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u/almostamico · 2 pointsr/DJISpark

Yeah… I had problems with my OTG Cable not working too. I didn’t like that it was two cables put together to make one either; so I just ordered a new one off Amazon [about 4 months ago now] and I haven’t had a problem since.

Also, IDK if you know this but you can fly the Spark without any OTG Cable. It’s over the Controller’s WiFi that’ll connect directly with your phone. You’ll have to Google how to do it, cause I wouldn’t be able to explain it clear enough. Lol
It is important to note that you won’t get quiet as good of signal at distance and it may cut in & out at times; but if you’re out in the country (somewhere with little to zero electrical interference) then it does fine on the WiFi. I wanted to share that at least, so you can still fly while you get a new OTG Cable.

Here’s the Cable I got off of Amazon for iPhone:

Here’s one for Android that seems to have good reviews as well:

u/qurun · 2 pointsr/DJISpark

I think you'll enjoy it. The photos aren't as high quality as DJI's other drones, but they are good enough. People have complained about DJI's updates---but on the other hand it is awesome that they are supporting and even adding features to the drone, such as spherical panoramas.

It is portable and sturdy. I go trailrunning with mine, carrying it in a running pack. With a gimbal protector (like this , but buy it on eBay for $2) it is completely secure.

u/Omephla · 2 pointsr/DJISpark

Just bought a case that holds everything I need, with a semi-rigid clam shell design, that also has a shoulder strap. Spark Case w/ Items

It is the following item on Amazon:

Swap out the guards, 3 of the extra cables, controller guard, and prop lock on the lid side and I'm positive it'll fit a tablet and mount.

EDIT: I like this case because the Spark is recessed in the foam so the rotors are protected from anything in the zipper section that my protrude down while closed.

EDIT v2: This review shows the same case with a tablet and mount secured.

u/buddeng13 · 1 pointr/DJISpark

Just purchased this and highly recommend it

DACCKIT Travel Carrying Case Compatible with DJI Spark Fly More Combo - Fit DJI Spark Drone, 4x Intelligent Flight Batteries, Remote Controller, Charging Hub and other accessories

u/amsfrr · 1 pointr/DJISpark

Amazon kind of screwed me over. I ordered yesterday the White Fly More combo with 1-Day shipping. Link to Amazon page here:

It was initially shipped and sold through Amazon LLC. So I contact an Amazon rep to get an idea of when it would ship, and they told me it was out of stock despite it being IN STOCK at the time I purchased it! So the rep had me go ahead and place the order again, but this time the instead of it saying "Shipped and sold through Amazon LLC," it was being sold by the DJI Official Store. Also said it was in stock as I was ordering.

I'm aware at this point I might as well be ordering through DJI directly, but I have an Amazon gift card I wanted to use. Order details here:

Although, now it says:

Arriving Jun 21 - Jun 26
Preparing for Shipment
instead of "Not yet shipped"

u/buddboy · 1 pointr/DJISpark

congrats, I recommend this cheap accessory to give you peace of mind when flying

u/Zer037 · 4 pointsr/DJISpark

Polar pro case
Fits 2 extra and slimmer than the original case

Controller joystick guard
You can probably find a cheaper one.

Gimbal guard Extra protection while in the bag.

Phone Hood

Power Bank

This is my set up if I'm going outdoor. They don't take up that much space so. You can fit it in any size of backpack you want.

Hydration backack
The quality is ok for the price. I dont use the bladder when I have my spark inside.

u/bostonterrier4life · 2 pointsr/DJISpark

the 49 dollar set at best buy or even on amazon gives you good filters from polarpro at the cheaper price. its only a few bucks more than what youre think of getting.

u/EightIntheHouse · 4 pointsr/DJISpark

Also check out this one I've had it since I bought my spark and it's great! smatree spark case

u/Shadow_Moses_Snake · 9 pointsr/DJISpark

I've purchased a "battery strap" off of Amazon just for added safety.

RCstyle DJI Spark Non-Slip Battery Strap Lock Securing Tie

u/snekasaur · 1 pointr/DJISpark

Nice list.. I have the Kuuqa gimbal protector. Excellent piece. DJI should have included this like they did with the Mavic.

u/itwaslucky · 2 pointsr/DJISpark

wifi shouldnt need to reset in order to pair. mine goes from paired with my home wifi to controller wifi and vice-versa pretty smoothly every time. best thing to do would probably be to get an OTG cable if you're worried about it

u/JustinC13 · 1 pointr/DJISpark

I use This cable, bought it from Best Buy haven't had any connection issues. Although I'm using iPhone

u/heartbraden · 1 pointr/DJISpark

This is the one I've been using and it's been working great.

u/jolleyho · 2 pointsr/DJISpark

I've only used them once so far, the ones I got were these:

Comparing footage to no filter, it does tend to smooth out certain transitions due to reducing the shutter speed. Def worth 20 bucks to improve the quality.

u/mgoulart27 · 3 pointsr/DJISpark

I went with the HUL Drone Case for DJI Spark and I have really liked it.

HUL Drone Case for DJI Spark

u/ShoupnessF30 · 5 pointsr/DJISpark

HUL Drone Case for DJI Spark and Transmitter Controller - Water-Proof and Impact Resistant

I use this one. Fits in my backpack and holds 4 battery’s. Been a good case.

u/miguelsan22 · 1 pointr/DJISpark

How do you like your case? The one I got has been a little too tight for the spark and batteries.

u/Derpsteenie · 1 pointr/DJISpark

I carry this, fits everything I need.

DJI Spark Drone Carrying Case by DOUBI - fit for 4 Drone Batteries, Remote Controller, Propeller Guard, Battery Charger and other accessories

u/kilabytez · 2 pointsr/DJISpark

UGREEN Micro USB 2.0 OTG Cable On The Go Adapter Micro USB Male to USB Female for Samsung S6 Edge S4 S3 Android or Windows Smart Phones Tablets with OTG Function 6 Inch Black

MYLB Right Angled Lightning Sync and Charge Cable for Apple iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, 4th Generation and iPad Mini (All Generations) (0.2m, Black)

I was having range issues that even with the controller after about 100m the video feed was laggy controls were laggy it was basically unusable I was so pissed. Once I hardwired my device it was absolutely perfect got full range and no lag

u/FatFingerHelperBot · 1 pointr/DJISpark

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u/treehouse1441 · 1 pointr/DJISpark

I’ve seen people recommend this.

That’s a 9 inch if you wanted to use an iPad.

u/magaman · 3 pointsr/DJISpark

Smatree Carrying Case for DJI Spark, Waterproof Hard Portable Case for DJI Spark Fly More Combo

u/lankya · 2 pointsr/DJISpark

sure - this is the cable I purchased:

I purchased 2 other cables before I got one that finally worked. I was trying to circumvent having to have 2 cables plugged into each other. But the one I listed above was the only way I got it to work.

u/rodneystubbs · 1 pointr/DJISpark

I got this one. Not a pelican case but I prefer the light weight case. Holds prop guards in the top.

u/Helagak · 2 pointsr/DJISpark

The hubsan x4 was my first quad. I learned so much on it. And they are cheaper than ever now. If you are new to flying and just got or are thinking about getting a spark or even a more expensive drone, I HIGHLY recommend grabbing an x4 and learning the ins and outs of quad control on something that won't break your heart when you break it. We all scrapped our knees when learning to walk. Learning to fly is no different.

Hubsan X4 (H107L) 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter, Black

u/Malthaeus · 2 pointsr/DJISpark

You might want to buy a battery clip - - as the batteries tend to come loose with age/use. My neighbor's did, and it dropped into the lake (luckily shallow enough he could retreive it). I always fly with the battery clipped in now!


PS: Neighbor was able to restore his waterlogged drone by shoving it in a bag of rice for three days - it flew!

u/insaneyoshi · 2 pointsr/DJISpark


I have both accessories, and since both clip on in a similar way, I can confirm you will not be able to get the battery retainer in as well as the landing legs. Both accessories go around the same spot on the back arms of the drone.

Here's what I have:

Battery strap:

Landing legs:

You can either get a different set of landing legs that don't clip on like these, or you will need to choose using either the battery strap or the legs at a time.

u/Troopr1023 · 1 pointr/DJISpark

I would strongly suggest buying a battery strap too. The Spark has a defect whereby in some cases the battery will pop out mid flight. I know, because it happened to me. DJI hasn’t officially acknowledged the defect but there stories of other Spark owners having this same problem.

battery strap

u/Imma_dunce · 1 pointr/DJISpark

Ran across this charger on amazon. Got fairly decent reviews on fakespot and, while a little more than the one on ebay, the batteries lock into place and only a little more than the ebay one.

u/ben6119 · 1 pointr/DJISpark

So sorry, was on vacation and just got back to see this comment.

HUL Drone Case for DJI Spark and Transmitter Controller - Water-Proof and Impact Resistant

u/pachewychomp · 2 pointsr/DJISpark

Lexar microSD To Lightning Reader - LRWMLBNL

This thing seriously is a game changer. No more keeping your Spark on just to offload images/video. Just eject the card, throw it into the reader, and then connect to the phone to use the Lexar app to pick and choose which ones you want to download to your camera roll.

u/grubygrub · 1 pointr/DJISpark

Pre Ordered the polar pros and they never delivered due to some issues, the new ones have two little legs in the back that makes me nervous though, if they snap off in the gimbal.....

I did find this useful though:

u/PolarisBears · 1 pointr/DJISpark

I found this listing on Amazon and figured what the hell. I'll cancel whichever is slower. DJI support today said mine wouldn't ship until the 29th.

u/slowtreme · 2 pointsr/DJISpark

The problem is the battery. The latch wears out. There is strap you can get on amazon for about 8 bucks that will provide some safety. it’s kind of a design problem.

u/veloace · 2 pointsr/DJISpark

I had a battery eject once when the drone was about 2 feet off the ground. Frustrating, but no damage.

Now, every time I fly, I put on a battery clip. I got these from Amazon.

I'm not saying they work, I'm just saying I haven't had a battery disconnect while using them. I have an older Spark model, which has the batteries with the faulty pins on them, so I use the above battery clip every time I fly just as extra insurance.

> I've had over 50 flights,

Makes sense, from what I hear the retention clips wear out over time so that battery is less snug after a long time.

u/hilomania · 1 pointr/DJISpark

This is the one I have. Works very well, cheap, but noisy as shit! No problem I charge in the garage, but be aware of it.