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u/dottree · 48 pointsr/LivestreamFail

u/Royalscumbag Hey! glad you like it! I actually created it and shipped it to Hasan! It's awesome that so many people love it. It fits him perfectly!

u/EconomicGamer · 2 pointsr/LivestreamFail

Take a look at "corporate economics" or "finance" blogs or books.

Another great book that is absolutely amazing is Naked Economics. I highly recommend it. You should buy it but you can find it on the internet easily. It goes into economic concepts first, and then once it tells you although economic concepts are self-evidently powerful, they are misused so many times and result in the fuckups we see everyday.

The issue above is called the Agency Problem. Where agents/managers' incentives do not align with the health of the company. Stock options is a huge culprit of this. Where an exec's bonus pay is tied to the stock's performance.

u/chasintrufreedom · 2 pointsr/LivestreamFail

I'm sorry to hear that mate :(

Are you seeing anyone right now? It's always a good idea to seek professional guidance.

If you aren't ready for that yet consider giving this book a read:

One of the most successful treatments for depression is something called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I know for a lot of people seeking help can be extremely difficult, this book will introduce you to some of the techniques used in CBT in private, but honestly it's best to have a professional talking it through with you also.

u/tinyjb · 0 pointsr/LivestreamFail

It seems like you may have skimmed over the middle-school level biology text book, so here is the link, once again!

Here, once again, is the image depicting two out of two sexes/genders, which is peer-reviewed information which you may find in a middle school text book.

Have a nice day 🙂 Hope I helped!

u/Kaneyren · 5 pointsr/LivestreamFail

>what do you think an authoritarian is and what has Trump done to fit that definition in your opinion?

I'm not going to waste my time explaining something every reasonable thinking person already accepts as a fact. There are numerous articles about Trump's authoritarianism and a 5 second google search will give you enough reading material on the matter. If you want a more in depth look than an online article, here is a new york times bestseller that adresses the issue.

>It's not an insult it's just a lie.

Cool story bro

u/TrollsarefromVelesMK · 1 pointr/LivestreamFail

The article he linked to seems to pull literally all of its conclusions from this book, which is written by the author of the article:

The book itself seems to say it disproves "highly cited darlings" of the psychology world concerning bias. A quick Google search of the author Lee Jussim brings up a bunch of his articles where it quickly becomes apparent that the dude is a far-right nutjob and a Google Scholar search pretty quickly shows that he is obsessed with proving the idea that stereotypes are accurate and are the reason liberalism exists. Which, somewhat ironically, taints his commentary and research with clear and extreme bias.

u/pokkamilkcoffee · 1 pointr/LivestreamFail

okay. i just read this and i recommend that you do too.

but hey maybe you think noam chomsky is an uneducated individual as well so idk

u/aberugg · 1 pointr/LivestreamFail

If you are interested in journalism differences between the US and the UK, check this book out at your library.

u/ATM223 · 3 pointsr/LivestreamFail

Shockmount helps a lot but also the suspension boom.

u/tabiotjui · 1 pointr/LivestreamFail

>It's an arozzi. I have one. Whole top is a mouse pad. Great for low dpi fps players. Not cheap but worth it. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk - Red
>My only complaint was it wasn't a little taller. I took 2 4x4s and set them underneath the legs and drilled two big screws into them through the desk feet.


u/arof · 5 pointsr/LivestreamFail

"You don't get raped on the Internet lady. It's a game. You lost."

I read this is in a late 90s book on the Internet and it's stuck with me as the key way in which people here and "normal" people perceive the Internet. Some people don't get that it's not always just an extension of the real world.

u/AoDPlays · 10 pointsr/LivestreamFail

He uses a Roland AIRA Series VT-3 Voice Transformer combined with a slight accent in his voice.

Source of info -

Roland AIRA Series VT-3 Voice Transformer -

u/wheresthefootage · 47 pointsr/LivestreamFail

I know like 2% of Twitch audience reads books but I'm reading a book right now called Corpse Walker and it's all about crazy things that happen to some of the billions that live there.

u/phca · 3 pointsr/LivestreamFail

I think he's reading from this. Comes up on his stream often. could be wrong tho

u/Royal_Rabbit_Gaming · 64 pointsr/LivestreamFail

It's an arozzi. I have one. Whole top is a mouse pad. Great for low dpi fps players. Not cheap but worth it. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk - Red
My only complaint was it wasn't a little taller. I took 2 4x4s and set them underneath the legs and drilled two big screws into them through the desk feet.

u/FuckedYouInHalf · 1 pointr/LivestreamFail

Hey man thats great. If you can find me any study that suggests that majority of healthcare practitioners who deal with mental health use DSM i will concede that point. Feel free to respond with a source.

before the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual #5 of the American Psychiatric Association was published in May 2013 the National Institute of Mental Health had decided not to fund any research that uses DSM 5 categories. NIMH finds the DSM system to be invalid for most diagnosis. Most of the criteria are vague and matches most humans in this planet.

And you didnt counter my point with any study suggesting the accuracy and reliability of the DSM at all. You just dismissed all of the studies and articles questioning the validity of it with conjecture. Like I said with DSM V there was next to no field testing done because they had to rush out the release before they went over budget.

Where are these thousands of studies on the DSM? Oh thats right they dont exist and you are just talking out of your ass.

Hell an author of the DSM 4 wrote a book pretty much admitting that the whole thing is bullshit.

Here are more studies that rightfully question the reliability of the DSM.

I would love to see these thousands of studies that shine the reliability of the DSM in a positive light.

> Not even comparable, sugar is totally different to a lot of psychological illnesses. To think you're that ignorant to compare sugar something which is grown to psychological illness. Let me say sugar has a direct reason to be lied about, it's a product. For many illnesses in the diagnostic criteria, there's only one form of treatment and it's the person working on their issues. Psychologists (who main use the DSM-V), can't prescribe medicine, so from a motivation standpoint, your whole theory doesn't make sense.

You took my comment completely out of context. And thats irrelevant because the pharmaceutical industry has literally invented diseases (ironically most of which are in the DSM) to sell drugs. The whole fucking pharmaceutical company is selling drugs as products just like sugar. you just arent acknowledging that.

u/the_handsome_stalin · 10 pointsr/LivestreamFail

I got indefinetely banned as well but for an "inappropriate username" this was an account that had no strikes or suspensions before and I had the name for several years also:

I had $1,000 in revenue from streaming that hasn't been paid out so twitch robbed me of this straight up

There was a guy who got banned AFTER I did and he went viral on twitter and got unbanned and got a name change (I was banned on August 1st) you can see the thread here

I went to Twitchcon 2018 with this username, no issue taking my money there

I finished my Path to Partner achievement and applied for partner with this username, no one said shit to me

The only way to actual support is to generate social media outrage which is fucking sad. That being said, I have automated my twitter account to tweet at twitch and amazon twice a day on weekdays until my issue is resolved.

I can't wait for Mixer or another platform to really start competing with Twitch because they really don't give a fuck and its sad to see all the people who want to be big streamers put their faith in Twitch and give them money when they have such shit support and double standards for enforcing their TOS.