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u/tiffownsthis · 7 pointsr/RetroFuturism

I haven't read any of these books yet (except for the first one), but they're on my wishlist. I do have "Where is my Jetpack?" though and although it's an awesome, beautiful book, it might not be what you're looking for as it has original illustrations rather than vintage one.

Some suggestions:

Little Vintage Book of SciFi - Selections from vintage scifi comic books.

Yesterday's Tomorrows: Past Visions of the American Future

The Wonderful Future That Never Was

u/Nakotadinzeo · 1 pointr/RetroFuturism

I wasn't able to find the service manual for this, but your going to need to open it anyway and get at the belts in the cassette player. They tend to get loose at best and turn into sticky sludge at worst. Replacement belts are fairly easy to find online though.

Honestly, I'm having trouble finding out of the tape mechanism is stereo or Mono. Given that it's single-speaker, probably mono and the headphone jacks wired in parallel so the mono sound comes through both sides. It's consistent for the era, but I'm also seeing it referred to as "audiophile" which would suggest stereo. It could also just be because modern cassette tape mechanisms are hot garbage, and even a mono 1980s tape head sounds better.

This is only important, because there are mono and stereo Bluetooth chips. You could just tie both outputs of the stereo Bluetooth module together, so we'll do that.

Here's a random Bluetooth module I found, it's almost too nice.

All you would need to do, is solder the outputs of the Bluetooth board to the output of the cassette mechanism, and fine a 5v-35v power line and ground to connect to the Bluetooth board.

In theory, all you would need to do is put it into tape mode and connect your phone. If the unit is off when the cassette deck isn't being used, then pressing down play and pause on the deck should work.

Not too complicated of a project at all!

u/pointyhairedjedi · 8 pointsr/RetroFuturism

Oh man, I have the book this is from, the ideas come across as a bit dated now (naturally) but it's overall pretty neat, and the art is great.

u/bosslickspittle · 16 pointsr/RetroFuturism

If you're a fan of old Archie comics, this is worth a read! It's basically just Archie in space (even down to the boy's name)! There's a nice coffee table style book that I think collects every issue. It's standard Dan DeCarlo stuff, by which I mean it's some of the best art in comics history. I'm a huge fan of his if you can't tell haha!

u/yasth · 2 pointsr/RetroFuturism

Not just the US, almost all nations had heavily regulated monopolies at the time. All nations also deregulated at roughly the same time as well (for internal traffic at least).

That said there have been some intriguing numbers that while deregulation had some initial gains, the later changes (aka cutting of food, free baggage allowance, decreases in comfort, etc) were not actually reflected in a real dollar cost decreases. You can read The Rise and The Fall of American Growth for the actual argument (that is all cited and done better than my memory can allow).

u/WayneQuasar · 1 pointr/RetroFuturism

This book came out a few days ago. It's not exactly aligned with what you mentioned but you may find it interesting. I'm almost halfway through and I am enjoying it.

All Our Wrong Todays: A Novel

u/UncleSlacky · 3 pointsr/RetroFuturism

There was a TV series, but the only notable thing I can remember from it was a cool armored hovercraft.

The original story was the first of a trilogy, so there's plenty of material for sequels.

u/ReagentX · 4 pointsr/RetroFuturism

The book's Amazon reviews are amusing to read as well since Amazon only sold books back then.

Also, it belongs in /r/surrealmemes

u/mrpopsicleman · 2 pointsr/RetroFuturism

There's an entire book about it called "Art of Atari" by Tim Lapetino that was just recently released. Really good read. He's also releasing a poster book later this year.

u/JesFineSaysBug · 13 pointsr/RetroFuturism

Lloyd Kahn (one of the creators of Domebook I and Domebook II) and a builder of many domes made this same revelation in 1973 and swore off domes forever with the publication of the book Shelter, where he advocates for simple usually rectangular homes using local materials. In his editorial/essay in the book he calls domes "smart but not wise", which pretty much sums up the issue.

More info here:

His book Shelter is still in print and available on Amazon. Recommended and insightful reading:

u/herpderpedian · 12 pointsr/RetroFuturism

I always thought it looked like that Simon game

u/joelschlosberg · 18 pointsr/RetroFuturism

There's also a book compiling the issues and a bunch of extra material.

u/patb2015 · 1 pointr/RetroFuturism

They basically acquired GE's computing systems group and became King of the Seven Dwarfs


u/Zybysko · 18 pointsr/RetroFuturism

There's a whole series of these, archived here (in French) and others here.

There's also the book called Futuredays with Aasimov's commentary about how 19th Century France imagined the new millennium.

u/metalliska · 1 pointr/RetroFuturism

> causality

I've finished this book twice now and built several software models off of it; I urge you to do the same. Pay particular attention to the "do" operator and what constitutes the difference between social datasets (people, groups of populations, sampling ,social studies, economics, sociology), and what constitutes non-human biological and chemical ones. To "Do" is quite different between these contexts.

>believe in concepts like logical constructs.

Tell me how Charles Boole completely nailed Qubit spin.

Also, if I'm irrational, it means I don't divide evenly.