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u/neverender158 · 2 pointsr/PandR

this was super easy to make. Buy a regular black t-shirt, a spray bottle with 50/50 water bleach mix and freezer paper.

you should be able to find this at your local grocery store next to the other baking items.

Here is a great video on how to do this yourself.

here is the stencil i used

i did a reverse spray for this, because otherwise it would look like Conan with a mustache. So I cut out the hair and mustache and ironed those pieces to the shirt so the bleach goes around them and they stay black.

This is a very easy stencil and easy hobby, I have made 20+ bleachshirts for friends as gifts. The best part is they are original and the person getting them is always happy to get an original shirt.

u/jedwards77 · 6 pointsr/PandR

Get the book that was featured on the show. It was written by the P&R writing staff and it's hillarious. It's like owning extra episodes. Well worth the money.

Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America

Edit: Also if you go to youtube and type in "Parks and Rec Paley Center" a bunch of videos of panels the cast did over the years will come up.

u/jabask · 24 pointsr/PandR

Pretty sure it is? My friend has it.
Edit: Yup

u/Media_Source_Bot · 3 pointsr/PandR

There appears to be 2 scenes of Parks and Recreation in this image. They are:

Scene | Netflix | Amazon Video
Campaign Shake-Up (Season 4 Episode 17) starting around 18:31 | Netflix | Amazon (free with Prime in the US and UK)
Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington (Season 7 Episode 8) starting around 07:06 | Netflix | Amazon (free with Prime in the US and UK)

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u/stonewolf_joe · 3 pointsr/PandR

How about Nick Offerman's book? The paperback is £9, + free next day delivery if you get an amazon prime trial :)

u/LiamBrady · 1 pointr/PandR

For those wanting to buy it:


>"The ever-expanding town of Pawnee has become its own character in our show, and we're thrilled that we got to accelerate that expansion in one giant, goofy 240-page comedy book," said Mike Schur, co-creator and executive producer of the series. "It's a complete portrait of Everytown, USA, which every reader -- whether a fan of the show or a newbie -- can enjoy."

From NBC Press Release

u/imustacheyouaQ · 0 pointsr/PandR

Here is the link on Amazon: Pawnee I usually always download books, but THIS one is one you want to hold in your hands. From the forward, to the acknowledgements, this book is priceless and will make you literally chuckle out loud.

u/Halstrop · 1 pointr/PandR

If we're talking about awesome parks and rec stuff that's only 13 dollars...

u/SleepingWithRyans · 16 pointsr/PandR

He made an instructional DVD about "Fine Woodstrip Canoe Building" before Parks And Rec aired. Seems pretty manly to me.

u/jdp_34 · 11 pointsr/PandR

For anyone interested you can buy it on Amazon for a few bucks cheaper.

u/invertedarsehole · 4 pointsr/PandR

You should read Everything is Horrible and Wonderful; Harris Wittles was a writer and executive producer of PandR. It's an emotional read, but it's a very good one.

u/senorpuerco · 9 pointsr/PandR

Holy crap - I thought you must be confused at the price, but it really is less than $30 for the entire series! Thanks for the tip!

u/no_tread · 1 pointr/PandR

Hm. I'm so sorry!!! The complete series does come with the producers cut and its on Amazon for only $65 (US dollars). Or Ebay for $50. I know more expensive than Netflix or hulu or free, but you would then own them forever.

u/Hyperman360 · 1 pointr/PandR

That's fair. I'd never heard of them before Hotate mentioned them. I heard the name and thought he meant something like this.

u/oliviatwining · 3 pointsr/PandR

Here is the amazon link for anyone!

u/setitoff211 · 1 pointr/PandR

There is a complete series available for preorder. No word if anything special will be included. No word on a bluray release, just like the office. It is pretty upsetting that even after shows go off the air NBC doesn't really give them what they deserve.

u/Icemasta · 1 pointr/PandR

Was on sale, worth 140$ CAD.

You shouldn't be paying that much. This is the model I got.

u/milhouse92 · 3 pointsr/PandR

I think it's an orange version of this.

u/felisrufus · 1 pointr/PandR

Parks and Recreation Swanson Pyramid of Greatness Television Poster 34 x 22in

u/Felgirl · 14 pointsr/PandR

This is a really misleading and uninformed comment.

If you notice the graph with the frequency response curve, it goes up to 100khz.

Literally no headphones go up that high.

For comparison, one of the most successful, widely used professional pair of studio headphones (the kind engineers sometimes use in place of monitors{a kind of speaker} use when recording albums), Sony MDR7506's

Youre right to say theyre "Not as good" as something like this, but anybody reading your comment will look even at that pair of sony headphones and declare them "definately not good headphones" based on provided info.

PS the sonys are cheaper

u/professorweetos · 7 pointsr/PandR

Dude, no.

$2.99 x 125 episodes = $373.75

You can buy the whole series on DVD for $25.49, and that comes with a whole bunch of extras.

I can see you've already got the whole series of this, but just for future reference with other shows.

u/saludyourshorts · 102 pointsr/PandR

Install a bidet. They are $24 on Amazon. Fuck fabric, only use it to dry your clean ass.

Edit: For your health

u/nothis · 7 pointsr/PandR

Amazon lets you see a few pages. No idea where that link goes, I hate Amazon's URLs.

It's the actual book as described in the episode. Full fiction, as I see it. It probably started with them needing a prop and going all the way.