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u/padredepaloma · 2 pointsr/Banking

Interview a mortgage loan officer, a processor and a mortgage customer service type of person in your network separately in exchange for a meal. Ask them to walk you through what they know about how a mortgage works. Take good notes. Repeat. There are lots of little nuances in mortgage but the above types of people can make you aware of the most common concepts.

This book is a time, but if you learn better by reading, it’s a great resource: Residential Mortgage Lending: Principles and Practices

u/slavinator26 · 1 pointr/Banking

ChuckieC- Get a basic low level Wells Fargo account (this allows the account to qualify to be free by making 10 purchases with your debit card each month). On the 1st of each month go to and buy 10 $0.50 amazon gift cards. This will equal out to $5 that you can then use on Amazon, and will qualify you to not get charged any fees.

u/LogicField · 1 pointr/Banking

Another view on Central Banking

The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve