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u/AldoPeck ยท 2 pointsr/OfficialDP

Wow that's alot of retarded shitkicking. You've clearly never ventured outside the far right bubble.

  1. Ben did not give ''solid examples'' you castrated mutant imbecile. All he said was that Sesame Street was meant to give blacks and latinos that might be at a higher risk of not having proper education be given it for free.

    First off that was a lie since Sesame Street was meant to give free education to all underprivileged ppl. This is not a purely liberal position. This is a moderate universal value. All Ben did was dog whistle resentment towards blacks and latinos since conservatives can't stand them getting anything for free, even if they benefit from it also.

    You far right conservatives also can't stand ppl getting a service that isn't bought from a private business directly out of pocket. U cunts dogmatically believe that nothing should be paid for by tax payer dollars and if ur born into a family too poor to buy basic services out of pocket, then tough luck. Even though things like tax funded education, health insurance, and job training improves human capital and social mobility.

  2. Ben moved the goal post by taking it from Sesame Street to Hollywood. Also not once did Ben answer whether liberals are just more inclined to pursue acting than conservatives. He didn't answer why capitalist hollywood ppl would want to alienate a giant market of conservatives. Every time Thom brought up an example that contradicted Ben, he'd just claim that anything contradictory to him was an exception.

    Also even if there were a tiny grain of truth to what Ben said, who gives a fuck? Wanting representation among rich actors is some SJW type bullcrap.

    Ben moved the goal post plenty of times. Christ you're gullible. The kind of rube who thinks Ben is dropping bombs even if his statement gets contradicted 2 seconds later.

  3. How the fuck is Thom not giving a streamlined version of social justice him being owned?

    When Thom brought up Reagan he was trying to show what you far right racebaiting dogwhistlers have been doing for the past 40-50 years. Here's Reagan's campaign advisor admitting they use dog whistle racism to build resentment towards minorities and galvanize racists (like what Ben did when he brought up blacks and latinos getting free stuff bc of the low expectations of their behavior, to build resentment from conservatives)

  4. Ben made no succinct points. All he did was dodge questions, especially when he deflected Reagan's record of dog whistle racism and pretended that had nothing to do with the wider beliefs of conservatives, even though he's there idol and the topic of the wider behavior of conservatives and liberals malicious behavior was already brought up. So no it didn't redirect from where the conversation was.

    You have to be suffering from severe retardation of the brain to think Ben won a knockout. Not only are you uneducated enough to believe what Ben is saying, but you also can't read social queues.

    Not to mention Ben uses ad hominem alot, far more than Thom does. LOL the obliviousness is strong with you far right shapiro fan boys.

    And yeah retard, Ben is the one who brought the topic away from Sesame Street. He couldn't prove what Sesame Street did was liberal propaganda instead of just being universal education values. So yeah he ran out the clock, dodged questions, and moved the goal post from the initial topic.

    Read a book you idiot. Ppl that sound like you watch nothing but far right propaganda. Here I'll start you off: