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u/gordo65 · 48 pointsr/Unexpected

>more amazing how people right next to them can’t take there eyes off the screen

Walker Percy points out that our tendency to look for ourselves in photographs, look in mirrors as we pass, etc, comes not from narcissism but from the fact that we spend our whole lives living in a subjective reality, so we are naturally fascinated by the experience of observing ourselves in a somewhat objective manner.

u/scr0at · 4 pointsr/Unexpected

It looks like he is wearing the FatShark Dominator v2/v3 goggles (not sure which).

The drone appears to be an Inductrix FPV. EDIT: it could also be a 3d printed model similar to the Inductrix... but it does appear to be very similar

This is a very popular combo for practicing FPV flying indoors apparently

u/zsnesw · 3 pointsr/Unexpected

I had some little books of deep,deeper and deepest thoughts growing up. They were great. I'm so glad I can remind people these exist.

u/agentworm · 1 pointr/Unexpected

Is the story based off of Ninja Red Riding Hood? Pretty cool animation.

u/The_Velour_Captain · 3 pointsr/Unexpected

What's the name of the book?

Edit: found it!

Some Very Interesting Cats Perhaps You Weren't Aware Of

u/NotMyTypesType · 29 pointsr/Unexpected

There was one verified review:

> I purchase this knife on Amazon. When the knife arrived I opened the package . Most of the blades were in the open position. I thought "This is a cool knife" . I closed the knife blades and was shocked to discover that a couple of the blades were longer then the body of the knife and stuck out precariously ready to slice open any finger or body part that dare come within striking distance. What is worse is that the sharp edge of the knife blade sticks right up against a metal bolster that is in perfect position to put a large knick right in the blade. I called Wenger and asked if this was the way that they intended to make the knife or if it was a defect in which the assembler possibly put the blades in the wrong channel . I was told that this knife was a "display piece" and was never intended to be functional. Well that is all well and good but then please inform the buyer as to this fact and don't produce a marketing video that shows the many uses of the knife. I purchased this knife as a gift for a collector friend and I realize that 99% of collector knives will be locked away in a safe and never used but the difference is, a quality custom OR production tool is at least functional. That is the beauty of a tool. Wenger should be ashamed of ever letting this worthless piece of dangerous scrap metal ever leave the factory. Anyone involved in this project should be fired. The cheapest far East knife factory would never let something like this leave the door. And this is Swiss made? . I have to cringe at the thought of a product liability Attorney flashing pictures of this "Closed" knife after it slices off somebodies finger. Needless to say I sent it back to Amazon WITH A WARNING

u/westborn · 156 pointsr/Unexpected

He didn't say SLR. It's probably just a digital camera with something like a 60x optical zoom (equivalent of a ~1200mm lens).

u/AP3Brain · 3 pointsr/Unexpected

The minicopter is most likely the Inductrix FPV.

You can get them standalone for around $80-90 and with a controller for a bit more.


With controller and a screen:

As for the FPV goggles I think he is using a very expensive FatShark Dominator that is around $450 on amazon. You can go much cheaper though. I have the FatShark Predator which was around $200-230 and you can go cheaper than that.

I can't really see what type of controller he is using but probably something similar to a Spektrum. They are around $100-$300 depending on what you want. You don't really need an expensive controller for a little minicopter though.

u/zhuki · 0 pointsr/Unexpected

Except not! Buy yours today for just $499.00!!

u/Rather_Dashing · 6 pointsr/Unexpected

For example

65x optical zoom $499

edit: just noticed in another comment that this is indeed the camera used.

u/phrygianDomination · 2 pointsr/Unexpected

If I'm reading this correctly, the flashlight in the video only lasts 60 seconds on its highest setting.

u/akashik · 107 pointsr/Unexpected

The same thing is quoted on an Amazon review too along with mentions of Indigo children.

My reddit degree in science stuff makes me believe she is cuckoo for coco puffs.

u/onecoolhand1 · 155 pointsr/Unexpected

It's possible to make your own. Here's a Step-by-step. You can also find them pre-made online

u/7LBoots · 2 pointsr/Unexpected

I don't recall a specific name, I got mine in a kit. But here's one on Amazon

u/5iveby5ive · 2 pointsr/Unexpected

Looking at Amazon, his mother released a book after his death called "Guided Destiny, the Biography and Spiritual Teachings of Brendann Bremmer". Looking at the first review of that book, I found this:

I remember being fascinated by Brandenn Bremmer when I read a long profile the New Yorker did on him after his death. In the article, I was especially struck by how much in denial his parents were when it came to Brandenn. However, the article came out less than a year after Brandenn's suicide, so I couldn't really judge them too harshly. Plus, both the Bremmers complained about the article, saying afterward that they had been misquoted. So I was interested to see what Patricia Bremmer would say about her son all these years later, in her own words.

Well.... to tell the truth, the Bremmers came off a lot better in the New Yorker than they do here. In this book, Patricia goes past simple denial and into straight-up delusional territory. In the New Yorker, Patricia and Martin talked about how they thought Brandenn was an "indigo child." In Guided Destiny, Patricia goes one further and writes about how Brandenn is actually a spiritual being/angel named Tobias who is SO much better and more enlightened and more intelligent than every single person on the planet. Everything that Brandenn does is chalked up to Tobias' presence. Example: Brandenn originally used to be simply Branden, until he entered an extra N on the computer at two years old. This was apparently Tobias' way of testing the Bremmers to see if they'd accept the change, which would tell him if they would allow Branden(n) the freedom to grow. And so on.

At times, I felt that some of the things that Patricia wrote were passive-aggressive shots against the New Yorker article in an attempt to refute it. For example, the New Yorker talked to one of Brandenn's gifted peers (called simply "K."), who mentioned that Brandenn had written her several emails where he talked about being depressed and being angry at his parents. Patricia implies in the book that this is all due to the K.'s corrupting influence. According to her, Brandenn NEVER complained about anything, ever, until he started corresponding with K. When K. started complaining about her parents first, that's when Brandenn started complaining too. Because, you see, Brandenn is just so empathetic and in tune with other people that he will mirror what everyone else does. Somehow Patricia manages to turn even a teenager's normal complaints and angst into an example of how Brandenn Bremmer is just so much more special and better than you.

According to the book, Brandenn's suicide is chalked up to Tobias finally deciding that the time is right to leave his earthly body. The New Yorker mentions that Brandenn decided to kill himself because he knew that other people needed his help (i.e. his organs) and that his spiritual purpose in life was fulfilled by his death. I know that people can tell themselves all sorts of things to cope with a loved one's suicide, but the sheer scope of this particular delusion is staggering.

In short, this book is highly disturbing as it plays out as some twisted fantasy that the Bremmers have built up around their son. (Well, at least Patricia - I guess I can't speak for Martin Bremmer, who didn't write this.) They've built him up, quite literally, into a supernatural being. Patricia even compares him to Jesus! This is made all the more sadder when it means that the boy who Brandenn really was - and it sounds like he was a remarkable child indeed - has been forgotten amidst all the hyperbolic rhapsodizing. At the same time, I think I walked away feeling even sorrier for the Bremmers than I had before. I imagine that one never gets over the loss of a child, and this book only highlights that aspect.


u/beowulfpt · 8 pointsr/Unexpected

I see your point. Little mistakes can happen to anyone and some small slips can have grave consequences, that's why sometimes simple actions require checklists, given the disastrous impact an error can have, no matter how improbable.

Still, in this case, I maintain you're totally inept. This cannot happen unless you're still unlicensed, a noob training and not legally able to drive [in which case it wouldn't be your fault, as someone is responsible for your training].
Or, you know... if you're an imbecile.