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u/DonutDonutDonut · 17 pointsr/buffalobills

Welcome to the best fanbase in football!

  1. I really enjoyed the book Take Your Eye Off the Ball, sounds like what you're looking for.
  2. This subreddit and Buffalo Rumblings are my go-tos. I also like to listen to WGR 550 (Buffalo's sports talk station) when I get the chance.
  3. Need a little more clarification here - what do you mean by "keep an eye on"? Probably the biggest question a lot of fans have right now is what we're going to do at quarterback this offseason - will Tyrod start next year? Will we draft someone and/or sign a free agent QB, and if so, who? Etc.
  4. For getting a feel for the team, watch the "Four Falls of Buffalo" documentary produced by ESPN. It's about Buffalo's famous four consecutive trips to the Super Bowl in the early 90's. As for specific games, The Comeback is one very famous example; others will have more suggestions I'm sure.

    Go Bills!
u/InSOmnlaC · 9 pointsr/buffalobills
  1. I think they did pretty well in everything except red zone offense. I was extremely concerned watching how they operated when they got to that point. They didn't seem to have that ability to finish.

  2. I'm really liking the new guys, to be honest. I like what they bring to the table and I dont think we've really lost as big a step talent-wise after the trades, as was suggested by the media.

  3. 8-8

  4. A win of course:D

  5. Nah. Winning a Super Bowl would ease the annoyance of going 0-4 in the 90's. We'd never live down 0-8 though.

    Bonus) Sauce. Not big on BBQ though. In fact, I prefer marinade. Give Buffalo's Chiavetta's a try
u/bmiddleton2 · 1 pointr/buffalobills

Game of My Life is a fantastic book that discusses what Bills' players consider to be the game of their life. They interview the player, give info about them before and after the game, while also going in depth about what makes that particular game special. Starts pre-NFL and works there way up to Kelly and others. An excellent read for Bills fans!

u/Yamez9 · 3 pointsr/buffalobills

Yeah it's mesh! Figured with how dirty he gets it would hold up better than cotton. I got it on Amazon [here](Hunter MFG Buffalo Bills Mesh Dog Bandana, Large but watch out because we got a large and it was a little small to tie on him so we sewed velcro to it for him :)

u/WorthPlease · 11 pointsr/buffalobills
  1. Buy a whole top round
  2. Cover pan in aluminum foil
  3. Rub top round with Worcester sauce
  4. Rub top round with Montreal Steak seasoning
  5. Place in pan and cook it in an oven until the internal temperature reaches 130F. Remove and cool immediately for 6+ hours.
  6. Take the leftover liquid in the pan and strain it, cover and cool as well

    The most difficult part is slicing it. Most people don't have access to an industrial meat slicer, so your best bet is a carving knife like this:

    I typically cut my top rounds into quarters (so 4 equal parts) and then use the knife to shave the beef as thin as you can. You want to cut against the "grain" of the meat always.

    Take the liquid leftover from the pain and heat until it starts to emit steam. Then keep heat very low just to maintain temperature.

    Dip the sliced meet in the liquid (aka Au Juis) for 5-10 seconds to heat and serve.

    I used to work for my dad's catering company and we sold about 200 pounds a week worth of sliced top round. I was the only person allowed to slice it on our meat slicer. Because it was fucking hard work actually getting it to look like something from an Arby's commercial. I'll probably have to have surgery on my shoulder after doing that for 5+ years. But it's so worth it.
u/The_Punniest · 2 pointsr/buffalobills

I get one like this and put it in my boxer briefs next to my junk and then I get a large Coke.

u/therock21 · 2 pointsr/buffalobills

Anything that looks like this.

Cuisinart 622-30G Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 12-Inch Skillet with Glass Cover, Black

It can also be stainless steel or cast iron, not gonna make a huge difference. You don’t need the lid.

u/Dirtydeedsinc · 3 pointsr/buffalobills

For those looking for the source of this:

Edit: Amazon Price is $69.99, they seem to be $10 cheaper at Personally I’ve never dealt with them and I don’t know what they charge for shipping.

u/tydyedsyko · 1 pointr/buffalobills

I bought one on [Amazon]( Display Frame Case Large Frames Shadow Box Lockable with UV Protection for Baseball Basketball Football Soccer Hockey Sport Shirt Black Finish for my Daryl Talley jersey

u/GrimTuesday · 6 pointsr/buffalobills

I wouldn't be surprised if we hit 19 though

u/Buffalosoldier5612 · 1 pointr/buffalobills

This book was an interesting read on the 1980 season... first time beating the doliphins in almost a decade.

u/oalos255 · 4 pointsr/buffalobills

haha, I'm having a nervous breakdown thinking about all those pieces.

I'll stick with this version. Someone make a Bills varient so I can do something constructive while drunk.

u/Rustiest_Venture · 1 pointr/buffalobills

It shouldn't be this tough to find a video of Marv - Where else would you rather be, than right here, right now?!

Might I recommend some of this?

Edit: Less expensive but all the prime cuts right here