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u/oom9333 · 2 pointsr/HondaRebel300

I'll chime in on the headlight here too. Ive had my 300 for two weeks and have wanted to do these exact same mods too haha. Go LED, so much easier and I promise it'll be as bright as you're looking for. I found this via a guy who does Rebel 300 mods on YouTube. You will even see his review on the Amazon product page I linked. Make sure and get the H4. Comes with two, surprisingly, for $40. Also, I did yellow tint on my headlight afterwards if that piques your interest. I'll post it, so you can find it on my Reddit posts. MICTUNING L1 Series H4(9003) LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit High/Low Beam Plug-N-Play Non-polarity 60W 6500K Xenon White Extremely Bright - DOT Approved

u/ace13ace0nater · 3 pointsr/HondaRebel300

Here is the headlight, you get 2 because they are car bulbs, but they aren’t too expensive. They are the H4 size they they fit perfectly into the stock headlamp.

Here is a video on how to instal it. I really like how bright and white it is, instead of that nasty yellow tinge.

u/ARSnowe · 3 pointsr/HondaRebel300

Sweet. That’s the one I have.

My Mods so far:

MRA Windscreen (Smoke)

IDEA Gear Position Indicator

Yoshimura R34

12V Socket

These are the big ones. Windscreen makes a big difference. Takes a lot of wind off the chest, plenty off the face. I can comment on the others if you like. I agree with t your comment on the suspension as well. Big potholes will bottom out the springs. No fun.

u/erikchomez · 2 pointsr/HondaRebel300

Looks like stock mirrors that were flipped. You can find clamps on eBay or Amazon.

These are the ones I've used. Super easy to set up.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/HondaRebel300

I bought this one on Amazon last season for the times I’ve had to leave the Rebel out in the elements. I ended up going with the XL size because I wanted to be extra sure that it would fit as a lot of the reviews said that these covers fit very tight. There is a little extra material here and there, but not in places you would be concerned with it flapping around in the wind and potentially causing wear in places you’d prefer it didn’t. I think having the larger size makes it a lot easier to put on. I can do it in about 30-45 seconds.

It has an adjustable strap with a clasp underneath that keeps it firmly in place. It’s worked wonders for mine especially during unexpected storms when I’ve ridden into work (including shielding from a little bit of hail). The only downside is that although it is vented on the side you might have to take the cover off and turn it inside out to let some of the moisture evaporate after a particularly heavy rain. Hope this helps!

u/AnonamousSuomanona · 1 pointr/HondaRebel300

I’ve been attaching this cargo net to my bike by attaching it to my saddle bag mounting points.

It takes a little bit of adjustment to get it fitted right, but I like the ability to put all sizes of things under my net. Like this.

u/hppmoep · 1 pointr/HondaRebel300

This looks awesome, really want to try to make one when I find some time. Did you use a pipe like this? and the pipe reducer would be something like this but the correct dimensions? I have done some metal work but I know almost nothing about exhausts.

u/VVLynden · 3 pointsr/HondaRebel300

And the brand for the mount is Ram. I really like the gear indicator because the bike was so damn quiet when I first got it I couldn’t hear if I was in top gear. I got the shortyGP pipe now which is way louder, but kept the indicator cause I like it.

u/GonadsOfWrath · 2 pointsr/HondaRebel300

> I also wasn't aware there was such a thing as "LED propaganda" and assumed they were better because they were brighter,guess not. 😋

Brighter is meaningless in the context of headlamps, and videos and eyes aren't enough to determine whether headlamp "upgrades" are truly upgrades. I can give you a 500 watt halogen floor lamp, very bright indeed, as it'll light up my entire living room just by reflecting off the ceiling. But is that what you need strapped to your bike? Won't that blind everyone?

What you need is light that goes exactly where you need it to go. This sort of precision is only achieved when you use your headlamp with the light source it was engineered around. In the case of your Honda, the headlamp was designed around halogens. If you want LED, the only upgrade is to swap your entire old headlamp for a LED 5.75" headlamp. If you need turn signals in the headlamp, this is the one.

Amazon link to JW Speaker 8360, and it's not a referral link.

If you don't feel like coughing up that much dough, you can easily increase your seeing distance with a much cheaper upgrade. This is an illustration of how much high-performance halogen bulbs for a fraction of the price of your LEDs can increase seeing distance by 60+ feet.

>Are name brand parts really better? I get what you mean by a brand you've heard of, but we all know that things like name brand clothing is made in the same Chinese and Malaysian factories that the off brand stuff is, and they charge you extra just for the name. I'm not sure if the same goes for bike parts or car parts in general. What is your take on that?

No, name brands are not always better, so always consider everything on a case-by-case basis.

In the case of LED "bulbs," we can see that clearly, Mictuning has been faking reviews. That alone disqualifies it for further consideration, at least for me. I'm not buying some no-name brand with fake reviews. In fact, pretty much every supplier of LED bulbs on Amazon is faking reviews because it's undeniable: their products are trash, and wouldn't survive without fake reviews. They'd be 1.2 stars, max, with real reviews.

>we all know that things like name brand clothing is made in the same Chinese and Malaysian factories that the off brand stuff is,

This is correct, but in the context of LED bulbs, there are no "knock-off" versions of LED bulbs available, because not even the major, global manufactures have anything worthwhile to offer in this field. Philips, Sylvania, Osram--major, multimilion dollar companies still haven't been able to create LED bulbs worth a damn. So no, there won't be any "knock-offs" that will be anything close to worthwhile either.

u/bazfoobar · 2 pointsr/HondaRebel300

I use Venom on my wife's Rebel 500. Works fine, cheap at Amazon - just under $70 for the pair of front and rear:

Just under $50 for the rear by itself. Right now the bike is up on both stands for the winter.