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u/christoval · 2 pointsr/NewYorkIslanders

Pretty snaz!

There's currently a 1920gb m.2 drive on amazon (corsair m510) for ~$320.. if you feel like spending more. something like 30% off..

u/RichardCFC · 3 pointsr/NewYorkIslanders

Thanks! Here’s the link they have a few on there. Also grabbed a Lee one.

u/bageloid · 3 pointsr/NewYorkIslanders

I actually just bought The Other Islands of New York City: A History and Guide in order to give me some good background info.

u/trireme32 · 7 pointsr/NewYorkIslanders

Fish Sticks: The Fall and Rise of the New York Islanders - absolutely required reading. Gives you a great idea of all the crap the team and fans went through up to ~12 years ago.

u/Ghahnima · 1 pointr/NewYorkIslanders

You can do it yourself
and print it at home. This kind of paper is also available at a staples or michaels, too.