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u/musicnerd1023 · 2 pointsr/dominion

I bought 2 of these(though they were only $17 when I bought them) after already having a full case using the hobby lobby/broken token solution. The hobby lobby case was nice, but it's just too bulky and heavy after you start to get a full collection, excellent so long as it all nicely fits in just one box.

Just took both of those and put my cards in 3x3 card collecting pages. Easy enough to put sets of 10 in one slot without them stretching bad at all. Then I put all of my Copper/Silver/Gold/Estates/Etc in a small card box. I think it was one of the smaller sets of cards against humanity, but anything would work. Put my tokens in a dice bag and it's all good to go.

The only thing I've left out are the randomizer cards since I use a phone app for that anyway.

I'll add some pictures when I get home from work, but I definitely recommend this solution. It's not "pretty" or necessarily elegant, but it works really well.

u/annodomini · 1 pointr/dominion

The regular base set is just called Dominion. This is a fully playable game, and the cards have the simplest mechanics, so it is good for getting started.

Dominion: Intrigue is an expansion, but it comes with all of the base cards (coins, victory point cards, and curses) necessary to play the game, so it can be used as a standalone game or an expansion for the base game.

All of the other expansions require you to already have the base cards. However, you can actually buy the base cards separately, and buy an expansion that doesn't have them, if you really don't want to buy one of the two sets that includes them. You'll then need to download the basic rules online, since the rules for each of the expansions just describes the rules for that expansion.

I think the best options for starting out would be just getting Dominion, or maybe that plus one or two expansions, or getting Dominion Big Box which includes the base set and two expansions (Prosperity and Seaside). You could also just start out with Dominion: Intrigue if you wanted.

Dominion is best with 2 players, but I think it works well for 3 and 4 players as well. It's definitely a lighter, more random game with 4 players, while you can really get into the strategy with 2 players; both are fine, depending on what you're looking for. If you combine Dominion and Dominion: Intrigue (or add an extra set of base cards) you could play with up to 6 players in a single game, but I think it would really start to drag at that point. Better to just play two 3-player games instead.

/u/r2d8 getinfo long

u/AdamHorton · 2 pointsr/dominion

I'll link my storage solution because maybe someone will get some use out of it ( /u/TLan718 ?) but I'm not sure it will be a great fit for you.

On the other hand, one of the components I use (the cardboard boxes) may work just fine for your needs:

You might not need to order these exact boxes from Amazon. Most local game stores will sell you similar boxes of varying sizes for pretty cheap so this may work out better for you.

u/anonymous_redditor91 · 1 pointr/dominion

My favorite expansion is Dark Ages, but Intrigue, Seaside, or Prosperity are also all good picks for your first expansion. I'd look on the Dominion wiki for the list of cards to see which one you'd think you'd like best.

> Also, if I want to play this game with 5-6 people, do I need another version of the base game?

You need additional base cards, which you can buy by themselves.

u/a-r-c · 2 pointsr/dominion

> This is something that has been in my mind a while. I’ve seen some people use binders and card sleeve protectors. (Think Pokémon card collection). While cheap, I’m not sure I love that solution. I worry that the pockets aren’t big enough for a stack of kingdom cards and they might slip out.

If you get good quality sleeves (like these guys), that's not an issue. Can easily hold 10-12 cards in each pocket if you only use one side.

I have a big fancy deck box for the treasures/VP cards, and all the tokens/mats fit in the binder. Randomizer deck goes in a cheap plastic deck box.

It's a great solution, but you have to get good quality sleeves or it doesn't work at all. Those cheapo 5-for-a-buck sleeves are garbage—I use one to separate the colored tokens but that's it.

Edit: pics

Edit 2: I also have dreams of building a sweet dominion box

u/imoftendisgruntled · 3 pointsr/dominion

I used this binder and these sheets. The binder fits the Base, Alchemy, Prosperity, Empires, Intrigue (2nd ed.), and the 2nd ed. Base cards. I can probably get one more expansion in comfortably.

As far as organization goes, I have a sheet for starting decks and one for the base victory cards and smaller sets of treasures (like Potions and Platinum). Base treasure cards fit in one of the mesh inserts.

Kingdom cards are sorted alphabetically with the randomizer card in each slot to save place (to build kingdoms I use an app on my phone). Each letter starts on a new sheet, so for example if there were 7 "A" cards I would skip the last two slots on the page so that "B" starts on a new page. This gives me some room if I need to insert cards from a new expansion.

I bought a small plastic organizing case at a dollar store for all the victory and coin tokens, which fits in one of the mesh pockets of the binder, along with the rulebooks and mats.

Everything stays put when travelling (even if the binder happens to get flipped upside down!).

u/zonecontroljokes · 1 pointr/dominion

I have the entire everything sleeved (all sets). When you play a lot, it's worth it. After LOTS AND LOTS of use, I don't have any complaints other than you will definitely be side shuffling and you may occasionally have one tear. Also, because of printing issues with the Adventures set, I think when it's time to upgrade I'll switch to a solid color backed instead of clear sleeves. Just my two cents.

u/Swagship · 5 pointsr/dominion

I used these sleeves:

And these boxes:

I own every expansion except Renaissance and Alchemy, although I’m sure they would fit in box 2 if I removed the tokens and mats.

The boxes are sturdy and made from metal. They also have a felt interior. The cards fit perfectly inside.

u/fireballx777 · 1 pointr/dominion

They're not plastic or cardboard, but I used this for base game + 2 expansions, and upgraded to this for base game + 3 expansions. I've been loving it, very compact for the amount of cards they carry, and very easy to travel with.

u/GospelX · 1 pointr/dominion

If you want to consolidate, you can always get this binder:

I have all of the sets in there pretty nicely, and then I just carry around the Base Set Cards in their box. I have my cards arranged by expansion and then alphabetically. When the next expansion comes out, I think I'm going to arrange them alphabetically across the board for the sake of simplicity (and give people who don't know the sets as well as I do the ability to find things more easily).

u/obtusepunubiris · 3 pointsr/dominion

Take two of these, cut one row off of one of them, then put them in one of these. You may want to add a little padding to top and bottom to make sure everything fits snug. It's a little large, but manageable. I've got room for the new expansion and easily two more of the same size.

If you're interested in more info, see my post here.

u/Kaelosian · 1 pointr/dominion

I bought This box along with 2k penny sleeves. The big box, doesn't quite take up one of the three columns. I still need to sleeve intrigue, which will probably take up the rest of the first column. I'm using index cards to sort the cards and finding what I need is super quick and easy.

u/Lokhelm · 1 pointr/dominion

This is what I got. I'm guess that's the same as yours? I don't have access to my sets right now, but I've played 6 games with adventures cards and I don't remember noticing any differences in card quality. I'm guessing I would have been able to tell with the coppers/estates mixed into the deck etc.

u/Doonce · 1 pointr/dominion

New cards in Dominion: Artisan, Bandit, Harbinger, Merchant, Poacher, Sentry, Vassal

Removed cards from Dominion: Adventurer, Chancellor, Feast, Spy, Thief, Woodcutter

New cards in Intrigue: Courtier, Diplomat, Lurker, Mill, Patrol, Replace, Secret Passage

Removed cards from Intrigue: Coppersmith, Great Hall, Saboteur, Scout, Secret Chamber, Tribute

Seems like the $26 would save you a lot of trouble.

u/dutycalls11 · 2 pointsr/dominion

That listing isn't shipped or sold by Amazon like the other in-stock expansions are and the shipping is $14. I think there will be better offers available. Similarly, is it wishful thinking to expect this item to actually restock and ship soon? It's strange that Dark Ages is being listed in Canada for less than half the price of the listing on

u/Chrishenanigans · 5 pointsr/dominion

The Treasuries were printed all with gold coloring because that's the card type color, no different than white denoting Actions, green denoting Victories (and alt-Victories), blue denoting Reactions, and orange denoting Durations. This will make more sense when you get expansions that have alternative Treasuries such as Harem and the Prosperity cards, where the type color is definitely needed.

Cards within a type are always differentiated by their artwork, which is why the new, standalone set of base cards now print Copper, Silver, and Gold with pictures of, well, Copper, Silver, and Gold.

u/gunnarsig · 1 pointr/dominion

I see everyone here doesn't like to play with 5+, when I have to agree it makes for better games to split up to 2 and 3, you should try yourself anyway.

And for that you need another set of the base-cards(can be bought alone like this , or through buying 1st edition Intrigue) . I will recommend buying the base cards itself because, the 1st edition of Intrigue isn't that great in comparison with other expansions.

When you have the extra base cards, and if you don't want to split your group the extra rules is like this:

Instead of 12 Provinces, you play with 15 for 5, and 18 for 6. All other victory cards are the same number(except the starting estates which ofc is three more). And the game is over when any four supply piles are empty, or the provinces are empty as usual.

Remember to also add 10 extra curses for each extra player, and add all the extra money from the base cards.

u/lunchWithNewts · 2 pointsr/dominion

Dividers something like this?

Also, I'm curious, what are your plans for any future expansions? It looks like you're at max capacity here. This is not a criticism, I'm just looking for ideas for expanding such a box. I have a Hobby Lobby box but with horizontal card arrangements. We ran out of room before the Nocturne expansion.

u/electriccars · 1 pointr/dominion

You can organize the whole collection into 2 binder bags for less than $15.

Go to staples and get 2 of text for $6 on clearance.

Go to your local game shop and buy 30 - 40 sheets meant as collectable card holders, the 3 by 3 kind by Ultra Pro, they're about 5 for $1.

The width of the Dominion cards are narrower than standard cards that the sheets are designed to hold, so you can put the whole set of 10 cards for each Kingdom card design into 1 slot, doing this each expansion only takes up 3 sheets.

There's a nice addition included in the binders that have room for each manual and a zipper pocket with enough room for the coin and curse cards.

Here's what my bag with the big box set in it looks like:

Closed binder

Base cards and starting hands

First 9 Kingdom cards, 10 (mayday) sleeved cards in each slot

Binder opened in the middle, 6 empty sheets for Intrigue and Seaside when I get them

I'm gonna get the rest of the expansions too and put them in a second bag. Then I'll hang them on my wall for easy storage!

u/XDarkangelX42 · 1 pointr/dominion

I've been using the mayday games sleeves, they are very cheap. Although half of my collection is the normal size and half is the premium thicker ones as I didn't realize the difference as I ordered. Any sleeve you like will work though.

Mayday Games 7028 Clear Sleeves 59x92mm Euro Game Size (4x100, 400 sleeves)

Mayday Games Premium Card Sleeves, 50 pcs

I used a website to make custom dividers and printed them out on card stock, I didn't go to fancy with it but there are a lot of options to make it exactly how you want.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/dominion

That is my observation, as well. I checked Amazon for some pricing, and they even sell just the base cards. At $20 or less for a new set of base cards, I don't see sleeves as being a viable option.

u/IroncladOtter · 1 pointr/dominion

Don’t trust this because I’m not sure it’s gonna work out, but at the moment I have a plan to buy 2 or 3 of these and print those sumpfork tabs. Bob’s your uncle. My main reason to not use the hobby lobby box is because it would be a nightmare to get it to ship to Ireland, and I like the way I could bring this setup on the go by only bringing select boxes. I have no plans to sleeve anything just yet.

u/Riku8745 · 1 pointr/dominion

I'm using this with a bunch of Ultra-Pro card binders. It's very snug, but it fits everything, sleeved, although I don't own Cornucopia or any promos. I've got a second binder in reserve for those.

u/Gemini6Ice · 2 pointsr/dominion

Binder sheets store 9x per page, so youd have to put two in a slot.

Amazon carries them

u/mressler · 1 pointr/dominion

These are the only sleeves I use for mine:

I've had some batches from that company fit like a glove and others look like sloppy bags. They always let me return them if they don't fit, but it's a bit annoying to go back and forth.


As AdamHorton mentioned, storing them in the boxes generally just doesn't work with sleeves. There isn't enough clearance. This is what I came up with:

I generated all of the cases with an app I put together:


It took me from giant stacks of Dominion boxes down to just three.

u/2swg4u · 1 pointr/dominion

Heres a link to where I got it.


On the reviews it warned about poor card quality. On the box it said made in the us and from the little research I've done online it says that its because the first copy was made by hasbro and has worse quality