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u/Josh_Logic · 6 pointsr/Glocks

Hello /r/glocks! I thought I'd share my rig along with some information about my setup in case anyone is interested in what I use.

I conceal carry a Glock 17, Gen 4 at 8-9 o'clock. I'm a big guy (6'6") with large hands and this gun fits me perfectly. It serves double-duty as a carry weapon and also as my primary home defense gun.

Here are the changes I've made to it:

  • Installed the large Glock backstrap.

  • Reversed the mag release since I'm a lefty.

  • Installed a Talon grip.

  • Installed a Pearce Grips frame insert under the grip.

  • Added Meprolight Tru-Dot night sights.

    Other equipment:

  • I use a Galco King Tuk IWB holster; I absolutely love this holster. It's got perfection retention and is very comfortable.

  • My carry belt is a Hank's Gunner Belt.

  • When the gun is not being carried, it lives inside a SpeedVault SV500 and has a Canwelum light attached to it. It's a great little light, and I also have one on my Mossberg 500.

  • For home defense I keep an extra 17 round and a 33 round Glock magazine nearby.

    So there it is, my Glock 17! I love this firearm and definitely recommend it for anyone looking at a full-sized gun for concealed carry or home defense.
u/the4thaggie · 1 pointr/Glocks

That's the Mako one for like $30 on Amazon. I was testing it to see if an optic mount like that would be good for a reflex sight. It's not horrible (the concept of an optic that high off the bore axis), but i've realized that I want MOS milling.

I regret buying that cheap plastic thing. The light is great for the price (super bright and good strobe) and the reflex sight is ok once I got it dialed in. The Mako optic mount is crap. For starters, the part where the replacement trigger pin goes in extrudes into trigger guard area making it uncomfortable to shoot. The replacement front rail is too small and made my light fly off at the range (where it is normally snug on the Glock rail). Finally, it's a bear to get off.

I am getting alot of shit for the "mall ninja" accessories, but I'm glad I opted for cheaper to see what works well in my intended setup. Im glad I didn't spend $300 for an ALG (too high off bore axis), $300 for a brand-name light (this one is fucking bright), and glad the $20 reflex sight does pretty well. I can interchange it and my main red dot for my AR-15 in .22lr.

u/spook777 · 3 pointsr/Glocks

Are you going to put an RMR or Holosun on it? If yes then you need suppressor sights. If you plan to only do red dot then blacked out sights would be the most budget route. Ameriglo blacked out suppressor sights

I picked up some of these Ameriglo suppressor sights with Orange front dot but realized even tho I like the orange front sight I’m not a fan of the blackout rear sights. So next time around will go for these Ameriglo 3 dot suppressor sights

If you aren’t going red dot and are just happy to have that option, I recently bought these Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights for my Glock 19 and they’re only $47 on Amazon. I also picked up these TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Sights but I’m not really a fan of Fiber optics and I gave them to my friend for his Polymer80 build.

Not sure about comps. I can’t have them in CA, but I’ve bookmarked a few for when I move out of state. Legion Precision, Killer Innovations, Archon Manufacturing, Tyrant Designs T-Comp, Agency Arms (Brownells 11% coupon code “HAA”), or Arc Division Arc Sparc.

If you want to do without the threaded barrel, Dark Hour Defense makes a rail mounted comp.

u/t3h_Sober1 · 1 pointr/Glocks

Try searching using this link:

Here is a link to the set I ordered:

I received this email yesterday at 6:29p.m.

"The Amazon Sports team thanks you for your recent Hunting and Fishing purchase. It is our pleasure to let you know that your order entitles you to a $20 promotional credit. This credit can be used toward the purchase of items shipped and sold by (excludes products sold by 3rd party merchants) until 12/31/2015 (certain exclusions apply)."

u/asking_reddit1 · 1 pointr/Glocks

I want a TLR light it's just the price right now. I have a small LED I keep with my 19 but I want a light on it. Just after the 19, sights, safe, rounds, CWP costs, etc I am about $1k into it.

I would like to find a cool kith that wasn't $200-$300 and decent as a temporary until I invest $200-300 into a TLR with light and laser.

Considering the Amazon reviews I might get this : Hilight 300 Lumen Pistol LED Strobe Flashlight with Weaver Quick Release

u/vdmsr · 1 pointr/Glocks

I'm going to +1 /u/PNW_Tree_Octopus comments.

I have the Ameriglo Cap, Blog link and I really like them, though their POA/POI is different than the Amerigo GL-201, Pro-I dot's I have. Both are highly recommended, I have been using the Pro-I dot's for the better part of four years and only broke them twice (contact work). I also have the Ameriglo Defoor sights on my G34 and they are accurate like nothing else. Blog link (for pictures) Though they do not glow, so that's the only real detractor.

If you are dead set on running trijicons, I HIGHLY suggest getting the Trijicon HD sights, they are super awesome.

u/tuck3r53 · 1 pointr/Glocks

If you wanted to go with TruGlo TFO's you would be looking at about $78.
I think you would be better off waiting a little longer to get some sights that you really like and are going to function better. I really like the Meprolights I have on another gun as well, they are a touch cheaper mentioned here.

u/dagamore11 · 1 pointr/Glocks

I put these on my glock17 and love them, but I like the taller sights, they work better for me, and give me the option of a can down the road.

u/Zerv14 · 1 pointr/Glocks

I will echo this sentiment and also recommend a Safariland ALS paddle holster. I have the 6378 which you can buy on Amazon.

For me, it's the perfect blend of retention, comfort, accessibility, and ease of draw. The ALS system is very intuitive to use and unlocks with your thumb as you get a proper grip on the gun to draw it out. Automatically locks when you re-holster.

u/robocop88 · 1 pointr/Glocks

Don't really need to bring cleaning supplies to the range IMHO. I like the Howard Leighton electronic ear pro.

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff, Classic Green (R-01526)

If you don't want electronic ones then any ear pro for shooting from 3m, peltor, and Howard Leight is a good call.

As far as a range bag goes, of its just the one gun then I would think too hard about it. Most range bags are overpriced tactical fashion accessories. I've spent money on nice ones for 2 and 3 gun competitions because the extra organization and protection is nice. When I'm taking just my Glock 19 to the range I chuck it in a tool bag.

If you really want a purpose built one that isn't too expensive I'd recommend this one:

BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag Black Nylon 74RB02BK

u/9mmIsBestMillimeter · 20 pointsr/Glocks

I'm not only pretty impressed with its specs and features on paper (will have to wait to see how it actually performs) but I'm honestly fine with the price: you're paying for the engineering, guys, very very little of what you pay for a gun goes into the cost of the materials for it so no, it doesn't really matter that it uses much less material than a G17 as regards the price, no that shouldn't really make a difference.

I mean do you really think that even a decent portion of what you pay for a G17, for example, goes towards the polymer and metal used to make it? Come on. I think I recall reading somewhere (believe it was that book on Glock by Paul Barrett) that the cost of materials to make a Glock 17 was around $70. When you buy a G17 you're getting about 70 bucks worth of plastic and steel, that's it...and about $500 worth of superb engineering to make sure it goes bang every time including and especially when it's your ass on the line, so quit bitching...

The only problem is that I've got a Kahr PM9 that has been just absolutely fantastic so I'm really going to have to work hard to find an excuse to buy this thing, though I probably will eventually.

u/promodvette · 8 pointsr/Glocks

I use this rod

and just some generic bronze brushes like this

and use this to send a few pieces of cloth through until they come out clean

Basically I just clean the bore after 1000 or so rounds and use a toothpick/cloth to clean the slide channels and lightly oil them. I use M7Pro cleaning stuff and oil just because I can find it at most stores around here and it doesn't smell or irritate my skin. There really is no sense in pulling the trigger and all that stuff out unless it starts sticking or you have run 5k or 10k rounds through it.

Just to cover everything these are the cloth pieces i use too

u/cosmos7 · 1 pointr/Glocks
u/19Kilo · 1 pointr/Glocks

Get the sight pusher if you think you might own more than one Glock or if you might want to experiment with a couple different sight setups.

I've got one pretty much like this and it's more than paid for itself.

Edit - There's also this one for the front sight. I have this, but it was really too deep for me, so I filled most of the socket with Gorilla Glue and it's perfect now.

u/Devan94 · 1 pointr/Glocks

Consider giving this book a read OP. It won't give you the kind of part number or dimension details you're looking for, but it's a great history of the Glock pistol

u/TophatsNTaters · 3 pointsr/Glocks

The awesome thing is that Dawson supplies the tools you need for both the front and rear sights.

I would say that a bench vice is required though. Took quite a bit of hammering to install the rear sight. I clamped the slide in between two wooden blocks wrapped in duct tape, and wrapped the included punch tool in duct tape as well. Managed to install everything without marring or scratching the finish.

Not sure what you mean by trigger tool. If you mean the pins, I've found that this disassembly tool works great for a bunch of stuff, but any pin punch should work fine if it's small enough.

u/burritosandpuppies · 1 pointr/Glocks

Here's what I have arriving tomorrow for my 19.

I've been carrying my Shield 9mm in their Shield holster for about 6 months now with no issues. Great holster and good price.

u/macbooklover91 · 1 pointr/Glocks

As far as ear pro goes I use these a lot -

I have some in my bag, and I keep a pair in my car. They're cheap enough to have a few pairs, but nice enough to use again and again. I especially like them because I can double up on ear pro when I go to an indoor range and they sit flush with my ear.

If you want to listen to music while you shoot, get the Howard Leights. I have them and often listen to music when I have the range to myself.

u/justamiddleagedguy · 2 pointsr/Glocks

AmeriGlo Sight, fits All Glocks Except 42/43, Green Tritium Orange Outline Front Black Rear, Tall Suppressor Set

My G19 wears these perfectly cowitnessed with an RMR06 type 2. I’ve got several thousand rounds through it set up this way. No issues

u/MoGains · 1 pointr/Glocks

This is the one I purchased a month ago. Same idea as the one in your link. Very easy to take on and off, and no wiggle. Very bright too. I had my girlfriend point the light at me across our house and it was near blinding at night.

Aimkon HiLight P10S 400 Lumen Pistol LED Strobe Flashlight with Weaver Quick Release, Black

u/timesplitter88 · 2 pointsr/Glocks

As far as brands go, I would take a look at Agency Arms, Overwatch Precision, or SSVI. Those brands in my opinion all appear to be the safest in terms of drop safety for after market triggers.

You should be able to install the trigger yourself using only a Glock Tool (IE: Do not use a hammer ever to do this!) which is literally just a small handy punch or really any punch of the same size for that matter.. There are plenty of videos on youtube on how to do this. The trigger will come assembled on to the trigger bar already, so when you replace it, you will be replacing the entire trigger bar / trigger shoe assembly. Its not really that hard.

u/CrimsonMKII · 5 pointsr/Glocks

Much of this has been detailed in the book titled Glock - The Rise of America's Gun. It was a decent read and interesting look into Gaston's personal life. I had expected the book to highlight Gaston as a stand up man. My view of his firearms is far different than his character.

It is very interesting having read the book to see Helga Glock's lawsuit updated in the news.

u/givebaconTheVote · 1 pointr/Glocks

If you haven't already bought one, this is what I got. It's a much better bargain than the 30 dollar Glock sight tool.

u/JamesonOnTheRocks · 1 pointr/Glocks

Leave the copper colored factory grease on the slide until it's gone. Hit up the range with a few hundred rounds. Some people clean the gun before firing. I just lubed the slide a little and fired 300 rounds before my first cleaning.

Start here:

u/dustballer · 1 pointr/Glocks

I have this with my osprey on my g19. The rear sights leave a little to be desired in daytime. At night, they all glow nice and I use them as an indicator to the way to my cot.

u/Botan_is_angry · 1 pointr/Glocks

He's only posted dick comments that I've seen. Don't pay him any mind. As far as the trigger, it's really easy. Buy a punch for 6 dollars (Glock 03374 Disassembly Takedown Tool for Pin Punch and watch a video. It's way more easy than you think. Make sure the gun is unloaded and do the work in a room with no ammo nearby. When you remove the trigger pin make sure you don't hammer it too much. Wiggle it around, usually toward the nose of the gun, and it will press out. Pull the trigger forward and twist and the crucifix comes out, unhook the spring and put it on the new trigger and do everything again in reverse. Took me 4 minutes the first time I did one. As long as you don't hurt yourself, you can't really hurt anything by trying

u/CoffeeSwirler · 0 pointsr/Glocks

I CCW my G19 and it goes to the range in my IWB holster, and I use a Scout Sling Pack that I bought off of to hold my mags and gear.

I also used to buy my earmuffs at a reduced price. I don't like paying full price on anything if I can help it.

BTW, I have 6 30+ round mags that I bring in my bag loaded because I don't want to spend a majority of my range time reloading mags. If you do need to reload, you'll want to have a Maglula.

edit: formatting

u/dbinkerd · 2 pointsr/Glocks

Weapon light. Own the night and be safe.

u/Jwast · 1 pointr/Glocks

For reals, I've been conceal carrying OWB with a Glock sport combat holster for a couple months now and it is really nice. Super light weight and the best retention of any of my holsters. This was originally just a placeholder while I did research and tried out other holsters for IWB but I am so satisfied that now I have no plans at all to replace it unless I REALLY REALLY need to carry IWB with a tucked shirt or something.

u/spnknmymunky · 1 pointr/Glocks

I personally use the block mic holster ( and the clipdraw ( on my glock 23. Its super convenient I can carry it any where in my waistband and don't have an added weight or bulk of a holster.

u/blapped · 1 pointr/Glocks

Drago Gear makes some high quality bags:

I use Howard Leight Impact Sport earmuffs, the built in mic is neat because you can still hear people talking and they're low profile for rifle shooting too:

u/Spooky2000 · 3 pointsr/Glocks

TruGlo $114

Trijicon $134

Might be able to find them cheaper but I'm lazy and have Amazon Prime. There are others out there as well, these are just the two I've tried so far.

u/[deleted] · 6 pointsr/Glocks

If you have Amazon prime, you can have this in two days.

u/tripletaco · 2 pointsr/Glocks

I'll probably catch some hate, but I got the HiLight P10S on Amazon. 1,000 rounds+ with it on and zero issues so far.

The control sticks out pretty far so I would not recommend it if you ever intend to carry the gun.

u/evilbit · 1 pointr/Glocks

i got the gunslick rod and it's fantastic. the cheapo plastic rod you get with the gun is ok in a pinch but not very comfortable long-term.

edit: also got gunslick jags (which last forever) & brushes, which need replacing every so often. threading on the rod is standard and i tried others but gunslick seem to last longer.

u/4840194v987 · 1 pointr/Glocks

For ultra minimalist IWB carry you can't beat the MIC.

u/Twitcheh · 1 pointr/Glocks

I have used this holster forever for general use stuff and it holds the gun secure, and close to the body.

u/Blinky_OR · 4 pointsr/Glocks

If I'm not running a red dot, it gets Ameriglo I dot Pros

u/MammerJammer123 · 1 pointr/Glocks

They used to have them, I saw them last time Trijicon sights were on sale and got me some night sights... but here you go!

ameriglo suppressor night sights

u/lady_jaye · 2 pointsr/Glocks

Ameriglo Tall Suppress 3Dot

There's the link from my order history, I'm on my phone or I'd look a little deeper

u/codewolf · 1 pointr/Glocks

I use this bag as a gear bag. I use this bag as a pistol bag. I use these ear muffs for pistol shooting and sometimes for rifle shooting but I find they get in the way with a rifle. So with a rifle, I usually just use these ear plugs.

u/PinheadLarry2323 · 4 pointsr/Glocks

I second the IDOT's, I have these exact ones on my carry gun. I picked them up forever ago for $45 on r/gundeals

u/dizzle4287 · 3 pointsr/Glocks

I use this with no complaints: Concealment Express: Glock 19/23/32 IWB KYDEX Holster (Carbon Fiber Black, Right)

u/z4ckm0rris · 3 pointsr/Glocks

I just did this the other day after watching the hickok45 video. Here's what I bought:

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil, Aerosol spray, 6 oz - $8.99 (

UTG 9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit - $9.80 (

The Professional's Choice Pistol/Rifle Cotton Flannel 2 3/4-Inch Round Gun Cleaning Patches (120-Pack), .38/.357-Calibre/9mm/10mm - $4.49 (

The Patches and actual cleaning kit showed up today. Kit seems to be decent for what it costs. Ballistol will be here on Wednesday. I think the Patches require that you spend $25 (add-on item) so you may have to add something else to get up to the price to get them. Or you can just get a bigger package of them.

u/Alt_Right_is_growing · 15 pointsr/Glocks

"Gaston Glock enjoyed showing off the Glock 18, a fully automatic version of the pistol. Depressing the trigger of the Glock 18 unleashes a stream of bullets in the fashion of a machine gun. It can hold a capacious thirty-three-round magazine that sticks out of the gun’s grip and empties in a matter of seconds. Unless the user is familiar with the Glock 18, its enormous recoil results in the barrel jumping upward. Many an embarrassed police officer inadvertently peppered the ceiling of the company shooting range with rounds. Unavailable on the civilian market, the Glock 18 is designed for police SWAT squads and military special-ops units. Rolling it out for visitors to Smyrna remains a Glock marketing practice."

From Glock: The Rise of America's Gun

u/UDE785 · 3 pointsr/Glocks

Actually I've never heard of this until now. After looking into it, would I install one? No. I was also used to an external safety when I bought my first Glock (well only Glock at the moment), but I just practiced over and over until I just knew not to put my finger in the trigger. Also my G19 is my EDC gun and I'd rather avoid any extra steps if I had to use it.

However I can also see why you would want something for extra safety. I also use my G19 as my bedside gun at night and I did not keep a round chambered while I was sleeping. I would make sure the gun was empty, pull the trigger locking it back, and insert the magazine. I feared that in my half awake state I could have an AD and having to chamber a round would give me a second or two more to wake up. I thought about leaving it in my EDC holster, but I felt that it would take longer to pull the gun from the holster than just grabbing the gun and chamber a round. I just ordered a Glock Tech MIC holster that I plan to use at night while keeping a round chambered. I can loop the lanyard around my bed frame of the drawer handle on my night stand and this gives me that extra step to wake up while having the gun ready to go if needed.

Link for the MIC holster: