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u/[deleted] · 56 pointsr/cursedcomments

I've never understood the desire to freeze menstrual blood. Here is the recipe for a true treat:

  1. Aggressively stir some sodium alginate into a bowl with water and set aside for 10 minutes or so.

  2. Either squeeze your lady for fresh or use frozen menstrual blood from a previous squeeze and place into a measuring cup.

    3.Add a tsp of calcium lactate to the delicious freshly poured/melted blood and add your desired flavorings (These additives will have to be liquid or purified, I personally love purified carrots and cacao).

    4.Take your teaspoon and slowly start adding your mixture to the sodium alginate bath one spoon at a time. Eventually you will see a few orbs start to form. After a few minutes take the blood balls out and rinse with water.

    5.You can serve fresh or chilled, these blood and endometrial cell gems will resemble a gusher fruit snack with a thinner membrane. Slightly chewy on the outside but once you bite into it a flood of deliciousness awaits you.

    calciumn lactate:


    sodiumm alginate:
u/UnicornOfDoom123 · 1 pointr/cursedcomments

For my 16th birthday my friends bought me a physical copy of a book by that author, it was called "Helicopter Man Pounds Dinosaur Billionaire Ass". Heres the ebook for any interested parties:

u/nuegices · 1 pointr/cursedcomments

[They actually make a plug for that purpose.] (Oxballs Pighole S Hollow Butt Plug, Black, 122 Gram It's not the one I use, but it's a good starter model for more sanitary scat play, oxymoron notwithstanding.

u/Harsimaja · 4 pointsr/cursedcomments

Hm tbh any good history book that covers the early years of the US should go into it. And this is the Wikipedia page on the 3/5 compromise but does have a good list of references and sources at the bottom.

Also this

u/FlamingWedge · 61 pointsr/cursedcomments

He got that info from this post incase you’d like to learn more.

In the comments of that post, someone also shared a legit 62-page semen cookbook.

u/PornCartel · 1 pointr/cursedcomments

If anyone's curious, a woman knocking herself up with her own DNA is about equivalent to 3 generations of inbreeding (from here). It's good odds the baby just dies

u/OhWaitThisIsntGoogle · 1 pointr/cursedcomments

For anyone who does not want to type the link manually like I did (the reviews are hilarious btw)

u/Barkblood · 1 pointr/cursedcomments

I’m pretty sure this image is from a book [this one] (
The idea comes from a Japanese custom involving the creation of ridiculous inventions. I spent ages reading it as a child.

u/DaDocter20 · 1 pointr/cursedcomments

T.W Evans Cordage 23-410 3/8-Inch by 100-Feet Twisted Sisal Rope Probably need a four pack so it don't break

u/1sagas1 · 10 pointsr/cursedcomments

> Fireflies has no merchandise anyway.

That's what you think

u/uwutranslator · 17 pointsr/cursedcomments

I've nevew undewstood de desiwe to fweeze menstwuaw bwood. Hewe is de wecipe fow a twue tweat:

  1. Aggwessivewy stiw some sodium awginate into a boww wif watew and set aside fow 10 minutes ow so.

  2. Eidew squeeze yuw wady fow fwesh ow use fwozen menstwuaw bwood fwom a pwevious squeeze and pwace into a measuwing cup.

    3.Add a tsp of cawcium wactate to de dewicious fweshwy pouwed/mewted bwood and add yuw desiwed fwavowings (dese additives wiww have to be wiquid ow puwified, I pewsonawwy wove puwified cawwots and cacao).

    4.Take yuw teaspoon and swowwy stawt adding yuw mixtuwe to de sodium awginate bad one spoon at a time. Eventuawwy yuw wiww see a few owbs stawt to fowm. Aftew a few minutes take de bwood bawws out and winse wif watew.

    5.yuw can sewve fwesh ow chiwwed, dese bwood and endometwiaw ceww gems wiww wesembwe a gushew fwuit snack wif a dinnew membwane. Swightwy chewy on de outside but once yuw bite into it a fwood of dewiciousness awaits yuw.

    cawciumn wactate:


    sodiumm awginate: uwu

    tag me to uwuize comments uwu
u/EqualResponsibility · 5 pointsr/cursedcomments

I’m not suggesting I feel worried. I’m recognizing that some would and do. Also, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that men as a whole are being demonized at the moment. Hell, look at the men who were publicly destroyed for just having bad dates during the MeToo movement. At least people recognized that shouldn’t have happened. But it did still happen.

Boys are behind in school now. They are graduating less from college. They have the highest suicide rates. There are no male family shelters, let alone male shelters for victims. Companies are creating campaigns suggesting men have toxic masculinity which somehow includes being stoic of all things. Women are getting awards for making no “man spreading” chairs, politicians are now using the phrase mansplaining.

These are more than just opinions. While I think it’s great your reality is unable to recognize these things, I’d suggest spending some time looking into it a little more as it is a great disservice to be willfully blind to these problems.

Boys left to fail at school because attempts to help them earn wrath of feminists, says ex-Ucas chief

If you are actually interested watch the videos by Camilla Page, AEI Scholar Christina Sommers and some others. I can get their names if you want

Hell, here’s another article from a female advocate suggesting people stop vilifying men: