's a very low risk purchase.

  • Third is just a player's handbook, which you really should own regardless of anything . The 5th Edition PHB has enough material to easily homebrew your own campaign with, but it will definitely leave you wishing you had more to work off of.

  • Fourth is any of the several available modules for the game out right now. Having only played Hoard of the Dragon queen (And it's direct follow up, Rise of Tiamat), I can say that with the exception of a long, slightly boring segment in the middle, it's a solid adventure all the way through for the players.

  • Fifth is the supplemental Dungeon master's Guide and Monster Manual, additional resources to help you craft better campaigns, but unnecessary until later. The monster manual should definitely be the first of the two purchases, in my opinion. I wouldn't even recommend the sword coast adventurer's guide unless you plan to specifically adventure in Faerun.

    So now that books are out of the way, let's talk figurines. You really don't need them, because ANYTHING can represent things on a board. But they're a fun thing to collect and use. BUT they are a great and fun thing to have. What we do at my table is have everyone acquire their own. I like to buy from Reaper Miniatures, but local comic book and hobby shops might have them as well. Make sure you have bases that are less than an inch wide (A square inch works best), because if you're using miniatures, then you're using a battle grid.

    Speaking of battle grids, they're also not entirely necessary, but they definitely help. This is a very reliable one if you take care of it and don't crease it too much. But the fun thing is, if you have a printer, you can print your own Battle Maps! Just set it to print a grid set to 1-inch increments and have as big or as small as a battle mat as you need. 5E technically uses a hex grid for outdoor maps, but we've always ignored that at our games.

    As for dice, I think it's the players responsibility to acquire their own dice, but on the off chance you just want to buy the things for everyone, I find a lot of enjoyment in picking through a Chessex Pound-o-Dice, or a Wiz Dice 100+ pack just so everyone has some. Plus, you never know when you'll suddenly need 20d6 for maximum fall damage!

    Other than that, just have pencils, paper, and a good way to keep notes handy and you're set.

    This is far from a comprehensive guide, and probably the worst thing you could do is buy everything or nothing right at the start. Consider asking friends or checking libraries for these books (And secondhand bookshops near you!) to save a penny or two.

    So, in summary, if I were starting out DMing and buying anything, it would be a player's handbook, a set of dice, and if I weren't confident in my ability to homebrew, I'd buy a module or a dungeon master's guide. But you can go further or less far if you like.
u/ezikial2517 · 6 pointsr/DnD

You should definitely start with a live tabletop game to get your hooks into them. Typing in a macro and rolling imaginary dice while talking over Skype isn't for newbies. That's for filthy addicts who need another crit just to get through the day. Myself included.

I recommend running a short, concise campaign that has a clear ending but leaves it open to further sessions. Build up a MBEG (Medium Bad Evil Guy) that they can capture or kill after 4-5 encounters including one 'tutorial', some overland travel, and 2-3 good puzzles. Drop nuggets about the world at large, and once they kill MBEG have them find a map/instructions/scroll that hints at his even evil-er master. This way you need a commitment only of two weekend nights (or one mega-weekend) to get them through a legit story. I'd recommend making them level 3-5.

In terms of cost, there's a few ways to approach it:

A) Pay money, but go the budget route. Get an erasable battlemat, a big bag of dice, some washers, and a gluestick.

B) Do theater of the mind. It's going to be a bigger leap for new players to get into it, and for you as a new DM, but you can still have fun with it.

I recommend 5th edition because it's so simple to pick up and play. The Proficiency and Advantage/Disadvantage system is SO much easier than the endless adding and subtracting of numbers I got used to with 3.5e. I never played 4e, but really as long as you engage them in a lively way hopefully it'll stick.

u/fgump · 6 pointsr/gadgets

A quad copter like this:
Hubsan H107L X4 Mini RTF RC Quadcopter

u/tezoch · 6 pointsr/DnD

In my opinion, a battle mat is a must have for any campaign. Check around your local game shop if you have one, they probably have some cheap dry erase ones. I am fond of Chessex mats, but any will do.

As for miniatures, I'd say that they aren't necessary, but can really help new players feel connected to the game. Being able to see your avatar is useful, especially if you guys are having trouble visualizing battles.

u/dhoonib1 · 6 pointsr/DnD

I use the Chessex Battlemap. Its pretty big about 35x48. Its wet-erase but as long as you don't leave the drawings on it they will wipe off clean.

u/rabid_scotsman · 6 pointsr/DMAcademy

I really recommend using paper minis if you're on a tight budget. If you have access to photoshop then they are incredibly easy to make from any image you can find for free on google. If not then Printable Heroes is a great resource for cool looking minis. You can contribute a small amount and get access to a ton of them but there are also a bunch of free ones here.

They don’t take long to put together, either. This video shows you the best way to assemble them. I would also ad that I use 3/4 inch binder clips for the base as they fit perfectly on the grid and are a bit cheaper than buying bases.

I also really recommend a Chessex Battle Mat in whatever size you think works for your game. Make sure you also buy wet erase markers as dry erase will seep into these maps and become permanent markings.

As far as landscapes go, I just draw any features of the map that can be seen on the ground on my map. I've never tried it but there are printable folding paper environments that you can make and use. I don't because I don't like having an obstructed view for me or the players.

I hope that helped!

u/authorblues · 6 pointsr/rpg

I bought this from Amazon some time ago and it has been a great product. Wet-erase only, but super durable, huge (but not unwieldy), and durable as hell. It rolls up for storage quite simply, and is overall a great buy. They sell smaller ones as well for slightly less. Check them out. I highly recommend them.

u/insert_unique_userid · 6 pointsr/KingdomDeath

I really like the Docsmagic ones:

I’ve ordered 2 separate times and have received my order very quickly. The sleeves are premium and not flimsy at all. As a plus, they even fit in these binder pages:

u/kataztrophik · 6 pointsr/MoviePassClub

I just started collecting and organizing my stubs as well.

I'm a little paranoid Moviepass will require me to produce an old ticket stub or receipt so I've saved every single one thus far. I figured I might as well make it look nice if I'm going to be saving them anyways. Could be fun to reflect on my movie watching adventure if Moviepass ever ends up dying.

I'm using these that were linked in that other thread a little while back.

u/Angerman5000 · 6 pointsr/XWingTMG

You can get sheets made for coin collections that are perfect. 2-inch squares, like this one:

u/WhatRUsernamesUsed4 · 6 pointsr/me_irl nobody gonna post the smile link? Y'all hate giving to charity?

u/boson96 · 6 pointsr/me_irl
u/uptwolait · 6 pointsr/pics
u/Obviouslynotafaggot · 6 pointsr/HorseMask

Amazon has it. I just bought one.

EDIT: I just realized there was a link on the sidebar... unless they just added it. Either way you can get it cheaper at:

u/pekeqpeke · 6 pointsr/Multicopter

Wait till you get one of these

u/nerobro · 6 pointsr/fpv

$500 is a tight budget. $500 can get you "something that flies" and "something that's FPV." At the $500 level, you're talking 4-12 minutes.

Wind handling comes from "being fast" and "having a decent flight controller". Naze32, Flip32, KK2 2.1, NAZA, etc.. are all good flight controlers.

The big question is, what are you trying to do? Just "get in and have fun?" Well, in that case I'd probally point you at something like a the Proto or Hubsan ready to fly FPV quads, and a second, non FPV quad for bashing around. Buy two of the same brand, and a half a dozen batteries, and a good charger.

Quadcopters break. And they break, a lot. The bigger they are, the more they break. If you oops, you've lost a prop. If you oops hard, you've broken an airframe, bent a motor shaft, popped a battery... something like that.

If you're determined to fly something larger, you're going to eat the budget quickly.

So "the nerobro way"

Hubsan 104d FPV: $150

Hubsan 104 crash pack: $20

Hubsan 107 (non fpv): $54

4x battery charger: $7

That'll get you something to learn with, and something to fly FPV with for less than $350. And you will NOT be bored. :-) And if you really screw up, you'll have spare parts. Consider adding a few more batteries.

u/manta_style · 6 pointsr/radiocontrol

If you are looking for a good beginner quad copter that you can easily learn to fly then you should go for the Hubsan X4 or the Blade Nano QX

u/misterwuggle69sofine · 6 pointsr/aww

The charge time really isn't all that bad. It'll charge back up in 10-15 minutes. I really thought it'd bother me but I'm totally okay with it. This is the perfect starter copter to learn how to fly these things.

If it's really a deal breaker and you're okay with spending more, one of the cheapest way you're going to get significantly improved flight time would probably be a Hubsan X4, a 5 pack of batteries, a simple charger, and a prop guard for about $70 before tax.

I'd call that step 2 in the hobby though and would absolutely recommend the Cheerson CX-10 as step 1.

u/b1gr3dd · 6 pointsr/Multicopter

Not sure why you would spend a week looking, Amazon Prime FTW

u/Ninja--Vanish · 6 pointsr/boardgames

Not a Board Game, but you can buy the reaper kit on amazon that comes with everything you need including a few minis to practice on.

Reaper Miniatures 08906 Learn To Paint Bones Kit

u/redpiano · 6 pointsr/minipainting

Also, if you just want a basic set of paints for a decent price and a brush and such, this kit is solid.

u/TeeDeeArt · 6 pointsr/minipainting

the reaper bones kickstarter V is coming in a few days, oct 1 I believe, it was supposed to be 2 weeks ago but got delayed a tad.

this is THE big discounted bundle all the dm's are waiting for, the bones kickstarters are BUCKETS of the damn things, tonnes of mediocre minis with a dnd fantasy focus, for like $1 a mini. You'll never get through em all.

BUT it will take MONTHS to arrive (IIRC it took 12 for reaper bones IV? somebody who got it can confirm).

In the meantime board-games are your best bet, keep an eye on ebay and such.

Go into a games workshop on an off-time (the late night big events aren't gunna be great) and they'll take you through the whole process with a free mini. And then try to flog you all their stuff

The reaper learn to paint kit for $34us has everything you need, 2 brushes, 11(?) paints and 3 minis, as well as a guide. All that's mising is the final layer of varnish to protect your precious first paintjob.

u/dommobee · 6 pointsr/ProtectAndServe

Liquid Ass.

I'm not LEO yet, but oh my God, this stuff is terrible. It will clear a room with one spray. It's perfect for the summer because you can open the car, spray it 2-3 times and let it bake in the heat with the doors and windows shut.

u/mostlypertinant · 6 pointsr/latterdaysaints

With all the love of my soul, you need some better board games.

Ticket to Ride is my favorite "gateway" game. No more complicated than Monopoly et al but so much better:

Coup is another. If it takes longer than five minutes to play a round, you're not being aggressive enough:

When you're ready for something a little more strategic, Settlers of Catan is a classic:

Hop on over to /r/boardgames some time!

u/groundshop · 6 pointsr/lanparty

The lans I go to are too small to really bear much advice to you on the questions you listed.

Where I can provide some insight is in the types of table top games you should consider. Lots of folks (in the lan community) have been exposed to traditional pen/paper stuff like DnD. If you're looking to spice things up a bit, consider trying out some of the modern board games that are out. I'm sure some of your attendees will have already been exposed to these, but for the rest that haven't, they'll probably strike at least an interest or a few questions. BoardGameGeek has a list of the top board games out right now, some of which you might not have heard of. Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Race for the Galaxy, Carcassonne are some of the most popular. They're flashy, they're interesting, and they're usually under an hour (if not usually under 45 min) to play. They're an up and coming type of gaming that's spreading fast among the table-top/CCG/comics folks.

Edit: In retrospect, I kinda seem like a fanboy for this post, but holy shit they're really awesome games.

u/Azrielemantia · 6 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

Are you looking for something efficient or something pretty ?

I use those flip mat for d&d, like this (I also like this one because the hex side is easier on the eyes imo)

They're not especially good eye candy, but they're enough for the whole game area (without players, but it helps set up a visual delimitation imo), they're not too expensive, and we draw the connections between the various locations on them, which is actually fun to do.

I don't like the idea of a mat with dedicated player space anyway, because of all the ways you could gain or lose equipment space (bandolier, charisma, items that take 2 slots, like flamethrower or enchanted blade, ...)

u/Donthin · 6 pointsr/dndnext

I use the Chessex battlemaps, they are tan on both sides but super durable, and pretty affordable all things considered.

I have both the both the battle map and mega map, and they have seen near weekly use for the last 3 years without any problems. The only down side is that blue ink does need to be washed off quickly or you will have a faint stain there.

u/Cojones893 · 6 pointsr/DnD

I used a chessex vinyl mat. Wet erase markers are perfect on it.

u/Aceshigher · 6 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

I use this one from Chessex and I love it. Not sure if that's the size I have or if I went with the one that's 1 bigger. I think the linked one is the same size as what came in the beginner box.

Just be sure to use wet erase markers and erase it within a few weeks or it bleeds into the material a bit.

u/abigaila · 6 pointsr/Parenting

I agree with /u/raisedbynarcoleptic - you need a structured non-threatening activity with the kid. Start with all four of you, don't suddenly take the scared kid out alone.

Honestly, I'd wait six months before bringing up the potential for marriage. Wait until you and he have had a conversation, he's smiled at you, and he's volunteered something positive about you to his mother. Also, STOP TEACHING HIM, if you haven't already. Move him to another teacher or studio. Stop muddying those waters.

I'm a board game person, so here's what I would do:

  • Buy 2-3 board games for him for Christmas for his mother to give to him.

  • He and his mother play the games for a few weeks until she knows what his favorite is.

  • You and your son learn that game. (or all the games!)

  • You and she get all four of you together for a tournament over a few weeks with silly prizes. Out of six times, the overall winner gets five bucks and a silly hat. That sort of thing. (NOTE: Some teenagers would flat-out refuse to play cheesy board games with their parents, but it sounds like he is close to his mother and not a particularly brash kid, so you might get some buy-in.)

  • Start having weekly game nights.

  • After a few successful game nights, suggest playing a game that's 2p only and then have the winners play each other.

  • Let the kids play against each other.

  • Once that has been shown as non-threatening, suggest kids against adults - parent v. kid.

  • Finally, suggest mixing it up and have you play against him. Direct interaction, but in the same room as the others.

  • If that goes well, have his mother schedule a multi-hour thing on the same day that your son is busy with another friend. Ask his mother to fret and wring her hands about leaving him alone so much. Volunteer to go to a cafe with the kid and play whatever his favorite game is.

  • First time alone with him! Keep it low-key. No talks about the future. No talks about family or feelings. Just stay in public and play a game together and go home. Maybe buy him some sort of mountain-of-sugar drink.

    And so on.

    The hobby doesn't have to be board games, of course, but that is the general outline of how I'd recommend handling it with a kid who literally shakes at the sight of you. Excruciating baby steps.

    Games I'd recommend for this:

  • King of Tokyo ($33)

  • Betrayal At House On The Hill ($34)

  • Uno ($5ish anywhere)

  • Sorry! ($12ish anywhere)

  • Carcassonne (out of stock at Amazon but usually $25ish)

  • Ticket To Ride (out of stock at Amazon but usually $35ish)

  • Bohnanza ($14)

  • Castle Panic ($22) (Has Star Trek and Zombie versions!)
u/Levitlame · 6 pointsr/GameDeals

Risk has come a long way. These aren't just reskins most of the time. Though I don't know anything about this edition. Legacy is entirely different as well as the Metal Gear one. Both are a ton of fun.

I'd probably just buy The actual Game of Thrones game for almost the exact same price though. It's absolutely one of my favorites when played with the right people. (And not played often enough to memorize optimal moves and things...)

u/MonsieurFroid · 6 pointsr/gameofthrones

It's pretty similar to Risk, I feel. It's the exact same game as this, in fact.

u/Eulenspiegel74 · 6 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

Kudos for doing that, but couldn't you just have bought the official Pathfinder Flip-Mats for way less moneys?

u/Oopstypo1 · 6 pointsr/CasualConversation

My favorite game is to play with friends is Betrayal at House on the Hill
A great resource if you like games is Wil Wheaton's youtube channel Tabletop

u/justanothersith · 6 pointsr/DMAcademy

I found the cheapest, yet still very nice solution are the Pathfinder tokens (monsters and NPCs). There so many to chose from, all in one box and very reasonably priced:

u/shortyjacobs · 6 pointsr/AskReddit

A Syma S107 RC Helicopter. <30 bucks, and friggin awesome. I've been playing with mine for weeks.

If you wanna give money to Reddit, use the link, (and/or read comments), in qgyh2's post

u/ThePiemaster · 6 pointsr/AskReddit

Get one of these !

Only $20, they are completely stable and maneuverable in any direction. I've dropped it from over 30 feet and ran them into walls and it still flies like a champ. With blinky lights too! Not sure what else you could want in a heli.

u/troy_destroy · 6 pointsr/magicTCG

These are some good inexpensive options.

Ultimate Guard Stack n Safe: hold 6 decks sleeved and has nice dividers
Stack 'n' Safe Deck Box (480 Cards)

KMC card barrier: has a better latch than the Ultimate Guard but the dividers aren't as good.
Card Box 1000

u/fudgebug · 6 pointsr/magicTCG

I like these a lot, and I think it fits the bill: Card Box 1000

u/ZToups · 6 pointsr/magicTCG

It's not that hard to modify the box to prevent it damaging the cards though honestly its not worth the effort when you can buy a better storage box for less than $20 (

u/yoda17 · 6 pointsr/modelmakers

Use good glue like the kind that comes with a precision applicator or a liquid glue for joining shell halves or panels. Watch a few youtube videos on gluing.

Do not use the crappy tube glue.

u/Lovehat · 6 pointsr/northernireland

I sprayed liquid ass in mine today just in case anyone was going to have a look.

u/MissSashi · 5 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG
u/Milinn · 5 pointsr/mtgcube

I don't have one personally (I also have the supreme game chest and really love it,) you could check out the KMC 1000 card box. In my research, in terms of cost/weight, it seems tricky to beat.

u/scuderia_Rosso · 5 pointsr/Warthunder

nonononono dont use super glue! What you need is cement glue, I use and recommend Tamiya. I've never used super glue on plastic models so Im not sure what will happen, but play it safe and use the stuff that was designed for these models.

Edit: look to see if there are any hobby stores near you, they most likely can give you advice, and most likely would stock the correct paints and glues

here's my airfix Hurricane mkII that was my first serious build, It's old and I lost the canopy, but I still like it :) Model making can be very fun, those are some nice kits, enjoy them

u/Wizzle-Stick · 5 pointsr/modelmakers

MEK is SUPER dangerous to use. if the fumes get in your eyes, you go blind. get it on your skin and it can cause all sorts of other issues like nervous system complications. its seriously that dangerous.
it works well for welding abs plastic as it works on the molecular level to bond the pieces together. has use in 3d printing and such, but other than that, i wouldnt use it for modeling.
i suggest not using it due to the dangers in both use and storage (it needs a stable temp).
just pay for the real stuff one alternative. its cheap enough to not worry about the price. its not like you plan on wel

u/soojet · 5 pointsr/modelmakers

A favorite of mine and a lot of people on this sub is Tamiya Extra Thin Cement:

This stuff is great for small parts, it has a very small applicator brush built in. The regular Tamiya Cement is also good stuff, it just has a bigger brush and is much thicker. The regular cement is more for larger pieces.

u/Taboobat · 5 pointsr/KingdomDeath

The 3 things you need are:

  • something to cut the pieces off the sprue -- an exacto knife will work, but flush cutters are easier to work with.
  • an adhesive -- super glue works, but plastic cement is better.
  • something to remove sprue nubs/mold lines from the plastic -- an exacto knife can work again here, but I prefer needle files. Much harder to make an error than when using a knife.

    That's pretty much it. If you want to dive in really deep I have a massive post that lists other tools and touches on a lot of customization that people have done. But none of that's mandatory, you can very easily forge ahead with just the 3 tools I linked above.
u/DexRogue · 5 pointsr/Charger

Or if you don't feel like being that destructive... Spray some of this into the windshield wiper cowl. That stank will last for a LONG time.

u/DaCeph · 5 pointsr/WTF

On this same note: liquid ass everywhere.

u/docmongre · 5 pointsr/Multicopter

These were $40 at Radio Shack. Get one from there or your local hobby shop, practice with it until you get good, then head back to your local hobby shop, walk up to the guy at the counter and say "I have $160 and I've been practicing with a Hubsan. What's a good model I can upgrade to?"


u/Oberonson · 5 pointsr/Quadcopter

Great! But seriously before you build your QAV, go buy a cheap "beater" quadcopter that you can learn to fly on. Fpv is hard and will be even harder if you begin not knowing how to fly at all. Go buy what everyone recommends: the Hubsand X4. When you can crash on your first flight it'll be with a 40 dollar quad instead of a $300+ build.

Hubsan X4 (H107L) 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter, Black

u/mike413 · 5 pointsr/Quadcopter

There are 4 models, the h107c has two versions
H107L - no camera
H107C - two versions - vga and HD/720p
H107D - fpv version with display on remote
there are also hubsan-specific add-on goggles for the H107D that plug into the remote

u/AlertLevel · 5 pointsr/minipainting

If you plan on taking up the hobby and want paints to build on, I would pick up the Reaper learn to paint set . Comes with 2 brushes and 11 paints to get you started. Plus 3 minis to use in campaign. There’s a reason there are so many pictures of that skeleton mini on the sub. It’s a great starting point.

u/Frognosticator · 5 pointsr/minipainting

I recommend starting out with a beginner box. The Reaper Beginner Box has all the paints, washes, and brushes you'll need to get started. It also comes with an instructional booklet and some models to practice on, so you can work on the basic skills.

Keep in mind that minipainting is a cheap hobby... but WH40k is not. If you're just interested in the painting aspect, or you're on a very tight budget, you may want to look at some different games. Warhammer can get very expensive very quickly.

u/Rogue__Jedi · 5 pointsr/minipainting

I got my Reaper learn to paint kit today. I have zero experience with painting but it was way easier than I expected.

u/Mutterfudder · 5 pointsr/dropmix

I’ve been using the following products: as a general carrying case for all my cards. It has enough room for cards and has some nice Velcro dividers. For premade decks, I use these:

The deck sleeves fit in the case a little snug, but they don’t bend the cards Best I can tell. So far satisfied with my purchase.

u/Rawrgodzilla · 5 pointsr/magicTCG

Quiver deck box holds 6 double sleeved commander decks. Source I own two one for my cube and one to hold my commander decks. A back pack for the rest of stuff.

u/cactipus · 5 pointsr/AskReddit

Technically no board involved, but Cards Against Humanity is a lot of fun.

And they have an expansion pack now!

u/Grahamcracker4m · 5 pointsr/cardsagainsthumanity

Ever since the first time I saw my first Cards Against Humanity card that read "Mecha Hitler" and said outloud "Whisky-Tango-Foxtrot?", I've been hooked. What I really love is the spirit of the guys behind it. They made it open-source and gave it to the masses for free in the form of do-it-yourself cards. The drawback is, your cutting skills almost certainly suck.

In the same spirit of wanting to make this game available to everyone, including those who are so astoundingly lazy that they won't take the time to properly cut their cards, I give you Business Cards Against Humanity. It's pretty much the same as the do-it-yourself cards, but it's set up to work with common business card cutters you'll find at most print shops. The result is nice, very uniform cards. Here's how it works:

  1. Download the pdf files you want to use
  2. Take them to your local print shop. I used Staples, and they should have the correct business card cutter too.
  3. Print them out on thick cardstock, ask for matte BCIM if they have it.
  4. Have them print one test page and run it through the cutter.
  5. If all is well, run the rest through.

    Here's some tips.

  • Get a quote on the entire job before they print. You don't want any hidden fees after the fact. Call it in if you are feeling lazy.
  • Like the do-it-yourself cards, ask if they will print them on their color printer at the black and white prices since, you know, it's all in black and white anyways, the color printer just does a much better job.
  • Ask if they will run it through the cutter for free or not. Apparently Staples doesn't have a fee set up for just that, they said some other stores may charge one or two dollars, or worst case charge the same price as it costs to print custom business cards from their kiosk.
  • I suggest you use the black backs file to print solid black on the back of the black cards, they will have to run it through a second time for that.
  • If you want you can skip the card extras file, it has the rules, fill-in-yourself black and white cards, and display cards for the nice little cardboard box the finished cards came in.

    Any feedback on this is much appreciated. I've got more that I want to do with the sets, but I'm pretty busy at the moment. Eventually I'll have the expansions when I find out if they too are Creative Commons licensed like the original game, I've heard conflicting points of view on that. I'll also have a way for you to make your own cards, this was actually made using just Publisher and Excel, I'll get the files up once I can make it easier to do.

    Lastly, I have no affiliations with CAH. The original game, and all glory go to the hypnotoad the fine folks at Cards Against Humanity. I made this just as a fan of the original. Speaking of which, go buy a copy. It's much nicer than this version, this is mostly so you can have nice cards when they are sold out/you have $10 to print but not $25 to buy the real thing.
u/Zakreon · 5 pointsr/DnD

I don't know if you are looking for specific sets of dice but if you just want a lot of sets for cheap, this is probably the best dice deal you can find

u/po_ta_to · 5 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

Player's Handbook (Dungeons & Dragons)

Dungeon Master's Guide (D&D Core Rulebook)

Monster Manual (D&D Core Rulebook)

These books, dice, and a bag of Lego men is all we had on day 1.

The PHB has all the basic rules and lists the races and classes and walks you through building characters. DMG has info for creating encounters and building your world. MM is a giant list of creatures, info about them, and their stats.

If nobody has ever played dice games before and you don't have any dice, it wouldn't be a bad idea to just buy something like this: That'll be enough for everyone to have a matched set plus extras.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 5 pointsr/DnD


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/killersquirel11 · 5 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

I personally like this set -- over 100 dice, and at least for me they came in nice sets of 7

Here's my haul:

u/Impatient_Cow · 5 pointsr/magicTCG

100+ dice from Wiz Dice. I got 17 complete sets d20-d4 with only 1 "bad" die, it was a percentile die that the numbers weren't stamped deep enough. Tons of dice.

u/falcon4287 · 5 pointsr/rpg

If I'm getting a pound of dice, I would rather go with Wiz Dice brand. Chessex just uses random discarded and extra dice, so you never know how many of each you're going to get. Wiz Dice pound of dice bag comes in full matching sets, plus a small dice bag that can carry two sets.

And it's only $20. Downside? It's not Amazon Prime, so there is shipping on there.

u/fresh1134206 · 5 pointsr/Unexpected

If you want to learn how to fly drones, start with one that doesn't have FPV. This way you'll know how to fly it if your monitor goes out.

I recently got the "UDI U818A". It's a great learner, easy to fly and takes crashes well. It's around 16 inches diagonally, so a little big for indoors. That's never stopped me though. You can get one on Amazon for around $50 usd.

A smaller option is the "Hubsan X4". I haven't flown this particular quad, but I'm probably going to order one this week. It has great reviews, and is only about 6 inches across diagonally. Great for indoors. Again, Amazon has them for around $50 $30 usd.

I suggest starting with one of these. Get good, then move up to something more expensive with FPV.

Edit: Links and such

UDI U818A $49.23 + Free Shipping

Hubsan X4 H107L (no camera) $33.95

Hubsan X4 H107C (camera) $29.99 + Free Shipping

Do some digging and look for deals. You may be able to find cheaper prices. I got my U818A for $28 + Free Shipping on a Lightning Deal.

u/Raider1284 · 5 pointsr/Multicopter

Im sure its fine, but its super overpriced. Effectively looks like a syma x1 with a fancy, heavy frame over it.

Get the syma x1 for $35 or the hubsan x4:

u/porksmash · 5 pointsr/diydrones

I think the CrazyFlie is one of the worst options, honestly. It's expensive and requires a computer and gamepad. It might be a good option if you're into computer based control, but if you just want to fly around then there are a few others you could go with. I haven't seen many kits at this size but there are a lot of prebuilt/ready to fly options:

u/vampirelupus · 5 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

The flip mats are great once or twice, but they lack reusability. Not bad for Pathfinder Society or if there is a blank side, but overall, I would recommend a battle mat instead ( Maybe not as much details or as pretty, but good quality and lasts ages.

As for fog of war with flip mats, post it notes.

u/insanityv2 · 5 pointsr/rpg

I'd go with chessex.

There's one twice that size for a few dollars over 30.

u/Tired_Dungeon_Master · 5 pointsr/DnD

> Or am I supposed to just describe the rooms? If I should describe them, what if a fight occurs?

You can absolutely play without a map, it's called theatre of the mind. Usually, the DM keeps track of locations and the players ask things like "How far is the closest monster" or "Am I close enough to hit Y" and so on. It's a little abstracted, but some people like it more than maps-and-miniatures. Personally, as I use maps with line drawings of the locations, I give way more detail in descriptive words than my map contains.

> . My question is how you usually make maps (mainly for dungeons). All I have access to are A4 sheets of paper and a printer for those sheets. The maximum amount of squares I get on those are 8x11, which means that I'll have to use several sheets of paper even for small dungeons.

Honestly not unusual if you're home-printing. Personally, I use a large battle mat about the same size as my table surface. This mat has allowed me to draw out full dungeons in most cases, but it's also the size of a medium dining room table. I also have a smaller square battle mat in case the dungeon is too large or I want a specific subsection or another place included in the same session. For instance, I'll draw the keep they start in on the small mat, and the dungeon they're traveling to on the large mat. Then, the keep-mat can even be used to obscure areas they haven't seen within the dungeon-mat, at least for a time. Fog of war can be handled by not drawing the full area ahead of time, or using something like paper or towels to physically cover the mat.

For both, I use dry erase markers for a simple outline of dungeons (Crosshatch in between-walls places where there is no space to exist, for clarities sake), and might include some basic fluff like rock piles, stalagtites/mites, etc. I also have a bunch of clay and cardboard miniature set pieces I use to accent the maps - barrels, fires, rocks, fountains, statues, etc. These bits are my own make, so there's some time involved, but you can buy premade miniature items to use as well, or just forgo the accents entirely. It's not necessary, I just like it.

My setup looks like this, all-told. (Was before I got the big mat, so this is just the smaller one). This one mat contained an entire wing of a 3-part dungeon, enough for a session and a half or so. The next section was a large labyrinth and is why I now own a larger mat.

> they also includd things only the DM is supposed to read anyway, like Trap Locations or Secrets.

Often there are two maps - a DM version and a clean Player version. Alternatively, googling 'placename dungeon map' will usually find you plenty of cleaned up or player-made versions of maps, sometimes better than what's in the actual module.

> To my knowledge, you always need a map for a fight,

As I said earlier, nope. It's easiest for at least the DM to have a map to mark things on themselves, but you can in fact go 100% mapless, and it works just fine. Just have to be used to it, pretty much. If you're not providing a map for your players, as a new DM I'd say keep your own printed map and some little markers like pennies or dimes to track locations so you can be ready with information. Even just some gridlined paper you can draw out as you go is plenty for your own tracking purposes.

u/acs14 · 5 pointsr/coins

I almost exclusively collect foreign coins, and I use the 2x2 cardboard flips for all of them worth displaying. I keep the 2x2s in sheets like these in a big binder. What kind of foreign coins do you have? I imagine that they make ones sized specifically to different currencies, but I just use the US sizes and approximate: for example, a turn of the century Russian 2 kopek coin is a few mm smaller in diameter than a US quarter, so it goes in a quarter-sized flip.

u/alvin_sanity · 5 pointsr/XWingTMG

I use these ( for both dials and bases and like it very much.

It makes it a lot easier to find the stuff you need.

It's relatively easy to put things in and take them out. The one caveat is that it's sometimes too easy for parts to fall out. As long as you store your binder and travel with it upright things should be fine.

u/funnynickname · 5 pointsr/WTF

Amazon sells them (obviously, when you think about it). Cheaper too.

u/cheesefuzz · 5 pointsr/DealsReddit

If you think they are hilarious, then I would say you very much understand the point of these!

The customer images at Amazon are pretty hysterical. They're linked on the right side of the page around where the reviews start.

u/camn · 5 pointsr/WTF

Come on dude, you couldn't Google it?
[](/fluttershh "I hope that didn't sound too mean")

u/heeloliver · 5 pointsr/teenagers
u/DepartmentStoreSpook · 5 pointsr/MLPLounge

No, no, no. This will only scare him off. What she needs to do is purchase one of these bad boys, and then take an album of shots covered in fake(or real) blood with a bedazzled border around the tattoo. The horse mask will show that you are indeed familiar with equine, the blood symbolizes your dedication to them, and bedazzled tattoos are of the up-most class.

Edit: Spelling

u/michelk · 5 pointsr/Quebec

Pourquoi pas l'acheter ici?

u/Never-Told-A-Lie · 5 pointsr/teenagers
u/tandem7 · 5 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You guys are bee-you-tee-mous maximus today indeed!! As always, of course :)

If I'm dreaming big, then this is what I would ask for - it sounds like such an awesome game, and board games are my favourite way to spend quality time with my boyfriend. It sounds like a ton of fun, we actually went looking for it for an anniversary gift to each other, but we couldn't find it anywhere locally so we put it on the back burner.

Under $20, this guy - it's an inside joke, there are a group of us who play "minion" to my friend's "mad scientist", so it makes me smile.

C'mon...gimme three cheers for rasta and the numbah man, two of my favourite people in RAOA :)

u/habadacas · 5 pointsr/Gaming4Gamers

a few good games you could start with are, King of Toyko , or Pandemic, or Catan, or Betrayal at House ont he hill.

There is also a great youtube channel called Tabletop run by Wil Wheaton that showcases a ton of games where you can watch them play and get a feel ahead of time if its a game you think you would be interested in.

u/a_quick_glance · 5 pointsr/college

I agree with counseling. Even if you don't absolutely need it, it still helps to talk to someone who is paid to help you understand yourself.

I went to the counseling center because I couldn't pick a major and they helped me figure out what I enjoyed doing etc.

I also went another time when I was having a fight with a friend and I just wanted someone to give me perspective on the situation and help me be a better communicator.

People go to counseling for things other than depression. I used to not know what counselors were, but they are sort of similar to psychiatrists.

What are your interests? What is your major? I can give you tips on how to pick student organizations based on your interests. I had a hard time picking student organizations at first. Student organizations are an AMAZING way to meet people. Heck, my alma mater just had a reddit meet up this past week. You can meet people through reddit. Have you been talking to people at your school on their subreddit and asking for their advice?

It is scary, but you have to try new things even if they make you uncomfortable. Not everything will work out, but you will eventually meet people if you try different strategies and change your ideas about how to meet people.

Edit: Don't be afraid to try new things. Say yes to hanging out with people and doing somethings that is unfamiliar. Say yes to almost everything. If I was a freshman again I would probably have Netflix parties, GOT parties, or play CAH or Settlers of Catan. I would also have used to check out new places nearby. I got really into hiking when I was in college. I wouldn't have guessed I loved to hike as much as I do. I also started going to markets and swap meets a lot. You have to try new things and push forward.

Other people are scared too.

It might be making you depressed because your reality is not living up to your expectations and you don't know how to cope, and you are still in shock because you left your family and friends. Have you ever seen that Expectations vs. Reality scene in 500 Days of Summer? You have to learn how to make your new reality work for you. It takes some time to get used to not seeing your friends so much, but if you find new ones, then the transition will be easier. Don't be afraid to invite your friends to come visit if they are within a three hour distance. I visited my friends at their dorms and apartments a lot, we went to different colleges throughout Southern California. I've been to 8 or 9 campuses I believe.

u/PFS_Character · 5 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

Don't print them… draw your own on a reusable surface. Your maps don't don't need to be super detailed.

Get a $12.00 flip mat and some wet erase markers and just sketch out the corridors to scale.

Another solution is a chessex map. If you're really going to get into the hobby then this is a longer-term solution than the flip mats.

A final option is to buy a roll of 1" grid paper and some sharpies, and draw your own.

All of these are cheaper than buying a projector or printing each map to a 1" grid scale.

u/Krimmitt · 5 pointsr/DnD

I personally find it good to have the grid, tokens, and minis. It clears up a lot of miscommunication between the DM and the players.

I have played in a group that chose not to use any grid or props besides tokens. As a player I was constantly confused as to where the tree line was, where the door was, what door I was doing a perception check on, and so on.

The best example of this was when the party said "we will stay a few feet away from the door while we rest." The DM took this as we were literally huddling around this small door. The monsters beyond the door hear us, got a surprise round, and we almost wiped.

My recommendation to you is to get a grid and some wet erase markers. You dont have to stay in the squares, and if you want, you can even use the hex side.

When it comes to large scale maps, ones where a square represents more than 5ft, I do prefer that it is just drawn sloppily on a piece of paper or something. As long as everyone understands where they are, what way is north, and how they can get from one place to another. The best way to do this, in my experience, is to have a drawing.

TLDR: Get a grid mat and some wet erase markers. Less set up time than Roll20, more customization than almost anything, and it is sufficiently accurate for almost all D&D encounters.

u/James_the_Third · 5 pointsr/DnD

The Chessex battlemat is definitely the gold standard here. I’ve had mine for ten years and it’s still in great shape. They’re wet-erase, but don’t let that dissuade you.

u/rbanders · 5 pointsr/boardgames

A few games I like that would probably fit the bill:

Spot It. Super fun game, easy to learn and quick to play. Not the deepest game but it's lots of fun for all ages and a nice quick game to play when you want something short or as a break between longer games. Good for any number of players.

Dixit. A storytelling game. Each turn one of you is the "storyteller" and tells a short story (one word to a sentence) about it. Everyone else picks a card from their hand that they think fits the story. The cards are mixed up and everyone guesses which one the Storyteller had. The interesting scoring mechanic is the storyteller only gets points if some people don't guess right. If everyone or no one guesses right, the storyteller gets no points and everyone else gets points. Plus, if it's not your turn but someone votes for your card, you get points. The cards can be somewhat crazy and surreal but are definitely safe for a 9 year old. The game is a fun casual game.

Ticket to Ride. Fun game where you lay out train routes. You can block people's routes and you will be angry at whoever does that to you. Only takes 5 people though.

Tsuro. Another somewhat shorter game. You take turns laying tiles and moving your Dragon along the path they create trying to stay on the board. Near the end of the game it gets hectic and you might end up knocking each other off.

TransAmerica. A train game like Ticket to Ride but faster and a little less complex. Rounds go quickly and it has an interesting scoring mechanic. Each round you lose points if you don't connect to your cities and the game ends when someone is at zero. The winner is whoever lost the least points.

7 Wonders. A fun game that involves playing cards that you draw from a hand you pass around. Takes up to 7 people but might be slightly too complex for the 9 year old.

Shadow Hunters. A hidden roles game where you will be on teams but you won't know who's on your team. Throughout the game you try to figure that out and it can get very competitive. Again might be slightly too complex for the 9 year old but maybe not.

Castle Panic. This game is slightly different because it is a cooperative game. All of you play against the game itself to try and defend your castle and defeat all the monsters. It's a pretty fun game.

There are a ton of other good games but I'll stop for now since I've probably listed too many as it is. Two things I'd recommend to try to find new games that your family might like beyond these. First, see if there's a board game store near you. A lot of them will have board game libraries where you can go in and try out the games at no charge. Most (in my experience) are pretty friendly to newer players. Second, check out TableTop. It's a show hosted by Wil Wheaton where he explains games and then plays through them. My wife and I used it as a good way to see new games that we might be interested in without having to buy them sight unseen, since boardgames can be expensive. The demo part of the show has sold us on a bunch of games (several of which are listed above). Hope this helps and enjoy the family game nights.

u/OneOddCanadian · 5 pointsr/boardgames for $56 with free shipping. Otherwise you can take a look at any online boardgame store for ~$60 such as Board Game Bliss or 401games.

u/Vurlax · 5 pointsr/gameofthrones

It is:

It's pretty good, though it takes a round or two before the rules make sense.

u/Seizure_Storm · 5 pointsr/GameDeals

I usually don't post but you can get the actual game of thrones board game by Fantasy Flight Games for around the same price.

The board game I just listed above is rated as one of the 100 best board games by Board Game Geek as well instead of in the top 3000 in the case of Risk: Game of Thrones.

If you absolutely must have a risk board game, I would look into Risk: Legacy which is usually lauded of as the definitive version of Risk in the board gaming community.

u/TychoTiberius · 5 pointsr/gameofthrones

Just buy this, it's way better than risk because it adds the politics and backstabbing that we all love from the show.

u/lasalle202 · 5 pointsr/dndnext

The heavy stock "pawns" from Pathfinder and similar "standees" are a really nice and much cheaper alternative to minis. You can store and transport so many more so much easier. Great art.

u/ArdeaAbe · 5 pointsr/dndnext

I have a box of Pathfinder pawns and they are pretty great. You get a selection of bases. I got one of the evil races boxes but the Bestiary Box 1 seems to have a pretty good overlap with 5e's MM.

u/Poptech · 4 pointsr/boardgames

Buy whatever games you want, I own CAH and Munchkin too and I do not care if anyone hates a game I enjoy.

Recommended Essential Games:

u/thethoughtoflilacs · 4 pointsr/infertility

Oooh, I looooove board games. From what you're describing I feel like Ticket to Ride could work really well; there are a good amount of instructions but they're pretty easy to follow along with (it's mostly for scoring purposes).

For something way more light/fun, there's also Sushi Go! or Love Letter -- they're both card-based games that look deceptively simple but are never played the same way twice. My wildcard choice would be Carcassonne, which is definitely more of a hard sell -- you build a Medieval French town with picture tiles -- but I promise is really, really fun. Again, the scoring is where it gets slightly more complicated, and it can be intimidating-looking, but the game is really fantastic. Lots of strategy and luck needed, and it's a really unique experience.

Whatever this is for sounds like it'll be a lot of fun!

u/BHRPG · 4 pointsr/vacaville

Ticket to Ride

Fun little game for 2 to 5 players that takes about 30 minutes to an hour depending on number of players and such. Super easy rules.

Build train routes between major cities based off ticket cards in your hand that give you points for each completed route. Careful though, unfinished routes make you lose points at the end.

Check out the Tabletop Episode to see a video of it being played.

u/RTukka · 4 pointsr/DnD

First, I'd recommend that you keep the box and all of the components in good condition, so you can consider re-selling it once you're done with it. The Red Box seems to be out of print and is selling for far above its $20 MSRP, and if you can recoup some of the money you spent on it to buy some resources that will have more lasting value, it might be worth it (depending on how highly you value your time), since you will have little use for most of the contents of the box once you're through with the initial adventure.

Or, if it's not too late, you may want to cancel your order. The Starter Set is a relatively gentle introduction to D&D, but not necessarily the best one and certainly not the cheapest.

To prepare, you might want to read, and have everyone else read, the quick start rules. You can also have the players choose pre-generated characters from that document and print off the corresponding character sheets. The Red Box method of character creation involves running through a solo "choose-your-own-adventure" book, which you might not want to do 3 or 4 times in succession for each of your players. Note that the the quick start rules uses slightly different versions of the character classes presented in the Red Box, but the characters/systems are compatible.

You will not immediately need to create your own group adventure, as one is included with the Starter Set.

Also, as an alternative to the Starter Set, /u/Dracoprimus posted a bunch of links to free adventures. You can also choose to run one of these adventures after you finish with the Red Box.

However, neither those those links nor the Red Box will not give you the resources needed to build your own characters or advance them past level 2, nor do they contain the info a DM needs to create his own campaign, or extensively modify an existing one. For that, I recommend getting the following resources (buying some of the books used may yield a good savings):

  • Heroes of the Fallen Lands (alternatives/supplements: Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms, the 4e Player's Handbook)
  • The 4e Dungeon Master's Guide (alternative/supplement: the 4e Rules Compendium)
  • The Monster Vault (buy a new or like-new copy so you can be sure you get all of the included components)

    With those three products, you have everything you need to run a level 1-30 campaign. A D&D Insider subscription can substitute for those resources to a large extent, and supplement them with tons of content, but it's most useful as a convenience and reference. I would still recommend getting the core books even if your group has a DDI sub.

    On top of that, a few game aids are nice to have:

  • A blank, reusable flip-mat, like the Paizo basic flip-mat, plus some dry- or wet-erase markers.
  • Alternatively, a 1" gridded easel pad, which you can probably get at an office supply store.
  • Enough dice for everyone. Bulk dice like Chessex Pound O' Dice can be a good way to go.
  • Tokens or character markers. The Monster Vault and Starter Set include some. You can make your own, buy miniatures or products that come with miniatures, like the Descent board game or the Legend of Drizzt, or WotC's Dungeon Command games.
u/Ryngard · 4 pointsr/DnD

I HIGHLY recommend Paizo's flipmats. They are cheap and you can use wet erase, dry erase, and apparently sharpie.

I swapped from my old wet erase Chessex to them. You can even get them with terrain on them (and I got some white chalk pens so you can see the ink on the dark terrain) if that floats your boat.

They fold up to a squareish shape the size of a piece of paper and they cost under $20.

The basic one is $14 on Amazon:

They have a larger one for $20:

I HIGHLY recommend them... I've used a ton of things in my over 30 years of gaming and these are what we've landed on that hits that sweet spot of utility + convenience + cost effectiveness.

I like to draw the outline of areas at home with wet erase pens then when I'm at the table, I fill in details with dry erase as they explore/do things. A LOT less messy that way.

u/MrSpiffyTrousers · 4 pointsr/dndnext

I have a 3d printer so i just make them now (and never paint them), but I also use Paizo Pawns to fill in the gaps - there's like 300 monsters/NPCs in each box in a series of at least 6, and pathfinder has a ton of overlap with DnD. It's amazingly cost-efficient if you have that upfront money.


Alternatively, you can check the local thrift stores for old games - there's chess and occasionally Zombies!!!, but if you're lucky you can find Arena of the Planeswalkers and get a pretty nice set of minis for $5.


Alternatively alternatively, there are printable monsters on DriveThruRPG for hella cheap too (example)

u/knubby · 4 pointsr/orangecounty

I just ordered Cards Against Humanity Amazon Link. Fellow Redditors unite!

u/fiiiiish · 4 pointsr/dice


Or apparently their new set that I just noticed series ii

I've picked up 3 lbs of the first link, came with almost always complete sets, with maybe 5 random extra dice that didn't match.

Edit, found a picture of the last [bag] (

u/greanone · 4 pointsr/DnD

wiz dice pound

edit: formatting skills

u/brainwired1 · 4 pointsr/DnD

The Chessex pound-o-dice is nice enough, but I would recommend the Wiz Dice pack

Seems like it tends to produce more sets.

u/Shortsonfire79 · 4 pointsr/Multicopter

I highly suggest picking up something small and cheap that you can mess around with and learn the mechanics of multi flight while you figure everything else out. I personally like the Hubsan x4 and they also have one with a camera on it for a little extra. I should have started with the Hubsan (or other microquad) because I crashed my first build terribly which set me back several months of repair.

For your first bigger multi you could look into the Cinetanks if you're interested in zipping around (link is only to a frame, but they have suggested parts in the right sidebar). I've heard good things about the DJI Flamewheels.

What I've been doing as I get ready for my next multi is to look at the build logs section of the sub wiki. Gives me a good idea of what I'd like and what other people have done too. I also suggest checking the two forums on the sidebar (multi and rcg) The guys at Multirotor pretty much held my hand and walked me through my first build, which I'm really grateful for.

Good luck! And welcome. :D

u/Canadians360 · 4 pointsr/DMToolkit

While not explicitly Minis I found the Paizo Bestiary boxes a great budget way to get a broad set of creatures realized on my matt for cheap. I encourage most new DMs to check them out. Believe there are six general ones and some campaign/theme specific ones.

u/jrdhytr · 4 pointsr/rpg

Your best bet is to combine Pathfinder Pawns with D&D Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated.

u/joshellis625 · 4 pointsr/radiocontrol

First of all, I would never attach your cell phone to a helicopter (I doubt many--if any, could even hold it). They make cheap cameras that are made to attach to the bottom of RC helicopters. Go that route :)

Now I just sort've got into this hobby. I know very little but I can give you some advice.

There are 3 types of RC Helicopters:

-Coaxial = two sets of rotor blades (not including tail rotor) EASIEST AND CHEAPEST
-Fixed Pitch = single rotor with fixed blade pitch EASIER AND CHEAPER
-Collective Pitch = single rotor with controllable blade pitch HARDEST AND MOST EXPENSIVE

Those are also listed from easiest to hardest to fly. You can learn to fly a coaxial in like 20-30 minutes if that. Coaxial heli's will easily hover with little to no controller input as the gyro/accelerometer does all the work and dual rotors are inherently stable. A good first coaxial could be the Syma S107 @ $27. Feel free to skip to a fixed pitch heli if you are daring but with the Syma S107 being less than $30 you should still get it.

Fixed pitch heli's are an entirely different animal as I've recently learned. They are much less stable than a coaxial helicopter but not uncontrollable if you are patient and careful. The physics behind a FP heli is much different than a Coax. These heli's are also more powerful (usually) so be very gentle otherwise you'll be replacing parts even more so than you will normally. YOU WILL NEED TO BUY REPLACEMENT PARTS. YOU WILL CRASH. Keep in mind though, it's not completely terrifying :). Don't be afraid to learn. I love and recommend getting a Blade 120 SR @ $160-180. I just got one and I love it. It's so fun. It's so appealing to fly a single rotor heli because it's more realistic and challenging.

Finally, you have Collective Pitch helicopters. These are what the "pros" use. The rotor blades have a variable pitch that allows for very intense and tricky maneuvers. These are sometimes called 3D helicopters because (if you are skilled enough) can fly them upside down or any direction in between while zipping through the air. I don't know too much about them because I'm still learning to fly a fixed pitch heli. Do NOT start with one of these helicopters. The Blade 450 3D @ $470 is a common example of a Collective Pitch 3D helicopter. As you can see they are quite expensive.

Helicopter Cameras: EXAMPLE

TL;DR: Start with a coaxial (Syma S107) to learn. Then move up to a fixed pitch helicopter (Blade 120 SR). Buy lots of replacement parts/training gear/flight sim (optional). Get used to crashing. Don't fly too high at first. Have fun!

u/sops-sierra-19 · 4 pointsr/Gunpla

Tamiya extra thin plastic cement my dude. Will literally weld the plastic back together, better than superglue for fixing clean breaks.

u/arafik815 · 4 pointsr/Gunpla

Tamiya 87038 Extra Thin Cement Glue Fine Tip 40ml

u/wrel_ · 4 pointsr/modelmakers

This stuff right here.

Just use it in a well ventilated area and don't apply it to parts you've' painted cause it'll eat that paint like it wasn't there.

u/Monoker · 4 pointsr/CrisisProtocol

I tried a few different ones and had the most success with this for the model assembly and then any super glue gel for the model to the base.

u/zHellas · 4 pointsr/gamegrumps

> We should send Arin some fart spray to balance things out.

Like Liquid Ass?

u/Jargen · 4 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Prank shops close to the campus, or online

u/LX41 · 4 pointsr/unitedkingdom

I present to you. This. Mate uses the stuff on his neighbours who live below him.

u/TNT12DaBomb · 4 pointsr/funny

Someone poured a whole bottle of this into the air ducts. The entire school stank for the rest of the month. It started to precipitate in the lockers.

u/toopc · 4 pointsr/SeattleWA

The great thing about glitter is that it's simple, and a real pain in the ass to clean up. Cat poop is gross, but you can fling it out your car in a second.

No doubt your suggested mixture would be extremely nasty, but creating it would be almost as disgusting as having it flung about your car. Far easier to buy a bottle of "Liquid Ass" and just work that into the equation somehow.

u/Fwoggie2 · 4 pointsr/london

If he persists you could spray the lightest of light sprays on his coat of this - he'd think he got it off you and give you a wide berth:

u/amazongifter · 4 pointsr/AskReddit

Yodeling pickle


Liquid ass

Choose wisely my friend

u/fireash · 4 pointsr/breakingmom

Wow, that is just awful! I never lock the door to the bathroom, but my husband won't even fart around me, much less poop while I am in the shower. Is locking it an option, or can you install one if it doesn't currently lock? If you do want revenge, and can't make yourself poop on command, maybe get those stinky sprays?

u/ChinaMan28 · 4 pointsr/Multicopter

Well before you get to a 500 sized multirotor, Might I suggest something smaller and less spinning blades of death?

such as:

Once you get comfortable then you should move up...but if you are new, and don't know to much, you WILL wreck it.

u/spartankelli · 4 pointsr/Gloomhaven

A great place to start is the mini painting starter sets by Reaper:

They're not too expensive, and they are a great intro to mini painting. They also come with pieces to practice techniques on, and a lot of paints to work with as well. I'd get those, and maybe some brushes.

I also would recommend a wet palette to keep paints wet between painting sessions, magnifying glasses to help see, and a mini holder.

I also got these brushes, which seem to be working well for me, and have a mix of useful ones.

u/masterflashterbation · 4 pointsr/DnD

The starter paint sets Reaper puts out are solid. Comes with 3 minis and teaches you the basics with step by step instructions for each mini. Coupling that with some yt videos on how to use a good wash you can learn quickly. I was surprised how good some of mine look after just doing a few. I expected to be terrible but there's a lot of good stuff out there to help.

u/chaos_47 · 4 pointsr/minipainting

While this is generally considered good advice given here for a true "no experience" beginner you can get away with cheaper brushes.
IMO these brushes work great and are an excellent value at 4 bucks. And you will get a variety of useful sizes. (If you look for them in store they now have black handles, not blue)
(And yes I know this isn't an amazon purchase like OP wanted but its a great value)

Its probably better to pick up primer and sealer locally too. You could probably get both at Walmart.. I use Krylon COVERMAXX Acrylic Crystal Clear Flat sealer. But I like to use Duplicolor Sandable Primer so I get that at the automotive store.

IMO I would not buy a palette either. It's really easy to make a wet palette out of things from the dollar store or from around the house that will serve you better then an artists palette.

Reapers MSP and Citadel paints are not well represented on Amazon.. but Vallejo and Army Painter paints are..

Reaper does have their Learn to Paint kit on Amazon:

If your not sure that mini painting is going to be your thing you may just want to start with (diluted) craft paint anyways... but purpose made miniature paint really does have its advantages.

Sorry I know I haven't been much help on what to buy on Amazon but hopefully this will give you an idea on what to avoid

u/IgwanaRob · 4 pointsr/minipainting

Reaper kit comes with 2 brushes, a decent selection of paints, and some really good instructions for painting the included minis. Downside is you might want to pick up some additional paints as the ones included are tailored to the included minis (no human fleshtone, etc).

Basic but fairly standard set of paints, includes an ink for shading, and cheap enough to buy a few decent brushes along with it (the one it comes with is rather low quality, but considering the price it's not that bad of a negative point)

u/leglesslegolegolas · 4 pointsr/MassiveDarkness

You can start with one of the learn to paint kits.

They include instructions, paints, brushes, even a few miniatures to practice on. I linked the Core Skills set, there are a couple of other kits on Amazon as well for learning more advanced techniques.

u/Tweeqk · 4 pointsr/magicTCG

Not a deck box but im a big fan of this. Quiver Black Playing Card Case i use it to carry 3 edh decks in boulder cases and still have room for dice and playmat. Give it a thought.

u/kesa_maiasa · 4 pointsr/EDH

Depends on how many EDH decks you have. I personally use this awesome case

It pretty comfortably fits 5 double sleeved edh decks, 30 unsleeved token cards for various decks, and a box for dice and various other token/beads what have you (box is not included).

I've had it now for about a year and it's been fantastic.

u/Wrightboy · 4 pointsr/boardgames

I've really like the Quiver for travelling with a bunch of card games. Otherwise I've had good luck with the Iris photo box from craft stores, filled all of the carts with a game or two, handles more than just cards easily which is nice.

u/InsidiousToilet · 4 pointsr/magicTCG

While this is neat, I still prefer the "tried and true" method of just re-using Dragon Shield boxes (<-- edit: added a photo of my Cube):

  • 8x empty Dragon Shield boxes.
  • 45 cards in each box.
  • Players sit down, crack their "box", split cards into 3 piles.
  • Draft.

    Super simple, no wasted paper, just re-purposed sleeve boxes. I use a Quiver (love this thing) to tote my Cube around, and so it fits real nice. I use a 9th box for dice. The boxes are also a surprise way to slip some boosters into each "booster" for players on special occasions (birthdays, parties, etc).
u/whittlinwood · 4 pointsr/history

I hate when that happens. The game is Settlers of Catan. It's a board game that I can best describe as Civilization meets Monopoly. It's based on strategy and can be played with 2-4 players. Up to 6 players with the purchase of an expansion. Games take about an hour. I can't recommend it enough. The gameplay is engaging enough for even casual board gamers.

The references above are to the resources you get. You need them to build and expand your civilization. You can also trade which leads to exclamations like, "I have wood for sheep" being commonplace even outside of New Zealand.

u/ColdRail · 4 pointsr/pics

Settle that shit!

If you don't know

u/Vecna_Is_My_Co-Pilot · 4 pointsr/dndnext

The easiest cheapest option would be the Paizo flip-mats (produced under the Pathfinder and Game Mastery brands). These are foldable, and you can get bare battlefield versions or ones with printed maps on them. All function fine with dry and wet erase.

Another popular choice is the Chessex game mats which are rollable and blank. They're more durable than the Paizo ones and can be gotten with squares and/or hexes. They come in a variety of sizes, some large enough to cover a tabletop -- here's one example.

A more flexible option are these interlocking dungeon tiles. Each has a blank grid, and I think they're neat because you can draw out your dungeon and reveal it room by room by placing down individual tiles. This is the only one I've not used myself.

Lastly, Arcknight makes a wide variety of printed plastic products, from plastic minis to AOE templates to printed battlemats that are all dry erasable and stuff. They are all relatively large sized so they won't fit in a bag, but they're really beautifully made and quite durable.

u/AlphaAnt · 4 pointsr/DnD

Yes, battle mats are pretty necessary in 4e. It would be easier to switch to a different edition than to decouple the need for grids.

That said, the most common thing you'll find is a rollup battle grid like this one that you can draw on with wet erase markers.

u/supersmashandy · 4 pointsr/DMAcademy
  1. Book coverage: Waterdeep is a lot like a broad template at times - like reading the Wikipedia recap of a TV episode. Many aspects are fully fleshed out. Others say "The players are tasked with finding three bandits who stole a necklace" and then you just have to figure that out yourself. Get ready to improv!

  2. I would only consider doing voices if you think you have 30+ unique voices in you already. Otherwise, they'll all sound mostly the same, and your players may get confused. Learn a few of the most important characters (the main villains, vital NPCs, etc) and make a voice for them. For everyone else, generic fantasy British works most of the time!

  3. Buy one of these ( and a set of wet erase markers ( and never worry about battle maps again - unless you REALLY want to make unique and custom maps for every single thing the players see. I find that the flexibility of being able to quickly draw out a big rectangle with some trees and barrels on one of these maps for those encounters you couldn't have planned on outweighs the benefit of having a detailed battle map you custom-make for everything (unless you just have the time and money to do so!). The official Dungeon Tiles are also great, and you can lay them on top of the map I linked earlier. (

    Also, check out the official Waterdeep: Dragon Heist subreddit for an entire host of questions, answers and resources just for that book.
u/DnDYetti · 4 pointsr/DnD

> 1) what do you recomend to do?

I'd personally start with 5e, because it is a much more simplified system that allows for more aspects of role-playing, which is great for everyone - especially new players.

A nice start for new groups to DnD is a starter set. Here is a link to buy a starter set which comes with a 64-page adventure pre-made module book, a 32-page rule-book for playing characters level 1–5, 5 pregenerated characters, each with a character sheet and supporting reference material, and 6 dice. If you are playing 5e, you need the 5e books - the 3.5 books won't work for 5e, they are completely different games due to additional information added over each new edition.

I'd also recommend that you all sit down together in the same room, hook up a computer to a TV in the room, and watch some good DnD games to figure out what role-playing means, how DM's look in action, and how the game runs overall. Shows such as Critical-Role, or Acquisitions Incorporated are amazing.

Here is the playlsit for Critical Role on Youtube:

u/Altecvex · 4 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

This, is your new lifelong roleplaying friend, treat him well, and he'll take you anywhere you want to go. -

::edit:: also, this

u/Zaorish9 · 4 pointsr/DnD

I just use a Chessex Megamat. Works great for drawing any terrain. I've had TONS of huge, fun battles all over it, drawing and erasing and redrawing easily. I use either scraps of paper for monsters or my friend's miniature collection.

u/dfBishop · 4 pointsr/dndnext

I've been DMing LMoP for a few months now, and I did so much prep work, I got in trouble at my real job for it. I have maps of EVERYTHING as PDFs with notes for every single room.

The upshot of this is that I barely referenced my notes last session because I have it all memorized. But notes are absolutely essential.

And like others have said, dungeons just need maps. My group tried theater of the mind for about two seconds before I went "OH MY GOD, I'll just draw it!" I'd recommend getting a big battle mat for that. It's pricey, but definitely worth it. I have this one, it's fantastic. Gotta be careful to use the right markers, though. But you definitely won't run out of room!

u/poilsoup2 · 4 pointsr/KingdomDeath

currently they are in a 1 inch binder but I would recommend a 1.5 inch

u/Cowtippa1 · 4 pointsr/KingdomDeath

BCW Pro 20-Pocket Pages, Pocket Size: 2" x2", 20 Pages - Coin Collecting Supplies

These fit perfectly

u/DuckDuckBoson · 4 pointsr/KingdomDeath

Here's what I've gotten. They are perfect.

BCW Pro 20-Pocket Pages, Pocket Size: 2" x2", 20 Pages - Coin Collecting Supplies

u/ButterflyMarzele · 4 pointsr/funny
u/s2xtreme4u · 4 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I dont have a NSFW list.

but these resemble anal beads

I could put these on my balls and her nipples

this could set the mood?

I could eat these from her toes to her vagina

I could make her fetch before I do her doggy style

A little after sex refreshment

animals going over her mountains ;)

I could dye her nipples different colors then lick them off

instead of an after sex cigarette we would have these

and then to get extra kinky! we would do some horse sex

u/FUNKYDISCO · 4 pointsr/thatHappened
u/DinnerMilk · 4 pointsr/3Dprinting

I guess it could be worn alongside this for authenticity.

u/Unsolved_Mysteries · 4 pointsr/funny

The additional pictures for the horse head are ridiculous.

u/jaketebz · 4 pointsr/Boardgamedeals

Lightning Deal: amazon

u/senkora · 4 pointsr/KingdomHearts

Here's some concrete examples; they're all on sale right now for some reason so a bit cheaper than expected, but these are some of the games I was thinking of:

  1. Betrayal at the House on the Hill

    2.Terraforming Mars

  2. Puerto Rico

  3. Pandemic
u/KovaaK · 4 pointsr/funny

Keep an eye on

I got them for $25+shipping.

u/TeamRemix · 3 pointsr/nowiknow

I'd say, as an avid redditor, that the Horse Head Mask would be a wonderful addition.

It's "on sale" for $15 on amazon, but I don't know if it stays there.

But in seriousness, I'd go with a Mighty Mug.

u/theseb · 3 pointsr/gadgets
u/metalsteve666 · 3 pointsr/funny
u/BigHusky2013 · 3 pointsr/RandomKindness

There is one on amazon for $19.99 Horse Head

u/clonetek · 3 pointsr/HorseMask

looks... off.

did it have this tag on it?

u/TwistedEnigma · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

this ok ill go from this game, this game was featured on an episode of table top with Wil Wheaton,Wil Wheatons brother Joss created Dr horrible's sing along blog. one of the characters in this epic tale is captain hammer. i know what you are thinking, " wow Twisty that is a pretty good jump to hammer, but what about squeaky?" and my reply is to hold your pants on cause im getting there :P. in the movie with captain hammer is a girl named penny, penny is a very shy girl some would even say mousey. mouses are known for being squeaky! BUT WAIT THERES MORE!!!!! penny is played by the beautifully nerdy Felicia Day! who just so happened to be on an episode of Tabletop with Wil wheaton, the very same show that did an episode about my chosen item!

I swear to puppies I'm going to throw a psychotic fit.

u/amightyrobot · 3 pointsr/boardgames
u/IjudgebecauseIcare · 3 pointsr/boardgames

> Betrayal at House on the Hill's in stock right now...

u/Richeh · 3 pointsr/GiftIdeas

Interesting idea. There are some good six-player games that might constitute an adventure.

Betrayal at House On The Hill is a game that follows the tropes of horror B-movies, exploring a haunted house until eventually someone at random becomes the bad guy and has to try to kill everyone else. Maybe a little mature for the younger kids, but it's one of my favourite games. Review here, although he's kinda critical of it in a way I think is unfair. It's a lot of fun, it's just more that you're watching the story unfold than actually using great skill to win it. Which is great for new players.

Escape the curse of the temple is a chaotic co-operative game in which all the players are exploring a temple, Indiana Jones style, trying to roll dice to beat challenges. The twist is that everyone's playing at once, rolling dice as fast as they can and getting curses like being unable to talk or keeping one hand on their head. Here's an entertaining review.

Flick 'Em Up is a cross between a western and Subbuteo. You flick your characters and little wooden bullets about in a Spaghetti Western town made of wooden blocks. It's actually probably a fantastic gift because it comes in a lovely wooden box and the whole thing's so tactile. Review here.

u/talljoe87 · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Here are a couple of options I have been enjoying:


Small World

Power Grid


Most of these are slightly out of your price range, but you get what you pay for. If you are willing to spend slightly more, you open up a whole new world of possibilities.

If you do want to stick to cheaper options, Fluxx or Exploding Kittens is always a good, fun choice.

u/bobthemunk · 3 pointsr/Atlanta

What kinds of games does he like? Cooperative? Competitive?

One of my favorites right now is Betrayal at House on the Hill. Basically you're exploring a haunted house that you build as you move along and at some point, one of 40-something "haunts" starts which changes the game objectives. Very fun, cooperative for 3-6 players. It has a very Lovecraftian theme, so suggested age of 12+ is pretty accurate I'd say.

u/jbalbatross · 3 pointsr/actuallesbians

I know that feeling. I bought this a few months back and I've played it once so far.

u/GabbyJay · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing
u/RedDelibird · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The base set contains the best white card

Why? Because it has "A Micropenis". A card so versatile and hilarious that it is a near guaranteed victory within my group.

Since I don't write on my white cards and instead have everyone playing write up ones that then get voted on and put on little sticky notes... my personal favorite from the times we've played was "Receiving anal from a raptor and having it call you a clever girl."

u/invisiblecamel · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Cards against humanity

pairs with...

The Regular Show

Imagine, a perfect pair for spending time your friends and family. All you have to do is get the cards game to build people up and get their funny bones working and then "Bow!". You hit they with the dvd, sending then into a comedy coma.

u/speculates · 3 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

This year I made an amazon wishlist, and the nice thing about it is you can add items from any website to it (there's a google chrome extension but you can do it from your amazon wishlist, as well.) Some things that I added:

  • Gift cards to Etsy and places I like to buy clothes from
  • A new pair of cheapo earbuds for my purse
  • These nice headphones
  • A new ambidexterious gaming mouse (I game right handed but prefer to do everything else on the computer left handed and I don't want multiple mice)
  • Crafty things (wool, painting supplies, watercolour paper)
  • Food/candy items for stocking stuffer ideas
  • A 64gb usb 3.0 drive
  • A new ipod charging cable
  • Some stuff from Sephora
  • A few cool adult colouring books like this
  • Some art related books (painting, hand lettering) that look interesting but I would never think to buy for myself (my family is big into books)
  • Sheets, a mattress topper, and a mattress pad
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • A link to my steam wishlist

    I basically just took a few hours one evening and surfed the web and added things that looked cool, then revised it the next day and removed anything I didn't actually want. A lot of it is stuff I probably wouldn't buy for myself but I'd enjoy having. I tried to add a variety of stuff in the price range department and I thought listing out gift cards to specific places for clothes/etsy stuff was a better idea than them picking it out because that's usually hard.

    For etsy itself, I have a few different lists - things I'm going to buy, things I'll probably buy, and things that are maybes. If certain people (my mom, my sister) wanted to see it and pick something out from it I'd let them and that's part of the reason I've organized it that way (and so I know what I like from which stores without having to search through the whole store)
u/Wotdoitype · 3 pointsr/santashelpers

Hey! My group of friends have a very similar interests to your boyfriend, and we recently got Cards against Humanity

We use it as a drinking game, and also for a bit of banter! Only cost $25 but could be bundled with some other gifts!

u/D3adkl0wn · 3 pointsr/funny often has issues shipping stuff to Canada. It's not like it isn't available on though.

u/Suthamorak · 3 pointsr/DnD

Depends, are you looking for actual miniatures, or are you just looking for representations of monsters? Because Pathfinder makes a decent box set of bulk monsters for $50. They're called Pathfinder Pawns, and they're basically cardboard standees. This box is less than $50 for 300 paper miniatures, and is as cheap as you're likely to find, especially if you value your time.

As for bulk miniatures, the D&D board games like Wrath of Ashardladon, Castle Ravenloft, and Legend of Drizzt are all fairly good sources of actual 3d miniatures, but they are unpainted. Aside from that, does have some cheap packs of unpainted miniatures, but overall, no miniature company truly sells in "bulk" that I've noticed.

For throwaway undead, I use these while I wait for actual undead miniatures to paint. They're a bit smaller, but you can't beat that value.

Aside from that, if you're looking for actual painted miniatures, good luck! The only pre-painted ones I really see are either on E-bay as second hand, or the random "loot box" style of package such as here.

I love painting miniatures, and do some quality work depending on how detailed you want to commission. I am actually in the process of updating my Etsy shop with prepainted "sets" of miniatures. Any questions, ask away!

u/Ianoren · 3 pointsr/DnD

Reaper Bones is a solid set of minis that you can pick and choose.

See when this goes on sale for tons of monsters from the Monster Manual.

u/TheSaint3328 · 3 pointsr/rpg

Are you doing a remote game, with players that can't get together? Cause if not, I'd go with a mat, preferably double sided with both grid and hexes, so you can support multiple games and modes. You don't need proper minis (though those are particularly nice for players to have something for there character), when I first got a mat, we used chess pieces. You can also find free printable paper minis that look pretty good. If you want something a bit more durable, I'm like Pathfinder Pawns, the stands in it are great for paper minis too.

Overall, my group has greatly preferred grid combat. Since everyone knows the distances and sizes of everything, it makes the game feel more tactical and less arbitrary. And it is just cool to see everything laid out.

u/Spritzertog · 3 pointsr/DnD

I found minis to be pretty expensive, which has been a major deterrent for me. However, I purchased three sets of Pathfinder Pawns like this one

I now have the NPC, bestiary, and summoned creature sets - and that gave me a ton to work with.

u/darthbone · 3 pointsr/DMAcademy

I would say go for a Grid and markers. You're looking at $30 from a FLGS, tops.

Then I suggest maybe having your PC's look at the Reaper Bones and Wizkids miniatures. Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures has a TON of different Player Character minis to pick from, and they're great. Reaper Bones does as well.

Have everyone get their own mini. That's <$5 per person.

Then just use tokens.

If you decide you want to expand your portfolio a bit, consider getting the Pathfinder Pawns boxes. You'll get ~300 heavy cardboard minis of a wide array of monsters.

u/FatalErection · 3 pointsr/AskReddit

For kids ages 8-12. Get them something remote controlled if they're boys. Just about every Christmas season JCPenny's sets out little remote helicopters for about $20. They're actually not bad for the price since I have about 3 just for myself. But my cousins went crazy over them last year. If you can't find them in store, and a bunch of other sites carry the Syma S107 for about $22.00. Great starter copter. Stay away from Air Hogs.

Little girls are harder for me. My only two female cousins, sister are easy; they basically tell me everything they want and where I need to go get it. And my sister does all the shopping for my mom and grandmother; I just hand over the money.

The one female (well male and female) I bought for on my own this year was my sisters best friend (my sister from a different mister) just got married this year. I took photos from her wedding, went to shutterfly and had a coffee table book made of pictures from their wedding. Basically a more professional looking scrap book. However, unless they're into photography, kids that age probably would not appreciate that.

As far as your female're on your own. You know her, I don't.

u/PokeyHokie · 3 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

Came here to post this! They are tons of fun. Each of the grad students in my lab owns a set, and we have combined them to make some really sweet huge stuff!

We also have two of these in the lab:
Syma S107 Remote Control Helicopter. They're a TON of fun.

u/cripplehank · 3 pointsr/AskReddit
u/odd_affiliate_link · 3 pointsr/AskReddit

RC cars are fun to play with. I got an RC18 a while back and it is a blast to bash around. If you want, you can get really into upgrading / modifying them. I kept mine stock, to avoid dumping too much money into it!

Edit: If you want something cheaper, this helicopter is pretty rad.

u/sbmike83 · 3 pointsr/gamedev

I'm working on a 3D game engine for controlling electronics.

Just finished a filming session driving my robot around with this screen.

Working on a lot of shader stuff and working on a new screen for controlling model helicopters with touch screens.

u/BriceLamotte · 3 pointsr/EDH

I use this box :
It's recommended by the prof at the tolarian community college and by me :)
It fits 6 commander + tons of token.
Here is mine with 4 commanders, 2 unfinished ones, tokens and a double sleeved modern deck.

For taking it from one place to another, I use a normal backpack.

u/redli0nswift · 3 pointsr/dominion

I use these card boxes based on a review I saw in YouTube. It fits several expansions easily and I was concerned about the Hobby lobby case weight and ease of transporting.

u/getsniped · 3 pointsr/mtgcube

I have mine in a KMC box. Rather cheap, sturdy locking, hold sleeved cards well and in general I just wish I had bought more of the boxes.

It may not be as good as the Cube Vault, but may be a good option till that is back on the market.

I saw it in a video from The Professor - Youtube

u/jonhwoods · 3 pointsr/magicTCG

To store my cards on the shelf I use BCW cardboard boxes 500 to 800 long. Cheap and effective. These get worn out pretty quickly in a backpack though.

On the go, I use a KMC Card Barrier Box 1000. It's a little expensive, but the form factor is perfect for a backpack, the box is sturdy and my cards are well protected. The way the box is divided makes it easy to not have the cards rattle. TCC Review

u/scented_turtleshell · 3 pointsr/dropmix

I use KMC Perfect Fits and KMC Hyper Mattes to double-sleeve everything. You can still easily get a 5+ stack to read on the board with this set up.

I also use a KMC box to store everything and it works great. Sturdy, cheap, plenty of room. Definitely recommend it.

u/onyxavenger · 3 pointsr/EDH

I use the [KMC Card Box 1000] ( and have been satisfied with its capacity and durability. Single sleeved, it can hold 8 decks if you're not picky (two decks will spill over the fixed dividers), or 6 decks with two nice sections for tokens/counters/dice.
EDIT: Fixed link

u/Pathological_RJ · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Tamiya Extra Thin Cement works perfectly for KDM. The cement actually melts the plastic together for a tight fit. It comes with a fine tip brush applicator which gives you great control. Added bonus is you can’t glue things to your fingers, and it gives you 10-30 seconds to reposition the pieces.

Definitely dry fit all pieces before gluing to make sure they go together properly. Have fun!

u/TsundereBolt · 3 pointsr/Gunpla
u/blueunitzero · 3 pointsr/minipainting

Sorry had the wrong wording its Tamiya Fine Primer

I guess i was thinking about (and still screwed up) the name of their glue i use

u/CivilC · 3 pointsr/Gunpla

Try liquid cement for plastic. It fuses the plastic together instead of just gluing them together. Tamiya Cement is what most people recommend, however depending on if you have a hobby shop nearby you can get cheaper brands like Testors.

Just apply to both pieces you want to fix, hold them for 30 or more seconds, and it should be good! However, you should really let it cure for a day or more to really prevent breakage. It's not 100% fixed, but way better than just super glue.

u/SuperfluousShark · 3 pointsr/modelmakers

My best guess would be to use a thinner for that type of glue, if one is available. If one isn't, you might need to just gently flick and peel them off or softly sand them down. Wish I could give a better answer :(

Also, I'd recommend making the jump to cement glue as it creates very small seams that can be sanded down to near invisible levels with some patience and a delicate hand. Though if the model kit is of a good quality, you probably wouldn't need to. Tamiya example on Amazon. An example of a model maker using that type of glue. He also gives great tips throughout his videos, if you find yourself a fan of his.

u/Zetsumi666 · 3 pointsr/Gunpla

I recommend you pick yourself up a bottle of this to help deal with the sheer off. Apply a coating to the sheered off end, hold it together for awhile, and then leave it be so it can cure properly. It should weld the two pieces together, but with the location of the break, you do run the risk of losing some flexibility in the arm.

u/fabiodens · 3 pointsr/Gunpla

I suggest that you use a plastic cement to glue in the parts. That's why I do with accidents like this. Plastic Cement is pretty solid as an adhesive too. Here's what I suggest that you get:

u/lordwithoutmyth · 3 pointsr/Gunpla

i did something similar with a p bandai kit i got a while ago. was a lot more rigit than i was expecting and i broke a piece off.
I found out about a brand of plastic cement.

it is a solvent that partially dissolves the plastic. put it on and line it up right with where it broke and apply pressure. then let it sit for about a day, then it will be practically like new. seen people use stuff like this to fix seamlines too though that takes a bit of sanding.

u/trumpetspieler · 3 pointsr/conspiracy

No it's definitely a stink bomb, have you ever handled butyric acid? It smells like dead flesh blended with rotten eggs. Amazon is openly selling chemical weapons right now, just google liquid shit. I think chemical weapons have to have the ability to harm you at the very least.

edit: correction everyone, the product is called "liquid ass", not liquid shit.

u/DudeLeaveMeAloneeeee · 3 pointsr/BigBrother

Probably liquid ass, which is a real thing...

u/CEHepp · 3 pointsr/videos

This is what you spray in it before shooting vortex rings at people: Liquid Ass

u/sitruss · 3 pointsr/WTF

I may be wrong but I recall reading that bears generally have pretty bad vision to begin with, and that hearing and smell are their strongest senses. Perhaps a bottle of Liquid Ass and an airhorn are in order, at least you'd die hilariously.

u/daguil68367 · 3 pointsr/rant

Here, and here. Have fun!

u/classecrified · 3 pointsr/childfree

Some of This mixed with some water in a water gun will solve your problems pretty quickly.

u/Aldebaran-Shellmouth · 3 pointsr/AskReddit
u/biwwy_wiwkins · 3 pointsr/fragrance
u/Golker · 3 pointsr/DippingTobacco

There’s liquid ass out there, just a really bad smelling and probably worse tasting liquid, check amazon for it I’m sure they have it, and have fun watching him puke! Here’s a link for one I’ve used, open the can and spray this in there then leave it somewhere for him.

u/RexMcRider · 3 pointsr/ProRevenge
u/cassieniccole · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

For Gift One I would choose the Ticket to Ride For my Husband. I know how much he has been wanting it. For Gift Two I would pick Spirited Away For my son, who's birthday is coming up and he is a huge Studio Ghibli fan. So, C'mon...gimme You both are wonderful for being so generous, I'm sure you look Smashing! Thanks! :D

u/fancytalk · 3 pointsr/weddingplanning

Do your guests already like board games? I love them but in my experience getting people to learn new rules is like pulling teeth, especially when it's out of a rule book. Unless your guests are well-seeded with experienced/enthusiastic gamers who are willing to teach the rules, I'd stick with games that people probably know or have rules for kids. Scrabble, Monopoly, checkers/chess/go, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry, Candyland and decks of cards (perhaps with chips). I would also consider party games like Balderdash, Taboo, Cranium, Charades, Fishbowl, Telephone Pictionary which are really fun in groups. Maybe you could designate a charismatic friend as a "Master of Games" or something to form groups and get the ball rolling on the pen-and-paper games.

If you have a geekier group that likes more modern/European board games, there are a few games I think are totally worth a try. I'd look into: Red Dragon Inn (my FH says it might be too complicated but I think it's approachable), Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Dixit (I haven't played this but my FH says it's like Apples to Apples with pictures), Castle Panic and Fluxx in all its many varieties. Settlers of Catan is a bit more complicated but people are more likely to be familiar with it. It might not be great for newbies but I can't pass up the opportunity to plug Pandemic which is a fantastic cooperative game.

u/macrolinx · 3 pointsr/boardgames

If you're looking at getting into more involved games, Ticket To Ride is always a good gateway. Lots of fun, simple rules. Usually found most places.

Catan is also a good starter game.

I don't think I've ever seen games at Hobby Lobby. At least not the times my wife has dragged me in.

u/ravikarna27 · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Heres a copy and paste of a previous comment I made

> I'm about to show you something amazing. You want to hang out with your friends and family and just have a great time playing games?

> Try board games! I know what you're thinking, "Monopoly is for kids!" That's ok we hate monopoly too!

> The world of board games has come so far since then.

> Give some of these games a try

> Ticket to Ride: A classic gateway game where you are trying to lay down tracks between cities.

Pandemic: A co-op game where you and are friends are working together to fight diseases as they break out world wide!

> Resistance: If you like lying to your friends this game is for you! The resistance movement aims to overthrow the government, but there are spies among you aiming to sabotage your movement.

Codenames: This game won the biggest board game award this year. It's a hilariously fun word relation game.

>These are all "gateway games" they are easy to play and understand. But most importantly they are fun! You can even get Ticket to Ride and Pandemic at some Walmarts!

I would add Cosmic Encounter as an amazing game too. Not too complicated but it is incredibly fun

u/koreanpenguin · 3 pointsr/GameDeals

$15 - Codenames is a great party game where you have to use one-word clues to communicate to your teammates which words you must guess in order to win. It's a race against time because both teams are trying to find all of their words first, but one word is an assassin, and by choosing it, your team loses immediately. It's creative and stressful. Really fun, for $15.

$33 - Ticket to Ride is a classic that lots of people love. It's relatively simple, and has up to five friends placing trains on tracks, trying to complete their routes around the US. It teaches quickly, has some opportunities to mess over other players, and is pretty and plays fast.

$30 - Splendor is a fast, strategic, card-buying game. Players take turns grabbing gems to eventually purchase cards, that act both as points and gems. It's great and hilarious in hindsight, because you realize everyone sat in utter silence for a half hour, because for some reason, Splendor makes people quietly brood and think and be silent. Occasionally, you might take the last gem someone else needed, and they burn inside, sometimes letting out a long, long sigh. It's a wonderful, pretty, well-produced game.

$22 - Sheriff of Nottingham is a 3-5 player, bluffing, negotiation game. Players try to get chickens and apples into town, while smuggling extra goods and contraband. Player rotate as the sheriff, and must be bribed with goods or coins, because if the sheriff decides to check their bag, and they lied about the contents, that player loses what they lied about. It's sweat-inducing, and makes for lots of riotous laughter and shouting. Also beautiful and easy to learn. Great game.

Join us over on /r/boardgames because that's where I learned a lot about modern board gaming. It's an amazing hobby that's growing quickly.

u/happybabo · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hmm... maybe Exploding Kitten. I haven't played it, but my friends seem to enjoy it.

You can try 'Tickets to Ride'. It is 2-5 players. You get a map, and try to get to the place by building a train to there. If you do not get there, you will lose points.

u/Ilovescout · 3 pointsr/TheAdventureZone

Also, the game Ticket to Ride is extremely fun. It's not directly TAZ related, but their is a train adventure in the podcast & there are a few people on the box that might remind them of podcast characters

u/ZiplockedHead · 3 pointsr/SFV

if this if what you bought you should know it's an amazing board game (one of the best ever IMO) and I'd love to teach you guys how to play. But to be fair it take a bit to understand, takes long to play (3-5 hours) and really becomes fun when you have 4+ people playing.

So while it's amazing it has a few requirements to be able to fully enjoy.

u/KyzonP · 3 pointsr/gameofthrones

Or you could just play the actual board game, which is fucking AMAZING.

u/TheBoozehammer · 3 pointsr/totalwar

I'm still confused, are you talking about this or this? I think /u/Chimpeye72 is talking about the latter, which I can confirm is an amazing game. I've never played the former before myself.

u/Slidingthunder · 3 pointsr/gameofthrones

This board game is amazing and you could pretty easily draw it out on your table.

u/dqsg22 · 3 pointsr/Gifts

I love camping/outdoor stuff too and I've gotten a lot of fun gifts over the years. Here's a few that I think any outdoor lover would enjoy.

Flint fire starter
Compact camping hammock
Camping Tomahawk (Seriously, me and my friends had so much fun learning to throw this)

If you're really stuck you can always just take a trip to REI, that store is like candyland for the outdoor lover, although they can be expensive. Camelbacks, lanterns, oudoor cookware, and all other cool stuff can be found there.

If you're leaning towards a gaming gift that can be harder unless you know what he needs, and most parts for a gaming computer are probably going to clear your budget. But you mentioned he likes GoT so I could reccomend the Game of Thrones - Board Game. I've played this and it's a lot of fun.

u/e463gx · 3 pointsr/gameofthrones

There is a Game of Thrones board game that incorporates a lot of those characteristics. Not sure if you know about it, but each player plays as a major house and has "house cards" that help determine battles. Its not as much "luck" based as risk.

u/veritascitor · 3 pointsr/DMAcademy

That’s a really neat idea. You’ll probably find that an Othello board is too small, though. An 8x8 grid doesn’t give you much room to maneuver.

One suggestion I have, if you’re willing to forgo minis and play more fast and loose is to get yourself a small portable whiteboard, and a cheap pack of dry erase crayons. I use this exact thing when I’m trying to travel light:

The crayons are great, as they wipe off easily but don’t accidentally smudge. Perfect for drawing out gridless situations and maps. The set is dirt cheap, too.

If you definitely want a grid, though, I’d suggest a Paizo flip-mat. They’re light, cheap, and laminated for use with dry erase markers. They fold down to a size smaller than the PHB, and very thin.

For cheap minis, I’ve seen folks get a lot of use out a plastic dollar store chess set, using the pieces to represent various PCs and monsters. Again, light and cheap.

u/dmbee · 3 pointsr/dndnext

Canadian here too. I picked up an awesome blank grid in a pathfinder box from 411 games in Toronto for 20$. Allows dry and wet erase.

This is the product on amazon. Highly recommend it.

u/SherlockHulmes · 3 pointsr/highrollersdnd

Hey man!

Super happy to hear you're enjoying D&D with your GF and getting more into DMing!

For supplies:

Dry Erase Game Mat - (That's exactly the one I use). You'll need some dry wipe pens, I recommend NOT super big ones so you can do detail.

The tiles I use are Dwarven Forge, ( very expensive but very cool! You can also get pre-printed card tiles, search for Pathfinder Adventure Tiles.

As for Minis, we luckily had Yogs buy us a set of 32 booster boxes of the Pathfinder Red Dragon set. Other minis I use include the Reaper Bones series, but they need painting (painted by myself, Trott or Katie).

I buy booster boxes from:

Hope this helps!

u/Bloedbek · 3 pointsr/dndnext

This. I bought it along with a set of dice when I started playing and we use it all the time, I can't imagine using anything else. We also bought a couple of markers in different colors, so we can easily draw things like spreading fire.

These are the mats I'm talking about:

u/MisterDrProf · 3 pointsr/DnD

Another thing you could try is just get basic blank flip maps like these. My group and I just draw terrain with dry erase markers on them. Works pretty well if you don't want to but 800 maps.

u/hmph_ · 3 pointsr/DnD

TL;DR If you want large, vinyl, hexes, and wet erase: look to Chessex. If you want large-ish, laminated, no hexes, and dry erase: look to Pathfinder. I'd say measure your game space first.

The mat you're most likely talking about is the Chessex MEGAMAT.($30) This is by and large the most popular battlemat on the market. It's vinyl, rectangular (3' x 4'), hex reversible, quality make, but it's wet erase. (You'll probs need to buy wet erase markers) This is also the mat I have. Here's my brief critique: it is larger than I have ever needed, though I will admit I have sometimes been encouraged by the mat's size to make a larger battlefield. It's so large that it barely fits on the table, giving my players little room for their papers, making it difficult for me as a DM to quickly access all parts of the map, and making transporting it a minor annoyance. The wet erase is only slightly annoying, but if you're going to be doing a lot of erasing, you'll quickly tire of the rags and water. However, it is very high quality, plenty big, and terrific if you have the right space and table to use it.

A very similar mat is the regular Chessex Battlemat($22) It's smaller (2' x 2'), vinyl, square, high quality, hex reversible, and still wet erase. Really again a great mat that's very similar to the MEGAMAT, just a little less. . . MEGA.

Another large vinyl one more similar to the MEGAMAT is the Wiz Dice Battle Mat.($32) It shares all the same qualities of the MEGAMAT, but owners have claimed that is does not erase quite as nicely. However, it is a clean white mat, rather than the sort of textured beige of the Chessex mats.

Finally, the most viable dry erase mats are the Evolve Skins battlemats($28) which come in white or beige, are not hex reversible, are laminated, are 3' x 2', and seem to not be entirely dry erase. A better choice would probably be the laminated, 2' x 2.5', dry erase, not hex reversible, Pathfinder battlemats.($13)

I'd recommend measuring your game space, prioritizing what you think are the most important qualities, and then comparing these options that I have presented.

u/Lazorne · 3 pointsr/DnD

I understand where you are coming from, my players as well like the grid more. Combat for us is like 20-30% Theater of the Mind and 70-80% Grid.

But those 20-30% is often an extremely trivial encounter or some sort of chase/trap event.

A grid does make it easier for AoE spells or Auras on how many they hit. The grid often brings clarity to the group on how they can spend their abilities. It also removes some DM pressure of telling them every time how many enemies a spell can hit.

If you live in the US it could be cheap starting a Grid.

Pathfinder Flipmap!

I just use that one and use what ever tokens, bottle caps and so forth you have at home.

u/DaedricHamster · 3 pointsr/dndnext

I normally draw the whole map on grid paper beforehand and cover parts of it with plain paper, then reveal it as the players explore. I also use these reusable grid mats for impromptu locations, which might be good for you if you want to stick with drawing maps as you go.

u/ParameciaAntic · 3 pointsr/savageworlds

I would make them a bit larger - maybe 1m square. You could use paper instead of cellular rubber unless you're planning on making permanent model scenery. Not sure dry erase markers come off of the rubber and they might store easier.

Squares are probably easier to add than hexes and work just fine. There are also pre-made battle mats printed on laminated cardstock.

u/odwander · 3 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

Pathfinder pawns work well for D&D... you get 300 cardboard pawns for under $50.

u/dtwithpp · 3 pointsr/DMAcademy

The Angry GM did a very good article recently on metagaming. (If you're unfamiliar with Angry, he has a very different style than most gaming writers. If you're able to get past his "f&%$s" and "s@#&s," you'll find some very well researched and reasoned advice, and some good humor as well.)

I've been actively DMing for about four or five months now, and one of my players is the group's original DM and a DM for a Roll20 group. She uses the more prevalent definition of "metagaming," while I use Angry's, and it's been an interesting transition in the group.

Essentially, if the players are able to come to the correct conclusion about a major part of the storyline, while circumventing all of the deflections and delays I had put in their path (as happened recently), I don't see any reason to punish that. I rewarded that player with additional XP for clever thinking, even if I had to jump well passed what I had planned. If the bard knows a monster's weakness, they probably heard about it in some ballad. If one player acts on information on another player that they haven't formally discussed in character at the table, well, they've been traveling together for the better part of a year in game; the characters must have talked about it in the would-be-boring travel scenes that I gloss over.

As far as the monster inventory situation is concerned, I recommend getting some Pathfinder Pawns (I've linked to the two boxes I have on Amazon). They let you surprise your players with a huge variety of them. If you go on Paizo's website, you can buy printable versions for cheaper. The art is pretty good, and it's hard to beat the variety you get for your dollar.

In the end, everyone has a different playing style. I prefer to resolve differences when I can. Encourage some frank, open discussion at the table and away from it. If you can't resolve your different styles with your roommate, it might be best if they don't continue with the group. The overall group's fun level is really the deciding factor.

u/monoblue · 3 pointsr/dndnext

Paizo (the Pathfinder publisher) puts out Bestiary Boxes that have loads of cardboard tokens and pawns for characters and monsters and such.

u/bleuchz · 3 pointsr/boardgames

I traded for all the W&D board games to use as miniatures. They are terrific.

Did you know that paizo makes pawns specifically for that purpose? I use them for my 5e game. Bestiary 1 box has a lot of cross over with D&D but some of the other ones I would check the contents. Paizo can get a bit weird.

u/themangeraaad · 3 pointsr/funny

Wait, I just ordered (and received) my copy a week or two ago. Did I get my order in just before it sold out or something?

Edit - Amazon link

In stock there and qualifies for amazon prime...

u/JeffFBA · 3 pointsr/kickstarter

$25 delivered in two days. Or You can even next day it for $5 more.

Also why are you spamming like this? This kind of post on reddit ensures I will never buy it now.

u/what_the_crap · 3 pointsr/trees
u/ObinRson · 3 pointsr/DnD

Got them in a Wiz Dice 100+ bag

u/Dall0o · 3 pointsr/DnD
u/PirateKilt · 3 pointsr/DnD

Extra Idea to bring along:

Bags and Dice so you can just give away a free set to each person joining you to play. Having their own dice lets people feel more invested in your game.

u/chrislenz · 3 pointsr/DicePorn
u/RandomBananas · 3 pointsr/DnD

Hot Damn. I now wish I had an extra $20 laying around. I got excited just looking at the damn things on amazon.

u/Goliath89 · 3 pointsr/DnD

5e is a great system. Super easy to just pick up if you have experience with any previous editions. The starter set is great, though you'll probably want to pick up some extra dice since it only comes with the one set. The Lost Mines of Phandelver (the included adventure) is really well written, and I don't think it'll require any tweaking to make it age-appropriate for your girls.

u/Work_Suckz · 3 pointsr/DnD

Yea but it's cheap and easy. I got 13 sets of dice for $20.

u/logicalriot · 3 pointsr/DnD

Go big or go home.

u/Barantor · 3 pointsr/dndnext

Buy cork for counters like one of the other posters suggested, or even use things like othello counters or poker chips. Really anything you can mark on ("G is for Goblin guys, H for hobgoblin").

Buy a dry erase board and some markers/eraser for it, it is a bigger investment, but it can at least be used for other things later if you don't end up playing in the long run. Mine serves double duty for homeschool and D&D and I leave it unmounted so we can lay it down on the table we play on.

Buy reaper minis for just the player characters and any really big baddie you are going to face. This gives the players a little more incentive to play and a touch of personal flair. They should pick out their minis that best represent their character concept. If your campaign has a big dragon as the end boss, you could splurge and buy that model to bring out in the last of the campaign as an exciting bit.

Paper models are all over the net. You could even have a whole small village in paper models if you wanted, but make sure if you spend the time investment it can be reused later for other adventures. Generic houses and such are easy, but the "Bridge of Durkon Bronzeweaver" might be a little too specific.

Go on Amazon and look at bulk bags of dice, we bought the Wizdice 100 random dice bag for $20 and had enough for 17 players to have full sets if we wanted.

Really worth it since you could have the players pitch in a little bit and have a huge return in selection. Really nice as a dm too to be able to have different color dice represent different monsters.

u/sevy85 · 3 pointsr/DnD

200$? Challenge accepted.

Buy the books for 100,76$

players handbook

dungeon master's guide

monster manual

To be fair, you're already set now. I would advise the players to also buy a player's handbook or at the very least download the free basic rules

If you need figurines you can google what you want, print them off and use them or you can use this from u/printableheroes and pay him 10$

You don't need an erasable battle map to play, you can just draw everything yourself but I would highly recommend it and it's not that expensive. just 21,66$

For the dice, just buy a bag of everything for 19,99$

you're now all set to go on epic adventures for a combined total off 152,41$

If you have any money left that you would want to spend, I would recommend buying the starter set, so you can learn how it is to DM before making everything up on your own. And at 29,99$ it's really a steal

This would bring your money spend on 182,4$

Allright we're 17,6$ under budget. You can use that to buy some drawing paper, pens and what not.

Then if you want to start DM-ing go and watch these videos, You will learn a lot from them. Also, if you want to start playing on wednesday, you're either going to have to read as a maniac or use the first adventure that u/mattcolville talks about in his first videos. If you make up a town with a few NPC's and have them travel there with an encounter (let's say wolves in a forest), you've already got a few hours playtime. However, you will all need to roll up characters which will also take some time. Especially if you are all new at this. Maybe use the templates from the starter set to get the feel.

Also, because they are fun, awesome and it will help you understand what d&d is and to grow as a DM, watch some critical role.

In the spare time you have left, contemplate on how much time you had before you started this awesome hobby and how you wished somebody else would DM so you could just sit down on a lazy chair and kill things.

Congratulations, you're one of us now.

u/lhxtx · 3 pointsr/DnD

You're welcome! You may also want to buy some more dice since the starter set only comes with one set. A set of dice looks like this:

Polyhedral 7-Die Opaque Dice Set - Blue with White

They come in all different colors. Try to pick a set where the numbers stand out from the body so they are easy to read at the table.

Or you can buy a big bag of random dice like this and share:

Wiz Dice Random Polyhedral Dice in Multiple Colors (100 + Pack) Bundle with Wiz Dice Pouch

Downside is that your colors may not match up. But that doesn't affect gameplay at all.

Edit: also forgot to say that if you have any DM questions feel free to send me a message to ask questions. I'm always here to help those new to the hobby.

Edit2: don't forget to download these rules for free and give to your players:

u/daestos · 3 pointsr/DnD

The method of sorting is one unique type of dice for each category. Categories are solids (top), pearlescent (middle) and clear (bottom). I also acquired many other dice of the exact type as well as a d30 (not sure what to do with that).

Overall I'm happy with the variety, but disappointed with the amount of complete sets; only the two that came in the small paux-velvet bags.

Edit: Link for people who are wanting to get a bag themselves.

u/vrihet · 3 pointsr/DnD

I'm getting a 100 Pakc by Wiz Dice. Most of the reviews put it above Chessex's Pound-o-Dice. It should get here tomorrow and I can let you know how it goes if you're still interested.

u/bsmith0 · 3 pointsr/Multicopter

Your best bet is it start with something like this then when you get comfortable flying, you can build a FPV 250 for ~ $600-$1000.

u/stevensydan · 3 pointsr/DMAcademy

I just ran my first session as a new DM with LMoP last week! I'll jot down my experience running a group of 4 beginners. (so take my advice with a grain of salt as a beginner that has not finished the campaign)

First, read through the books in the Starter Set! (If you can afford the Player's Handbook, that is a good idea as well.) I highly recommend going through the rulebook (or Basic Rules) then at least skimming through the entire LMoP module. You don't have to memorize everything but as a DM it is important to have the idea of the setting in your head.

For combat, you have to decide if you are going to run "Theater of the Mind" or battlemat+miniatures for combat. Theater of the Mind is more flexible and requires less preparation but battlemats give great visuals at a cost of preparation and supply.

Then you have to decide if you think your players would want to make their own characters or not. For my beginner group, I decided that they would be a lot more invested/excited if they could identify with their own creation so I chose to not use the pre-generated character sheets. Once you are comfortable with the rules of D&D enough, set a date to meet with your group.

Since we had to make characters, I held a Session 0 to introduce the basic concept of what to expect in committing to D&D as well as character creation. I highly suggest making characters together a separate day before Session 1 because it usually takes a decent amount of time for the first time (3ish hours for me).

My Session 0 looked like this:

  • Introduction to D&D

  • Explaining all races, classes, backgrounds and letting them pick

  • Giving character sheets, rolling stats

  • Guiding them through the char sheet by referencing DNDBeyond for background/race/class bonuses

    After everyone was done, I let them take home the character sheet and work on character appearance, personality, and background story.

    The week after, we had Session 1. Make sure you actually read through the LMoP module in depth, at least up to Part 1-2 beforehand. I also decided to take some elements of this supplement Part 0 for LMoP to use as a tutorial for my players. Then, begin your adventure! My party took a lot longer than I expected and only got to the entrance of the Cragmaw Hideout after 3 hours.

    Good luck to your campaign, I'm looking forward to my second session!


    Some recommended guides I used:

  • Matt Mercer tips (all DM's love this man)

  • Don't Stop Thinking guides (great graphic visuals and in-depth coverage)

  • Matt Colville tips (gives a good idea of how D&D should look like at an advanced level)

  • DungeonDudes (channel that covers good topics)

  • DNDBeyond (amazing website for the Basic Rules, classes, and races)

  • OneCritWonder LMoP tips (helpful overview of the module)

  • LMoP enemies (generator that adapts to how many players you have)

    Supplies I personally prepared (BUT ARE OPTIONAL):

  • Beginner dice (shared with my beginners, they are planning to get their own sets soon)

  • Custom character sheets (a bit overwhelming at first but I find helpful for each class)

  • Spell cards (I don't think many people use these but I find it an amazing resource to give your players if they are spellcasters)

  • Battlemat (use with Wet-Erase markers)

  • Paper minis (dedication and time required, can use coins, legos, or anything instead or even real miniatures if you can afford it)

  • DM Screen (the official and most standard and affordable screen)
u/Kindulas · 3 pointsr/DnD

Well I suppose you said you've played before, but I'm going to give you a basic resources spiel, so forgive me if I'm saying anything obvious. The basic things you're going to want are a set of dice /for each player/ (a d4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20, to be clear). I mean, you can get away with a single set of dice, but it's a pain to pass them around. Personally I like to have enough dice so I can roll all at once for a given ability - a spell that deals 4d8 damage? I have 4d8s. Of course, people with smartphones could get an app like Dice Ex Machina, too. Then, if you want to play with a board (I understand some people can play certain systems like 5e by just having the DM describe how far apart things are but that sounds maddening to me), you're probably going to want a playmat ( and some Vis-a-Vis wet erase pens to draw on it. Lastly, you're going to need /something/ to represent people on said playmat. Miniatures are super expensive, so you can theoretically, especially starting out, scrounge up various little things that fit in the 1 inch squares - pieces from other board games, whatever. Now, if you've got more money to spend a great deal that's much more cost efficient than minis are Paizo's Pawn Boxes such as this

Now, you could also go the super cheap route and grab graph paper, and then write letters to represent characters, then draw and erase when they move. This is how I started - it sucks, but it's free. Another free way to circumvent ALL of these play resources by playing on the computer: This has obvious pros and cons but it's simultaneously free and fancy if it works out. If you use that, you'll want this too:

As for systems, I have two recommendations. My biggest recommendation is for the new 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. It is excellent, and most importantly it's really easy for beginners. You can get the starter set for a mere 20$, which comes with 4 pre made characters, a good adventure and a set of dice. And maybe a DM shield? Anyway, free basic rules here:

After that, there are 3 books, the Players Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manuel. They're all great. And 50$ each. If you try the starter set, like the system and have a dedicated group of players, I definitely recommend them if you can afford them. If you can't, however, there's my other recommendation:

Based off of 3.5e Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder is a great system with tons and tons of content, and with the exclusion of published adventures and flavor books, it's all free:
It also has a free module you can try out:

Thing is, it's also quite complicated. For beginners to learn it without a veteran to teach them - to learn just by reading the rules - would be very very difficult. No way I would have been able to learn by reading. Plus, that 'tons and tons of content,' while awesome, makes it all the more overwhelming for beginners. Still, it's freeeeeee.

u/EdgeOfDreams · 3 pointsr/dndnext

I don't print maps for my players at all. I only draw a map when a situation is complex enough that we need the help tracking where everyone is. I use something like this mat with wet-erase markers as a reusable surface for drawing maps on:

u/crimsonfury73 · 3 pointsr/DnD

TL;DR: can push pins be used as miniatures on vinyl mats without doing too much short-term damage? We are looking at this mat.

My group and I are just getting started, and so far we kind of improvised a paper grid on top of a cork board so we could use color coordinated push pins instead of miniatures. We really liked this because it meant we didn't have to worry about anything bumping/shaking the map, even if we left the table for a while.

We are looking into a more permanent option now, and I see that the vinyl mats seem to be the preferred option for most players. I just want to make sure we know one way or the other, before we accidentally wreck a brand new mat!

Ideally we'd be reusing the same pin hole on any given square as much as possible, so hopefully that would minimize the damage from using the push pins...

u/Gandledorf · 3 pointsr/dndnext

I'll usually use something similar to this:

I'll use wet erase markers and either draw something ahead of time, or draw quick outlines and erase them and redraw as needed if my players go off course.

The fact that it's double sided comes in handy too. You can use one side for improv battles and the other for preset encounters.

I usually only use maps for encounters, I'll use smaller drawings for world or city maps. I typically don't draw too much detail. The outline of the encounter area/room and major defining features that could come into play in the battle(a giant chasm in the floor for example). I'll rely on descriptions and any questions my players may have to fill in the blanks and give any other relevant information about the area.

As far as LMoP goes, in planning each of your sessions you'll probably have a good idea of what you'll be going through in each sitting so you should be able plan accordingly and really only have to improvise if your players go off the rails or decide to pick unplanned fights.

It's also perfectly OK to not use grids at all and just describe the area to you players and let them know where the enemies are on relation to them. You don't have to spend money on this part, especially if it's your first time, but Ive found it easier to use a grid especially for new players. It definitely helps keep things straight.

u/CaptainCarroway · 3 pointsr/DnD

My group primarily uses one of these, which is a really good investment along with some dry wet erase markers. Other this I've seen is buying large grid paper from Staples or some other office supply retailer, which you can also have laminated to use as a dry erase mat, but often costs the same or more than ordering the chessex mat.

Edit:I made a mistake, you should be using wet erase markers for chessex mats. Dry erase can ruin the mat, and even with thorough care, dramatically reduces its life span. With wet erase markers, the worst it will get is you need to give it a thorough cleaning once in a while with something other than water. There are some tips and guidelines here to help maintain the life of the mat.

u/seantabasco · 3 pointsr/DnD

I'm happy with this one. It's big but still fits nicely on my table, and has a square grid on one side and a hex on the other, and I generally like the hex better but many times I use the square for an indoor halls-and-corridors type setting.

u/cd83 · 3 pointsr/DMAcademy

I got one of these and I use it all the time. They're meant to be used with wet-erase markers. I usually just draw things out as the party explores. There's lots of ways to go about this, and these mats are highly reusable!

u/maladroitthief · 3 pointsr/DMAcademy

I used this battle mat

Amazon Link

Some rubber cement

Amazon Link

Also some kind of sanded particle board from Lowes/Home Depot. I can't remember what it was called, but 1/8" thick. At the time I was in college and had access to the school's laser table and was able to cut using that. I couldn't see why a table saw wouldn't work though.

I made all the tiles powers of two (Computer engineer, can't help it). If I remember it was like 1x1, 1x2, 1x4, 2x2, 2x4, 2x8, 4x4, 4x8, and 8x8 tiles. You can do any other sizes or increments, that's just what I am most comfortable with.

u/splepage · 3 pointsr/DnD

We use a chessex mat (like this).

Don't draw the whole dungeon on the mat, just the room(s) combat is happening in.

For the dungeon map, you can have your players draw it on a sheet of paper from your descriptions.

u/BobVosh · 3 pointsr/AskGameMasters

Campaigns I run at home I just draw on a [Chessex battlemat] ( Just doodle whatever I need.

I ran a few on d20, which I mostly used a mapgen program. What I want is usually something fairly large so players can flank, move, fly, etc. Like 50x50, most of it can just be wilderness with trees, etc, I just want them to be able to move if they want. I want some interesting terrain features, I want clear, visible lines for cover/and what stuff is. I prefer a theme if possible.

edit I agree with the other guy, NO GRIDLINES. Pain in the ass to deal with those.

u/Nymean · 3 pointsr/dndnext

For me:

  • Macbook Pro: Acts as my “screen”, though, I roll in front of my players.

  • Google Drive for Initiative tracker, Monster Stats, Music, Campaign notes, name list, Etc.

  • 3 ring binder for maps and a store that I
    hand to my players should they want to go shopping.

  • Chessex Dice + 3 extra D20s from a loosey bin. edit This purple is regal as fuck.

  • My books (DMG, PHB, MM, Volo's) are kept on a side table to be referenced in disputes.

    For Combat:

  • Chessex Battlemat: Larger size means everyone can use it to take notes, remain entertained (read: doodle), track damage on things, etc. Rolls up and stows without taking up a lot of real estate.

  • EXPO wet erase markers, Dollar store spray bottle, Dollar store microfiber cloths.

  • Pathfinder Pawns I print out my own and glue them on.

  • Foam core and cardboard for terrain - Theatre of the mind ain't my bag. Tabletop wargame skillz recycled.

    For my players:

  • G2 Mechanical Pencils

  • Poker chips to track spell slots

  • Assortment of Minis from my table top wargaming days or a pathfinder pawn if they like how it looks better.
u/Wonton-Potato · 3 pointsr/DMAcademy

I've got this one in two sizes

Chessex Role Playing Play Mat: MEGAMAT Double-Sided Reversible Mat for RPGs and Miniature Figure Games - 34 1/2in x 48in

u/thatrotteneggsmell · 3 pointsr/DnD

While the commercial maps might be somewhat expensive, the [Chessex Battlemap] ( has been our go to for years.

We bought one 5 years ago and it still looks great, the material is soft so it folds easily, and it is easy to clean. $30 for 5 years is totally worth it: Chessex makes high quality stuff.

u/ConfederacyOfGaia · 3 pointsr/DMAcademy

I played 1e and 2e for many years, and every group I was in always used theater of the mind. When I returned to D&D a year ago, the group I was playing with used a battle mat and minis and it was a revelation for me: I really like being able to see where all the creatures are, and having a good set of wet-erase markers means we can draw anything we need to on the mat. When I started DMing again, I bought a battle mat and a set of markers and it makes things very easy, especially for younger players (one of my groups is 4 11-year-olds). Being able to make a custom mini (using something like HeroForge) means that everyone can get a mini that really expresses their character concept, which helps people get invested in the game. Also, Lego minifigures are almost exactly the right size, which is awesome, and you can print your minis on paper as well (better for monsters, IMO).

Having said all that, Sly Flourish has a really good guide to Theater of the Mind combat and there's a lot to recommend it.

u/krodren · 3 pointsr/rpg

Gaming carry bag - like the Bag of Holding.

Battle mats, maybe a big one.

d20 socks, cause who doesn't need socks?

One Round T-Shirt would be good - gamers love shirts. Penny Arcade has a bunch. They also have some cool prints that are table gaming related.

Just giving some non-dice suggestions, as I have a crap-ton of dice myself.

u/Throwaway135124852 · 3 pointsr/DnD

I have been very happy with the Chessex dry erase grid. If you could find wrapping paper with a 1" grid, it would work great.

u/stranger_here_myself · 3 pointsr/DnD

I'm a big fan of Chessex, it works great as long as you don't mess up and use a permanent pen on it...

For long-term flexibility, I'd recommend getting one of the bigger multi sided ones (like this one). For $33 it's a great buy.

u/Sotsie · 3 pointsr/dndnext

Get yourself a chessex map!

u/Mizaark · 3 pointsr/DnD

Chessex makes an amazing battlemap with squares on one side and hex on the other.

u/Sai077 · 3 pointsr/KingdomDeath

I shot an email to techrapor asking if they could tell me (I also need these). I'll let you know if I hear anything back. :D

EDIT: The answer is in the comments:

u/Mare_Vaporum · 3 pointsr/KingdomDeath

I have the base game and all expansions. Every card I have is sleeved, except for the gear cards.


For all normal sized cards:
These fit flawlessly!


For settlement locations:
Yes, they fold around and seal on the back, but right now they are the best answer to protecting this huge investment.


For settlement events:
These are like 1mm too short. Sometimes it drives me a bit mad, but again, I would much rather they were protected this much, than not at all. They do get shuffled and used every round. I've seen some people use two sleeves per card to cover it completely, but that's a bit much and they tend to split badly when you attempt it.


Why did I not sleeve the gear cards? Because I bought these and cut them down to a 3x3 grid:
This keeps them quite protected during the game and is incredibly convenient as far as storing for next round.


Hope this helps!

u/Sephvion · 3 pointsr/KingdomDeath

If we're going off stuff like that then...




This if you ever get the Lion Knight expansion


u/latetothetable · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Oh man I need to get that playmat, but for me it was definitely my addon for Food Chain Magnate. It condenses the game from taking up every inch of a large table, to now being playable on an average or possibly even small table. Plus cleanup and setup takes half the time and it's much easier to keep track of who has what powers.

Runner ups include:

  • Kemet - Buying these coin cases to hold all of the power tiles. Now it's so much faster setting up the game, I also have enough to give to each player so they can have their own sleeve of powers. Best part is is that for new players they can just grab the sleeve rather than having to glance over at the power tiles from afar.
  • Pandemic/Dominant Species - I got these containers to hold all of the disease cubes and species cubes for both games and they work perfectly. My only suggestion would be to get a slightly larger container so it is easier to grab the pieces when they are inside, but the negative to that is that they will not fit in the original box as well.

    If I can think of anymore upgrades I'll post them
u/SoushaS · 3 pointsr/XWingTMG

here is a link to the ones I bought

they are in a binder, and I have turned the binder upside down and did not have a problem with them falling out as they do fit nicely in the pockets and to get them out you have to push them up from the bottom of the pocket as you can not easily reach in the pocket and pull them out.


as for the size, you need to make sure the pocket size is a little bit over 2 inches as the dials are 2 inches wide. the ones linked are an excellent size. plus 20 pages for $6 is not bad.

u/aspbergerinparadise · 3 pointsr/KidsAreFuckingStupid

stupid, because all he needed to write was:

u/M-V · 3 pointsr/funny

You don't need this. Amazon url can be shortened to[32HF60M]

u/WiseWoodrow · 3 pointsr/KidsAreFuckingStupid

The funny part is he didn't need all of that link. Simply putting would have worked just as well. The parts after that aren't necessary.

u/vandil · 3 pointsr/funny

You only need the first part.

It's a Kid Galaxy Morphibians Killer Whale remote control car. Looks pretty bad-ass.

u/yParticle · 3 pointsr/KidsAreFuckingStupid

Yeah, don't they teach kids about amazon shortlinks in school these days?

u/reddit_guy666 · 3 pointsr/india


That has a higher price point, the one I posted has Rs 1825 including shipping I think

Your ebay link would cost $32 including shipping to India

I dont know how to show the Rs 1825 link without that referral link.

u/BottomOfLobby · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1 - I would love this because I've always been fascinated by lasers, but never had an actually good one.

2 - C'mon...gimme Please :D

u/HenryGifford · 3 pointsr/NYYankees

Man, I went on Amazon to see how much it cost (just out of curiosity) and you've gotta see some of the related things. Very glad it's just the horse head, because the other ones are terrifying.

Here's the page

u/ellevehc · 3 pointsr/aww

God. Damn. Thats awful... I meant this

u/oh_lord · 3 pointsr/Multicopter

Assuming you saw one on the set for some film stuff, I assume you're interested in a more AP-style rig like a DJI product. Most of the people here are more interested in a DIY "racing/freestyle" FPV miniquad, a smaller, mostly carbon fibre build that's intended to be fast, responsive, and an immersive flying experience. So, your first decision is whether you're after a more casual photography rig or a quicker, racing quad.

In either case, most of the other comments seem to say "buy something small and cheap and start learning", and I'll second that advice. Most of us here fly "FPV", wearing goggles that show us what a small camera on board broadcast. Before you can do that though, you need to learn the basics of flight, ideally "line of sight", without the goggles.

The Hubsan gets recommended a lot (H107L) because it was one of the best, cheap quads out there. They're $32 on Amazon and are a good starting point. Make sure to grab some extra propellers and a couple more batteries, flight time is about 5 minute of casual hovering.

For a little less though, I cannot recommend the Eachine H8 Mini enough. It's smaller, a little more responsive, and just as durable. Once you're more familiar with the basics of flight, too, you can try out "rate" (manual, no auto-leveling) mode with this one too for about $10 and some time flashing firmware.

From there, once you get used to the basics of control, you can start adding in cameras and goggles and practicing FPV. Eventually, you can work your way up to a larger miniquad.

And always feel free to ask more questions if you have them!


u/firm1 · 3 pointsr/remotesensing

You can definitley do this with a mid size quad and gopro/small point and shoot. I personally don't like the wide angle of the gopro. I mainly use mine for mapping and find the wide angle causes excessive warping/distortion. One thing to consider would be a Canon point and shoot. They are pretty cheap and can run CHDK which lets you do a lot of cool things like remote triggering, running scripts, saving raw files etc...That is what I currently use and it works well.

As for the quad choice the phantom is a pretty basic platform that will do what you want. I haven't flown one, but my understanding is they are pretty easy in stabilize mode. I haven't personally flown this either but I have a kit that is running a similar flight controller/software and I really like it. It has a bit more functionality than a phantom, but will probably take a bit more effort to set up as well.

Either way I would suggest getting a small toy quad to learn first. The Hubsan is great learner. It is much better to crash one of these than an expensive phantom/camera set up. Plus you can fly this inside as well. Also check out /r/Multicopter. There is a lot of good info there.

u/bulbufet · 3 pointsr/Multicopter

This is what I have, and what many people in this sub will tell you to get.

You would be safe also getting the crash pack:

Very small very fun and very easy to learn nn. I've had mine for over a year now and I still fly it every couple days.

u/_brodre · 3 pointsr/Multicopter

may i recommend you and your friends pool 45 dollars and have the time of your lives with a hubsan x4 H107L

u/RmJack · 3 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

These are neat novelty, but personally i think getting him a hubson x4 would be better, its not a fixed wing, but there super fun and a great intro rc quad copter.

u/XYrZbest · 3 pointsr/Multicopter

I was going to get this one I don't think I really need a camera. is there a way I could add one later if i wanted to. Should i get this crash pack or should i just get more batteries?

u/lpabmendez · 3 pointsr/djiphantom

Get a cheap small quadcopter to practice / crash / practice. Learning to fly well is the best way to prevent damage to your phantom. Also, learn to fly well in atti mode (no GPS help)

Some people feel that the propeller protectors ( ) can cause vortex ring state and could cause a crash. ( DJI Phantom 2 - Prop Guards explained. - Also T…: ) I personally fly with out them. It saves weight and makes you fly more cautiously.

***Download and read this 50 page manual!... Read it twice!! Everything you need to know about the Phantom2 V+

Watch phantom crash YouTube videos and figure out why they crashed, learn from it.

u/Fredfredbug4 · 3 pointsr/Warhammer40k

I recommend this kit. Gives you everything you need including instructions. Models are very detailed and are good practice for 40k.

u/BloodthirstyGM · 3 pointsr/minipainting

Reaper Miniatures 08906 Learn To Paint Bones Kit

u/hobbykitjr · 3 pointsr/dndnext

I still have non... except painting minis for some reason.

people have confused my drawings with my 3 year olds. (he asks me to draw a horse in his coloring book and then later someone says 'thats not bad for a 3 year old')

Reaper sells a painting tutorial kit, different levels that include minis, instructions, paints and brushes and i got good at it, so look into them if you had fun! (amazon link, much different than the ones i got years ago)

p.s. Is your enchanter named Tim?

u/Hyperimaginative42 · 3 pointsr/minipainting

I also endorse the Reaper Learn To Paint Kit ( You can be up and painting immediately, or at least after some prep work. You'll also want some brush soap/Masters Brush Cleaner and a hobby knife (for removing mold lines from the Reaper Bones minis).

Give the minis a good scrub with some dish soap to get all of the mold-release agent off, as it can prevent paint from sticking to the mini. If a Reaper Bones mini has bent limb/weapon/accessory, you can drop it in some boiling (or at least very-hot) water to get it to snap back into shape. Submerge it in some ice water after that and it should hold in its correct position. It sounds like a lot of prep work, but it makes a huge difference in your final product.

Follow the included guide, and you'll have three good baseline minis to start your collection, and start developing your skills. If you want to keep practicing the skills, Reaper's just introduced their Stage 2 kit ( Don't be surprised if you get addicted very quickly.

u/WizardPoop · 3 pointsr/wow

Damn it, I look like a dirty liar now. They run about $30.

I bought mine at their booth at PAX, I think they were having a special. Either way it's a good kit! Sorry to mislead!

If you search ebay for "dark vengeance space Marines" you can find brand new squads for about half the price of retail ($13-15)

u/repotxtx · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Good advice already here, especially /r/minipainting. What really got me going when I started last year was the first Reaper Learn to Paint kit. Comes with paints, brushes and step by step instructions to paint the three included minis. I ended up ordering duplicates of the minis and went through each with my three kids (13-18). All of them actually turned out really well. It worked at least well enough that we realized, we can actually learn this to some level. You can find plenty of info elsewhere obviously, but I appreciated how this dumbed it down enough for us. Plus, you have some basic paints to hang onto going forward.

u/oonooneoo · 3 pointsr/minipainting

Reaper's Learn to Paint Kit is pretty popular.

u/Jewfro879 · 3 pointsr/minipainting

This is what I bought when I got started. It is a pretty good starter and comes with 3 minis. Not terrible depending on your budget only $30

u/nope_a_dope · 3 pointsr/MansionsOfMadness2E

Nothin to it but to do it! Seriously, there is so much pride that comes from playing a game with minis that you painted. Even a poor paint job is usually better than NO paint. I'd recommend buying one of the "learn to paint" kits from Reaper or the like. It's pretty cheap to get started and find out if it is for you.

u/y4udothat · 3 pointsr/minipainting

I really like this kit.

The brushes are decent.

The paint selection is nice, although there is no red and the yellow is kinda meh. So you'll want to buy those two colors individually.

The best part for beginners, in my opinion, is that it includes 3 minis and a guidebook for how to paint them.

If you need help beyond that, YouTube is filled with tips, tutorials, etc. I like The Miniac and Tabletop Minions personally.

u/SwirishNinja · 3 pointsr/minipainting

Check out the official "WHAT SHOULD I BUY!" guide.

This is a good starter kit.

u/Ominymity · 3 pointsr/DnD

Does he use miniatures in his games? You could pick him up a random booster pack of D&D minis- new monsters to use can be inspiration for encounters.

EDIT: This would most likely be on budget and these are new figures! Came out in late July.

If he plays 5e there are new books coming out still- you could look at what he has or order something upcoming for him to lean his campaign toward.

EDIT: Make sure you check his shelf/bin if you don't want to get something he has already!

Maybe he is a fan of fantasy books/movies? You might have some luck picking something he would like- that could bleed through for inspiration.

Also, tabletop players always enjoy a new set of dice, if they are a shiny new color or something.
I suggest these!


This is kind of a stretch probably- but consider steering him toward something like which can be a near endless source of materials/resources.

You could try picking up one of the starter sets to see if he would like painting!

u/RebelScum75 · 3 pointsr/boardgames

This Reaper Bones "Learn to Paint" kit actually comes with 3 practice minis, as well as brushes, paints, and getting started guide:
That way, you don't worry about messing up your game-related minis.

If you already have brushes & paints, then maybe see if you can find some random cheap minis to practice with.

u/TurboCooler · 3 pointsr/SWlegion

To get started, I recommend getting these two kits to practice.

Reaper Getting Started

Reaper Layers Kit

Whatever miniatures you use, make sure you wash them in warm water and Dove dishwashing liquid.

Those miniatures above DO NOT need primer, but for practice, get some Vallejo, Game Workshop or Army Painter Primer. Whatever you can find locally. Get a gray primer.

Practice on these miniatures. If you do not like them you can try painting them again.

If you want some more practice miniatures find whatever is on clearance at Miniature Market or CoolStuffInc or the unpainted D&D line.

How to start all over again, just soak your painted miniatures in simple green overnight. The next day use some elbow grease, old tooth brush, rinse in clean water and let dry. You are good to give them a second try.

u/1D13 · 3 pointsr/minipainting

Reaper Learn To Paint Bones Kit is a solid place to begin.

Miniature Painting Kit is a really solid pack of colors for a beginner as well. Good quality miniature paints, with a decent brush and most of the colors, washes, and metallics you'll need to get going. Plus it comes with the army painter getting started guide on how to paint tabletop quality models efficiently.

After that it's all preference and practicing more advanced techniques. But it is easier just to start by grabbing some cheap acrylic colors, a cheap pack of synthetic brushes from a hobby store, and begin painting a miniature.

You can read all the guides you want. Application of the techniques takes practical practice plain and simple. You can mentally know how to layer or glaze all day long. If you don't have the brush control that comes from actually painting, or know how much paint to load on your specific brush to achieve the effects then knowing the technique won't make your painting better.

Start painting!

u/booshmeister169 · 3 pointsr/boardgames

I use a quiver for a lot of my card games. Goes with me everywhere!

u/bkallday13 · 3 pointsr/magicTCG

Quiver - it’s sturdy and portable. I use one for commander decks and one for small card and board games -
Quiver Black Playing Card Case - Carrying Deck Case with PU Leather Exterior with Double Zipper, Dividers, Hand & Shoulder Strap - Fits up to 1300 Cards - Deck Box Compatible + 100 Card Sleeves

u/A_Paper_Ape · 3 pointsr/yugioh

Personally I use the Ultimate guard classic twin flip and tray deck boxes as they comfortably store my 2 double sleeved decks w/ full extra & side and have a draw for odd stuff like counters and dice. but to be honest if you only used single sleeved decks and used a shared pool of extra and side deck cards they you should be able to squeeze in 4 decks. But if your insistant on carryying 8 decks in a single box then one of your few options is the quiver.

u/Phrost_ · 3 pointsr/magicTCG
u/buoyantChicken · 3 pointsr/boardgames

I know that the quiver comes pretty highly regarded. Bonus that it's designed to be portable.

I wouldn't do it myself. I feel like I would forget about all the games I put in it. Seems like it would be harder to sell people on playing a game without the box for people to see.

u/Zylo_001 · 3 pointsr/EDH

I quite like the Quiver ( ) for carrying my decks to play. Hold about 6-7 decks in boulders + room for dice. When they go on sale they are at about $20 usd/each. Satin towers end up getting too heavy when carrying multiple of them and aren't compact. Rather just have a dice/token bag if I need one. I'd consider the Stanley cases, but I haven't seen any with square enclosures in my country.

u/KnitPrincess · 3 pointsr/EDH

Jeez, that's hard. I feel like his best bet would be this case called "The Quiver" and then a couple smaller double deck boxes like these I have both of those and they're kinda expensive, but the quiver holds 5ish double sleeved commander decks, and the ultimate guard holds 2 double sleeved commander decks plus a little dice compartment. You could probably squish a 6th in the quiver, but I would rather not risk damaging my cards. So maybe 2 quivers or some combination of quivers and double deck boxes? Or maybe a better option would be to take a look at a pirate lab bag like this one unfortunately I don't have any experience with that bag though so I can't speak for it's quality. If he doesn't like any of these I'd go check out Tolarian Community College Youtube channel, he has an entire series on deck box reviews. Good luck!

u/MustangDuvall · 3 pointsr/EDH

To carry all these, I don't think there's a good "premium" solution. However, I got the Quiver deckbox (
and it carries all 6 of my decks. Pretty nice.

u/SWTBFH · 3 pointsr/magicTCG

Cheap wood and cheap latches, no thanks. I'd rather get a(nother) Quiver. My current one is holding a 360-card cube, 200 lands, (all double sleeved) and dividers with no problem.

u/jellypantz · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Pandemic, Cash'n'Guns, Settlers of Catan are all decent games that are easy to pick up

Ticket to Ride is the most accessible game for newbs.

u/mave_of_wutilation · 3 pointsr/boardgames

As expected, most are pretty poor. Here are a few people might consider.

u/juliet1484 · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You should get The Settlers of Catan. I have a friend who can't shut up about how much he loves that game.

u/cuntpuncherexpress · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Catan is my favorite board game by far. Thanks for the contest! :)

u/SayuriSati · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is neat! I love Catan.

u/nonsensepoem · 3 pointsr/TumblrInAction

Whoa, whoa. Settlers of what?

Guys, we've got a phony here!

u/MurphysParadox · 3 pointsr/DnD

Chessex Battle Mat is the best product for such things. It is $26 and uses wet erase markers to draw on it.

Now, if that's too much, you have a few other options. For the longest time, we used a cheap plastic frame like you'd get for holding posters. Then you either print out grid paper, buy some, or draw it yourself on the cardboard and you can use markers on the plastic. It isn't perfect; the plastic isn't perfect for the markers and over time it will tinge. Also, test every marker you use in a corner (let it dry for 5 minutes, then remove) because some colors seemed to be far harder to remove than others.

For the truly low budget, you can do some sheet of paper with grid lines and tape them together. I'd set it up to print without margins and overlap the paper by a full square (1 inch) so you can easily tape it.

u/LazerdongFacemelter · 3 pointsr/DnD
u/pcx226 · 3 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

Get a chessex as fulganger said.

They are amazing.

that is the one i got, it is the 2 by 2 or length of an armish.

Now the key is to not buy the expensive wet erase markers they recommend. They're overpriced. Buy crayola washable markers. They have big giant WASHABLE on the front. If you buy during back to school time, they are as little as 1$-1.5$ for 8 markers! Such a steal compared to wet erase.

Also baby wipes are amazing for them. Towel+ spray bottle of water is cheaper though.

u/Conquestador · 3 pointsr/DnD

If you want to use pdf versions of the books, you'll have to look for them, piracy isn't kosher in this sub. Character sheet is easily found by searching "4e/3.5/Pathfinder dnd character sheet" depending on what version you choose.

There are some free published adventures available online, but I'm not familiar enough with them.

As for dice, I bought a ~100 dice set on amazon for $30 (or you can buy 5$/set at any game/hobby store, and they're a bit nicer), and a wet erase mat from Chessex for $30 (this one), and I use Sorry pieces and extra dice for monsters and Lego minifigs for players and companions.

u/AllUrMemes · 3 pointsr/rpg

The only product I really recommend buying is this Chessex battlemat:

Also pick up some WET-erase markers (not dry erase). You can draw the walls of each room as they enter.

Miniatures are cool, but not necessary. Coins, paper tokens, cardboard (D&D Monster Vault) all work fine. But I think that having a map with miniatures helps everyone visualize the battle much better. It's practically a necessity for 4E.

I also really recommend making your own campaigns and adventures if the DM is up for the time and challenge. They are usually better because the DM has a deeper understanding and knowledge of his own world, and can customize it to his players better.

u/Entice · 3 pointsr/rpg

I use Battlemats. They use Wet erase markers and you can draw what you want on the fly, and afterwards a quick bit of windex and a paper towel and its all gone. Takes some $ up front (just under $30), but after that as long as you take care of them, it will last years.

u/IR_1gn0r3d · 3 pointsr/DnD

You can get chessex mats from amazon or other sites. I live in Belgium and my local game store even has them in stock most of the times. I have even ran with a whiteboard on which I drew a map with gridlines. Takes some time but it works.

u/Hosteen_Coyote · 3 pointsr/DnD

I just bought a mat. You can use dry erase markers on it, then wipe it down when you're done. Rolls up for easy storage. You can also buy a large pad of grid paper and just draw on it, then toss the sheet when you're done. They sell them in most office supply stores. The pads are large, intended to be placed on an easel and used in presentations.

u/magicmanfk · 3 pointsr/dndnext

I have something like tthis which I think is great.

u/Rantheur · 3 pointsr/dndnext

What you're looking for is what the community refers to as an FLGS (friendly local game store). Usually these aren't chain stores. So, unfortunately, you'll have to do a little bit of searching. Often times you can just google "D&D store" or "game store" and your city/town name and you'll get a good place to start. If your town has both a video game specialty store (at least one that isn't Gamestop) and a tabletop gaming specialty store, usually the employees of both will know where the other one is and will happily send you to them. Your FLGS will have all the books you need (and if they don't, they'll order them for you) as well as the official character sheets from Wizards of the Coast, and all the dice you could ever need.

Here's the shopping list for you to get started strong.

  • Player's Handbook

  • Dungeon Master's Guide

  • Monster Manual

  • Dice

  • Character Sheets (if you have a printer, you can download them and print them off here)

  • Pencils & Paper

    The following are optional enhancements.

  • Graph Paper

  • A Vinyl Battle Mat

  • Wet Erase Markers for your battle mat

  • Figurines for your battle mat
u/drunkengeebee · 3 pointsr/dndnext

Buy the starter set.

Buy a pound of dice

Buy 18 sets of dice

Buy a battlemat

That's all you need to get started. Don't spend $300 buying EVERYTHING. That's just a silly thing to do.

u/bluesman99999 · 3 pointsr/DnD

That's a Chessex Wet-Erase Battle Mat, a very useful tool if you're playing with miniatures.

u/forgottenduck · 3 pointsr/DnD

I make use of the Chessex Wet-Erase battlemat (comes in 2 sizes and is reversible for hexes vs squares) which works well for my games.

Alternatively you can buy some large 1" grid paper. Which is great if you want to do prep work for your dungeon and draw out nice looking maps ahead of time. Typically this allows you to have more detailed maps because you're not under the pressure of doing it at the table before combat starts. I want to start doing this more often, but even more so I want to get some props and do more elaborate battle sets.

u/threelite · 3 pointsr/DnDIY

I suggest either buying gaming paper or a Chessex mat (which you can use wet-erase markers on) like this one.

If you can't afford those I'll make some A3 sized grids for you later, just remind me :)

u/lost-dragonist · 3 pointsr/DnD
  1. Depends on your group.

  2. Depends on your group.

  3. Depends on your group.

  4., assuming they ever start shipping. Barring that, a Cheesex battlemat is pretty standard fare assuming you can deal with the cleanup of wet-erase markers:

    I'm not trying to be flippant. It really depends on your group and the type of game they want to play. I've played war gaming D&D where the battlemat was the game. I've played narrative D&D where it was faster to just go with the flow.

    I'd start without one. Just have some paper and a pencil handy if you need to draw something out for clarification. If you find yourself needing to draw a lot of stuff, you might want a battlemat.
u/PghDrake · 3 pointsr/DnD

For miniatures, be warned that the Heroclix and Mage Knight minis, while useable, are mostly larger than the 1" standard width (for a medium character or creature) - this is generally not that big of a problem but if you're going with modular terrain it means they may not fit well, especially along with other miniatures beside them.

Ebay is a good choice for miniatures, especially if you have particular needs for certain things - you want that male elf archer in leather armor, or are you looking for a beholder? You can find and get them there. Here's my favorite seller for these things, shipping is definitely reasonable and the choices are expansive:

Another option to miniatures are tokens, and they are much, much cheaper. These are small cardboard circles that fit a 1" block as standard size (larger creatures will fill more, of course). The best starter set for this for a DM is the Monster Vault, but there are a ton of others as well. I suggest ebay for these for the most part, there are some that sell them by the sheet and others that sell the full boxed sets. You can get these for characters as well as monsters. Here's a link to the Monster Vault so you can see what you get with it:

Cheapest and most versatile "professional looking" option for the map / terrain is a chessex battlemat - make sure you have WET ERASE markers, not dry erase and keep it clean between adventures. Below are links to one of their mats (there are other sizes, just search on amazon) and to some excellent markers:

Cheapest option for modular-type terrain would be tiles. These are cardboard "grids" that most often have designs on them and come in different sizes. The best starter set out there is the Dungeon Tiles Master Set - The Dungeon. It has a lot of tiles and is pretty versatile, at least for base grid options like dungeons and general floors. There are a ton of other options for them - again I suggest you look on ebay for these because you can often find used ones that are in perfect shape sold as a set, or even individual tiles if there's something in particular you need. This is the link to the aforementioned base set on amazon so you can see what it has:

If you want to spend more money and go with something much more dynamic, there are 3-d modular sets ranging from paper to near-stone like quality but they can cost a ton. I have a large set of Dungeonstone ( that I bring out and always get oo's and ahh's. But they're heavy to carry around a lot, especially if I need the whole set. Another option, that's generally slightly more expensive than dungeonstone is Dwarven Forge. You can look them up - but I only mention this in case you decide to spend more money than you want to at this point. :)

Good luck! I hope this helps.

u/Drunken_Economist · 3 pointsr/DnD

The starter set can be run without maps entirely, I really think a battlemat (like this one from chessex: helps the players a lot

u/Monosynaptic · 3 pointsr/DnD

If you're willing to pay a little, there are nice erasable mats out there. Cheaper in the long run than using paper and certainly much more transportable/manageable.

u/digitallyApocalyptic · 3 pointsr/DnD

I'm guessing that you're thinking of a Chessex Battle Mat, which allows you to use wet erase markers to draw out maps. You can also use graph paper to accomplish much the same function, although this will mean that you'll have to pass the combat map around, which may not be as good as everyone being able to draw on it at a given time.

u/Time-osaurus_Rex · 3 pointsr/criticalrole

here are a few simple things that i have found a newbie like me make things easier...

  1. spell cards this is an easy resource to help you keep track of what spells you have. its even easier if you do like marisha does and set it up in a spell folder. . u can pick this up at your local staples/ office depot.

  2. a small notebook to write notes in, such as everyones names. important NPCs, loot you found, i always date my pages so i know when and what happened. marisha and laura are really good at doing this in stream.

  3. lazer pens. + battle mat + minis. or even paper minis.

  4. sit as close as you can. preferably around a table.

  5. index cards. i use index cards sometimes for my special paladin abilities that i always forget i have. when you are new, it can be overwhelming keeping track of your special abilities. its easier to see than writing it on your character sheet.

  6. Ale
u/ferretbusiness · 2 pointsr/ContagiousLaughter

Looks like Liquid Ass. Not exaggerating when I say this stuff is the absolute worst, most disgusting thing you could ever smell in your entire life. Absolutely nothing compares to it. I brought some bottles to school as an april fools joke a few years ago and teachers had to evacuate their classrooms because of the smell.

u/Readit_to_me · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

You're not wrong, you're just an ass.

u/vaderisahottie · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/Aprahamian · 2 pointsr/truegaming

There are a ton of good Board games out there. My girl friend and I really enjoy Carcassonne (This is usually on sale, we got it for around $50 so watch the price) It is a tile laying game so each time you play it it changes. You score points by completing roads and cities. The one I linked to has 5 expansions with it. With all 5 expansions the game can take a long time, plus there are a fair amount of rules. It took us with 5 players almost 4 hours to go through one game. There are also videos on youtube of the game.

Then there is Settlers of Catan. I got this game for Christmas. It is kind of a more luck game since there are Dice rolls involved unlike Carcassonne which is all based on laying pieces but with some luck at drawing the right ones. You make cities and roads and you try to get to a set number of points before others do. Points come from how mnay cities you havem longest road, biggest army and so on. There are also expansions to this game, but the downside is that it is 3-4 players, so if you just want to sit down with one other person you can't really play it. They do sell expansions for 5-6 players and are around $16 on amazon. The three expansions cost about the same price as the game (about $33), but they add just as much if not more content then the original game. There are also tons of videos on Youtube about this game and the different expansions. They do an overview of what each one is.

u/worn_socks · 2 pointsr/uscg

I wish I would have played more board games when I was underway. Recently I have loved playing Ticket to Ride and Catan.

u/RSuave · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think you are getting this, this and this because DUH, board games! Cold toes.

u/dvuevo · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Notables include:


Mage Knight


and various Munchkin expansions!

u/godzillaguy9870 · 2 pointsr/Christianity

I have never found anyone that didn't like Settlers of Catan. It takes more thinking than your basic Monopoly or Clue game, but is by no means dry or full of intense strategising. It's ultra fun. Carcassone and Munchkin as well. Yes, they look nerdy, but I have many friends from various walks of life (from the jock to the hipster to the nerd) and they all love these games.

u/MrSketch · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

I would second the idea for board game nights. My friends and I love playing board games. Not like Monopoly, but more involved games like:

u/chrisma08 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

If they're not too much to carry, you might enjoy the board/tile games Carcasonne and/or Settlers of Catan

Speed Scrabble is pretty portable (this is marketed now as the game Banangrams), since you just need the tiles.

It's a convenient way to invite strangers to be social with you, too, on those long rides.

u/MCubb · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Gotta love the walking dead! One of the best shows!

Here's my message!

And to keep it Amazon related, here's my fave board game: catan.

u/wineoholic · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Setters of catan? fun and addicting, and for 3-4 players so you three can play. :)

u/NotIWhoLive · 2 pointsr/tabletopgamedesign

I agree with /u/ceethreepio. I would be interested in a cover that tells the story of what I'm going to do in the game. Like the Settlers of Catan cover (exploring a new land full of resources) or the [Terraforming Mars cover]( (planting trees in a hostile environment) or the [7 Wonders cover]( (building a city full of wondrous structures) or even the Monopoly cover (rolling dice and making deals).

It looks like what I'm looking at is the characters I can choose to play as. If I am somehow looking at the mechanics (i.e. these are different people I can send stuff to), I would want to see them in action, doing the thing that they do in the game. Otherwise, it's not super captivating as a cover.

u/call_me_cthulhu_ · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm actually not sure if this is a minstream game but Ive always wanted to try catan. If thats too mainsteam, another game Id like to play is go.

u/nut_butter_420 · 2 pointsr/AskGameMasters

This is the mat I use, a.k.a. the classic.

Recently I've been playing on the hex grid, modifying some rules to use it for combat. It's handy to have both, and I've had this mat for ~8 years now and it's holding up strong.

u/ImpKing_DownUnder · 2 pointsr/DMAcademy

I used 1"x1" paper squares I cut out myself with numbers on them at first. Then when I had some money, I bought the Pathfinder Pawns for minis. I use them for 5e so they don't match up perfectly, but it's enough to just tell my players "This is X monster" or whatever. Someone else is probably going to mention this too, but if you want miniatures for characters or whatever, boardgames like Talisman or the DnD ones are your best bet for cheap-ish minis. You get a bunch (For example, Talisman comes with ~14 minis your players can use) for relatively less than you'd pay to get them individually.

Maps wise, if you have access to Photoshop (never used GIMP) you can make grid lines overlay on whatever you draw. You can also find these online or in stores. 1" square graph paper is good if you don't want to buy a Chessex Battlemat, though I'd highly recommend it and some wet-erase markers. Those things last for years and they're super useful if you don't mind wiping off the map a few times a session.

u/Th3bigM00se · 2 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

A not so expensive option for reusable is something like this. Now I don't know your full budget but I know that I used one of these for a long time and it was great. Also if you get one only use black ink and use wet erase not dry.

u/PM_Me_Your_Miniature · 2 pointsr/DnD

> The starter set is that fifth edition

Yep, the one you mentioned (With Lost Mines of Phandelver, it's included) is for 5e. If you're learning rules for anything BUT 5th, you may get a little confused while relearning.

> Also if I am designing a campaign do I have to find a way to systematically make sure they hit the main points of the story or just adapt.

Both. Use hooks to draw the characters to the right starting point/NPC/location, but don't expect or force your players into the exact situation you want. If they ignore your hooks and go in another route, adapt your plans. For instance, if you want them to visit the best Mage in town to learn of some danger, but they just keep talking to shopkeepers, maybe have those shopkeepers mention some evil happenings or point them toward the Mage. If you want them to go through Door A, but they go Door B, you can always just move what was behind A to behind B, and they'll be none the wiser.

> I understand most of it is rpg but in terms of battling where do I get/make maps.

Dry-erase gridded battle mats can be bought online and you can draw maps directly onto it. You can also just google 'Dungeon map' or 'DnD castle map' to get ideas or complete maps to use, or just draw out your own. There are many resources for dungeon/location mapping ideas and methods, and tons of free generation/creation tools online. Pre-made modules like the books sold by Wizards (AND the Lost Mines of Phandelver module from the starter set) include maps for important locations, though they may not be separate maps you can just drop on your table.

You can also run theater of the mind wherein your players may not have a map to look at at all - some people like this more, some hate it, so be wary of forcing it onto players.

u/duckroller · 2 pointsr/DnD

I have this one, and I love it to death. When I run a campaign the players love to doodle and take notes on the edges, and it provides a grid for all kinds of encounters- small dungeons, forest clearings, caravan ambushes, taverns, marketplaces, you name it. Pick up a good set of wet erase makers and you're set. While not really "theatre of the mind," it lets me skip the prep work and ad-lib a lot encounter spaces as I go.

u/mgiblue21 · 2 pointsr/DnD
u/djdementia · 2 pointsr/rpg

I use a wet erase. Pro tip on miniatures as long as you don't mind that they don't match your PCs... go to a gaming store and ask if they have a box of old miniatures from older games people don't play. The gaming store I went to were selling them for $0.10 each.

The huge advantage of Wet erase is that hands, dice, books, miniatures moving over it don't erase the map.

u/Jack_Of_Shades · 2 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

If you do decide to get a battlemat, I recommend this one.

u/S00_CRATES · 2 pointsr/DnD

It looks like Amazon has them for sale. The Chessex mats have both grid and hex patterns which is nice.

u/Euphorbus11 · 2 pointsr/DnD

As a starter DM maybe a wipe clean battle map and some dry wipe markers?

Or (and I know this sounds daft) some mepples! They can come in lots of different colours so you can have player meeples and enemy ones all on different colours. Fighting goblins? Green meeples! Meeting a king? Use a gold meeple! cheap and often effective :D

u/PantsIsDown · 2 pointsr/Dungeons_and_Dragons

Awesome! That's how I play!

Here's a list of things I suggest as a DM:

Chessex Mat
or [Megamat](Chessex Role Playing Play Mat: MEGAMAT Double-Sided Reversible Mat for RPGs and Miniature Figure Games - 34 1/2in x 48in
[Vis-A-Vis Markers](Expo Vis-A-Vis Wet-Erase Overhead Transparency Markers, Fine Point, 8-Pack Pouch, Assorted Colors to write on the map
[Starter set of minis](D&D Icons of the Realms: Tyranny of Dragons Starter Set
Goblin Minis
Search Reaper Minis on Amazon and you'll find some fun stuff
I also use flat glass marbles as place holders for NPCs that I don't have minis for. They were super helpful when I was first starting.
A graphing notebook and drawing paper
Mechanical pencils and a set of his favorite pens

I can't think of anything else

u/DiogenesKuon · 2 pointsr/DnD

5E D&D can be played mind's eye theater style with no board. In that case the DM just describes distances and makes a gut call on if someone is, for example, within 120 feet for a magic missile to hit them. Alternatively you can use a grid map (like this one) and either miniatures or tokens for the characters and monsters. Either style is supported and it's just a matter of preference.

I'd very much recommend getting the starter set. It comes with pregenerated characters (even if you create your own it's nice to see examples), and a fairly lengthy adventure (which, again, is helpful for a first time dungeon master). I picked it up even though I've played every edition since 2E.

If you have any rules questions feel free to ask here, or over at /r/DnDNext.

u/Krispyz · 2 pointsr/dndnext

It's really hard to beat Chessex dice... I've tried several more expensive sets (including a synthetic turquoise set) and none of them were worth the money. The dice I use are all Chessex.

I think the grid is worth it, it doesn't really matter what kind you use. We use this one which I didn't realize was also Chessex until right now... it's nice because it's wet-erase (we tried dry erase, but it's nice to not have your walls disappear while you're moving around your minis) and it has the dual side, so you can use square or hex grids.

u/WoolyWumpus · 2 pointsr/rpg

My groups use one of these. They are perfect with a set of wet erase markers. The only thing is that it seems like each mat has a specific color that does not like to be erased from it (for mine it's red).

I have considered getting a digital projector and running with digital maps but I just don't have the cash right now. If I did do this I would probably use photoshop for my display program. Just create a layer for your map and another layer on top of it as a mask. When you need to uncover another area on the map you just turn off the projector (or your laptop's external display port), make your masking layer opaque so you can see the map below it, select and delete the are you want to display, make the mask layer solid again, and turn back on the projector. This takes more pre-game time to setup but much less time than drawing out each room you need for combat and explaining funky architecture. Just remember to have a DM map with secret doors and traps marked on it, and another map for the players that does not contain this info.

u/AniJhoira · 2 pointsr/DnD

Chessex Role Playing Play Mat: Battlemat Double-Sided Reversible Mat for RPGs and Miniature Figure Games (26 in x 23 1/2 in) Squares/Hexes

I use that mat with wet erase markers, mostly just using black. Wet erase and black because it’s the least likely to stain the mat and won’t get smudged during play.

u/thegreatestalexander · 2 pointsr/DnD

Unless you're running things entirely theatre of the mind style, you'll need some kind of figures and maps for combat. I recommend a Chessex playing matt and some wet erase markers, but you can always just use paper and roughly eyeball distances on it.

Minis can get pricey, so you can work around them. You can honestly use anything; I used unused dice as enemies for the longest time. A more cost effective thing is Paizo's Pathfinder Pawns, which come in bulk sets that include lots of different monsters, and are all flat and easy to store. Plus, they're just cardboard squares, so another thing I'd do is just print out pictures of monsters I'd want to use and just tape them over the pictures of creatures I wouldn't use.

u/Metlover · 2 pointsr/dndnext

I would suggest OP purchase:

  1. The Players Handbook

  2. The Monster Manual

  3. A Chessex battlemap

  4. Pathfinder Assorted Bases

    I feel like the inclusion of the PHB and MM are self-explanatory.

    The battemat is something I own and I have used to great effect - It's supremely durable, survived multiple moves, and still looks great. I'm moving more towards tiles now that I have a little bit more money to spend on D&D, but the mat was one of my biggest tools when I was first starting out as a DM.

    The token bases are from pathfinder, a related tabletop RPG, but can easily be used in DnD 5E. Simply print out pictures of the monsters that you've found online, cut them out, and place them in the bases, and viola - instant miniatures! They can help tide your players over while you build your own miniature collection.

    N.B. I agree with many of the other posters here that the use of a map and miniatures is not at all necessary for doing D&D, however, I have found that using them greatly enhances the experience, and it is my opinion that I like them. If you feel so inclined, OP, instead of the battlemap and bases, purchase the DM's Guide, which contains great advice in building and running your own adventures and campaigns, which might interest you down the road if it doesn't already.

    Total cost: $95.86 on amazon.
u/Typick · 2 pointsr/DnD

If you are talking about a play mat you can get them on or your local game store might have it.

u/Capt_DMFiat · 2 pointsr/DnD

You just need a rough sketch of the area. I use a Chessex Battlemat similar to the one linked at the end of the comment. You could easily use 4 sheets of paper with one inch squares drawn or printed on them. Then in pencil just mark out the dungeon walls or whatever.

I personally think using a battlemat makes the game better. It adds something new to the game that it didn't have before (tactical battles). Now mind you, that battles aren't super technical but it certainly makes them feel more technical than just trying to describe things.

I personally don't get much enjoyment from the DM saying, "You backflip off the wall and slice the guy's head off." I can have fictional battles in my head where I'm awesome any time I want.

Using a battlemat also marks a huge difference between social encounters and battle encounters. Social encounters are all done as theater of the mind, so do you really need another encounter that uses the same technique? I think not.

>I was thinking maybe doing no map but for main encounters throw a map on

I've thought about doing this as well, but haven't actually done it. The bonus about it that I can see is that it allows you to fit the expected battles per day, which is what forces the players to manage their limited resources and abilities. (spells, healing dice, ki points, etc.)

In the end I probably won't end up doing that and will just continue to push the players to make their decisions quickly. If they make an "nonoptimal" decision then so be it.

I think the reason battles slow the game down so much is that players plan too much. Too much time is spent on, "Hey who wants bardic inspiration? ... Who's next in the initiative order? Oh, Sally goes before Bob. But Bob would benefit from the inspiration more. Bob, do you mind if I don't give you inspiration this time? What's that Sally? Oh you're going to be using an action that won't benefit from it okay... Then Frank you can have it."

Whew. Longest bonus action ever. Let's hope that player never has to make a decision about movement and provoking an attack of opportunity! Just do your think players!

u/shortsman1 · 2 pointsr/DnD

My buddy has a chessex battle mat, It works well. we use white board cleaner to get the marks off.

I just got in my wizdice battle mat and have not had a chance to play on it yet.

My AL dm uses washable kid markers on his and it comes off super easy.

Edit Fixed the link

u/Judge_Kaos · 2 pointsr/DnDIY
u/zandercs13 · 2 pointsr/DMAcademy

Consider getting a wet erase grid mat and some markers. They're cheap and work really well. Grab something cheap for monster tokens and you're all set. Maybe use an app for character sheets, there are plenty. I have a pdf of the 5e character sheet with editable fields if you want it.

I have this mat

u/RefBeaver · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The group I used to play with (hopeing to be able to start a new one soon) had a few simple things. The main things are going to be your standards:

  • Set of dice (multiples for new people are nice too)
  • Lots and lots of mechanical pencils
  • Minis and various tokens to represent your characters
  • Plenty of paper of different sorts (lined, graph, and plain being the main ones)
  • Large dry erase square/hex grid sheet like this
  • Dry erase markers
  • Snacks/drinks of various sorts

    I'm hopefully going to be introducing Dungeon World (/r/dungeonworld) to a group of friends. It's a rules light story forward RPG system which is great for beginners. There was a link posted the the Dungeon World subreddit for running a 4 hour long one shot (link here) which brought up using index cards for on the fly map generation which I think is good to have for any RPG adventure.

    edit: Forgot minis... How did I forget minis???
u/RollFirstMathLater · 2 pointsr/DnD

This is very helpful

A monster manuel may be nice to have.

You could always check out dwaven forge for inspiration.

u/Actually_Oberon · 2 pointsr/DnD

I got mine online.

u/MrWally · 2 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

For the plexiglass, I think you can get something like this:

or this:

Honestly, I just walked into a Home Depot and asked for a big sheet of plexiglass. It was about $25. Someone above suggested that Hobby Lobby may be cheaper.

Here's the battlemat:

Grab some whiteboard markers, and the whole thing will run you about $50. But honestly, I've used this same setup for 4 years and it's been great.

A few thoughts:

  • The plexiglass doubles as a great protective surface for whatever table you're playing on. We've been saved from many spills because of it!
  • The plexiglass is a little heavy and cumbersome. My group meets at a different place every week, and it's a little annoying having to carry around everywhere. It's great if you have a dedicated gaming room, though.
  • The plexiglass can get dirty, but I never notice while playing. Just wipe it down with windex every now and then.
  • Get colored markers! It's so nice being able to track hp in red ink right next to minis as they move around the map, and my players love drawing out possible tactics/formations, etc.
u/inmatarian · 2 pointsr/rpg

Oh! I see, I misinterpreted what you were looking for.

Since this is more battle-mats than dungeon maps, the generic solution that everyone does is a Chessex wet-erase Mat, but you could also try Paizo dry/wet erase flip mats. If you're not pleased with the $20 range and want even cheaper, Gaming Paper for $4, or Graph Paper Notebook for $6.

u/savagehill · 2 pointsr/roguelikes

I think it's nice of you to volunteer what skills you have, and great that you want to contribute.

The sad truth is that I doubt people will want to accept what you're trying to offer.

So I hope this doesn't sound mean, but I'm going to be direct:

No hobby game programmer I know is in need of an ideas guy. I have a trello board full of ideas that I just wish I could get to, plus I need to practice art, rewrite my base code so I can open source it, learn to make music, experiment with foley sound effects, do a lot of experimental marketing, try voxel magic to see if I can make a 3D game feel right, make a networked game, produce a series of youtube video tutorials, the list goes on for quite a ways. And that's just the gamedev hobby list. Life is short, and I'll never get to all the things I want to study, learn, and do. Ideas are not the bottleneck here.

Sorry if that sounds hard. But the truth is if you want to be the idea provider, you just need to learn to make games for yourself.

If you cannot program and don't believe you can learn it, perhaps you should buy a hex/square double-sided game mat like this one and gather a pile of tokens. Now you can create a tabletop tactics version of whatever roguelike ideas you have.

If your ideas are algorithmic and well-justified, then you should be a good board game designer.

You also talk about complex universes. If you prefer something more narrative than mechanical, you could focus on writing and learn to use the twine interactive story engine which everybody says is easy to learn.

Of you could look to rogueliker, who is launching a kickstarter for his tabletop RPG game, he managed to make a game without any programming! Wormhole on Kickstarter

If you can almost learn to program but not quite, there are several nice options for you, such as the Playmaker system for Unity and RPG maker. These tools are specifically designed to allow someone with algorithmic thinking but no ability to code to make their own games without a programmer.

My point is that nobody is going to make your games for you, you have to make them yourself. There are many ways to get that done, and the lack of a technical skill cannot prevent you!

So get to work today, and good luck on your journey! :)

u/mandym347 · 2 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

Chessex is a good brand for gaming things. I second the recommendation for the pound of dice.

Gaming mats are also great, with WET/DRY erase markers (Check the product first to see whether it works with wet or dry markers). Toss in an empty spray bottle and a washcloth for a wet erase, or an eraser and maybe a bottle of cleaner for a dry erase, and you've got a great gift set.

Also, a DM screen is great to have.

u/RogueDM1214 · 2 pointsr/DnD

Essentials, Pen, Pencils, Paper, Players Handbook, and some dice.

Most of that can be purchased at Target/Walmart/CVS. PHB can be bought from B&N, a local came store, Amazon or other online retailers.

As far as extras go? I'd get some sort of layout. These work really well for me. And then something to act as miniatures. You can get actual minis if you have the money. If not; coins, dice, lego men or any other small objects work.

Other than that, a story, some good imaginations and a group are all you need.

u/da_kink · 2 pointsr/DNDNL

Battlemap via Amazon

Qua mini's will marktplaats nog aardig werken, of als je een heroquest spel kunt vinden

u/Hasjustbeenpwned · 2 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

First trick is deciding which edition you want to play, for new players I highly recommend sticking to 4th edition, the rules are simpler and combat is generally more interesting. If you guys are brand and are new starting with nothing, I highly recommend picking up the 4th edition DM Manual 1, Monster Manual 1, and the Player's Handbook 1.

If your DM wants to take his hand at designing his own adventures I also highly recommend picking up a wet erase play mat as well as wet erase markers. I recommend wet erase over dry erase as dry erase can easily be wiped off during combat and such.

You'll also want to buy some dice for everyone to use, there are a few ways to go about that, you can mismatch dice from local hobby shops, you could buy dice sets or you could purchase the Chessex "Pound of Dice" for the whole group's use and ease. I, as a highly superstitious gamer, own 2 dice sets of my own and an additional lucky D20 that I don't let anyone touch (as they'll likely suck the luck out of it), so figure out what kind of gamers you are and what dice will best suit you.

As you guys grow and expand you may want to look into getting the other Player's Handbooks, to increase your options as players, as well as the other monster manuals for easier adventure creation for your DM.

I also highly recommend your DM (for his ease in adventure creation) look into reading materials on the internet (easily found for free) to help create the most interesting and fun adventures possible. One I can recommend off-hand is Chris Perkin's (a writer for the D&D books and "professional DM") "blog" called "The DM Experience."

Also if you have any other questions feel free to ask me in a comment or message me, I love to see new player getting into the game and would like to help in any way possible.

Just be sure to have fun, happy gaming :D

u/funkenspine · 2 pointsr/dndnext

If youre still looking to do dungeons sometime, I have a great site that generates them! I used it all the time its so handy.

A couple notes, play with the dungeon generator to figure out how big the dungeons are, remember that bigger is not always better, and small corridors force players to choose their actions very carefully sometimes and makes it more exciting.

Also, when you get the stats for the traps/monster look through them before you run the dungeon. I know the traps in particular are very strong in this gen and its ok to nerf them if your players are new.

Also its .. really worth getting a grid mat, even a small one. I have one like this and I love it

u/TheSignOfGuilt · 2 pointsr/RolEnEspanol

Con respecto a los mapas, si buscas versatilidad por precio, recomendaría comprarte un BattleMat, o busca el básic mat de Pathfinder, es lo mismo que tú hoja A3 pero más grande y podés usar marcadores para dibujar y después borrar tus dungeons o escenarios de combate, yo uso uno y me resulta más fácil para dibujar sobre la marcha pasadizos secretos recién descubiertos, etc. ( )
Ahora, si querés algo más lindo y elegante, compra tiles, son escenarios ya dibujados (de forma muy profesional y realista) que podés combinar para extenderlo, el único problema con este método es que llega un punto que reciclar lo vuelve monótono, aunque es más realista por las imágenes del mapa que el battlemat. ( )

Con las miniaturas, lo mejor que te puedo recomendar es que busques las cajas ICONS OF THE REALM de D&D, vienen 4 miniaturas por caja, al azar, 3 medianas o pequeñas y una grande, allí encontrarás más que nada enemigos, algunos muy interesantes, otros meh. ( )
De la misma línea hay unos basados en el starter set que vienen heroes básicos (un enano clérigo, un humano guerrero, un elfo mago, etc), quizás ahí veas una oportunidad para buscar algo más representativo a tu grupo. ( )

Espero te sirva :)

u/AVestedInterest · 2 pointsr/DnD

>I hadn't thought of the dry erase board...

Try this! I love that stupid thing.

u/SmoSays · 2 pointsr/mattcolville

> Should I let them build there own characters, or should I bring pregens?

This is up to you and your players. I’d ask each of them what they’d prefer. Personally, I would have pregens (or ones you’ve made) available as backups.

> As wargamers, we have TONS of minis, but no battlemat. Is there a cheap alternative? Do I really need one? I could pick one up at my LGS, but it'd be a bit more than I'd like to pay atm.

It’s not required. I know plenty of DMs who don’t use a battlemat.

I paid $35 for my mega mat so it depends on your budget. You can get a smaller one for $23.

Standard battle/megamats have 1 in. squares. You can find graph paper with that size squares at hobby lobby type stores or office supplies stores. You can get 8 ½ x 11 on up.

> I don't really want to purchase an adventure, but homebrewing the first game is kind of daunting. I mean, I know these guys would be perfectly happy being dropped in a dungeon and killing every last monster in the place without any kind of motivation whatsoever, but I really want at least some roleplay, if only to see how they react. I'd be grateful for any advice in this regard.

Dm guild is a very good resource for free campaigns or modules.

u/Burndown9 · 2 pointsr/dndnext

Something like this?

It seems like a great idea to hold off on miniatures. I'll probably use some kind of cheap stand-in in the meantime. Thank you for your response!!!

u/ThatPhatBaby · 2 pointsr/DnD


Or maybe instead of the DMG, buy a mat/whiteboard and some pathfinder pawns or something for minis. Up to you really. You could always do theater of the mind, but having minis is so fun!

Edit: Found these for a quick comparison of the prices PHB £27.41 MM £27.29 DMG £38.99 Mat £21.99

Looks like the DMG is the most expensive bit.

u/thorium_cowboy · 2 pointsr/rpg

Regarding the map, all you really need to draw out is the area directly important to a combat encounter, everything else you can just describe. You could be a larger dry erase map like this.

You can always have someone else run your girlfriend's character while she's away, if she doesn't mind. Or if the party has a group of hirelings she could step into any of those. I have a lot of players come and go, and until recently just ignored how they were all popping in and out of the existence week to week.

If you're feeling lenient you could secretly roll for characters when they are about to trigger a trap as a sort of emergency danger sense. It's something you probably don't want to do very often, because there's a price for foolhardiness! Try to include descriptions of possible traps when you're describing a room. Don't make it obvious, but some flags to spur them on to further searches.

I'm sure there are rules for both werewolves and necromancers in some book or online somewhere.

u/stingernick · 2 pointsr/DnD

So do you want a reusable one? If so, a Chessex battle mat is what I use. It works with wet-erase markers, but don't use dry-erase on it. If not or if you want something you can use colored pencils on or something, then the post-it thing that exleye mentioned would work fine.

u/Hippster · 2 pointsr/DnD

I've always used something similar:

This is what I've seen 2 different DM's use as a map. One drew right on it and the other put plexiglass over it to erase easier. Either way works, and it's a huge help to the realness. I've never played without one but have seen pictures of people who have. I don't know how they do it.

u/Little_Mouse · 2 pointsr/rpg

You can also get roll up mats (like this ) which allow you to use washable marker to draw dungeons out.

I find them very handy when complicated battles break out.

u/superdupergc · 2 pointsr/DnD

The other guys have explained D&D vs Pathfinder very well. As for the mat, one of the more versatile solutions is to buy a wet-erase mat like this one and draw your own maps. It's easy to change things, improvise, and you can just mark locations of characters mid-combat and pick up next week.

u/Fauchard1520 · 2 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

Look around for maps. I've seen fan-made versions that you can print out, but unfortunately I don't have links handy.

For serious though, just buy one of these guys and some wet erase markers. Draw as you go!

u/RanAngel · 2 pointsr/dndnext

I have been running games for a long time but haven't used a grid before. I'm about to start a new campaign and wanted to give it a go. I'm a dad of young kids, so I'm time and storage space poor. Here's what I'm doing:

  • Chessex battlemat. Reuseable with wet erase markers (these things).

  • Warhammer fantasy bases, that I've picked up in bulk from eBay. 25mm = small and medium, 50mm = large. Larger ones for huge and gargantuan. I'm planning to just print out portraits for characters and monsters and stick them onto the bases for a 2D representation of the battlefield.

    Should cost me nothing now that I've made the initial outlay for the grid, markers, and bases.
u/ThomasGeek · 2 pointsr/GiftIdeas

If he is into gaming you can't go too wrong with a steam gift card.

Just techy in general an amazon echo dot is an great for a techy and is ideal for your price

An amazon fire tv stick or Chromecast might be a good idea

If he is into Electronics and/or emulating he may like a Raspberry Pi (basically a tiny computer that you can do DIY electronics on or setup to play old nintendo games on). You could even setup the emulator for him and load him some games if you wanted to link here (pm me if you want to do this and need help with the install etc)

Board games could be a good idea if he is a gamer but it would depend on what kind of board games he likes. Some good ones of the top of my head though. Ticket to Ride, Coup or Catan

u/OutlierJoe · 2 pointsr/boardgames

But you are literally saying the exact same thing xTheOOBx was saying other than "I don't agree".

If the game is well stocked, it is significantly cheaper than local stores. If it isn't well stocked, it is only a little bit cheaper than your local stores. The only exception is MayFair games, where they have a cap on their retail discount.

And for what it is worth:

BGG Top 10

  1. 26% Off

  2. OOP/BPR

  3. 35% Off

  4. 31% Off

  5. 27% Off

  6. 25% Off

  7. 37% Off

  8. 28% Off

  9. 32% Off

  10. 23% Off

    Some other games I just stumbled across.

    24% Off,
    31% Off, 34% Off

    It looks like when I said "frequently between 30% and 40%, I was pretty damn close. It's okay to want to support the local game stores, as we all have said, they provide something more than just the game. I visit the same exact stores you do, and I know "not that much cheaper" is down right false. Buying games online is almost a buy 2-3 get 1 free - and that's not considering any significant sale.
u/wanderer333 · 2 pointsr/Parenting

Apples to Apples, Dixit, Jungle Speed, Pictionary, Anomia, SET, Loaded Questions, and Jenga are a few that come to mind where the adults wouldn't necessarily have an advantage over the kids. Also Fluxx and We Didn't Playtest This are both hilarious card games that would be perfect for kids in that age range, but I have a blast playing them with other adults on a regular basis too; Spaceteam looks like another good one but I haven't personally played it. If you're looking for more involved strategy games, Ticket to Ride and Carcassone would be fine for that age, just require more of a learning curve. Cranium and Quelf are silly games that involve a variety of tasks (drawing, acting, singing, trivia, etc) and although they're supposedly aimed at adults, kids love them too (just skip cards that are too hard; or you could also consider the kids' versions of both games, Cranium Cadoo and Quelf Jr.). Uno (or Crazy Eights with a regular deck of cards) is always a classic, and you can always play charades or the category game!

edited to add: not sure about a good choose your own adventure story, but Mad Libs are always fun!

u/LiquidRitz · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Some of the more popular choices on this thread are listed below for you.

Ticket to Ride

King of Tokyo

Forbiden Desert and Forbidden Island



u/Xzeno · 2 pointsr/boardgames

There's actually a good amount of fun games for under $40 on Amazon that I would suggest looking at.

u/Anikando · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ticket to Ride

I am surprised nobody's done this one yet! It's a ton of fun: an award-winning, train-building strategy game... which, yeah, sounds sorta /yawn, but you use routes all over the US, and you can play with just two (my husband and I play it often). It's already such a pitched battle with only two, I'm not entirely sure how more could play. But they do have various expansion packs for all over the globe, which is kinda cool.

Why it's the greatest:

  1. Learn geography and routes! Perfect for the zombie apocalypse, when you need to know how to get from coast to coast if avoiding highways!

  2. It's a lot of fun. It's a race to see who can lock down terminals and complete their routes first (if you want to play competitively), or if you play cooperatively, it stretches your creativity in how to build routes. You can even both win for differing things, like longest unbroken route can win in a game, as can whomever finished all their card tasks first.

    Give it a look, you might enjoy it!
u/lynlyn6 · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

For PC games, there's Minecraft and any of the three Borderlands games. You can get Borderlands 1&2 for pretty cheap during Steam sales. There's also Portal 1&2, which are puzzle games with an awesomely horrifying AI leading you along the way.

For tabletop/card games, Fluxx is awesome for the whole family and doesn't take forever. It also has different themed versions like Zombie, Pirate, Space, and Monty Python. Ticket to Ride is a bunch of fun and fairly easy to play. You can get it on Amazon too. My nine year old loves both of these games and she's been playing them for a while, so your six year old shouldn't have a huge problem as long as they have a little help the first time or two. Munchkin is another awesome card game, but can take a while to play. Even so, my daughter dominates at it and has an evil laugh just for when she does something to screw other players over...

If you check out Tabletop they play a lot of games so you can see the gameplay before deciding to buy. Ticket to Ride, Star Fluxx, Munchkin, and Betrayal at House on the Hill are all games we bought after viewing a Tabletop episode.

u/wkrick · 2 pointsr/boardgames

$14.14 - 2-7 players

$14.47 - 2-8+ players

$21.24 - 2-4 players

San Juan
$22.02 - 2-4 players

$25.49 - 2-4 players

Ticket To Ride
$32.29 - 2-5 players

$44.99 - 1-4 players

Race For The Galaxy
$22.90 - The base game, 2-4 players
Race For The Galaxy: The Gathering Storm
$18.95 - Expansion #1, adds a 5th player and solitaire play
Race For The Galaxy: Rebel Vs. Imperium
$17.99 - Expansion #2, adds a 6th player

u/tbone42617 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

I haven't played the actual board game version, but I enjoy the iPhone version of Ticket to Ride.

u/Poddster · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Ah well, then as a kid playing another kid I'd probably try to screw them over and answer "no" here :)

ps: If you and your husband wish to play an entertaining boardgame with your kids, check out Ticket To Ride.

Or if you want to play something similar to "Guess Who" or "Clue", then check out "Mystery of the Abbey".

u/JoeIsHereBSU · 2 pointsr/preppers

Board games (not just children's), books, sex, and lots of work.


Example of fun board games since it is a hobby of mine

u/AntisocialOatmeal · 2 pointsr/SantasLittleHelpers

Is this game on prime? Sorry for being so annoying, I just want to try and give my family the best Christmas I can...

u/Replicant28 · 2 pointsr/datingoverthirty

Really frustrated with my knee tendinitis and the PT place that I go to. At my most recent appointment last Friday, I was told that I needed to get a final measurement done to submit to to my insurance if I needed more treatment. At the end of my session, I didn't have any measurements taken, and I asked if I needed to get them done before I left and the people at the front desk told me that they will do that at my next appointment. So I left to get ready for lunch with my mother. When I was nearly home, I got a call from the office and they said "oops, we messed up, we need to get your measurements today, can you come back to the office?" With my work and gym schedule, it's hard enough to schedule appointments, so I was not happy that they didn't tell me they needed the measurements when I was already there. I said I couldn't because I was already home and had other commitments, and that I would talk to them later.


On Monday, I get a call from them asking if I can come in for ten minutes to get the measurements done. I asked if I could come Wednesday, but they said that might not be enough time for the insurance to approve my Friday appointment, so I settled for going yesterday at 3:30. That was frustrating in itself because I get off work at 3:00, and the PT office is just under a 30 min drive, so I really have to haul to get there. Furthermore, I had a Crossfit class at 4, and I couldn't go to a later class that day because I had a book club meeting at 6. So I get there, get my measurements done, am told that while my quads and hamstrings are very strong my hips are still tight and weak. I told them that I feel a bit frustrated with PT, because while I'm getting a a bit stronger and my mechanics are improving, my pain is still there (kneeling it tough, and when I'm seated for long periods of time it starts to ache.) and the therapist pretty much said that the only way to guarantee that it gets better is to stop Crossfit. I said I did that for 2 weeks and that it really didn't help, but she said that it should ideally be months, and that I shouldn't be doing any squatting to parallel, which is a problem because the majority of our workouts involve that. I had to rush the conversation because of my tight schedule, but we ended it by not submitting the info to my insurance, and instead electing to wait a couple weeks to determine whether I want to continue treatment or do work on my own.


I feel so stuck, frustrated, and honestly a bit sad. I'm frustrated and upset with my body for acting the way it is and for being stubborn with my pain level even though I have been working my ass off in PT. I'm frustrated that the answers I have been getting about the causes of my pain and my options on dealing with it from my orthopedist and PT (my ortho wouldn't do an MRI even when I said I was concerned about potential significant damage to my patellar tendon.) There has got to be a way that I can better treat this pain without having to cut off my training or excessively modifying it. I consider myself a pretty positive person and it takes a lot to really bring me down, but this just sucks :(


And to top it off, I have had the biggest sugar craving all week. I want donuts and ice cream very badly, and I usually don't have a sweet tooth!


On the plus side, I did buy myself an early birthday gift to myself. I got the Game of Thrones board game. My roommate wants to play it: now I need one more person to play a trial run!


And with my birthday coming up, I need to update and add to my flair. Any suggestions on what to put?

u/Yogurt_Ph1r3 · 2 pointsr/EDH

I don’t even watch the show but I can confirm, it is one of the most fun board games I’ve ever played. It relies very little on rng so you’d think it would get stale, but it does have rng elements and enough unknown factors that it never seems to. They also have an expansion that adds House Arryn and Targaryen and I haven’t played it but my brother had it and I’ve heard great things. If you have a friend with it, try it out. If not, go to a board game cafe to test it out. If you are willing to spend money already because you’re that confident of the quality here’s a link.

u/blaaaaaargh · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'd love this mug if I win! It's so cute.

Maybe this for your boyfriend?

Oh my Zazzle!

Thank you for the contest!

u/TAEHSAEN · 2 pointsr/gameofthrones

Yeah its the Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition board game somewhat similar to the Diplomacy board game but with more features.

u/jjspaceman · 2 pointsr/asoiaf

There is also a GoT board game that's pretty cool, but complex. Also cool, they released an expansion that takes into account where the houses are in books 4 and 5.

(Note, links to Amazon store page/product description might be spoiler-ish).

u/FearsomeMonark · 2 pointsr/gameofthrones

Nope, while this bears similarities as to how a Risk board is layed out, territories and all that, this is a gameboard made specifically for this. A super complex strategy game set in Westeros, requiring the use of advanced strategy, cunning diplomacy, and a healthy amount of bloodshed to best your opponents and conquer the Iron Throne.

The Thinkgeek page listed above has a nice bit of info about the game, but you can buy on Amazon for $15 less.

u/brunji · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Hey! It sounds like the Game of Thrones board game is exactly what you're looking for!

It's territory based, and has army placement themes similar to Risk, but it is so much more complex, and there are a ton of really really interesting, fun mechanics added in.

I had heard good things, and when my rooomates and I decided to buy it, it instantly became one of our favorites!

u/jangxx · 2 pointsr/gameofthrones

I guess he means this one.

u/MeishkaD · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I am sure you are aware of/already own the Game of Thrones game, I haven't played, but I have heard good things.

I haven't played this pirate version, but these B-Movie card games are super fun!

u/stellarosa · 2 pointsr/Bham4sale

Here is a link to the board game:

Since it's $48 on amazon I am asking half price. I am pretty sure it's just the box that was damaged but if you don't mind me taking it out of the shrink wrap I am happy to open it and check. Up to you

u/Guywiththepants · 2 pointsr/DnD

Reaper minis are the cheapest I've seen, by far. If you're not set on minis, you can use army men, tokens, or anything really.


As for maps, I personally use this mat, but I'm thinking about switching to paper maps. I just had Staples print a 3ftx4ft Wave Echo Cave map for me, and it was only $7.29 (engineering print).

u/LetsTalkAboutDnD · 2 pointsr/DMAcademy
u/GuitarShirt · 2 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG
  1. I personally prefer to use a Paizo Flip Map and draw on it using Retractable Dry Erase Markers. These are relatively cheap and there are options that have terrain/buildings on them instead of the basic one linked. In one of my groups, we have a couple of us who meet in person and two people who moved to the other coast. What we do is setup a roll20 session and display that on a computer monitor locally.
  2. Dice, pencils, character sheets, and rulebooks. As a GM, I have a pound of dice (I personally went with Chessex but others on here have loved WizDice) and a bunch of mechanical pencils I bring to every session. In my experience, someone will forget something (or doesn't have enough d8s for their full attack) so having those on hand works well.
  3. I do not recommend actually reading the core rulebook. I would recommend they only look through the rules required for the character they are building. For GMing I recommend this list. This list can be shortened for players (removing creating adversaries and whatnot). Players should be familiar with their class abilities, moving, basic combat, skills, etc. Since it sounds like you've GM'd before, I expect you're familiar enough with the rules that if something comes up the players don't know then you can help them figure it out.
  4. In person: pencil and paper. I've used HeroLab in the past but even then I copied the character to a hand written sheet.
  5. I bought mine a long while back and went with the D&D 4e Characters (Example Set). Looking at the prices on Amazon, I definitely don't recommend that now. If you have a decently sized hobby/gaming shop in town, I would walk through it and see what you find. That's how I found the 4e figures.
u/ccjmk · 2 pointsr/dndnext

Upgraded the Starter Set a little bit!

In total, there is:

  • Lost Mine of Phandelver module
  • Starter Set Rulebook
  • A copy of each pre-generated character that comes with the adventure
  • Some number of blank character sheets; I use the Alternate Character Sheets available directly from WotC for this, then on committed groups I usually suggest them to use this Class-specific CSs
  • Two or three copies of a "what I can do in my turn" cheatsheets for the players, that I honestly don't recall where I took them from.
  • A blank grid (which hopefully will get replaced with Paizo's flip-map soon!)
  • 4 sets of dice, I use all-black dice with colored numbers, because they are simple, easy to read, and look awesome together!
  • The DM Screen, that is made with 2mm thick black cardboard, and THIS DM screen pages printed and cut into them to fit. I will be modifying this sometime in the future as some sections (like the Gods with their symbols and allignments) don't really fancy me, and I'd love adding other stuff, like some of the alt-rules from Xanathar's Guide to Everything like falling, sleeping in armor and etc.
  • a 36d6 set, for when needing to mark several enemies and the likes; sadly we still don't have minis (sadly off the photos, I just forgot to grab it for the shooting session of sorts).

    Aaaand.. that's pretty much it! Add some pen, pencil, eraser (and when I laminate the grid, some eraseable markers) and you are good to go! I'd probably add some character descriptor slips in the future with name, AC, saves and etc. to hang on the screen and use as initiative trackers, plus some general dice (I forgot to include them in the picture, but I always carry a 36-set of d6's for.. general purpose.. using them as enemies on the grid, for example.
u/DoktorRichter · 2 pointsr/DnD

I use a dry-erase game mat, but you can also use standard graph paper, or gaming paper.

u/ChaosDent · 2 pointsr/DnD

I've been using the Paizo Flip Mats. The basic grid is half the cost of the Chessex vinyl mats and works with both dry and wet erase markers. The downside is they are folded cardboard so you have to deal with creases popping up for a while. The creases broke in after running a couple games on both sides for a few months, and I find it convenient to store them folded along with my books.

u/SwordlessFish · 2 pointsr/DnD
u/LordDraekan · 2 pointsr/DnD

Something cheap would be the Pathfinder Pawns. There's the Bestiary Box 1-5, NPC Codex, and Monster Codex. They don't take up much space and are easy to store. They pretty much have a large variety of everything.

If you're looking for 3D minis I would recommend Bones minis.

u/Devil_Nights · 2 pointsr/DnD

Pathfinder Pawns are a very good alternative to plastic minis. They won't have some of the more iconic D&D baddies like Beholders, but that is a minor complaint. I also use the Paizo battle mats but that is just because I got them for free somewhere. I lay a piece of plexi-glass over the map and just use a dry erase marker on the plexi. Way easier to clean up than the maps.

Tome of Beasts is a great supplement full of 5e monsters.

I like using the Dungeon Crawl Classics dice set. It is a simple, fun way to have "unique" monsters or abilties that roll odd dice to hit or for damage. Players always get a kick out of using something like a D30 when they roll to attack.

u/beholderkin · 2 pointsr/DnD

You could get the Pathfinder Pawns boxes

u/protectedneck · 2 pointsr/DnD

Play around with the tiles a bit to see if you like them! You can go as deep down the rabbit hole as you want, to be honest. The common consensus is that simple eraserboard tiles/maps work great as the workhorse for drawing out combat areas. These kinds of tiles are really useful because you can simulate line of sight/closed doors/etc by not placing down your tiles until your players advance further in. And you can draw features on the tiles to represent things in the area that are important.

I like to incorporate these blank tiles with other terrain that I've made or purchased as a way to make "filler" tiles. Say you have some city tiles that work for an encounter, but you need a walkway between two buildings or you need an alley between two buildings or something. You can place the blank tiles down, then place your city tiles on top and tell your players "the white space is an alley between these two buildings." Or in a recent game I had a small shrine in the wilderness where the party was attacked by a predator that was stalking them. I set up my blank tiles and put the terrain that represented the shrine on the table. Now the blank tiles represented the forest around the shrine.

I think it's better to start with stuff like this than it is to spend a bunch of money/time on Dwarven Forge or Hirst Arts specially made terrain. Over time, if you have the money and interest, you can eventually build up a collection of whatever kind of terrain you want. But for now, start with things that will be useful almost all of the time and are relatively cheap.

If you're looking to go three dimensional with your terrain/accessories, I can't recommend papercraft terrain like Fat Dragon Games makes enough.

As far as minis go, you have a LOT of options. WotC sells blind-box miniatures boxes that have decent quality, prepainted minis. And there are sites like Miniature Market and Troll & Toad where you can buy the specific miniatures you want. You also have a massive variety of unpainted miniatures you can use. The D&D officially branded Nolzur's miniatures are high quality and well-regarded. I also highly recommend the Reaper Bones line of minis. The quality is slightly worse than the Nolzur line, but the variety and price are difficult to argue with.

One option I don't see mentioned enough are "flat" miniatures. Pathfinder has a box set of popular monsters printed on cardstock that you put on stands to represent what the players are fighting. I've also seen plastic versions of these which I have never purchased, but Sly Flourish speaks highly of. If you do some googling I'm sure you can find tons more resources for printable "paper miniatures."

Hope this helps!

u/quintonmccain15 · 2 pointsr/HorseMask

This is the specific one that I bought. It's great

u/DamirE · 2 pointsr/BoJackHorseman

Looks great, something I've been debating doing as well but all the horse head masks I found online have a black snout/mouth:

Was yours already brown or did you color it?

u/cheeseburger_humper · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Every meet up needs someone with a horse mask.

I live in the U.S.A.!!!

u/gandi800 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have the notorious horse head mask on my wish list. I would take some of the greatest pictures if I had that thing but I just can't seem to squeeze it into my monthly budget!

Note: If chosen I will take requests and post pictures/videos!

u/BazouzaBazouzi · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Or you could just walk around naked with a raging boner and this on your head

I don't think it ships with Viagra though.

u/Smoothesuede · 2 pointsr/AskReddit
u/smokesteam · 2 pointsr/AskReddit
u/godlessatheist · 2 pointsr/gaming
u/Squirrelometer · 2 pointsr/AskReddit
u/Ginger_Bassist · 2 pointsr/HorseMask
u/Sternenplasma · 2 pointsr/HorseMask

Holy shit, they are 35€ in germany. Link.

Thats 43$ !! What the hell....

u/fatalillusion · 2 pointsr/funny


Although, I find the pig one funnier

u/piratesahoy · 2 pointsr/AskReddit - horse head mask. I love the customer pictures.

u/CuedUp · 2 pointsr/IAmA

A KeySmart holder is kinda nifty and practical, and something a person wouldn't probably buy for themselves.

You can't go wrong with a novelty horse mask though.

u/jimboBiloba · 2 pointsr/relationship_advice

Like this?

It's very, very important to figure out whether this is something she'd like to fantasize about/roleplay, or whether she actually wants to hump a real live animal. If a little barking during sex and some canine fetish gear once in a while will do it for her, then why not be GGG?

u/darlingpinky · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

Get a horse mask. Wear it while you're pretending to work.

u/REDDITOR_Cat · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

With this you'll get all the fine mares

u/cknap · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I am so close to being out of mascara, which is not looking good for me, so this would be perfect! I've never tried Bare Minerals before, but I would be interested in doing so!

I don't know what could be more fun than this. I've certainly had a great time using one that my friend owns. :)

Thanks for hosting this contest/giveaway!!

u/nacholibrary · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Does used ones for 20 dollars count?
If so I would kill for this! Because I'm ridiculous.

u/Wooshar · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The Accoutrements Horse Head Mask on your wishlist is worth every penny! My friend bought one and I still think it is the best $20 he ever spent. We have had so much fun with that thing!

I have been wanting this book and this nail polish for a while.

Have a great day! I love Kevin

u/anteaterhighonants · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This for you

this for me


u/mjhc · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

from yours

from mine

I love Kevin

u/Der_Verruckte_Fuchs · 2 pointsr/mylittleandysonic1
u/adalab · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have jewelry that counts, but who doesnt love a horsehead?

Care to play along, /u/tandem7?

u/PossiblyPossible · 2 pointsr/AskReddit
u/NancyTheGrimm · 2 pointsr/WTF
u/klparrot · 2 pointsr/mylittlepony

They could still allow a ponified version of this...

u/rickymetz · 2 pointsr/dataisbeautiful

>So you like a modular board, player interaction, different win conditions (each viable at different times), and player interaction...

If you like those things, and you also like strong narratives then I'd suggest Betrayal At House On The Hill. It's a fantastic procedurally generated game, whose board and win conditions is different every time you play! The game is semi co-operative, where everyone works together through the first stage of the game before a player is revealed as an antagonist with their own set of win conditions.

The games setting is a mysterious old victorian house, where the players are a "scooby-doo"-esque group of characters investigating it one dark evening. The narrative changes every game based on where players are in the house when certain events happen, and stories range from lovecraftian terror to Stephen King like horror.

It's very replayable and creates some great tension both at the challenge of winning but also among the players themselves. I love this game! Give it a look!

u/BeautifulVictory · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  • Wish List: Cell Phone because my phone is like 4 years old-ish it does all these odd things and it's annoying and I'd like a new one.
  • ACCESSORIES!!: Bow I love bows and America.
  • Arts and Crafts: Rub 'n Buff I need this for an art project I am doing. They are camos and it would make them look nice.
  • Books!: Venus in Fur: A Play This play looks amazing! When I saw a clip of it on the Tony Awards I wish I could have seen it. I am DYING to read it!
  • Clothes: Petticoat For my Dalek dress.
  • Cool nail polish: Hunger Games collection 2012 I just love all the earth tones, I don't have like any of them at home and I love the Hunger Games.
  • Everything is Awesome!: Prism I want to use it to hopefully get a job that I really want.
  • Makeup: Black lipstick I don't know where mine is and I really love black lipstick.
  • Movies: Anchorman 2 I LOVE ANCHORMAN! Have you heard my ringtones?
u/spartacus_1138 · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Munchkins (original). It's more of a 'make fun of' fantasy theme game. But it is a dungeon crawler and super simple to learn.

Betrayal at House on the Hill. Great game and a group favorite of ours.

u/EarBucket · 2 pointsr/Christianity

Betrayal at House on the Hill is awesome, and the replay value is incredible. A little expensive, but I don't know if I've ever made a better board game purchase.

u/appBlu · 2 pointsr/wallstreetbets

Duh. You have a bunch of fucking nerds in Wall Street now, this isn't the 1980s.

Plus Catan, Dead of Winter, Betrayal at House on the Hill is pretty dope you should try it out faggot

u/AccFan · 2 pointsr/wallstreetbets

>Plus Catan, Dead of Winter, Betrayal at House on the Hill is pretty dope

Get that normie trash outta here

u/capslion · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I grabbed a bunch of things off my various wishlists that were added for being neat and/or kinda weird. Some are silly things to just look at, and others are things I might actually get one day.

Coolest decoration: Senior Woman with Asthma Inhaler Peel and Stick Wall Decal

Coolest Clothing: Surrender Sweater

Coolest Skincare Item: Milky Piggy Bubble Mask or Twoosong Proplis Sparkeling Ampoule

Coolest Board Game: Betrayal at House on the Hill (it's $30.30, sue me)

Coolest Pet Toy: Cat DJ Deck

Coolest Book: The Morbid Anatomy Anthology

Coolest Shoes: Floral Pumps ($30 after shipping oops)

Coolest Food: Gjetost Goat Cheese

u/GenericCabbage · 2 pointsr/rpg

Have you checked out Betrayal at House on the Hill? Doesn't get much less linear than randomly choosing rooms to explore from a deck of tiles. It has some character development. It's cooperative for 3-5 players. Each player picks a character and each character has (I think) 4 stats that can be altered by entering different rooms and fighting monsters, and it has a deck of equipment cards you find while exploring the mansion that change the combat and can really make a difference. The big draw is the betrayal half of the game. There are if I remember correctly 30 different betrayal scenarios that play out depending on which room it started in and which Omen card was drawn that turn. I think that meets some of your criteria.

u/Kevek · 2 pointsr/Autumn

I'd never heard of Night in the Woods but will check it out.

If you have any like-minded people, I might suggest picking up the board game Betrayal At House On The Hill (I know this is a US link, but it's mostly so you can see what it looks like!)

It's tons of cheesy Halloween fun as long as you can rustle up another three people or so.

I completely agree though, October is the best!

u/Rosetta_Clupea · 2 pointsr/Tempe

Bookmaze does one every Monday. Went once, it was a friendly collection of people and I learned about a lot of really nifty board games. This one was my favorite, lots of replay value actually.

u/RCrosby7929 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Woah I've never seen anyone giving away new tires on here! I loved the burnout series on PS2. Favorite series other than SOCOM back then.

I don't know what kind of table top games youre into but These both are pretty excellent
Shadow Hunters

Betrayal at House on Haunted Hill

u/Divetus · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Board games are the best games...! I have a group of friends (about 10 people) that loveee playing board games, so I've tried quite a few..! Though having only 2 people for the board game is really limiting, I think most games are like 3 minimum TqT

I'm not sure what your budget is but I'm going to list a few that I've enjoyed (I'm a gamer that played RTS and TD games too! P.S. you should check out sanctum 2 on steam for an interactive tower defense game)

My first suggestion would be

Betrayal at the House on the Hill:

  • It's ideally for 3-6 players because the premise of the game is to explore the house as much as you can before the 'haunt' starts, and when the haunt starts one of the players will become a traitor that tries to kill the other players. To win the game, the survivors kill the traitor or vice versa.

    Jaipur is a card game recommendation, but it's for 2 players!

  • It's like a merchanting game :D I'm sure as someone who played RTS games you know how to manage resources... this is a testament to learning how to balance trade-offs with rewards

    Agricola is another good game!


  • It's a bit expensive online though, you might be able to get it cheaper at a local board game store
  • It's another strategy type game, you get 2 turns per round to act for you and your spouse. It's similar to the settler of catan except you have only 14 rounds before the game finishes.
  • You have to choose between expanding your house, making babies, collecting food and resources, another fun way to balance your resources :D

    Most of these games are pretty short if you want it to be!! Check them out for sure!
u/heyredridinghood · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would play board games with youuuuu!

I love both boardgames and The Walking Dead! Whaaaaaaat!? Aw, yeah. :P

This is my favorite boardgame. Its amazing! I'll write out a sentence in a few.

u/cats_and_vibrators · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. When my parents were dating, my dad told my mom she had to make a good pie. My mom makes the best fucking pies I have ever had. I need to get this for her for reals. Transport all the times!

  2. My family loves to play party games at holidays. One of my cousins has Cards Against Humanity, but we really need a copy here because this is where all the parties are. The one my mom picked for her little brother… I am still disturbed by it.

  3. When my family travels together, we all rotate books and discuss them. When we were in Spain, we all read The Time Traveler's Wife. I never watched the movie because the book was too good. My mom and I would totally read Takedown Twenty because we adore the Stephanie Plum novels. They might be tacky brain candy, but you need that from time to time.

  4. No question. Sister Act

  5. I tried really hard to find the fragranced Strawberry Shortcake dolls I had as a kid. That smells takes me right back to the 80s. Then I remembered that I liked Strawberry Lip Smackers because they reminded me of the same thing. It's a two step situation, here. But I think it works.

    You are this many

    You don't have to give birth to someone to make a family.
u/doombubble · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet
  1. You NEED to get a board game collection when people come over to your house! My husband and I have an awesome collection of old-school video games and over the past year we've really gotten into board games. It wasn't until we got some really good board games that we had friends coming to visit more constantly! The Resistance is a great 5-10 player game and 7 Wonders is a beautiful 3-7 player game full of strategy. With the right group, Cards Against Humanity is hilarious.

  2. DOES PIXAR COUNT?! I have so many Monsters Inc plushies! :) I also love Aladdin! Great movie, loved growing up with the tv show, and a prince with some personality! WOO!

  3. A pug napping with a teacup pig <3

  4. Happy early birthday! PIXELCHARKATTACK

    I also just caught up on all of the Adventure Time episodes recently. OMG SO GOOD! I like how it went from silly, incoherent adventures to a legit, interesting story line!
u/bridget1989 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm still a kid at heart!

My most recent favorite memory was playing Cards Against Humanity at my friend Sarah's most recent Birthday party. We took so long in between rounds because we were all socializing so much, which was a good thing! We so rarely connect to that depth with real human beings because we're so technology-centric, and a "like" on a photo is supposed to tell soneone, "Hey! How are you doing? I'm great. You look nice today. I hope you have a good week..."

My other favorite is when I brought my 3 Gameboys to my college graduation and passed along my games and systems to my fellow teaching graduates. We played Tetris, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Mickey Mouse, Pokemon, etc. together during the 3-hour ceremony and goofed around in the back row like hooligans!


$25.00 (Prime) Cards Against Humanity!

Thanks for the contest! ♥

u/Goxify · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Violently passive is a strange phrase, lol. Thanks for hosting this contest! For a specific item, I'd like [Cards Against Humanity!] (

u/jundis · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I absolutely love being a horrible person, so much that I hate it.

It's not like I'd push someone down the stairs, that's just plain wrong, but man will I think about all the things that could happen if I did while I pass by them...

So of course, this would be my item of choice. All the benefits of being evil, without all the consequences.

u/bmoney17 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love trivia! Even when I get it wrong, I still learn something new, which makes it so much fun!

I'd love anything off my lists, but I've been wanting [this] ( for a while, now!

People call it trivia because they know nothing and they are embarrassed about it.

Thanks for the contest!

u/x_julzilla_x · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Every Harry Potter fan needs a Hogwarts sweatshirt or a Deathly Hallows phone case!

Cards Against Humanity!!!

Thank you for doing this contest!! I like picking things for other people!

u/easyfixx · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

After a tough day I always feel better when I come home, throw on my yoga pants and a big comfy hoodie, order some take out (preferably Bob Evans - because comfort food), and get snuggled under my Brookstone N.A.P. blanket with my hubby and our beags.

On a related note, if I've had a rough day at school I always make a "good news" phone call before I leave the building. Meaning, I'll call a student's parents and share progress the child has made or something great they recently did in class. Sharing positive messages about my students and hearing the pride in their parents' voices always lifts my spirits and reminds me of how much I truly love my job.

Playing [CAH] ( tends to make me feel pretty friggin' wonderful too! ;)

Thanks for the uplifting contest!

u/vogueadishu · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Cheapest item

most wanted under $60 definitely Warehouse 13 season 4. Favorite show in the world. Either that or cards against humanity

u/Monkey_Bars · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/malachre · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This because __ is like _____ with a __.

u/Montauksunshine · 2 pointsr/AskReddit
u/FattestRabbit · 2 pointsr/funny

Did anyone else notice their 5th product feature on Made me lol.

For those too lazy, here's the spoiler:

0% of the proceeds will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation

u/itsrattlesnake · 2 pointsr/funny

It's on my Amazon wishlist:

Cards Against Humanity

u/vainglorious11 · 2 pointsr/Edmonton
u/girlfromthebasement · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy birthday! Have an awesome 21st, but don't party TOO hard!

Could always celebrate by buying yourself something cool and classy for school/work/other

A game to play that goes well with friends and booze with always great.

u/mujtabaq · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/Sides4peace · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I shall be eating all my moms treats and napping a lot, glad to be out of class!

My favorite holiday recipe is peanut butter balls!

And this would for sure break up the monotony!

What are you and /u/Wmichaelis going to do tonight, Brain?

u/Lyd_Euh · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You would like this portable charger because it's seriously something everybody needs.

I'd like [this honeybee dress] ( because bees are so essential to our ecosystem and it's summer so it's dress season 👗.


Alternatively, we'd both like Cards Against Humanity because it's such an awesome game.

Thanks for the contest and congratulations!

u/Febtober2k · 2 pointsr/Cruise

I cruised solo on Norwegian once and had a great time.

Bring some party activities that'll be fun to break out when you meet people and make friends. You can't go wrong with a basic deck of cards (people will invariably wind up suggesting some sort of drinking game), and I really highly suggest Cards Against Humanity.

u/AnyelevNokova · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ever play Apples to Apples? Same concept. If not...

There are two kinds of cards: white cards, and black cards. These are separated into stacks. Every player has a number of white cards in their hand: this amount varies depending on whether you're playing by the book rules or house rules.

Every turn, one player draws a black card ((this position is rotated around the group.)) Black cards have a short phrase or question on them, like

>What do old people smell like?

>What will I bring back in time to convince people that I am a powerful wizard?

>In Michael Jackson's final moments, he thought about ____.

The remaining players in the game will then put down a white card from their hand that they think the person who played the black card will pick as the best answer. White cards, like black cards, have many different things printed on them, like

>The hardworking Mexican.


>Natalie Portman.

>Michelle Obama's arms.

The white cards are shuffled up, and the person who played the black card lays them all out and then selects a winner. The winner tacks the black card and creates a pile of black cards that they've won. The person to reach X cards (again, depending on rules) wins.

There are a couple nuance rules, like betting black cards to play more white cards, the haiku, etc. But that's the jist of it.

Personally, our group loves playing this game. It says it's a card game for horrible people for a reason. You will come up with racist, sexist, disgusting, and downright awful combinations of cards. You can play it straight, of course, but often the humor turns "dark." It's fun, but it's definitely not a game to play with, say, your conservative Christian parents.

We have the actual game and a couple expansions because we play with a larger group. However, I know you can print your own game off the internet. You can buy it off Amazon as well.

u/vizzchan · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm super happy I stumbled on this contest!!

I feel as though /u/poweredbyanxiety is very deserving of a gift. I've had a lot of people bring me a wonderful feeling of acceptance here, however she's really opened her arms to me and has given me someone to talk to. c:

Although it's just a tad over $20, I feel as though this would be a really awesome gift for anybody really. I mean come on, who wouldn't want to give the gift of... well... crude humor. :D!

u/DieRunning · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I PM'ed you my answers.

I enjoy surprises.

u/ladystrychn9ne · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I PM'ed you my answers. lol
i pmed you my link too im sleepy, lol
would like this game

u/youreabuttface · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I PM'ed you my answers. And I'd looove these tights or cards against humanity.

u/TenThousandKobolds · 2 pointsr/DnD

A lot of people use Pathfinder Pawns as a less expensive alternative. They don't match up 100%, but the Bestiary Box gives you most of the basic monsters. I've built up a collection of 3D minis now, but I still use mine to supplement. And if there's a specific monster I'm still missing, I can print out the artwork and carefully tape it over the right size pawn to improvise.

u/zautos · 2 pointsr/rpg

> min bekanta! I started filling this in but when I got to question 4 I realized something was wrong. Smallest storage option of 200 miniatures? That box would be huge! Not to speak of a 1000! What am I missing?

It's for papper pawns

u/Shadowknight996 · 2 pointsr/DnD

Well if you're interested here's the link to the first one on Amazon:

u/HuckleberryPoundTown · 2 pointsr/DMAcademy

Don't overdo it. I'd save buying most stuff until you have a feel for how you want to actually run the game. Most of us have piles of unused crap we bought because it sounded good. It's really easy to get caught up in the ephemera and make a game that is way too daunting to new players.


I'd buy the starter set, some dice, notepads (assuming your kids are the type to take notes) and leave it at that. The only other thing I might consider would be a box of monster tokens, like this. There are tokens in there for everything in the manuals and plenty of options that can be used for player characters. I wouldn't worry about whiteboards, grids, playmats and such. Just treat the base as 5' and let your players 'hop' the pieces to count distance.

u/Pain__Seer · 2 pointsr/DnD

I rarely care for the monster menagerie minis, they thend to have awful quality and paint jobs. Which for mass produced painted minis, I guess its to be expected.

If you want some minis that aren't bad at all, while not painted the Reaper Bones minis and the Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures are two really nice lines for their prices, and for the most part are quite durable. Overall though they can be more expensive than the random box minis, but they tend to me quite worth it.

One thing that you might be interested in is Hero Forge while they are not cheap, you can custom make your own humanoid minis, which is always a nice surprise for PCs. I don't recommend their $15 plastic though, like I said it can be kinda pricey for minis.

EDIT: I almost forgot! Pathfinder Beastiary Box is great for bulk cheap figures. There not minis, but it can sure beat paying $30 bucks for that one monster.

u/a_skeleton_wizard · 2 pointsr/dndnext

Chessex Role Playing Play Mat: Battlemat Double-Sided Reversible Mat for RPGs and Miniature Figure Games (26 in x 23 1/2 in) Squares/Hexes

EXPO 16078 Vis-A-Vis Wet-Erase Overhead Transparency Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 8-Count

If I don't have a mini for the monster I need I use a cheap, solid color dice from a big set I bought. Looks like the one I got is no longer being made but this is similar:
Yellow Mountain Imports 42 Polyhedral Dice, 6 Colors with Complete Set of D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D%

Pathfinders Bestiary Box 1 goes on sale for 20 something dollars sometimes, tons of monsters from the Monster Manual at a decent price:
Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary Box

I wouldn't worry too much about having minis, and terrain, and everything as dnd is more about the imagination and sometimes too much detail at the table can detract from that. My friend runs his campaign mostly "theater of mind" style but has a little tiny dry erase board he draws on to show relative positions and obstacles and it works great.

Hope this helps!

u/rod2o · 2 pointsr/DnD

Did you consider buying Pathfinder pawns? I use them a lot. The first box has the most common monsters.


Then,e every time I need more in number or variety I simply create them using Gimp, print them, glue them to cardboard and stick them to the the bases that come with the pathfinder pawns. Im pretty happy with this approach. hope it helps

u/cmr8305 · 2 pointsr/Frugal

You should check out this remote-controlled helicopter for about $20. I just got one to give away, felt compelled to test it out and it is awesome!

u/xrstunt · 2 pointsr/radiocontrol

They're all over Amazon, this is the first link: . And for the record, this and all small coax helis will not lift ANY weight. Maybe a penny or 2 tied underneath (at the center of gravity).

u/Padna33 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

A Mini RC helicopter. Best $20 ever spent.

u/NaturalLogofOne · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Fun Toy that's not expensive. I have one and it's ridiculously fun:

Other Gifts: In thinking back on gifts I've really enjoyed from my dad, I would say books that he really loved and got for me. Even though I didn't read some of them until years later, I eventually was so glad I got them and we've talked about them on numerous occasions. One that comes to mind was Asimov's Foundation.

But also, helicopter. Fun!

u/IHopeTheresCookies · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

I have this and it's big brother. I did manage to break a blade on the larger one but I found replacements for about $12. The little has more flexible blades so it doesn't seem like they'll break as easily, also it seems to handle better. It's actually much easy to fly / control than the bigger.

u/merreborn · 2 pointsr/radiocontrol

The s107 is persistently cheap on amazon

The price actually went up to $25+ around christmas time but it sits at under $22 the rest of the year from what I've seen.

u/fleminator · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Yep, pretty standard for that type of helicopter.

u/Fittitor · 2 pointsr/DoesAnybodyElse

I bought myself an RC helicopter for Christmas this year. I'm 29.

I was shopping online when I stumbled across one for ~$20. It got pretty bad reviews, but I found one on amazon that had great reviews, was good for indoors, and was only ~$35.

Was initially going to get it for a roommate, but decided to get them more practical gifts. I still wanted to play with that helicopter though, so I added it on as a gift to myself. Arrived yesterday, but I'm waiting until Saturday to open it. =D

u/ferminriii · 2 pointsr/AskReddit
u/dj_gengar · 2 pointsr/magicTCG
u/ADClinton · 2 pointsr/mtgcube

Simple, affordable, and will protect your cards. Just bought one (I was using a Legendary: Dark City box before it). Definitely feels a lot better carrying it around in that than the cardboard box.

I store my 800 card MTG proxy cube (as thick as double sleeved cards) and carry lands separately in one of the duel deck carriers for when I build another cube so I don't have to sleeve additional basics and just carry them separately to use with every cube I own.

u/McArthurWheeler · 2 pointsr/mtgfinance

BCW boxes. You can find them at card shops all over. Sometimes shops that focus on sports cards (baseball, etc) can be cheaper on these. I have read the 5000 count boxes can't handle the weight that well so I always stuck with 3200 and below. I have all sorts of sizes and never had any issues. Most everyone uses these boxes in some capacity.

Probably is above the budget but KMC has a Card Barrier Box 1000 that is very nice for sleeved cards. I use those for most my better cards that I keep sleeved.

u/kellygene · 2 pointsr/magicTCG
u/bantknight · 2 pointsr/EDH

I use this KMC to hold my edh decks: Card Box 1000 The professor reviewed it and recommended it. I use it to hold 3 double sleeved decks, 4 single sleeved decks and tokens/extra cards.

u/mxzf · 2 pointsr/boardgames

What about something like this? Apparently it'll hold something like 6x 60-card decks per row, so up to 12 decks or a bit fewer plus some storage space for dice or whatever. It doesn't have perfect pre-made dividers for each and every section, but getting a slice of cardstock or foamcore to separate different decks in a compartment is trivial.

Another good idea would be to search the /r/magictcg subreddit for "multi-deck boxes" or something like that, since I'm positive the topic has come up on there a few times.

u/kdrakari · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

Those cardboard boxes are sturdier than you would think, and if they're full then that amount of magic cards is going to be cumbersome regardless of storage. One thing you can do if you're moving with them is stack them all in a big bin with a lid like this to keep them together and a bit extra protection.

If you're willing to spend extra money there are plastic boxes that work well, but something like this is a bit better than cardboard, but a lot more expensive for a lot less space.

u/rkho · 2 pointsr/mtgcube

I have a bland KMC Card Barrier Box storing my 540 Powered Cube at this time, I'm waiting on a commission from Aaron Cain that will hopefully arrive around the holidays.

Lands and tokens are in standard cardboard boxes, but those will be integrated into the wooden box once I get it.

u/thefathermapple · 2 pointsr/mtgcube

The KMC Card Box is really good. It has my dragon shield matte sleeved 360 Khan's Cube and 300 land for all my other cubes, including a Commander cube. It would be a good fit, but close.

Edit: link.

u/MaskedThespian · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

I use the KMC Card Barrier Box 1000. Each one can hold at least 7 sleeved Commander decks, perhaps more if you squeeze them in and don't mind them being separated across compartments.

u/karawapo · 2 pointsr/AscensionGame
u/relikter · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

The KMC Card Barrier Box 1000 might meet your needs. TCC reviewed it a while back.

u/Jojo_Fine · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

I just got this for my 540 card cube and it seems to fit the cards + basics really nicely. About half my cards are double-sleeved.

u/OhMyAnAussie · 2 pointsr/minipainting

Do you perhaps know how GW's current plastic glue works? I've used the really old one that came with a brush (like tamiya's glues), that one melted the plastic slightly in which case 'removing it' doesn't do anything since it's already destroyed detail. In this case you may need to resculpt the detail yourself.

Also don't use any glue debonder/remover, they are acetone based...and acetone will eat plastic.

Your best bet may be isopropyl alcohol at 99% diluted with water. Though even this can melt plastic but is far less reactive then any other remover like acetone/turps/spirits. Trythis at your own risk really. Sorry can't really be much help. In the future you may want to try something like this, it's thin but easier to manipulate since it has a brush.

u/FreakinfreakInfreaki · 2 pointsr/modelmakers

Just get some of this

u/SunbroSteve · 2 pointsr/MonsterHunter

There are a few different ways to fill seamlines, with my preference being Tamiya Thin Plastic Cement. Filling seams should only be done if you want to paint, as you get to paint over the filled seam. As for masking, any small measuring tool is helpful. In addition, good Masking Tape can also help.

u/dylan227 · 2 pointsr/Gunpla

> I'll be getting a pg unicorn

I don't think there is one yet... Do you mean Master Grade?

I'm not sure on the rubber cement. I use Tamiya Plastic Cement. For markers, I suggest the fine tip gundam markers. These are cool because if you make a mistake, you can wipe it off before it dries. Your strategy looks good. Are you going to be doing nub removal? I use a x-acto knife and very high grit sandpaper to get rid of nubs. You also might want to pick up the Tamiya Basic Tool Set for removing the pieces off runners. As far as changes to kits over the past 10 years, I've noticed that HG and MG kits have gotten a lot better. There's a lot more detail in them now than there was before. Also, a new line of gunpla has come out called Real Grade. These aim to take the quality and articulation of a Master Grade kit, and put it in 1/144 scale. They look fantastic, and have a inner frame that you build.

u/GooberTown_Brent · 2 pointsr/Warhammer

I like Tamiya cement. I use the extra thin variety most often. It comes with a brush on the lid which I find much easier than trying to squirt the correct amount in the correct place, or trying to scoop it up with a toothpick or whatnot.

As for the chemistry, really any brand will dissolve GW plastic and meld pieces together, it's just a question of what consistency you like working with better.

u/darkarchonlord · 2 pointsr/Eldar

To make sure your bikers don't get "stuck" you need to have their legs positioned perfectly or they splay out or pinch into the jetbike seat.

There's a line on their ass that runs across both legs that I've always used to ensure fit. What I do is use a thin plastic glue like the brush on Tamiya, brush it into the leg hole and the part of the joint where it connects, then press the legs on. After that I let it set for maybe about 10s and then I put the biker on a jetbike and adjust the legs a little before the glue sets completely hard.

This allows me to ensure two things. First, that each biker stays on their bike without magnets or anything. And second, that and both of the bikers feet contact the foot rests and both their hands contact the handlebars (I use the same technique for arms).

u/xyals · 2 pointsr/KingdomDeath

Would this be a good choice? I was reading up on and they recommended the citadel clippers and GW thin glue. However, this was the closest thing I could find on amazon. Alsow what about these clippers?

u/Orgell_Evaan · 2 pointsr/Gunpla

Tamyia makes a good primer in rattlecan and handbrush; while you're there, pick up some ultra thin cement - it's awesome for seam fusing.

u/MG_Sazabi_Main · 2 pointsr/Gunpla

you'll probably getting a lot of this for the many loose parts of that kit.

u/axon_resonance · 2 pointsr/FrameArms

Yup have fun! If you got a revell kit which requires gluing, I recommend using Tamiya cement instead of the supplied model cement. I found the supplied stuff tends to add thickness to connections, which will push apart seam lines. What you want to do with this stuff, if there's peg holes, apply a tiny bit in the hole then snap together. Run the thin brush with the tamiya cement along the seam line, this solution will soften and literally weld the plastic together. Apply pressure on both sides to really push together the seam. Some excess material will goo out, this is a sign that the melding is working and the pressure is pushing the 2 together. However dont over pressure to the point where things buck. Let sit and cure, preferably let sit for 12 hr+ (I'm impatient so sometimes I tackle it around the 4-6 hr mark). The plastic will solidify again and here you treat like the nubs, use a blade to carve off the excess and sand away the seam line. This is what modelers do to remove ugly gaps and large seam lines, a bit technical and requires practice, but necessary for certain kits.

If you're hasty and impatient like me and want to avoid waiting/don't care too much about seam lines, use CA glue Which is just fancy speak for super glue. This stuff dries thin and is VERY fast. The purple cap dries in 5-15s, there is a blue cap that dries in 1-3s. Use sparingly, and make sure the part doesnt need to come apart again, as they never will.

Ah yeah, the hasegawa Su-33 is pretty high end, plus expensive. would definitely practice before tackling it. I personally like the reverse swept plane from ace combat more, though I dont know much about the series

u/legoman4032 · 2 pointsr/Gunpla

I just built my RG Zeta and you couldn't be more right about parts falling off cause of a light breeze. I glued the skirts, vets, and even the chest frame to the gray part that moves the chest up and down just to make it bearable. If you can find it, I'd recommend getting this glue here cause it won't melt the plastic to where it's obvious.

u/Sether2121 · 2 pointsr/Gunpla

Plastic Cement is what you should use with models.

Standard glues use the glue to gold the parts together, whereas plastic cement melts the parts together

u/Dorksim · 2 pointsr/minipainting
u/MambaMonster · 2 pointsr/DnD

Super glue or plastic cement is recommended I think.
Tamiya Plastic cement is supposed to be good:

Here's some info specific to bones:

u/majintb · 2 pointsr/Gunpla

Great panel lining work! I'm jealous! It's interesting to see that you opted not to use some of the stickers (like around the toes). Good use of dynamic posing as well.

Very few (if at all any) nubs, but the one on the top of the cannon sticks out to me. Have you considered using thin cement to "melt" the plastic and bond it all together? It works wonders without needing to get messy like you do with putty.

In case you need some, Tamiya makes them:

u/Pegguins · 2 pointsr/modelmakers

It sounds like a great idea. So to start off with, do you know what really interests him? Like Tanks or planes or ships, military, civilian, what sort of era (like ww1/ww2/coldwar etc). Tanks is a bit of a wide pool!

In general, Tamiya is often a very good place to start. The kits are pretty easy to put together, they fit really well, look nice when done, have clear instructions and not too many parts. For tanks I would say a 1:35 scale tank is probably the best bet, tanks come in really 4 scales, 1:16 (absolutely monstorously huge), 1:35 (pretty much the standard scale, around 15 cm long or so), 1:40 or 50 something (used for war gaming stuff) and 1:72 teeny tiny tanks. Of the tanks I've built recently, the Tamiya amx-13 1:35 was pretty nice.

Kit aside, you'll be wanting to get him some tools (if he doesnt have any). As far basics I would say; 1) A pot of plastic glue, I recommend the tamiya extra thing (this stuff), a pair of cutters for getting parts off the sprue (I really like the pointy nose ones like this, a pair of tweezers (if he has some lying around they'll do to start with), something to sand pieces with (some use sandpaper, I use sanding sponges, some use sanding sticks), a couple of brushes (small detail and wide flat are what I use the most) and once you've decided on a kit maybe a pots of paint. On the paint front, again I would just default to tamiya acryllic 17ml pots to start with (and buy him some thinner, those paints are like treacle).

As another option, there are some really nice kits by bandai which dont really need any glue and dont have to be painted (look better with both in my opionion) but they are fundamentally click together. Their starwars line of kits are especially great in my view if thats something he likes.

If you have a local modelstore I would go talk to them. Places like hobbycraft carry models but they arent particularly helpful in my expience. If you dont have a hobbystore near you, then the websides I dfefault to are (very nice to navigate website, a little expensive), hannants (god awful website design, but they stock basically everything under the sun), (somewhere inbetween, I have had some poor service from them but most people seem fine), amazon (be very careful with prices, there arent many model supplies on there and the stuff that is seems to get uppriced by bots to silly levels) and ebay (if you find something you really want its often on there for a good 20% cheaper than elsewhere, especially older cheaper kits).

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Armor kits come with the original game purchase- yes.

I'd recommend this glue:

Anyone that has built minis for a while loves Tamiya. It's FAR superior to most super glues.

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They could save themselves the intestinal distress.

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it's a spray that smells like... well... the name is indicative.