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u/Magnum45 · 9 pointsr/EmpireDidNothingWrong

Amazon has a great seletion of Empire items. I recently picked this t-shirt and have been thinking about getting a couple of these flags to put up in my home.

u/remembertosmilebot · 7 pointsr/EmpireDidNothingWrong

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u/Stereo_Panic · 6 pointsr/EmpireDidNothingWrong

> Is this canon/legends?


On a more serious / practical level...

Things that are canon because they are covered in the movies:

  1. Anakin has no apparent biological father. It is believed the Force caused his mother to be impregnated. How exactly that happened or what caused it are never specified.
  2. There is a prophecy about one who will "bring balance to the Force". Yoda, Obi Wan, Mace Windu, and several other masters believe that Anakin is that person the prophecy spoke of.
  3. Plageius was the Sith Master of Darth Sidious and experimented with the essence of life itself with the Force. He may have even discovered the secrets of immortality, though he never got to use them on himself and died before he could pass them on.

    The rest of it is basically gleaned from the book Darth Plageuis, which is legends. Though the book is ostensibly about Darth Plagueis, it's really more about the events that lead to the rise to power of Darth Sidious. It's definitely not one of the best Star Wars novels in terms of writing quality, but the background / behind the scenes stuff makes it well worth it.
u/jawa709 · 2 pointsr/EmpireDidNothingWrong

It's an oversized hardcover, I have it and love it:

It's 112 pages, which doesn't sound like much but it's a hardcover inside of another hardcover shell, which thickens it up. It's about an inch thick and contains 10 posters.

Edit to correct! My apologies, I'm mistaken, it's not from this collection. But I took pics of the 10 posters in this collection if anybody's interested (similar ideas).

u/Batduck · 5 pointsr/EmpireDidNothingWrong

That edition is infamous for inaccuracies and contradictions, it's the edition handed out to civilian-facing positions, and was heavily redacted due to the high probability of it being leaked or intercepted.

You can get a much more accurate and comprehensive edition here. Although this edition is a bit outdated, hence its availability on the civilian market, it'll still get you a much better picture of Imperial structure and operations generally.

u/TheRealDuHass · 8 pointsr/EmpireDidNothingWrong

Man. I used to have this. It disappeared in a move a couple years back.

Still have this one though

u/babypuncher_ · 6 pointsr/EmpireDidNothingWrong

This one comes in leather and lets you put your name in it.

u/bobsbestburger · 1 pointr/EmpireDidNothingWrong


I've decided this one is not for sale; however, I found this specific fabric panel on for sale on Amazon Star Wars Tenugui . There are also other choices to choose from.

If you would like me to turn it into a quilted wall hanging, DM and we can discuss prices.


u/Ryan_Hoxworth · 2 pointsr/EmpireDidNothingWrong

this is the artists website it has a store but im not sure its available on it since its available as part of this book The art of Rogue One

u/IHaveThatPower · 3 pointsr/EmpireDidNothingWrong

An entertaining read! (I tend to gravitate towards transcripts over videos.)

As promised, a few critiques:

> Everyone had a “whoah, what the...?” moment when they first saw Jar Jar Binks...What’s the racial message here Lucas?...And what about the aliens that the Jar Jarians were fighting, these creatures that had flat faces and yellow, slanted eyes, and were all secretive…

This is a treacherous road to walk, because a lot of this outcry came from people outside of the cultural groups, assuming offense for those in them. I'm not remotely trying to exonerate Lucas for his decisions here and I'd be lying if I said I didn't immediately see those stereotypes, but given the actual thesis of the rest of your piece, I feel like this set of controversies--real or imagined--might be better left excluded.

> Then in the new movies, there's Queen Amalama ...dabadoo , whatever her name is.

"Amidala" is not a terribly difficult or silly name. The recurring mockery of it throughout feels out of place and doesn't add anything.

> We're seriously meant to believe that they couldn't defend a shed in the woods from a pack of plush toys with pre-bronze age technology?

The realities of the situation on Endor often get overlooked because of the Ewoks' external appearance. Take a look at what we actually know about them (and none of this is "creative reinterpretation" -- it's straight-up in the movie):

  • Ewoks build full, strong, permanent structures high up in Endors incredibly tall trees, implying incredible physical strength.
  • Ewoks have no qualms about eating other intelligence creatures, as explicit when they nearly cooked the Rebel infiltrators alive and as heavily implied later when we see Ewoks using bones to drum on Stormtrooper helmets during their celebration
  • Ewoks can rig up log traps using Endor's huge trees in a matter of hours or (at most) days, again implying a crazy amount of strength.

    Ewoks are small, furry, "cute" -- but are also roughly on par with wookiees in terms of physical strength!

    All military technology can be abstracted as a "force multiplier." A spear causes more harm than a fist. A blaster more harm than a spear. But physiology is also a force multiplier. A 10 kilo stone hucked by a scrawny human is not going to have the same capacity for harm that a 10 kilo stone hucked by a world-class pitcher does. Ewoks, as silly as it may superficially seem, are scary with "pre-bronze age technology."

    But even despite all of that, go back and watch how that battle plays out. After initial confusion in the Imperial ranks as the realization that they're under attack from a huge indigenous force that they previously had dismissed as harmless and docile, the Imperial forces are winning. The turning point in the battle comes only when a Rebel (Chewbacca) commandeers an AT-ST, granting the Rebel forces access to Imperial armor and bringing technological parity to the forces deployed on the battlefield. Only at this point do the Rebels start turning the tide of battle; before this, Ewoks are being slaughtered left and right.

    > You see, think of it like this. History is written by the victors. So maybe what George Lucas is doing is writing this whole series from a meta-contextual point of view, showing us history as it would be depicted if the forces of evil had won.

    > ...

    > If that's what George Lucas is doing, it's fucking brilliant. The hints are there, but you have to peel back the layers of propaganda to look for the real story.

    This is partly the premise on which this subreddit relies, but walking this line requires careful navigation. In particular, dismissing the movies purely as invented propaganda isn't terribly useful. If you have no canon on which to rely, you can't even have a discussion -- no matter who you favor. If, however, you take a limited view of the films-as-propaganda and assume everything depicted is "real" but it's edited in such a way to advance a specific narrative, then you have some room for interpretation that doesn't cast the baby out with the bathwater.

    That brings us to...

    > Was there really a death star? Everyone who supposedly witnessed a planet being destroyed by a “death star” are all dead now, except, by no coincidence, for Luke's sister.

    > It was Luke and the Jedi cabal who blew up Alderaan!

    This is where you lost me. If you go down this path, you've ditched canon and you're purely into fan fiction. That's fine; there's some great fan fiction out there, but it's not really something you can build a coherent, broadly-appealing argument out of the way you can when you limit the degree to which the films "lie" (namely: purely by omission, rather than actual distortion).

    > And then I saw Indiana Jones part four , and was reminded that, Lucas is just a hack .

    Lucas can't write a screenplay to save his life. There's a lot of "hidden" history to the development of Lucas's successful films and a great deal of it hinges on the moderating influence of his ex-wife Marcia. This book, in particular, is a remarkable look at how Star Wars came to be, far more in-depth than the better-known Rinzler book.

    But Lucas can spin a good story. This thread from a few days ago has quite a few people realizing or sharing the beat-for-beat story of the prequels, for example, and exposing through those beats that the story that plays out in the prequels is actually really cool. It just gets lost in a terrible set of scripts.

    > Still, we've got the story we've got, the most deceptive and seductive pro-fascist narrative ever written. The Jedi mind trick has been played on all of us. “This is not the hero's journey you were looking for.”

    I get a little frustrated with the characterizing of the Empire as "fascist." For some perspective, when it comes to Star Wars, I am (obviously) pro-Empire. But when it comes to (for example) Star Trek? The Federation is the sort of future that I want for our world. And I don't consider those views in conflict.

    Unfortunately, it's difficult to articulate all the reasons why with any brevity. Largely, it stems from the scope of the governing body vs. the sovereignty of member "states", the radical social and economic changes that occur in a post-scarcity (or, if not post-scarcity, at least super-tech) society, and a bunch of other high-concept ideas.

    "Fascism", though, is frankly too simplistic a political mindset to feel applicable to the Empire. As is nationalism more generally, really. Nationalism carries with it implicit assumptions of other nations and that's simply not what we're talking about with the Empire--it is the galaxy (with a few small enclave exceptions and unsettled areas).

    That aside, though, it's a fun read and I applaud the analysis.
u/Deathstroke5289 · 1 pointr/EmpireDidNothingWrong

lord vader

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