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u/koronicus · 1 pointr/atheismplus

Here's a slightly different article on gender, too.

>do you have any book recommendations

To be honest, I'm not much of a book person. I have far more online resources than print ones, though I'm still pretty bad at remembering to bookmark things after I read them.

Tim Wise generally does a good job describing racial privilege, and he's got a couple speeches available on youtube (for example) and a book out (which I admittedly haven't read, but I'd expect it to be fairly okay based on his speeches that I've seen), but he doesn't specifically tackle intersectionality as far as I know.

This question would probably make a very good selfpost, since it's unlikely that many people will follow this conversation the whole way, and other subscribers will likely have better book lists handy.

ETA: I imagine you couldn't go wrong with something like this, too.

u/Pixelated_Penguin · 5 pointsr/atheismplus

This work is very much in the same vein as that discussed in the book Scarcity: Why Having too Little Means So Much. They conceptualize cognitive capacity as "bandwidth" and describe how scarcity of all kinds, whether imposed by life circumstances or by random factors in a lab-created game, causes people to "tunnel" on factors relevant to scarcity, and impairs their functioning on things outside the tunnel.

u/mrsamsa · 1 pointr/atheismplus



>“Up until early 20th century philosophers had material contributions to make to the physical sciences. Pretty much after quantum mechanics, remember the philosopher is the would be scientist but without a laboratory, right? And so what happens is, the 1920s come in, we learn about the expanding universe in the same decade as we learn about quantum physics, each of which falls so far out of what you can deduce from your armchair that the whole community of philosophers that previously had added materially to the thinking of the physical scientists was rendered essentially obsolete, and that point, and I have yet to see a contribution — this will get me in trouble with all manner of philosophers — but call me later and correct me if you think I’ve missed somebody here. But, philosophy has basically parted ways from the frontier of the physical sciences, when there was a day when they were one and the same. Isaac Newton was a natural philosopher, the word physicist didn’t even exist in any important way back then. So, I’m disappointed because there is a lot of brainpower there, that might have otherwise contributed mightily, but today simply does not. It’s not that there can’t be other philosophical subjects, there is religious philosophy, and ethical philosophy, and political philosophy, plenty of stuff for the philosophers to do, but the frontier of the physical sciences does not appear to be among them.”

Harris: "The Moral Landscape: How Science Determines Moral Values".

Dawkins: Tweet here.

u/zck · 3 pointsr/atheismplus

For some people, including -- I would assume -- many of the people here, religion is just one of many things people use to harm others. Why should we have to have a separate subreddit for each of the possible things that can be harmful? Why should we go to another subreddit^(1), when we like this one? For some of us, atheism is tangled up in the other things we care about. That's not normally the case for "social justice".

And overall, what's the problem with this subreddit? I'm not trying to argue that you belong here, but you seem to be arguing that no one belongs here. Why? We^(2) like it here. Yes, there are other, similar subreddits. So what?

[1] Also, that subreddit is less than 10% of the size of this one. Maybe they should come here.

[2] I use "we" to mean "the subscribers that enjoy this subreddit". This group contains at least one person: me. You stating that you -- or other people -- don't enjoy this subreddit is no more apropos than me arguing that because I only use a space pen, /r/calligraphy is pointless.

u/bigwhale · 6 pointsr/atheismplus

Rob Poole writes about the strong evidence that poverty leads to mental illness. Your tunneling effect is the kind of mechanism that I see contributing to mental illness.

u/penguinland · 1 pointr/atheismplus

Whoa! I need to read 16 essays before I can ask questions which are only allowed in a different subreddit than the one I have questions about!? That's a heck of a barrier to entry. Thank you for explaining how the system works over there, but that's not the community for me. Can we please not turn A+ into something that intimidating?

There's a trade-off here between welcoming potential allies and being unwelcoming to enemies. I suspect the problem is that there is a small minority of people who want to ruin things for everyone else, and we need to find a way to get rid of them without having our solution ruin things for everyone else anyway. Does anyone happen to have a copy of Bruce Scheier's latest book, Liars and Outliers? I imagine he's got a discussion of this problem in it. I've ordered a copy but it hasn't arrived yet, so I can't check on that.