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u/ahung12 · 1 pointr/DryAgedBeef

I'd want to minimize the weight loss as much as possible, so sticking with a single piece would be ideal. I'm not 100% married to the idea of having full length ribs but I'd love to do tomahawk steaks as well. Yes, I'm going to see if I can work out a way to hang the steaks also.

BUT, if that all doesn't work out, I have been checking out the Whynter. Here's the one I was looking at:

I like that it has built-in circulation but how effective have you found that fan? Did you have to supplement it with a second fan and if so, how'd you do the wiring?

u/nu1lx · 1 pointr/DryAgedBeef

Going for 21 day on my first. I have some aged already from a local butcher, so I have a taste to compare it to.


For temp / humidity I am using this thermometer, so far its been working well.


As far as the fridge setup, I didn't do anything special. I let it sit for about 2 weeks to make sure the temp holds and what setting it needs to be at. There isn't a fan to cycle in it, so I bought a small desk fan. I didn't have to cut a notch out of the side, it locks closed well enough. I back that up with using a strap around it just to be sure.


Hoping it turns out well! Aldi's had this bone in ribeye on sale.. So I figured it would be best to try it on something cheaper before moving to a bigger cut.

u/powerfist89 · 2 pointsr/DryAgedBeef

The one that Umai recommends is just a FoodSaver brand. It's way overkill IMHO. I have a Gourmia brand vacuum sealer that was $70 (half the price) and has worked perfectly over the past 2.5 years for me. It's no-frills and only has one function: Vacuum & Seal. I sous-vide at least 3 times a week.

There are actually some FoodSaver brands that don't work with Umai bags. My neighbor has one of those deluxe models with all the bells and whistles. Problem is, it tries to be smart and can't detect the Umai bags because they are a bit thinner than normal bags, and it won't run.

Unfortunately it looks like Gourmia doesn't make vacuum sealers anymore, but I would take a took and see what your other options are.

Now if money isn't much of an issue, go for the FoodSaver brand, I'm sure it will work fine. But for the same money, you are better off going with the Vesta one.

u/Canadian_Couple · 3 pointsr/DryAgedBeef

I would say no. I am using a really nice setup with a beverage cooler. Cost me under $250 CAD total. I bought the fridge used.

Bought a fan and humidity/ temp monitor. The fridge keeps humidity pretty well too.

u/lazybeard_ · 1 pointr/DryAgedBeef

UPDATE: On November 7th I added an temperature & humidity logging sensor ( It can export to an CSV. You can find the last export of the raw data in CSV here:

It's reading a high of ~35.5f and low of ~32f with 81% humidity down to 60%.

I've been taking photos of the progress and you can view the on-going progress here:



u/Artemis_1 · 1 pointr/DryAgedBeef

you could try a travel humidifier that might help get your moisture in check. kinda like this.

u/sdbrinton · 2 pointsr/DryAgedBeef

Just a dish with Himalayan Salt, Cup of Water, Temp/Humidity Sensor, Charcoal, and UVC light. No controllers at all.

GermGuardian GG1100B Pluggable UVC Sanitizer and Deodorizer, Kills Germs, Freshens Air, Reduces Odors from Pets, Smoke, Mold, Cooking and Laundry, Germ Guardian Air Purifier

OPOLAR 4 Inch USB Desk Fan with 2 Setting, Metal Design, Quiet Operation for Office Home

Sonoff TH16 Temperature and Humidity Monitoring WiFi Smart Switch for DIY Smart Home,Compatible with Alexa(16A)

Sonoff Si7021 Wi-Fi Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor High Accuracy that works with temp and humidity sensor Smart Switch(Sonoff TH10/TH16)

u/ElAyDubleZee · 1 pointr/DryAgedBeef

Thank you for the detailed response. For my first sealer I don’t mind going with an affordable machine. I’m looking at a Geryon product which is an amazon choice. Any thoughts on it?

GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine, Automatic Food Sealer for Food Savers w/Starter Kit|Led Indicator Lights|Easy to Clean|Dry & Moist Food Modes| Compact Design (Silver)

u/NuclearKolob · 1 pointr/DryAgedBeef

I dont use this exact one but I use a low profile one just like this can find one at a local hardware store for less than 5 bucks
SlimLine 2237 Flat Plug Extension Cord, 2-Wire, 13-Foot, White

u/ThereWillBeSpuds · 5 pointsr/DryAgedBeef

There are models that you simply plug into the wall and then plug the fridge into them. Should work universally. Just set the fridge's internal thermostat a little colder than you want it, then set the external therm where you want it.

Here is a moderately priced one.

Inkbird ITC-308 Heater Cooler Device Temperature Controller Carboy Homebrew Fermenter Greenhouse Terrarium 110V 10A 1200W

u/Interspatial · 2 pointsr/DryAgedBeef

One of those bad boys set at 36F. I have the temp probe dangling above the fan slightly out of view in my image.