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u/FayeMata · 3 pointsr/Toonami


>Out of all of the countries you’ve visited, which one gave you the best impression of their culture and why?

I think Japan was the most modernly 'otherworldly' to me out of the countries that were not 3rd world. There are many cultural nuances there, from the way you greet people to how they present food.

>Back as a child, what anime and / or shows garnered your interest that helped you decided to venture a career in Voice Acting?

Many shows inspired me as a child. I'd say Sailor Moon, Pokemon, DBZ, and OF COURSE Cowboy Bebop wow'd me. It's so surreal being on Toonami now, having grown up with it. I entertained 3 younger siblings with impressions from our favorite shows, and it was a really fun thing we all loved.

>Lastly, do you have a favorite type of candy?

My favorite candy is... maybe chocolate covered gummies! I really like this one, or the version that comes in tiny spheres in a tube.


u/SlowJoe23 · 1 pointr/Toonami

Hey! Depending on what region you're in, you might be able to order this 2nd Gig complete edition DVD box set from Amazon. There's a third party distributor selling a used copy rated at very good condition for about 18 USD. Hope this is helpful :)

u/Xziper · 2 pointsr/Toonami

Oh yea I probably should have a privided a link to watch it. Here you go. It's still pretty new and I think they're still airing new episodes.

Having a chat would be awesome, but it might be sometime until I watch 2.0. I want to wait and see if they'll come up with a cool cover art like they have for the 1.11 cover

u/Error400BadRequest · 2 pointsr/Toonami

Amazon is actually surprisingly decent if you're looking for scrolls.

At least with more mainstream stuff.

Posters are a bit tougher though.

Ebay's got some sweet posters though. Some from small-scale print shops like mondo, and some actual movie posters.

u/PrevailingDragon · 2 pointsr/Toonami

In case anyone is interested in purchasing some lupin here a couple of links to make it a little easier I'm not sure what we'll be watching so I just linked to a few films I could see being highly requested and a generic rightstuf link

Rightstuf link

Amazon link's

castle of cagliostro

Jigen's gravestone

The mystery of mamo

u/liger_0 · 2 pointsr/Toonami

How is Astral Chain? I've been meaning to get it as well but I haven't gotten around to it. I may just get a digital copy as my local Walmart didn't seem to have it in stock. I'll probably do the same for Daemon X Machina and get those sweet looking third party joy-cons that are being associated with the game.

u/Astro_Zombie · 1 pointr/Toonami

So I bought this thing

Oh dam its my cake day. 4 years woo hoo!

u/kevoc2008 · 1 pointr/Toonami

Simple: every US release of Pokemon on DVD and blu ray, Naruto (which is on Toonami) example If those are too easy, then also

u/phus · 3 pointsr/Toonami

If I remember correctly its about 120$. amazon has cheaper version for 90 (was on sale for 80)

it is also worth noting that both of these editions had a limited release. I think the funimation one was less than 50,000. the amazon was 100,000 ish

u/thepostaldud3 · 3 pointsr/Toonami

So... some guy took a fake leak from long ago called Dragonball AF and made a entire manga series of it.