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u/ubergemut · 1 pointr/StPetersburgFL

I haven't dug through the bag they bring yet because I was mostly interested in meeting people and trying new things, but I saw people playing the following.

Boss Monster

Love Letter

Cards Against Humanity

DC Deck Building Game


Kittens in a Blender

and Samurai Spirit

There is also an N64 with Goldeneye and Smash and an Emulation Station with many nes / snes / ps / gb / sega games.

u/FFBAH · 3 pointsr/StPetersburgFL

if you're handy look at mr cool DIY unit. you'll need to get an electrician to supply the power line but there have been a bunch of videos online, it looks pretty simple to do.

u/jonadair · 0 pointsr/StPetersburgFL

> You can't 3D print any useable dental prostheses yourself.

You might be able to but it would be hours and hours of work. Very hard to measure and model plus the print process isn't fast. Then it would likely need smoothing and a paint job.

My recommendation would be to get a kit like this one or this. Yes they aren't free but they're a lot cheaper than anyone I know would charge to do this amount of 3D printing work.

u/AndroidGingerbread · 2 pointsr/StPetersburgFL

Yes, I was looking at the WiFi version.

Edit: Here's the AT&T version, used.

u/imprl59 · 2 pointsr/StPetersburgFL

One of these puppies and the free Torque app and you can do it yourself.

BTW there's no "I can't reset it for you" law. They can reset it if they want to but if the don't maybe you'll get it fixed there.

u/jimothyjones · 1 pointr/StPetersburgFL

Yea, when you mount them, you typically, drill a small hole and run the network cable through the small hole, once through the hole, you put the RJ-45 end on it and crimp it. The cam housing should mount right over the top of the hole you drilled and will keep that wire from being exposed which keeps people from having access to cutting it. I did purchase a LPR camera once that did not support PoE and you can use a dongle which allows you to run PoE toward the camera, and then split the power out of Pin 7&8 out into that dc power adapter type of dongle. I still would not prefer a camera like that unless it offered a specific feature like License plate reading. Otherwise, most run of the mill ip cameras should PoE compatible.

u/JoshtheLemon · 3 pointsr/StPetersburgFL

I used to rent a house in St Pete and one summer we had termite swarms show up. Always around windows and usually after rains. The landlord wasn't particularly cooperative, so I got some of this stuff, sprayed it all over the windows sills, everywhere we've seen a termite, and the all died after a few days. I'm sure the house still needed to be tented as those MFers were probably eating the roof, BUT, it got rid of them until I moved 6 months later.

u/freshthrowaway1138 · 3 pointsr/StPetersburgFL

Do you have a source for this claim? Because I've a book that shows the exact opposite. It has quite a bit of data and evidence showing just how the laws were created that allowed harm to the come to the black communities.