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u/mamabird228 · 2 pointsr/SCAcirclejerk

I found a less potent but still super effective one on amazon. It’s only 5% and 1% but it has aloe and HA added in. I really fucking love it, honestly. It helped toughen up my skin to use the TO! I think it was pretty inexpensive let me get the link.

It shouldn’t burn though. None of that shit is worth being in pain 😭

5% niacinimide hashtag not affilated

u/duh-palmtree · 15 pointsr/SCAcirclejerk

So I did a lot of research on it before I bought it and apparently anything you can buy off the shelf at a store is either fake or altered, which means it’s not “real,” in a sense. Real African black soap will look sort of like someone threw it up and have an earthy, grainy texture to it. There’s no lye used when they make it (if someone who understands soap more than me can step in here I’d be grateful) which makes the whole bar less consistent.

Ideally you want to choose one that says that it was made in Ghana because then you know you’re getting the real thing and not a bar of soap that was dyed black for laughs.

Anywhoo, onto my experiences...the internet told me that it’s too harsh to apply directly to the skin, so after I take my makeup off, I wet my face down and rub the soap with my fingers until a brown, oily substance coats them, from there I can massage it into my face for a few seconds. I was surprised the first time I used it because I wasn’t expecting it to foam up and it kind of does. Once I’ve got it rubbed all over everything (not my eye area), I let it sit for like 5 seconds and then I splash water onto my face to get it off.

Before I had any kind of skincare routine I had a lot of built up dead skin on my face. I’d guess that I probably had dehydrated skin because no matter how much I moisturized it was still gunky. We’re talking blackheads everywhere and I could scrape the skin off in the shower. Now that I have a better routine (going on a year now) my skin is more clear and definitely a normal skin type, I absolutely think the soap being so strong has a lot to do with that.

If you’ve never used it before I’d say start with once or twice a week and see what happens. I find that my skin feels “squeaky clean” after I wash my face but not horribly dry...I definitely need to re-add hydrators and moisturizers after I use the soap but my face doesn’t feel nearly as tight as, say, if I’ve gotten out of the shower after just using straight water without any cleanser.

If you do decide to go for it see if you can find a bar that’s not a 1lb brick though, I thought a pound was a good choice and no joke, using it just on my face, 7 days a week, I have a decade’s supply. My boyfriend’s young daughters will be getting African black soap gifted to them on their 21st birthdays. I don’t know what to do with this amount of soap.

But that’s enough of this rant. I hope I answered some questions!

u/Yeosinner · 8 pointsr/SCAcirclejerk

I don’t have one that’s $40 but my total hydration routine is a bit over $50! I’m a broke uni student so being able to replace things at a low cost yet high effect is pretty important to me haha.
My holy grail is the Klairs toner though. I’ve used it as my primary moisturizer before and it works well in that role if you’re willing to layer it 3+ times.
Klairs Unscented Supple Prep Toner for $20.
Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence for $30.
CeraVe PM Cream for $12/ea (I use as my daily moisturizer, not a fan of the day spf version).

u/puffy-jacket · 17 pointsr/SCAcirclejerk

OP do you double cleanse? I usethis to massage/get the grits out and this as my water based cleanser. They’re so cheap too!! They’re HG status for me honestly.

u/-voidoid- · 17 pointsr/SCAcirclejerk

Ooooohmygod 😂

In the same vein, but alas more HE priced, I found this gem on amazon as well.

The possibilities are truly endless when you want to scare the bejesus out of everyone while you walk to and from your car. Or...nap in your car.

u/caffecongelato · 2 pointsr/SCAcirclejerk

I thought it was gonna be something like this

u/mcpagal · 14 pointsr/SCAcirclejerk

/srs i had this too and despite finding the culprit it took me ages to sort it, I finally found that this ointment really helped and now I’m cured, just felt I should share in case you’re looking for something!

u/sweetly16 · 4 pointsr/SCAcirclejerk

Thoughts and prayers for your cancelled eyeball Swunty.

But don't sweatstain it and look on the bright side... for the low cost of $5 you can now give your face a much needed upgrade!

u/ZombieBiologist · 5 pointsr/SCAcirclejerk

I have this same cooler it costs $40. (Don’t worry, I got it as a present.) I just use it for drinks near my desk when I can’t be assed to get up and grab one from the kitchen. So not quite as bad as you might think.