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Hi! So I was in the same pickle as you, really wanted to do cloth but with the washer/dryer situation I was worried it would end up costing us even more. So I investigating the most effective way to hand wash. I use a mobile hand washer with prefold diapers. The AIOs will not work with my method for several reasons but I don't like AIOs anyways, namely because you have to wash both parts every single time you use them. Prefolds + cover, you can reuse the covers a few times before washing. Plus, prefolds are much cheaper, softer, and I think the sizing lasts longer. You can also fold them many different ways to find the best (read: cleanest) fit because every baby is different!

I have 27 prefolds and 7 covers, I believe. This is just enough so that I don't completely run out of diapers by the time the clean ones finish drying on the rack, if I'm leaving the washing til the last minute (usually like every 1.5 - 2 days, but it's better to wash them every day). It takes 10 minutes of plunging in a 5-gallon bucket and maybe another 5-10 minutes of wringing out with cold water. I find it to be kind of meditative and if you get into the plunging it is a good work out, too.

After I bought the plunger I realized I'd need a better detergent solution, too, because I need roughly a cap's worth of detergent each time I do this, which is at least 5 times/week, plus our regular laundry. This is another reason AIOs won't work. The laundry soap I made contains Borax, which will mess with the elasticity of the diapers (the prefold covers, too, but that's okay because I usually just wash those with a bar of laundry soap, Felsnaptha, soak in cold, and throw them in the dryer during our weekly/ twice weekly wash of clothes). Very very cheap to make, 20 cents/gallon.

Oh yeah, and I just throw the prefold diapers in the washer & dryer with the rest of the laundry whenever we do that, whether or not they're dirty (actually, if they're dirty, I still give them a quick wash/rinse anyway, I don't want them yucking up our clothes). They take up almost no room and it keeps them softer.


4 packs of these -
1 of these (super deluxe, was a gift, sooooo soft) -
7 of these -
1 pack snappis

Detergent recipe -
Products -

u/firstbump · 7 pointsr/clothdiaps

I'm going to try to answer as many as I can, but remember, there's no one "right" way. Some of it will be trial and error — pretty soon you'll find out what works best for you.

  • when you're out and about, use a smaller wet bag like this one to contain your diapers until you get home. I have this one and it does a good job keeping the smell and wetness contained.
  • if your baby is breastfeed, their poop will be liquidy, water soluble and not too smelly until they start solids so there's no need to rinse them, just toss them in the wet bag. I'm not sure about formula fed babies, but I'm sure someone else in this sub can chime in. If you are using and AIO just close it up like you would if you were putting it on the baby so the poop doesn't get all over the other covers.
  • with my newborn I used the jelly roll fold because it did a great job containing the liquid newborn poop. Now that he's a little older (3 months) I find myself using the newspaper fold more often because my kiddo is really squirmy during diaper changes and I can do the newspaper fold quickly with one hand while holding his legs still with the other.
  • you will need to use a cover with your prefold any time you don't want to get wet. The prefold will get damp just like a towel will when it absorbs water, so if you don't have a cover the wetness will spread to your LOs clothes or whoever is holding him/her. I do let my LO hang out sometimes in just a prefold when we want to get some naked time in. It's nice and airy on hot days, especially when we are playing outside and there's not much for him to pee on.
  • for pants, my kiddo fits in the next size up. The stretch sweatpants work great too!

u/ElizabethLTCD · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

I don't remember exactly, but it was probably around 2 months when my daughters started sleeping longer stretches and needed more absorbency.

Prefolds have way more absorbency than microfiber inserts, so I'd recommend using prefolds to stuff your pockets at night (and yes, you will probably need to double stuff those too, especially as your daughter grows and sleeps longer at night). I LOVE OsoCozy prefolds they last forever :)

You can try adding a wool cover to your pocket at night as well. When treated with lanolin, wool covers become waterproof. I've used EcoPosh wool covers for infants and had great success. Learn to Cloth Diaper has some lanolizing instructions with pictures. Hope it helps!

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I didn't get newborn stuff and he literally had nothing when he was born. No disposables - nothing lol. So yay for getting newborn diaps. Just keep in mind that your little one may only wear them for a week or two. Also the meconium can be very tar like so if you are going to cloth diap I recommend getting a liner ( to put inside so you can toss it and not have it ruin your diapers. It seems like a great deal (it looks like 8 diapers for 50 and are they all bum genius? - great brand - my favorite pocket diap so far) However, you're probably going to need 12 per day. So... you would need to get at least double that and do laundry daily to stay on top of it. Once I finally bought newborn diaps I went the cheaper route and bought 2 imagine covers ( and 12 inserts ( from amazon. I'm still using both the covers and the inserts now at 6 months. The inserts will last a long long time if you find that you like doing the cover system. You can also go the prefold or flat system with covers. I have them but prefer the inserts. Feel free to ask any questions. Good luck mama! and congrats!

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I will share with you my ongoing positive experience with CD'ing.

My husband is the one who got us started. To date, we've spent ~$400 on diapers and supplies. There will be hardly any extra cost on diapers when we have baby #2 (whenever that happens). We started CD'ing when my LO was two weeks old. Our daughter is now almost four months old. We used what disposables we had left over from the hospital for her meconium poops. We never had leaks or blowouts once we started cloth diapering. We started out with thirsties size one duowrap and Osocozy prefolds since she was a tiny newborn weighing 6lbs 3oz.

We wash with Original Tide and hang dry every other day. This is the clothing rack we use to hang the pocket diapers, inserts, and covers: clothingrack!. We sometimes hang dry the prefolds, but if we have extra time we do dry the prefolds on the rack.

Both my husband and I work full-time and manage to handle the small amount of extra laundry from the diapers quite well. We LOVE having the extra money left over in our budget from not having to spend on diapers every week or month. We use our small wet bag and pocket diapers with our 2-3hours spent at the babysitters. We have two large wetbag pail liners we interchange with each dirty load of diapers. Sometimes it would be nice to have a gas mask when the poop smell is overwhelming, but seriously, the smell is nothing compared to the awful chemical smell you get built up from disposables sitting in a bag for a week. I don't miss the smell from when my daughter's newborn days. In fact, the diaper laundry helped keep me occupied when I was home on my three month leave from work.

When the baby starts solids there are plenty of options for dumping the solid poo out. There is the Potty Pail! that hooks up to your toilet. There is no dunking in the toilet (which seems really gross to me!), and there is a plug to dump the water in the toilet. There are also stand-alone diaper sprayers like the many available at Kelly's Closet!. We will be buying the potty pail when my daughter starts solids/100% formula. Oh! I forget to mention if you EBF your baby, you won't need to rinse out the poo. Breastfed poo is completely water soluble! You just throw it in the wet bag and wash when ready! We combo-feed right now and her poos are still mostly runny like an EBF baby.

My daughter is a heavywetter at night (she sleeps 8-9 hours straight), so we are in the process of finding a solution to help her sleep through the night without leaking. Sometimes we use our few AIOs, double stuff pockets, or use a hemp with a prefold. Her diapers are saturated when she leaks. I've read that some people must resort to disposables; hopefully we can avoid it.

The problem I have now is trying not to spend more money on cute diapers/prints! I
would suggest trying a diaper trial from Jillian's Drawers!. You rent what diapers you want per month. You return your diapers and get most of your money back when you're finished! You don't lose very much money AND you can decide whether cloth diapering is right for you.

I sincerely hope cloth diapering works out for you! If not, at least you gave it the college try!

u/mmabpa · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

My daughter was a normal-to-light pee-er (sp?) up until one year old, and was fine with the bamboo blend inserts that came with her Noras Nursery pocket diapers (rebranded Alva diapers). Once she hit a year old we had to add hemp doublers to the pocket diapers. And to be honest, I was surprised the single insert lasted as long as it did!

You don't have to invest in different inserts but maybe more inserts to add to your already existing inserts. I'm a fan of hemp, and I've found the best combo of cheap and reliable to be Green Mountain Diapers hemp doublers.. I've also had great luck with Thirsties hemp doublers and Blueberry Bamboo Cotton Doublers but they're pricier.

u/UrbanIditaroder · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

We graduated from MF at about the same time. Our favorites are charcoal bamboo like these. They're fluffy (read: a little bulky), but stay soft and are super absorbent.

We also like bamboo, slightly less absorbent but less bulky. Very soft too.

We double them for a nap diaper, and had to resort to disposables for overnight at some point. Good luck!!

u/shaffeycakes · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

We use sun baby pockets, but I'm sure they're pretty similar. We use charcoal bamboo inserts that are amazing. Little dude was leaking through the white ones (I don't know what they were.. I bought the diapers/inserts secondhand) constantly and these new ones work like a charm: Naturally Natures Cloth Diaper Inserts 5 Layer - insert - Charcoal Bamboo Reusable Liners with Gussets (Pack of 12) (Grey) liner

u/JadedorTraded · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

These are the ones I use, and cinching them closed I haven't had smell issues. If you're more interested in the dry bag route, I have 0 expertise, lol. Good luck! I'm sure someone on here has better advice for that route. :)

u/wheresmybump · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

Hi newbie!
Congrats on the new addition! First of all, let me try to put your mind at ease by telling you there is no right or way to cloth diaper.
That said, as most have already stated, you need to run a prerinse cycle on all types of diapers before the full wash. This is to get most of the pee and any residual poop bits out so that it isn't all swishing around in the main wash (i.e. keeping your diapers from getting clean). The good news is that the pre-rinse cycle is usually pretty short. My washer is in the basement too and it never bothers me to do two cycles (pre-rinse and full wash).
Everyone's answer for the BEST inserts is going to be different. It's really a matter of preference. If you want to to start out inexpensively you can just pick up some prefolds and either use them with a snappi or just fold them and lay them into the diaper.

u/letmeeatcakenow · 4 pointsr/clothdiaps

Honestly I don't remember which sprayer we have I think my husband just got an attachment from Menards? It has an extra long hose which is really nice.

This is the spray shield we use and it's fabulous. Totally worth it.

Here's the diaper pail we use and I love it too.

u/AdventureMomming · 3 pointsr/clothdiaps

I'd suggest flour sack towels (Link is to the ones I have from Amazon, but my understanding is that you can get them for about a dollar a piece at Walmart) with covers (I like flip covers but I think the brand is less important).

Flats, like flour sack towels, are multi-purpose, cheap, and super fast to dry. My dryer died on me a few months ago and I realized how much easier the single layer flats were to wash and dry. I agree with the last response that probably 20 or so flats and a few covers would be reasonable, but because they are cheap and multipurpose having 40 of them around wouldn't be the worst thing either!

u/UnicornTruffles · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

I like bamboo because they feel pretty dry even when wet. That's not what they're advertised for, but it amazes me when I unstuff my pockets that the bamboo insert barely feels damp. Those sucker's hold a lot of pee.

I just recommend buying them from cheaper outlets. My favorite bamboo inserts are [Naturally Natures](] from Amazon.

u/throwmeawayjno · 2 pointsr/clothdiaps

It definitely meant the poop creeped to the edges more but they're double gusset and the inner one went but not the outer. And yes! 9m is not bad at all. Luckily, we also had to go up bc he outgrew them quick. We had to use the size two thirsties by around 10/11m

They say 35 lbs for the babygoal but idk, by the time he was like 20 lbs it was a no go. He's also very long though.

ETA. These are the exact ones we bought/use:

Babygoal Baby Cloth Diaper Covers for Boys, Adjustable Reusable Washable 6pcs Diaper Covers for Fitted Diapers and Prefolds, Baby Shower Gift Sets 6DCF02

u/crunkbash · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

If you're worried about ammonia smell from pee, your best bet is actually to use an ammonia kicker in a washer rinse. This is actually a pretty good practice to do every few washes or so, or if you have a particularly stinky batch. We use Funk Rock, which is generally affordable and comes via Amazon Prime if you're in a rush (Funk Rock also does a pretty great job with clothing and such that have cat pee on them, as long as you get them rinsed and treated relatively quickly):

u/alidnc · 2 pointsr/clothdiaps

We honestly bought Alva's through Amazon and they have held up better than most of our other diapers. We used pockets and the prints are pretty cute. Our son is now almost 2 and a half and he can still fit into them for night time and naps, though he started to toilet train himself about a month ago. Alva Diapers

u/hysilvinia · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

Thank you this is very helpful! Here is what I have picked out so far. Could someone tell me if I am even on the right track with these?

Are these pockets or all in ones? or is that the same thing?

These I can use under a cover or as in insert for a pocket one, is that right?

If I got the two sets above and 6 different types of covers, would that be a good start for a newborn?

I would also need wipes, would I need the pins/fasteners for these types?


u/seratiahthenoble · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

Check your local Facebook market place for preloved diapers. To get a few used and play around with what you think will work best.

I’m in 7 weeks of cloth diapering my 18 (almost 19) month old. We have pockets (Alva are my fave and fit the best in our stash) — it ranges from China Cheapies , Alvababy and Moma Koala (these are smaller than Alva’s on my 27lbs toddler).

I mostly have microfiber (can’t go against the skin) with only 24 bamboo inserts <I need more!!!>. I’ve recently discovered Flour Sack Towels; check Walmart for them. I’ve been folding them for a boy and then wrapping around a microfiber insert and we’ve been lasting about 3hrs before needing a change.

At night we use Happy Flute Hemp Fitteds with an Alva cover (I purchased Happy Flute covers but they didn’t work for us).

u/Jaishirri · 10 pointsr/clothdiaps

I think the reason you are having ammonia after 1 wash is because you haven't actually stripped the diapers to "reset them". You need to do a strip.

  1. Wash and dry your diaper so that you are stripping "clean" diapers.
  2. Fill your washing-machine or bathtub 1/2 full with HOT water (as hot as you can get it)
  3. Add in your mineral removal solution and make sure it's dissolved well.

    Mineral Remover Solution:

    DIY: 3 TBSP Washing Soda, 3 TBSP Borax and TBSP Calgon OR 1/4 of two ingredients if you cant get all three.

    STORE: RLR Laundry Treatment, or Grovia Mighty Bubbles


  4. Soak all the diapers (inserts and covers) for at least 2 hours (but not longer than 8). Stir the diapers occasionally to help release more minerals/ crystals from the fabrics.

  5. When the water is cool, drain the tub/ washer and squeeze all the water from the items.

  6. Do a WATER ONLY wash cycle.

  7. Follow with a bleach wash.

  8. Wash everything 2-4 times (with detergent, in HOT water)


    THEN apply your new wash routine and level of detergent.


u/RhodaMorgenstern · 3 pointsr/clothdiaps

I was gifted a bunch of pocket diapers and all in ones from my registry when I had a shower, but when it came time to actually diaper a newborn, they looked HUGE and uncomfortable.

I also didn't start cloth diapering until baby was a month old. That was just for my sanity.

I ordered a bunch of wraps and used store-bought Gerber diapers with a Snappi fastener. It took a few tries to figure out what folds worked best when she was bigger, but for the first few weeks I just folded the diaper in thirds and put it in the wrap.

Once baby was bigger and ready for daycare, I switched to the all in ones and I haven't looked back.

I have 15 diapers total now that I cycle through and that works for us (3-4 diapers used a day, washing every 2-3 days). I also use disposables at night or when traveling.

u/nick91884 · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

I got the dekor hands free diaper pail on amazon and the 2 pack of cloth diaper pail liners that fit it and it works great, no smells, similar to the diaper genie we used to use with our first born(we did disposables) but has waterproof (either TPU or PUL, i didn't pay attention)liner has a draw string to close up the bag in transport.

Pail: Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail, White

And liners: Dekor Cloth Diaper Liners, 2 Count

We are happy with it and 2 liners is necessary so you have one to use while the other is in the wash with the diapers so I'm glad it came in a 2pack

u/aerrin · 2 pointsr/clothdiaps

We got this at our shower and it's very sturdy:

Would be pretty easy to stabilize outside with sandbags, too. I also like that I can put just one side up if I don't need all the space and can lay things flat as well as drape them.

u/hypnochild · 2 pointsr/clothdiaps

Did you specifically get the dekor wet bag pail liners? I have these and they fit the pail just fine. They are a bit of a tight fit around but they definitely fit. It comes in a 2 pack so that you always have one even when you’re doing laundry.

u/veritaszak · 2 pointsr/clothdiaps

I completely agree, I have some AIO hook and loops and still prefer my prefolds over them!

One suggestion you can take or leave, I lay a disposable bamboo liners like these inside the diapers so 80% of the poo gets caught and then I hardly deal with stains. It makes clean up sooo much easier. Plus the added benefit that my diaper pail doesn’t reek so bad since majority of the poo is tossed at changing.

When my LO was a newborn we put one in every diaper (since he pooped at every feeding) and now that he’s older I know approximately when he’s going to poop and only put a liner in those diapers.

u/rlkrn · 2 pointsr/clothdiaps

I currently have a 14 month old. & we have been using either of these for overnights since about 4 months old.

We use either the clotheez fitted workhorse diapers or the sustainablebabyish overnight diapers

Both with a cover of some kind (we love thristies or rumparooz covers). The workhorse diapers usually come with snaps. But we have a few without & just use snappi’s with them.

The work horse diapers work great for us. But if I know he has had extra water during the day or he nursed a ton he will absolutely get a sustainablebabyish diaper. They are a little more bulkier. The sustainablebabyish diapers also have multiple options as to stuffing with so you can add or take away bulk as needed.

Just for reference during the day we do pockets.

u/thatothersheepgirl · 2 pointsr/clothdiaps

These were the flour sack towels I bought and still use. I could honestly get by with just these still. They're my main diaper during the day still. And at just over a dollar a towel, the price can't be beat. I'm with your husband, I LOVE learning new diaper folds!

u/lickedy_split · -1 pointsr/clothdiaps

I just bought these and they work great. Way cheaper than any other covers I own.

We use these as inserts and they work great. I don’t even shove them in the pocket. I just fold them up and lay them inside the cover and snap them on.

u/greeneyes826 · 2 pointsr/clothdiaps

I got a Bumkins one on amazon and husband installed it. He picked on me for shelling out $40 for it (dunno why its more expensive now on Amazon) but he uses it to clean diapers as much as I do. We have a solid eating 7 month old and a toddler. Toddler has the grossest poops so this thing has been the best.

This is just the one I have. There's a ton of others.

Bumkins Cloth Diaper Sprayer, Chrome

u/sunrisecolours · 2 pointsr/clothdiaps

We're like four days into this cloth diapering things and what we did was ask for a bunch of prefolds (I think we have two dozen of size 1 of these) and I bought some NB covers (6) off of Nicki's Diapers (there was a sale so I think I spent like $25 -- much cheaper than what was on Amazon). So, far, so good. We did use disposables for the first week because of meconium and having to use antibiotic cream on his penis. We also registered for a large (for home) and small (for the diaper bag) [wet bags] (, and a diaper sprayer. You could also ask for cloth wipes (we're not there yet). Also, we received a lot of newborn and size 1 diapers at our showers (we didn't ask for them), so we haven't had to buy anything diaper-wise. We used up most of the NB diapers but haven't touched the three bags of size 1s. It's nice to have the disposables for going places during the day while we're getting used to the cloth.

u/AsksAboutCheese · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

May be time to strip. We strip out Rumps every 6months. I also stuff with a bamboo layer that helps retain. RLR is great.

u/withlovesparrow · 2 pointsr/clothdiaps

I've been using a combo of hemp liners from (Amazon topped with some inserts I made myself (3 layers 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton fleece, 1 layer microfiber both bought online). My two year old is a super heavy wetter so we really needed the extra work horse hemp in there, microfiber just doesn't hold enough on its own. But I like how quickly it soaks everything up. Her skin is so sensitive with out it she gets red every diaper change.

u/thatwouldbeawkward · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

For the pocket diapers, we are very satisfied with these as inserts. They seem to work much better than the microfiber that comes with the Alvas.

u/QuiteSimplyJane · 2 pointsr/clothdiaps

No problem, that's what we are here for. The only thing is that if you buy your diaper direct from china they can take about 2-6 weeks to arrive.

If you want cloth diapers for the very first few weeks there are quite a few options available on amazon prime. For a part time cloth during the first 3 months you'll want around 12 to 24 changes. I personally prefer prefold style diapers for the first bit as they are the absolute best at containing runny newborn poop. This is a great blog explaining how prefolds work

3 Thirsties duo wrap size 1 @ $12.99 each, 18 Osocozy prefold diapers @ $12.99 for 6. and 3 snappis @$11.98

For $89.92 you will have enough diapers delivered to your door by monday to use cloth the majority of the time for the first three or four months. The prefolds then can be used to stuff One size pocket diapers until your baby is potty trained, or used underneath the flap of an AOI diaper for added nighttime absorbency.

you will still need a laundry bag and plastic basket to hold dirty diapers and a waterproof wet bag or two if you plan on going out with baby in a cloth diaper (or going to the pool/beach with your toddler)

u/DeyCallMeTater · 4 pointsr/clothdiaps

Honestly, I found these to be really similar to the Alvas!

BabyGoal on Amazon

We've been using this exact set for 8 months now with prefolds as covers. The only thing I noticed recently is that the elastic on one of them is starting to not be as tight so I might pick up a single or two. But I figure for 8 months, just using this 6 isn't too bad. Plus I wash at least weekly if not more so maybe that's why it didn't last as long? I just switch out the cover for a new one and let the other one dry out. Unless of course there's poop.

Anyway, it also came with a handy wet bag I use often!

u/CrookedWench · 2 pointsr/clothdiaps

I am a FTM, due in August, so not CDing just yet. Thought I'd give my 2cents because I also live in the lovely rainy PNW, and hang dry a majority of my clothes in a small indoor space and plan to continue with it for CD.

I have a neat fold out drying rack that fits a lot of stuff, and I point a Walmart box fan at it overnight. Preferably from the side so the air flows in between the clothes. I recently did this after prepping some gifted diapers and they were all dry in the morning. I have never had any issues with mildew or smell with my other clothes this way. I will probably take advantage of the sun for stains when it's here, but otherwise I have never had issues drying without the sun.

u/bickgr · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

we use these covers and while we're still new to cloth diapering, I like them. Usually good to just re-use, or wipe down on a heavy diaper. Though on a really heavy diaper/blowout I've had some get on the elastic part at the legs that you can't wipe off and needs to be washed. We also always use a snappie with the pre-fold, though i haven't tried it with out one.

u/ayriana · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

I've been using liners for a couple months now, I just put them in the same bin (a diaper genie) we've been using to dispose of the wipes when we change a diaper. With a few exceptions (very large poos) they have worked great!

We use these, ripped in half.

u/cgsf · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

There are several other methods to strip diapers:

  • Blue Dawn dish soap = After diapers are washed, do a hot wash with blue dawn (2 tbsp). Do a hot wash (with no soap or detergent) afterwards. Do several cold washes (with no soap or detergent) afterward until there are no suds.
  • Boiling = Do not boil covers/pockets (anything with PUL); this is for inserts only. Large pot, set to high, bring to boil. Place 3-4 inserts in. Make sure snaps do not touch the sides of the pot. Boil for only 5 minutes. Drain. (Be VERY careful as the water and the inserts will be unbearably hot!). Add new water, continue until all inserts are boiled. Do a hot wash cycle in the washing machine with no detergent or soap. Do a cold wash cycle with no detergent or soap.
  • RLR = Buy some RLR. After diapers are washed, let them soak (all-night preferrably) in RLR. Follow directions on package. You can read a review here about how someone used it for ammonia build-up on diapers.

    I used Rockin' Green Hard Rock, and let mine soak overnight and that helped a lot, but boiling them worked the best.
u/BillieHayez · 3 pointsr/clothdiaps

CBIs are just bamboo outsides with charcoal fibers in them; their major composition is microfiber layers on the inside. Try going with hemp inserts like Thirsties or these: (6 Pack) HappyEndings Heavy Wetter 4 Layer Hemp / Organic Cotton Diaper Inserts Continue to pair it with your newborn prefold, and that should help a lot.

u/chronicpots · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

(6 Pack) HappyEndings Heavy Wetter 4 Layer Hemp / Organic Cotton Diaper Inserts these. My little guy leaks with microfiber especially if he wears onesies because of compression leaks. A lot of hemp or bamboo inserts have microfiber cores but these have organic cotton and they hold liquid better, they're trim and really absorbent.

u/AxsDeny · 1 pointr/clothdiaps
  1. Get a wet bag. Link.

  2. Get a diaper sprayer to spray the poop into the toilet. Link.

  3. The front loader, high efficiency washers don't always have enough water for a proper rinse. Wet a bath towel and pop it in with the diapers. It will cause the washer to add more water due to the weight that it senses.

  4. You want to avoid any detergents that will cause any sort of build up. We use an all natural and zero-perfume detergent made locally. Link. Also, read the prepping and washing section of this sub.
u/lismoker · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

Are these inserts ( too large to use for a Alva cover with a 8-10lb baby? Do I just fold them over to fit with the diaper set on the smallest buttons?

u/knottymommy · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

Sorry...the friggin' spam filter keeps eating your comments. I've approved them all so people can actually see them.

There is often a stink issue with microfibre. I'm not sure if there's a tried and true way to fix it once it happens (I only have cotton and bamboo diapers, so when we get a stink issue it's because we accidentally weren't using enough detergent).

When you hung them in the sun, did you hang them wet? Have you tried bleaching them? Do you have any issues with hard water? There are products made specifically for hard water that can help get the mineral deposits out.

You can try stripping them with RLR Laundry Treatment; we had pretty good luck with that when we had serious detergent build-up (we were using too much detergent at that point).

Worst case scenario...if the inserts are shot, you can stuff any pocket covers with anything else you'd like (new inserts, prefolds, pad-folded flats, pad-folded flannel receiving blankets....anything absorbent really)

u/plexiglasshouse · 2 pointsr/clothdiaps

I have a simple system that works for me and 4 friends so far. You just wash baby’s laundry as usual. All clothes go into the washer and dryer - no lint, pilling, shrinking, special sprayer, etc.


u/hellothisisme825 · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

Yeah! I added it to my Amazon List:

(6 Pack) HappyEndings Heavy Wetter 4 Layer Hemp / Organic Cotton Diaper Inserts

u/freckledcupcake · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

Flour Sack Towels x3 = $60

snappis x1 = $15

Dappi Plastic Pants x 3 = $15

For under $100, a full stash that will last you quite some time, washing every other day. You'll only need to replace the covers, which are sized. You can always get nicer covers the next time around, since you'll have the extra money you are saving from sposies.

u/NevaehKnows · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

I don't see why not, people use old receiving blankets so that's basically the same thing. These are the flats we have, and they fit my 2-year-old very nicely. It says they're 27 x 27, but I know the ones we have aren't quite square, so they must have shrunk up some.

u/SugarandSass · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

Yep, Rockin Green's ammonia detergent is Funk Rock.

u/lazar-beams · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

I have found of my prefolds, the GMD cloth-eez size Small (yellow edge) and size 1 Osocozy prefolds are a good length trifolded for stuffing pockets. I angel fold my prefolds with a snappi, but still keep some of these smaller ones out for stuffing pockets, at night I also put a GMD small cotton doubler in with it.

u/FaerieQueef · 2 pointsr/clothdiaps

My prefolds are just a flat thick cotton cloth, essentially. When baby was small, I would fold and use a snappi. As she got bigger, I just stuffed the hybrid covers with a simple fold. I don't know all the brand names and such, I literally typed "prefolds" and "hybrid covers" into Google and bought what i could afford. Here they are... I'm on mobile, so I can't hyperlink but

I felt overwhelmed by all the brands and such, personally. I just did a basic "crash course" Google session and then got what I thought I needed in a diaper service and then bought what I ended up really liking.

u/craponacrackr · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

So what's your steps? Bleach wash, then RLR, then regular wash to get off all the chemicals? I'm looking at a giant lot of BG AIOs on craigslist and thinking of whether to do this.

Also, assuming this is RLR?

u/Cmngirl · 6 pointsr/clothdiaps

You could get some hemp inserts They are very trim. You put the flat next to the skin and the insert under it.

u/BowlOfZombies · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

We had the same problem. We tried sun and that worked really well, but when that wasn't an option we used this stuff (rainy days, busy weeks, whatever).

u/Lilpeapod · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

It strips build up and minerals - and dirt and funk from clothes. Or diapers.

u/deceasedhusband · 1 pointr/clothdiaps

I'm in the same boat. I would use prefolds but my baby spends 4 days a week with other caregivers who aren't as excited about cloth diapering as I am. Trying to find a compromise between cost and convenience for them isn't easy.

I'm getting these in the mail tomorrow. At $5 each they're not too pricey:

u/schleicherrr · 2 pointsr/clothdiaps

I got 4 of these and two used covers from a local mom. I stuff them with these hemp inserts, but I've also used inserts that aren't as absorbent, and once I forgot to put an insert in at all... but still no leaks.

u/endlessunshine · 2 pointsr/clothdiaps

I use a diaper sprayer for the really messy ones (think peanut butter). Usually though, she makes a ploppable turd (sorry for the gross word, couldn't think of what else to call it lol) and I just turn it out into the toilet and flush. Then the diaper can go straight into the wash. Easy peasy! No liners, no fuss, no trash.