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u/lukedlite · 3 pointsr/90s

I did some poking around for you just to see what I could dig up; I know the frustration of not being able to find a decent medium for watching an older show. He's what I found.

Lamb Chop is now under ownership of Shari Lewis' daughter, Mallory, and there don't appear to be many, if any, DVDs available of Lamb Chop's Play Along, or plans to re-release the series. The best you'll find on online marketplaces are VHSs, and many of those are what I would consider overpriced. The best I could find was this playlist on YouTube.

Several seasons of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood are available for streaming through Amazon Prime.

The Puzzle Place never made it to DVD, but here's a playlist of VHS-quality rips, also on YouTube.

The '90s iteration of ZOOM never made it to DVD either, but YouTube user ZOOMfan1 has put together a pretty impressive library of their own.

The Big Comfy Couch has a 22 DVD set compiling the complete series available for around $40 through Amazon, but, if you're not into shelling out the cash for a hard copy, here's a link to the complete series on YouTube.

Teletubbies have begun releasing new content over the last couple of years, and they have an official YouTube channel that they update with regularity. All of the original episodes as well as the new content are available to stream freely, but, unfortunately, not in the U.S. Since Teletubbies maintain an active online presence, videos of the original series are likely taken down quickly if other users upload them. A search for hard copies of the show turned up several singular DVDs, but no compilations or collections of note.

I hope some of this was helpful. I know most of these leads are online, and so are subject to being taken down without notice, but they're there for now, and, if you get creative, you could archive those yourself. ;)

u/JordanFab120 · 3 pointsr/90s

Plenty of good places around the Web I'm sure! That's the magic of e-commerce for you- I'm sure Amazon has such collections readily available.

If you can't afford the entire collection, there's also this five-set collection of Goosebumps books. Comes with the original, classic 90s covers too!

u/eyecebrakr · 5 pointsr/90s

These cups, maybe episodes of Fresh Prince or Saved By The Bell playing on a TV in the background, SNES emulator connected to a TV if possible...I'll try to edit with more later if I come up with anything else (if these are even interesting to you to begin with lol).

u/TBoneTheOriginal · 2 pointsr/90s

Come on, OP. Always include a link.

The Totally Sweet 90s: From Clear Cola to Furby, and Grunge to "Whatever", the Toys, Tastes, and Trends That Defined a Decade

u/BPNave · 1 pointr/90s

I Google image searched for "Sony M Memory Stick" (the logo looks like an M)

Result: It looks like it's for Sony digital cameras:

u/JessMaKee · 3 pointsr/90s

They still make these! My kids have them. Check this out: Cupcake Surprise Scented Princess Doll - Series 2 (Colors and St...

u/link8382000 · 1 pointr/90s

Maisto Burnin' Key Cars Fresh Metal Car with Classic Key Launcher Assortment (One Vehicle Randomly Selected)

u/superbad343 · 2 pointsr/90s

The DVD is currently out of print. In fact you can buy the VHS cheaper than you can the DVD on Amazon.

u/nirreskeya · 3 pointsr/90s

I actually have an external 56 Kbps modem sitting here next to me but I don't think there's anywhere I could dial into. Oh and I think I would need one of these.

u/darlasparents · 1 pointr/90s

I remember always looking at the VHS box at the video store but not being allowed to rent it!

u/green_meeples · 1 pointr/90s

Here is the chocolate kind

I cant find the crunchy candy kind so im not sure if they still make them or not : /

u/PolarisAirship · 3 pointsr/90s

Tad late to this party, but what the hell.

I was a kid in the 90's. Like, I was 8 at the turn of the millennium. So I really don't have the best memory of the 90's outside of specific TV shows, video games, and toys.

That being said, I think the thing I miss the most about the 90's was all the color. Everything seemed so colorful. From TV shows to malls and arcades, there were bright hues of blue, green, pink and orange. Nowadays everything has to be stylistically "streamlined" and "efficient". I think somewhere along the line, people lost the desire to just have fun.

Also, ripsticks are stupid. Back in my day we skateboarded, and we used our feet to pedal. We didn't dry-hump the air to get around.