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u/A_Good_Hunter · 3 pointsr/bloodborne

I am a filthy casual able to play 3/4 hours per week. It took time but I am three trophies from Platinum. I would strongly encourage you not to give up. All the bosses can be cheesed (look up videos on YouTube) or head to /r/rhutnersbell where many will help you. Get the strategy guide or look up the one true wiki.

Bloodborne is fantastically rewarding when you get good enough to defeat a boss. The adrenaline rush, the sense of achieving something, and the sheer joy of finally getting good is wonderful. No matter if you cheesed, read up, or whatnot: your skill is what got you there! Few, if any, games are like that.

u/WarrenG21 · 2 pointsr/bloodborne

I actually just upgraded my hard drive and did a bit amount of research into it. Depending on the specs, there are definitely some differences in load times but all in all they are pretty negligible. Look for articles on IGN or others that will give you rest results. You will have to spend 200-400 for a nice one and still will save only 5 seconds or so on load times. I went for this one: 2 TB for about 100 dollars and great reviews as far as compatibility and performance.

Here's a good Article:

u/NanoSpore · 1 pointr/bloodborne

Yep! Pretty fun, too, IMO. It's both a cooperative and competitive game and pretty easy to get the hang of.

Bloodborne: The Card Game

u/swotam · 2 pointsr/bloodborne

You can get it from Amazon Japan, cost me around $55 Canadian with shipping. It's a nice book, good quality and all that. The only negative, as mentioned in another reply, is that the English text is very hard to read on many of the pages due to the combo of page color (black) and text color (red). That said, it's a quality book and great if you're looking for concept art.

It's easy to order, just set the site to English, create an account with an International address and you're good to go. Delivery took about 1 week from ordering.

u/Ophiel239 · 8 pointsr/bloodborne

Hmm. Official here is a strong word. Ales Kot is the writer of that comic and to my knowledge, he was privy of no additional information than we are. It's more like a well funded Fan comic.

There's the Artbook, The Vinyl, and the boardgame.

If you just want stuff similar to BB I know of a couple.

u/Abisage · 2 pointsr/bloodborne

If you want something in actual print, this is a good collection. The books a good quality and its a nice shelf piece if thats your thing.

u/video_descriptionbot · 1 pointr/bloodborne

Title | Bloodborne, Let's Talk Lore #19: The Fishing Hamlet (w/ Jerks Sans Frontieres)
Description | See below for navigation timestamps, links, and references: 0:01:20 – Intro ends 0:02:10 – Valtr, Beast Eater? 0:06:30 – Adeline 0:09:00 – Lumenwood Gardens 0:11:20 – Lady Maria of the Astral Clock Tower 0:19:15 – Rare Gehrman dialogue 0:27:50 – Fishing Hamlet 0:55:15 – Brador, Church Assassin 1:10:25 – Parasite Farm 1:28:00 – Orphan of Kos 1:42:00 – Gehrman’s suffering 1:47:20 – Whale worship and Kos 1:50:00 – The Great Ones as “sympathetic in spirit” 1:58:20 – The Surgery Altar 2:04:38 – Menstrual blood debunked? 2:08:00 – Temporally-distinct Grand Cathedrals 2:11:57 – Bloodletting explained in depth 2:28:30 – Who are the Church Servants/Giants? 2:33:40 – Maria’s picture frame 2:40:31 – Do Great Ones have genders? 2:52:25 – “Fear the Thirst for Blood” vs. “Seek the Old Blood” Bloodborne, Let’s Talk Lore series playlist: Supplemental NPC dialogue courtesy MoonlightButterfly: Aegon of Astora. “Bloodborne Cinematic Lore: Gehrman, the First Hunter”: JSF’s YouTube Channel: Aegon of Astora. “Bloodborne: The Old Hunters (SPOILERS): That sounded awfully familiar ...”: Jerks Sans Frontieres. “Addendum: Accurate Astral Clock Face”: Wikimedia Commons. “Prague Astronomical Clock Face”: Redgrave. “The Little Things in Yharnam: Oedon”: Wikimedia Commons. “Bishop Fish”: Monster Brains. “Thing That Drifted Ashore (Scanlation)”: Junji Ito Wiki. “Thing That Drifted Ashore”: Adamkranz. “A Closer Look at Later Areas”: Redgrave. “The Little Things in Yharnam: The Hunter’s Origin”: U.S. National Library of Medicine. “Johannes de Ketham - Fasiculo de Medicina”: Wikimedia Commons. “Points used in bloodletting”:,_newlich_getruckt_Wellcome_L0031659.jpg Redgrave. "The Paleblood Hunt (Definitive Edition)": Future Press. “Bloodborne Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide” (non-affiliate link): Future Press. “Bloodborne The Old Hunters Collector's Edition Guide” (non-affiliate link):
Length | 2:57:04


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u/greenfishredd · 1 pointr/bloodborne

Buy this one:

It's very cheap for a very good looking hardcover/tome. Fit's the lovecraft mood perfectly. Bought a similar one for Edgar allan Poe

u/SuckItCaldwell · 2 pointsr/bloodborne

I recommend this:
it is a good collection of some of his stories and is a good jumping off point.

u/1spookymulder · 1 pointr/bloodborne

Despite Amazon saying the reprint of the Collector's Guide will be release on April 30th, Lobosjr has stated it's at the beginning of May, FYI.

Here are the Amazon Smile links:

Collector's Guide &

Official Artwork

u/JoeArchitect · 2 pointsr/bloodborne

If you're looking for tattoo inspiration I'd say it's a worthwhile investment. Only $30 and the tattoo is forever...its already only $0.08 for the first year

u/D_VoN · 1 pointr/bloodborne

I bought this drive with my PS4 at launch. Absolutely zero problems. I've read the difference between SSD and SSHD's are negligible, sometimes the SSHD's had better performance. I can't comment on a 7200 RPM HDD but I know Sony recommends 5400 for the PS4.

Plus, it's only $77 on Amazon. Cheapest price ever for that HDD on Amazon is $75 so it's a great deal right now.

u/C1NNABUN · 2 pointsr/bloodborne

This comes out in May and its discounted for preorder rn

Bloodborne Official Artworks

There's an IGN Up At Noon video reviewing it.. Looks cool. Easy purchase for me.

u/odayman · 1 pointr/bloodborne

ahh sorry sorry, I forgot the part about where I bought the DLC from Amazon and redeemed the voucher code from the US account that I created (created a US account because the game was from the US region).

There's the DLC on Amazon, they give you a code that you can redeem if you go to the US account and go to the PlayStation Store using that account, then find the Redeem option, enter the code (they do not require you to associate your card at this step, I still have no card associated), and you will get that the DLC has been redeemed, now make the US account primary and you can use any other account on the PS4 to play the stuff that your primary account bought

u/GoneLeaving · 3 pointsr/bloodborne

Has anyone played the bloodborne board game?

I'm interested in it, but 3-6 players could be a deal breaker because I would be playing it almost exclusively with one buddy. Any thoughts?

u/pierowmaniac · 1 pointr/bloodborne

Game of the Year Edition. Only released in Europe, but I believe you can play it on a North American PS4, if Amazon Q&A is to be believed.

u/surray · 2 pointsr/bloodborne

US version due in June 2017

JP version out since February 2016

I imported the japanese artbook when it came out last year.
All the items and characters have their names stated in japanese and english.
It's a great artbook.

u/solidsnake2085 · 6 pointsr/bloodborne

I guess technically a card game but yes!

Bloodborne Card Game

u/J0an0fSnark · 2 pointsr/bloodborne

The hat I bought here ( and just added feathers and the silver ornament. The brooches are bronze cabochon settings that I filled with layers of differently colored resin, although you could probably just buy a cabochon and setting if you don't want to fool with resin molds. I didn't actually make Evelyn this time, only Rakuyo. I think I've seen a replica Evelyn on etsy though, so you could check that out for ideas. If you need ideas for rakuyo I have a bunch on in progress photos, although it's honestly not my best work and I plan to remake it, I was just rushed for time. The basic process is solid though.
For the bracers I followed this tutorial and just decorated them differently (although I forgot to actually wear them for my walk on 😧)
Let me know if you need anything else. Can't wait to see your version if you post it!

u/syrinaut · 2 pointsr/bloodborne

=> The page count is increased from 400 to 528 pages.
=> The Collector's Edition guide is delayed to include important game changes applied through the Day-One-Update, ensuring that it will be up-to-date and that online-only elements are covered.

>Thanks for your patience and understanding.

u/VonGunCat · 3 pointsr/bloodborne

Sure! I got Eileen for mine. If you want I can send a pic after I get home from work so you can check quality.

u/R1ck8r00ke · 1 pointr/bloodborne

Yeah I preordered the collectors edition from GAME - they're really reliable for release day delivery.

Wondered about getting this guide book as well, but cannot find out more about it:

Has anyone had a guide book from this publisher before and If so what sort of quality are they?

u/CarmineRed · 1 pointr/bloodborne

Playstation Lifestyle says May 23rd as according to the Amazon listing, however the current Amazon listing says June 13th.

The article is probably outdated, as it seems they had to push the release date back for it.

u/Hollowed_Be_Thy_Name · 1 pointr/bloodborne

Are you sure? It says 255 here for the Japanese one.

I have the english one and it's the same amount of pages.

u/ahmadsarvmeily · 1 pointr/bloodborne

Hello! I usually use Gamecrawler to compare game prices:

According to this, the cheapest you can get (excluding shady sites) is around £40 from Amazon, for the GOTY edition.

u/alcese · 2 pointsr/bloodborne

Sounds like you're after "Bloodborne Official Artworks".
(They'll ship to most places in the world; you may be able to find another source that has cheaper shipping for you.)

The book itself is all art and apparently has English text alongside all the Japanese, but mine has yet to arrive so I can't 100% confirm that.

u/Dark_Fox21 · 12 pointsr/bloodborne

There is a complete edition that was made for the European market that you can order off Amazon. I live in the U.S. and the DLC was included on the disk. I didn't need PSN to access it.

This is the link:

u/Phineasfogg · 3 pointsr/bloodborne

HP Lovecraft is the most obvious literary destination. If you've never read him you're in luck, as there are two more or less complete collections of his work: if you're a stickler for accuracy try this one and if you want to get something beautiful but with some typos and errors you can order this exquisite leather-bound edition (even its marbled endpapers hide monsters).

In terms of more modern stuff, Jeff Vandermeer's Area X trilogy is some of the best Lovecraft-infused fiction I've read. Which is no surprise when you know that his wife is the current editor of Weird Tales, one of the first places to publish Lovecraft. Indeed, they've actually put out an anthology of Lovecraftian short stories by all sorts of writers, old and new, including Lovecraft.

In terms of movies, I hope at some point Guillermo del Toro will get to make his At the Mountains of Madness film, but the fact that he hasn't speaks to the difficulty of a) financing expensive R-Rated horror movies b) parsing Lovecraft's gloomy visions with hero-driven narrative. One of the few films to nail the tone, even if its execution leaves something to be desired, is Frank Darabont's The Mist.

u/ThisIsMora · 4 pointsr/bloodborne

There's actually a book that recently came out called "The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft". Has quite a bit of stories of his in it.

u/chillybruh · 46 pointsr/bloodborne

Direct link, so you don't have to click through a garbage twitter account.

u/Sonomatic · 1 pointr/bloodborne

They could get the annotated lovecraft, Considering the book myself.

u/boko03 · 1 pointr/bloodborne

Unfortunately the interview was in the Future Press strategy guide (here's a link to the book's Amazon page) so to my knowledge there isn't an online interview to link to. The images that Estaim posted appear to be from the guide.

u/raphasauer · 3 pointsr/bloodborne

No, it's literally a card game. You can visualize this better here:

u/LittleLuckyCosplay · 3 pointsr/bloodborne

This was my base, then I heated it into shape with a heat gun and jazzed it up with paint and details!

u/zodiac_70 · 2 pointsr/bloodborne

I got the physically copy from amazon but you can get digital copies from comiXology

Amazon link: Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep

u/Jz6x6 · 1 pointr/bloodborne,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

Buy that shit right now! I payed over fifty bucks when it was out of print like two years ago and it was worth every penny. It's one of the best guide books I've ever seen. Breaks down all of the weapons and what damage types they do for each attack. For instance the two handed axe does blunt for the first two swings and then the third does physical and the fourth and fifth do blunt again. Insane detail on every aspect of this game you would ever want to know about.