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u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/dubstep

Hey. If you are looking for the best sound but want to spend $20.00 check these out.

Their made by Sennheiser. I have had these for almost 3 years now. Still works great and I have beaten them up (multiple bike wrecks, snowboarding, ect.)

The bass is ok and the highs are ok too. My favorite part about these is the mid frequencies. They sound really rich and it makes dubstep and electronica sound great.

u/AhhhBROTHERS · 2 pointsr/dubstep

If you go to a lot of shows and you're not wearing ear protection, than it's kind of your own fault. I'm not saying you deserve it, but you should know better. I bought a pair of these and its like the best ten bucks I've ever spent.

u/DiscoRage · 4 pointsr/dubstep

It's not dubstep, but Come On My Selector by Squarepusher has the line "let the bass kick". It's an actual bass guitar though. I linked you to the part where the line is spoken, but you should watch the entire video because it's really fun. It was directed by Chris Cunningham who did a few videos for Aphex Twin. You should check out all the videos that were featured on his Director's Series DVD. Great stuff.

u/bass_invader · 1 pointr/dubstep

thats great that you found out about dubstep. However, skrillex is actually the WORST artist out there. so look anywhere else and youll see some good stuff! with that in mind, theres alof of crap posted on here. you'll wanna stick to the classics

Grab these to start, got a good variety of styles and none of the crap

THIS IS DUBSTEP thats the most recent but the 2011, and vol 1 / 2 are good as well.

100% Pure dubstep - by hatcha, one of the dopest djs period. get both vol 1 and 2.

FabricLIVE 37 - Caspa & Rusko CLASSIC album. gives you an idea what was going on a few years ago, and contains some classics

also be sure to lock into GetDarker every tuesday afternoon to catch live sets from the hottest upcoming artists!

u/hamcake · 3 pointsr/dubstep

Ooh! Koss Portapros would be perfect. A big thing I noticed when I put them on was the great bass response.

u/kevinwoodward · 3 pointsr/dubstep

Fucking love my Shure-440's.
$90 right now

Also, get these if you can as they are way more comfortable

u/ohebb · 2 pointsr/dubstep

I have a pair of Shure S440's that I got as a gift and I love them. You can get them on amazon for around $90 bucks.

u/Gwohl · 2 pointsr/dubstep

Do yourself a favor and pick up this book. There's no way to pussyfoot around this - you need to gain a basic knowledge of digital synthesis to get any better at this kind of thing.

u/meltmyface · 1 pointr/dubstep

I have two of these

and the 10" sub that goes with them

And I have an Onkyo 300watt receiver. It's underpowered for those speakers, but the sub has its own amp so it bumps. Can rattle my whole house, I love it.

u/Subace · 5 pointsr/dubstep

Earbud headphones are pretty bad for your ears when loud. That is sound directly into your ear hole. Plus they arn't that great sound quality. Get some headphones, even 30 dollar one's and you'll notice a nice difference in sound quality.

I won't deny it either tho. I sometimes get carried away with volume even knowing im screwing up my hearing :/. I made my first purchase for earplugs yesterday tho to use this weekend - coachella WOOT! -. I'm hoping they work as said and don't muffle sound.

If anyone reads this and has some input on quality earplugs, fill me in. I've read of some custom fitting ones you can get made, I wouldn't mind that if they really preserved sound quality.

u/knowhatimsayin · 1 pointr/dubstep

Z2300's are all you need.

I fucking love my set.. nothing louder on the market.. No sub hits notes so smoothly without that fucking rattle. They just got discontinued, making a cheaper set for more expensive now..get them while you can


u/tehpuppet · 2 pointsr/dubstep

I have the Sennheiser PX 100-II which are nice, cheap and have almost too much emphasis on the bass end.

I would recommend (in order of price) the Koss PortaPro, Grado SR 60 or Sennheiser HD 25-1 II

Also check

u/pleasekopimi · 1 pointr/dubstep

You're treading in very dangerous waters asking about headphones. In all honesty, you don't need to spend more then $100 for a nice pair of headphones.

That being said. I have 2 pairs of these... They have served me well for many years.

u/theredtelephone · 2 pointsr/dubstep

listen to this album

also check out skream, benga and digital mystikz.

thats what got me into dubstep. enjoy.

u/Austy · 2 pointsr/dubstep

dude... i'm in the same boat. i've been eyeing this one for a while now, specifically because it's cheap (90$), supposed to be good quality (Polk is a respectable brand), and I can hook it up with my existing bookshelf speakers.

that said, I haven't heard it yet so I can't vouch.. but, soon!

u/Laz3rfac3 · 1 pointr/dubstep

im very pleased with these
they can be had for around $30-$40 on ebay.

u/framburglar · 1 pointr/dubstep

I think its between the Sony MDR-7505 and the Shure 440. Which do u recommend?

u/JJ1230 · 1 pointr/dubstep

For annoying the neighbors I have a Logitech Z-5500 5.1 system, this thing makes the entire apartment rattle. For keeping things quieter I have a Sennheiser HD 280 pro and HD 598, both wonderful headphones.

u/PeanutButterMarmite · 1 pointr/dubstep

Get yourself some high end headphones. Doesn't need to be ludicrously expensive, just made by a company that knows what it's doing. I myself got these for when no one else in the house wants to hear my dubstep :P They're very good.

u/jjkmk · 1 pointr/dubstep

Yea that band adds a lot of Electronic influence in there latter releases.

check it out \m/

u/meeenglish · 9 pointsr/dubstep

i just threw up a little.

did you know... that right this second, you could by an autobiography? An autobiography of Justin Bieber? Justin "I was born in 1994 but already have fucking memoirs" Bieber?

u/badusagi · 2 pointsr/dubstep

I just grabbed the 7506 recently for mixing but honestly I'd use them for production or casual listening.. Not sure how well they block sound from someone next to you listening but half the home systems I play on sound worse than my headphones

u/thegreenbee · 1 pointr/dubstep

In my room I rock a pretty decent setup; two Polk Audio Bookshelf speakers with a great Polk Audio 10" Sub. Then I have two Pioneer 12" subs in my car along with two Pioneer 6x9 speakers all powered by a Pioneer 1200watt amp. As far as headphones go I typically use SkullCandy earbuds, I hate SkullCandy as a brand but fuck me if they don't make a great set of 15$ headphones, I rarely use headphones however more a workplace thing.