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u/wyatt1209 · 1 pointr/OpTicGaming

Know you wanted an optic one but if it's giving you issues, this is the best mousepad I've ever owned.

u/noninjurious · 1 pointr/OpTicGaming

The OG book has some good perspective (mostly Hecz's, specifically) on how Hecz and OG balance content creation and competitive prowess in the same organization, for the mutual benefit of each team or group of teams. I haven't seen this Hitch clip (could someone link it for me?) but my guess is he only gave a small part of the bigger story, and understanding said bigger story would rub you more of the right way, especially if you're the kind of fan who looks forward to watching the whole OG organization grow and succeed.

edit: found Hitch's announcement

u/TweetsInCommentsBot · 1 pointr/OpTicGaming


> 2016-01-17 17:18 UTC

> I just bought: '@OpTicGaming: The True Story of the Making of eSports Greatest Team' by H3CZ via @AmazonUK


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u/LewisAnders · 10 pointsr/OpTicGaming

They’re called Nanoleaf I’m pretty sure.

pretty pricey though

u/stenerikkasvo · 1 pointr/OpTicGaming

took about 30 secod to find them because they look like aviation headsets so not that hard of a find.

EDIT: Not exactly the same model that some of the Outlaws guys use but definitely done by the same company.

u/Quyaz · 2 pointsr/OpTicGaming

If you are really interested and you like to read, there's the OpTic Gaming book, it covers the history of the org and the general idea behind it pretty well.
Amazon link but available in other places too

u/FavoriteCereal · 1 pointr/OpTicGaming

I saw that in nade's video, and went to some stores to find it. I found it really easily here in the US. I think it shouldn't be hard. Also, UK amazon has it

u/Flip18019 · 4 pointsr/OpTicGaming

OpTic Gaming: The Making of eSports Champions Kindle Edition
by H3CZ (Author), NaDeSHot (Author), Scump (Author), BigTymer (Author), Midnite (Author), OpTic J (Author), Fwiz (Author)

u/ScoobJackson · 2 pointsr/OpTicGaming

Like an Astro mixamp or generic? I know Astros work with the TAC so I don't see why TB's wouldn't work with the Astro mixamp. Personally I think the mixing aspect is overrated and I just use a cheap headphone amp, but some people swear by it. cheap amp example

u/_soulcrusher · 1 pointr/OpTicGaming

It's just a gorillapod made by Jobi. They have a couple different models, depending on the size of your camera, how much weight you want it to hold, and what type of head you want on it. This is probably the one they use, but you could look at the graph on the page that shows the different sizes and whatnot.

u/Bimbot- · 1 pointr/OpTicGaming

Isn't this almost the same thing?

u/PlamenDrop · 3 pointsr/OpTicGaming

That's not the official link. He just tweeted the official link, but it's currently unavailable.

Here's the link:

u/Lazxrus · 1 pointr/OpTicGaming

The pair of Skullcandy headphones he has are discontinued, but he has Skullcandy Mix Master's I believe, here is a link...

u/MisterDeadeye · 1 pointr/OpTicGaming

They get a lot of their stuff from IKEA. Check there.

Also this is similar and this is a well regarded chair:

u/thebigguysheamus · 2 pointsr/OpTicGaming

Yeah was on Amazon, the 21 inch one was about £65 at the time! This is the one I got, currently £110 on there.

Edit: I fucked up, this is not the one I have. But still, decent if you're looking in that kind of price range.

u/Phxnta · 1 pointr/OpTicGaming

Think this might be it, but I may be wrong though.