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u/ishtechte · 2 pointsr/Tipper

Get some tent sealer to spray on the seams. Make sure your rain fly is attached and tied down firmly. Get yourself a tarp and fold it under your tent. Ensure you roll the edges of the tarp downward and make sure there isn't anything sticking out of the sides so you don't pool water under your tent by mistake. If you have an EZ UP make sure it's lowered as far as it goes before the storm hits and stake it down firmly. EZ UPs are the first things to go flying in a storm and they can damage cars and injure people.


If you're under a tree you can add an additional rain fly using a tarp above your tent. If you do this make sure it's tied down in multiple locations because strong winds can rip the tarp. Also lastly, bring a few extra non scented trash bags and put all of your belongings in it when the storm hits. Pillows, blankets and clothes especially. I would also bring some sandwich bags and put your phone and any electronics in there to make sure they don't get wet.


I've been in a quite a few storms (one at EF a few years ago was as bad as it gets) and the first things to go are EZ ups, followed by your tent getting flooded out. Make sure nothing is on the floor of your tent (your car is your best bet) just incase something happens and it gets flooded. That way if it does happen, all you have to do is dry out your tent and you're ready to go.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions :)

Tent Sealer:

More tips:

u/fartanimal · 1 pointr/Tipper

For bass, these are far better than the m50s (and cheaper!):

The stereo imaging is fairly tight, but with good separation and detail. The bass is articulate and punches beautifully.

They are also vastly more comfortable and have a much better aesthetic imo.

u/WyldCardBeaches · 2 pointsr/Tipper

If you live near water (and have the $250), definitely go with the FUGOO XL... Battery life is ~30 hours at half volume and a good 10-15+ with it turned up. It is also louder than the UE MegaBoom and the bluetooth connectivity works for about 30' in the open. Speaker has mirrored tweeters and subwoofers and each side and two small speakers at each end. Makes it perfect for sitting in the middle of a room or campsite and gives you equal sound all the way around. Also comes with different 'jackets' that slide around the speaker for look or protection.

EDIT: I also have two of the UE Rolls and for $90, they work great in a pinch. Fully waterproof, can clip on to about anything, pretty small/low profile, and you can link two of them together. I usually keep one locked onto my backpack when walking around festivals, beach, etc.

u/camblabasso · 3 pointsr/Tipper

This question can be answered easily or we can take a trip down the rabbit hole....
Also, best place to look is def /r/headphones

If you already have a headphone amp and want over the ear headphones - I would recommend these beauties: HiFiMan HE-400i

If you are looking for any other type of headphone in any price range, the best place to look is the /r/headphone buying assistant. They really did an excellent job putting it together, just take a quick look, i don't think you will be disappointed.

u/SergeantStuck · 7 pointsr/Tipper

I've been using Beyerdynamics DT 770 Pro 80 ohm paired with a Fiio E10k DAC and the sound quality is incredible. You'd be under budget with this setup too and the E10k also has a bass boost switch if that's your thing ;)

That's more of a desktop setup, though my phone does drive the 770s pretty well. If you're looking for headphones for on the go listening, I'd recommend Sony's WH1000XM3, they're the best noise cancelling headphones I've ever owned.

u/thehoosk30 · 4 pointsr/Tipper

Audio Technica ATH-m50x's are great, and priced usually around $150. They're the great starter pair for good headphones. I own them and bump Tipper through them quite a bit. Beware, you may fall down the /r/headphones rabbit hole :)

u/ugodaneo · 13 pointsr/Tipper

Highly recommend audio technicas. Great price & really good quality sound Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones (Renewed)

u/Psychedelic_soup · 2 pointsr/Tipper

We have these and they are fucking fantastic! I feel like I slept in my bed each night. Looks like they are on sale too. I paid $85/per.

u/basshead933 · 1 pointr/Tipper

You can buy it on Amazon directly from Tipper himself for $32.99. I just bought it yesterday:) just make sure you select the correct format: “Vinyl” :)

here’s the link:

u/Xistin · 2 pointsr/Tipper

yeah I'm so excited for the lake parties! this is what i'm trying to be posted in with the crew during it lolol

u/PsychedelicPourHouse · 2 pointsr/Tipper

the amazon digital version, there's no way to play that in surround i assume right?

I see the physical right here